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PVF," od : NS 
Oo, &Y w. ‘ ~ ki 4 “ Xe 
Ye “e Ww MS303-1980 hi W && 

enc ermine maree 

ag . Association for — . = | 
2%, lieve | 
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yy b | 4 Ww ’ ya : << ; 


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ne eee re 

QO, Edison. fapers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Microfilm Editor and Associate Director 

Paul B. Israel 
Assistant Editor 
Mary Ann Hellrigel Douglas G. Tarr 
David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 
Editorial Associates 
Leonard DeGraaf John Deasey 
Joseph P. Sullivan Barbara B. Tomblin 
Alan Stein Jacquelyn Miller 
Karen Kozak Maria Antonakakis 
Student Assistants 
Keith A. Nier 

Assistant Editor 

Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Frederick, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edlson Company, 

Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
endorsed by 

National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

Copyright © 1987 by Rutgers, The State University 

Allrights reserved, No part of this publication including any portion ofthe guide and index or ofthe microfilm may 
be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—graphic, electronic, 
mechanical, or chemical, including photocopying, recording or taping, or information storage and retrieval 
systems—without written permission of Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original documents in this edition are from the archive at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 

ee rn niyo aininainasmeintamenenntcimansnen tend hibernate mamitabannninemennletied Een hee ek eee ttn oe siphinne tnndneneathla pat yinat tibetan tbat di in mmettiteeteheipcntine sweatin ss, 




Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

Thomas E. Jeffrey 

Associate Director and Microfilm Editor 

Assistant Editors 

Paul B. Israel 
Robert A. Rosenberg 
Keith A. Nier 
Andrew Butrica 

Assistant to the Director 
Helen Endick 

Leonard DeGraaf 
Alan Stein 
Jacquelyn Miller 

Research Associates 
Douglas G. Tarr 
Mary Ann Hellrigel 
David W. Hutchings 

Grace Kurkowski 

Student Assistants 
Joseph P. Sullivan 
Karen Kozak 
Granville Miller 

LES BaF ac A Le aaa 


panei nethadaalics etter anesthe mebewinnerieminn He oie nae 

Rutgers, The State University of 
New Jersey 
Edward J. Bloustein 
T. Alexander Pond 
Tilden G., Edelstein 
John Gillis 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Bernard Bush 
Howard L. Green 


National Park Service, Edison 
National Historic Site 
Roy W. Weaver 
Edward J. Pershey 
Smithsonian Institution 
Bernard Finn 
Arthur P. Molella 


James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Alfred D. Chandler, Jc., Harvard University 
Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution 
Robert E. Schofield, lowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of NJ. 
"Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F. Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 

Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 

sect dine bined Abn an ey ate neta wnat an 

LE a Rial ap ON Si tia ee 1 aos Giana SS eee 



Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 
Charles Edison Fund 

The Hyde and Watson Foundation 
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation 

National Science Foundation 
National Endowment for the Humanities 


Alabama Power Company 

Amerada Hess Corporation 


Adlantic Electric 

Association of Edison Illuminating 

Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation - 

The Boston Edison Foundation 

Cabot Corporation Foundation 

Carolina Power and Light Company 

Consolidated Edison Company of 
New York, Inc. 

Consumers Power Company 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

Duke Power Company 

Exxon Corporation 

Florida Power & Light Company 

General Electric Foundation 

Gould Inc, Foundation 

Gulf States Utilities Company 

Idaho Power Company 

International Brotherhood of Electrical 

Iowa Power and Light Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H, Katz 

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 

McGraw-Edison Company 

Middle South Services, Inc. 

Minnesota Power 

New Jersey Bell Telephone Company 

New York State Electric & Gas 

North American Philips Corporation 

Philadelphia Electric Company 

Philips International B.V. 

Public Service Electric and Gas 
Company ‘ 

RCA Corporation 

Robert Bosch GmbH 

San Diego Gas & Electric 

Savannah Electric and Power Company 

Schering Plough Foundation 

Texas Utilities Company 


Transamerica Delaval Inc. 

Westinghouse Educational Foundation 

Wisconsin Public Service 



A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 7 
available. Every technical . 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 



Reel duplication ofthe whole orof —s_—™” 

any part of this film is prohibited. 

in leu of transcripts, however, 

enlarged photocopies of selected 

items contained on these reels 

may be made in order to ect 
: research, 







REEL 58 


D-81-026 through D-381-035 
("Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company" through 
“Exhibitions - Paris Electrical Exhibition") 

1881. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company (D-81-026) 

This folder contains correspondence, reports, essays, and other documents 
relating to the business of the Edison Electric Light Company. Much of the 
correspondence is by Sherburne B. Eaton, vice president and general manager of 
the company; by Calvin Goddard, secretary; and by Grosvenor P. Lowrey, Edison's 
legal advisor. Included also is a memorandum by Edward H. Johnson, entitled 
"Edison electric light stock considered as a speculative holding for the ensuing 

Approximately 60 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine notices for meetings of the 
board of directors; form letters; bills and receipts. 

Nonvinx Queny, Pros, New York... CZ AML, Seasons 18s Vi 

Tt, M. Gantaway, V, Pres, 
XB, Faunnt, Treas, 
C, Goppann, See'y, < 

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A dfeceak wn cehiweag Hf 7 oak 

Pear of od) Cee cf-crs of the Ectis ew 
ElLecixce Log ht Comfprany. welt, Ov 
Rel vo cous clo Secrrvery ee 
Ck ZED) AL at Tin Offuco of Thess 
Coufvany. Se ach ifvew thy 


LES Ug wat of tha Ceeef2 RES UC te 
Cuil Ge Casey of eta CCE AM AMEY 
fo cock hes aevecefi oe 
By Or ker’ 
CGe ct OS ey 
. of 

UE athe en ee aad ae iseh lan Mavens Wael etl We OY eat ae ee aie 


soln Kk. Porter, 
Grosvenor Bt Lowrey. 
Geo. Wales Soren, 
Chat Franels Stane. 
Geo, 5. Hanlin, 

P. 0. Box 1836. 

TS RS Ae ee 
. Mellie ee OMY Aowen U t Wir ie'¢ 

ZA ee gp ae 
Mer neyps ~ Counsellord Ee Site 
7 cay, 4 i a ¥ wy ’ 
F line ‘Broadl we Noe See. 
bse cE “ee 
te NG 8 

ren ermeenrnne ca ee anteetenings svemecmeeets cemareme: sig ese ms saat 


jo mre oa f 

_  wetheol wg Ahe eade | 

Nias chal het ee 




, Mat 6 
ln te ble 



omy ppt 


ey oe eae ae 

. Gee 
lime OC a | 

ae = 

err one 

Lice Cal ae 
ee 5 
Ba Wptecalk valet wrrers 


Be ever 

er nang rind in laa Ceti sovigiy mi TAS he SS ata Sh Oo siete 



are — 


Rene any Min le 2. 

Room 10, 


| i § ; Mev G ol fay wad, AE EL. : 
. Mea. Park. 4 

: Me Guutbann 3 tcl 
nok Chee ea aadeee. 
aE Hr a Bk 

(Cok eh hie £LL 
— fe hap — % roe 40 begs 
(rem horny arkon Se ante he wht 
AZ Alb att atartk we fea 
Say fiom mpenng Pho 



ee ee 

nd-98 i Seana far we 
Eg Meet me ASTHOMMUN 1.4703 

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cua ‘e 

ene oes 

promt: seston 9 
Bonen Sine atts 

hfe Xr Ven FLAT “ALLY, 

‘OBR Rs 
Heise ear ai Se Ne 
uae HODREATE pp : 
<TREAQY¢ 268 | 

T. A, EDISON, . =! oT ae ' 

ve Menlo Park, Ne Joy ene pnnennnl 880, 

ee Pa See a ee 
eel ate aaeacea ear 

{Tipe ee ae eee 
eee ae Ue 
DL) 2a... 

ee A 6 

: ; sae ete PS 

ee AT 

AAS wn 

| Mybiag E tar Bian 

a ap AS fou toate fot, 
Te ek BT oe acV 
Tha. fp flande ferme Wits, 
all etal saad a 
Whe fh fale be Gaur buutae 
ae pein oe 

fb Whee tnt? TE hates. 

1 arr: 

eee ; nro di 
ta wal” ph hone we A Sak 


Wa, 1. Aupes, J In mee AL { uby Monnia E, Srenvz.* 



” Onvices| 


de why 




Deeg Ra ea 

Pape oe 

Mena 8 Cern The A 
; woe 
| les (Vkat—Ls 


Ore ouctes 


6 SF i ee eae SCs fi Elects me CELE EOE a ia theta inc: 

New York, e/a? Ay Ai 18 6/ 

Not REM, Pres, 
Tk. M. Gatuaway, V, Pres. 

C.dobanny Beery Mle Gea 
@ bho Orlin uc-thie 
Mh. & x Crh es 
aoe OMS LSG- — Recieleerratee UES tay 
Ge. Vee awe C Leger ete* 
CEY tw, Or C 

re re Jewawee CL eye EP 
ak artdf- /n saulwfanrk Hrrwviurtws Suthcay Wéittreg, 
oria dfteecial Aan wiiich will Gave netiv-arfe al~ ¥3 0 
anc pvil Leave Trerlv7Tanrrk U~ 330, 
 Sawiltt Le wll Ar purmniste a turrets Geto’ 

Coppee , Sandwiched ¢dtgard. Warwittsake care of Lee 
LGA ANA All ALE baat they are 074 tard hes a 
Anarss- ase U0 Se fT IVAAE tte. Prod COGFL NCL 
banclrricticd . but 9 GLE A. hake7 2 pte Le frawidecd, 
for dar OnE Atlee area ttheal-/ Pe Coffee Sarl 
wriched ‘be REA oly before APL wire of fee usted Af 
tromlt Perk and be Keferkady for fret feee Sb Lf? 
eypdelrred ad May fkiasK geome shee METI May ahare ton - 
Le ther ole fears, NS rwrecclctn}- Qe f~ auf tattle bette WE 
Mee Copper and bamdwiched sfprcact ona Mice table 
Mfc fiipele Can take fhcrn aap Kirn twenty fee 
Lreming arhererve Steg Jfeliarss and LatAhapr stand. 
. QQ nwtte econ: elert1re 1n Cltranese p. Niwark 
ftaim and aneay, fers ANCHE aru Sclf, 4 Levert 
ak af ewedrruh E SO7nAN ttt EWE 4197 gy . : 

Obey truly Yours, | we 



Blank No. 1” 

* This Company TRANS UIT: d be THMANARCS a 
with have Deen auented 0 by tbe bi Re} an on conalttonn Uenjting its ability, 
‘acaubeg agalnis@ gotdeck Jothe sefiYir tin for comparison, 
sod ilo Companys ‘wilt not hold f PATRAS ay ive! ry of Uncepoated 
ona moe. 
. This ols an UNNEREATED, mEseA Cems gollrored b; pein nt ty 
the conditions Hamed above. od en ae “f a 
.R. ‘. ia . NORVIN GREEN, President. 

rae WES' FERN U N BUILDING, Broadwhy aid Dey di 



: aa 


Tra oy oe 
Gi Yee, of Chale ap Loa Ce 

by: ne) - 
Pore a sims agi Me: rAd Baal Sb 

Bdiscn, Blagtric: Bight, ae 

ry : eae Menlo Park... Made 

a Gentrenent 
if predated. _ 
: a, foclosed we: ee ae hang statement s ‘of ‘account of the 


a es “payia ne + pnt fore aay: aan to eover ur, ‘Bai con’ s statement en- 

c1beeil,: ae ate 

“Pre advie: af, in. hiture. -wor'phal. Koop the: entire account 

gis, Nw Yorke Febysiot hy AE te 


: Se 


We 0 he be Sativa Pheobivc, Eaglites 
te, Lay ‘ehianes oe 

Oe Nebr 

92: 2, Po 

e) 67 pte auz i 1 

by 22 ae 

D (iene a ReeZ0 

Chun Ge. ata Lights 
| Dec, tanec gpve em — 
: Cet eee me | 

laa | 

‘ : 2 , 3 te . : . ' 
Ya A oe a : pur ee i 
¢ e é ? . oe re any ; 4 , 

Low we fe 
uchenoon, LK LLeitetv gM; 
. lk d Sas Lettang Building, Or Hy Mall Syoare, 

an N Diikerion: ae : 
Bora N re - ca arama 84/88). 

3 ooh 

j On 65. cat pas 
My Masel Sie 
E ‘ Mw: i uaniead suf 14 an Bila 
cha ca pons Rowe aa nourte, 

mf per oat ware Vanda 

sa Ue oe 



tute as MA’ cotton, 


:  Deky: A bh. 2. biti fants 
New York, elhoanreklofns : , bactecs SEL Crete. , 

Airtctu ro x 
. ! Z ee, 

ics LG 44 : with Prter~ 
| Abuifteals for fit Mvied ; 
Yo Mack Ce Me kilidtn, Cleolace. 
LegHk ae’ fececieds 



Yahe atk/ thr Cp iras Z our AE castle “se 

MeeK, hudclocded ore ho Are, Le Puy aclelsadd 4y | 
Pnetl, ove Se, eth Zo I of. 

: rv, thn Potobent, © 

ae Qn c - 

nr ee em ee : bin hss 


Menlo Park, N. J... AMA... I G..1881. 

EMter on ‘ee oe ei 
es ie 126,566,462 
Bal due elatemertonckoud L2F0/,30 

Lo hire OC stone 01 Pe ae ae athaady | 
been Rin va urcth thaws a | 
. heroes iwtick, ote tte 
Whew i ae 7. 
| ng abe ameter | 
pe aieee eames te the a eo 
lohan cs ere 4 — ipa ~ 7 

Va ba 
; AO) oe ee 


Sohuciantiea picts sic ind wtinseast eente beh baie 

The Edison Electric Light Company, 
65 Fifth Avenue, 

y-New York, April roth 1881. 
wh ; ; oat fers SESE seas 

To THe StockHoLpErs oF THe Epison Evecryrc Licur Company: 

The Edison Electric Illuminating Company’ of Néw York (Capital $1,000,000, in shares 
of $100, each) having obtained, from the Common Council of the city of New York the right to lay 
wires in the streets, and proposing to introduce the Edison’ Electric Light into the public buildings 

and private houses of the City, and | to furnish power by meang Of electricity for industrial and _ 

domestic purposes, has authorized $750, 000 of i its Capital Stock to be offered for eabeerpeon at 
par to the Stockholders of the Edison Electric Light Company. . 

Stockholders of the Edison Electric Light Company will be permitted. to subscribe to this 
" stock of the Illuminating Company in the proportion of three shares of the latter for every two of 
the former standing in their names on the books of the Company at the date of closing the same. 
As no subscriptions can be received for fractional parts of a share, stockholders of. the Light 
Company may subscribe for the number of full shares in the Illuminating Company next above or 

next below the fractional amounts to which an exact pro rata distribution would entitle them. 

-Payments will be required on such subscriptions as follows, viz: $5. per share at the time of 

subscription; $20. on allotment; $25, on the first day of June, 1881;.and the remaining $50. per 
share will be called in, on ten days, notice, as fast as money is required, but-not earlier than $25. 
- July 1st, and $25. August tst, 1881. : 

Notiée is hereby given that the transfer books of this Company will be closed for the purpose 
‘of this subscription, on Saturday: the thirtieth day of April, 1881, at 2 o'clock P. M. and_ will 
" remain closed until 10 o'clock A. M. Wednesday the eleventh day of May, 1881. 

Notice of the number of shares of the Mluminating Company’ $ stock to which each stake 

holder of the Light Company is entitled to subscribe, together. with.a blank form of subscription, 
_ will be sent to each stockholder of the Light Company immediately after the closing of the. 

transfer books. 

By order of the Board of Directors. 

; Secretary. 

ee FPeen Pener ee 

‘The Edison Electric Light Company, 

65 Fifth Avenue. 

New York, April 3oth 1881. 

The. terms of payment on subscriptions to the stock of The Edison Electric Hluminating 

Company of New York, which were set forth in this Company’s circular of the roth, inst, have, by 

an arrangement with the Iluminating: Company, been changed as follows, viz: five dollars per 

share at the time of subscription; ten dollars May 15th; ten dollars on the first day of June: ten | 
_ dollars on the. first day of July; fifteen dollars on the first day of August; and the remaining fifty 

dollars per share to be called in, on ten days notice, as fast as money is required, but not earlier 
than twenty-five dollars September 1st, and twenty-five dollars October 1st, 1881. Interest at the 

rate of six per cent. per‘annum, will be allowed on any instalments paid i in advance of the dates - 


The stock of this Company standing i in your name, at the cleaite of the transfer books this aes 

day, being Goo shares, you have the privilege of subscribing for 74 FO shares 
or any lesser number in the Illuminating Company.: If-you desire to avail yourself of this privi- 
ege please execute and return to the undersigned the ‘form of subscription herewith enclosed, 

together with your check for $5. per share of your subscription, drawn to the: order of the — 

Treasurer of The Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York. ° . 

“’Your subscription must be delivered at the office of, this Company before ten “o'dock A. M. 
May Enh at which time the option now ‘given will expire, : 
By order of the Board of Directors. 


ee ;  Seeretury.” 

GHA. Se CPt) beh Clt ACD 
Zeyh AK -TA Aid. -Y pow = teen c de, Ge 
QW __x pot ph - (Cute a yo 

MS i (A i, aaa | Ge ) 
7 ti CH ser pt TEA een 

; zy 

OY) (At A hese OF 
Sod e 4 
4 by Lag BR fh 
a. i 
y + 

oN NS 7. Becy 

TQ sv\ 

Gace ¢. 

New York, ot ee f 


Fa. Ms Sq 
. | Kan Su vv 
: | Gk, Leonptbomps $rs ocblvol 
efor es te etal Pumas Orders forlamps encore 
anu Gras reguesbeot brat fawasio alb andes hath bu tsfspre 
ad ty teas Comping, Cnderthe lames of the coviucuch-Cehuwen 
tha Leump bo ct thas Compr Hise qeitenight auey 
| Shell ab once Pefrare thw raqucsete blant6. any You 
| es y four denicl yous orelers to mL, Nentt dev tual | 
cw dink to Hee Senuyp Go ci Profan crcl well 
% a offen whuch, es absolit 

oper Cransactvor of the basners 
wee ores vovehs Case to nn 

Kio yee Ma bonus Cre Peregytuneso0. tab | 
Loe be ee ee | 

| oar 


Si ate 

cI lve le 4 pos 

Ao &. bate, tea . r 

Cee. a EOE ES 
-hateeori Ee Berece € Ger O-ooe. Year 
a a Fig eo CEA ree 

XK G B&B eneeed ~ AenecrePA~ 
er AXE nent ox PGE, An mare 
Cefittcrrenh— an Me Cnfeat Carin 
Cevie x: Fe a E90) Ypo, 

Cte. Go pao’ Sonace » 00 GS | 
Kaw heen Beno an. LEE snachene ed 
“MH An) cA cues gee ee Bel en. Ao prcceg 
eee. er 6. Cte CCE) etbbord eer Pt a ~aceed— 
PETS ey CIO en aCethiencyp Comte ccoed evv CAE 
ours AAS tb) tented Pt CLELEEAT hh 
ef ots oon slerey 3 a ye 
eae L CerrBe® very, a. ee eaca Akar > 
hn -wHeel, is ak etm Ate, rtctoeP? 

I ngs oe expt eteern tn AE. bn hte a Lee Kes goer. 

LEE a ade Bnot, nyt Mae een 
Chg “ype? Opty 0 LU gaia, ou ey ao - eet, 
eeu. id enc ner nen Ae LAO. ener Aer, cena 

ho ere ty, ; | | 
oe se Aan... lees ahasl fiaeve, « AEROS He one iong | 
eae nae, x 1h ae, seney 4 Oat: weal Caled tre TOE 
Zig” Lae ae t . 
A ! By Cha lon bp a Kare.—heer fOLe chee Ocoee “\t at 
tag ne 
: | 

a ps . ean AH, Conrtaal COA» , ee HE wx ehent 7 ‘ : 
a . sheetey > Aickten, 8 CAL Some Prone , egy | Q 

ee Fa Cf (hb 171 £ cereteh 
| a as tl a es ly foe efeed ew A Mada tp re be 
Ghai pha ell manage at ma tite || 
- a 

CL. E-P7. 

ce%00 A, COE Coeore pce nf be cer aot Uk 
i : : a Mt 
etd. FHC. je Co sore l/ Poe, OFS ert LndS 

LUND thoes af 

fees. - me ree 


b- ae 




* : os. ‘ a § é 
— anticipated. The first read the ‘eolored reports of the various 

vat Least, Ny, Redsgont 

‘Rdisen Plectri¢ Light Stock considvurad as a speculative holding 

‘for the onsiing quarter, 


In. the full of 1978 Thotaas As Raison mado the assertion te a nows-” - | 

papa reporter that he was ubot tt. te enter the Flectrie Light field : 

of exploration and aun folt- eofidont that he ned LOUR: tha truo 

solution of the gist promianof Yaar ay: any, “tha submdivd sion at ee 



ER: jpotnts. ‘over Large areas from a eoninon, source of SUBPL Ye Tho a. 

i: Ne reputation whieh Hr. Fdison had just made by the invention of the 

es we 
x 7 

Phonograph earrying his name as it did from carat the snaller 

eircle.of tha professional to the larger one of the non=professionb 

* eaused his announcement to have an effect which he could not have 


° 7 or three inont 

Was: fir, antheiputid we “ 

Sy ea 

ae staan anid. gas - a 

\2 8 l-o4-45 

> tT 

Tho | nevspapors wore of course. eager to. foed this senses 

ti6e as hay would any other: whi gh lent interest to their “ee tines 

Hundiveds of. interviews were nade up in the Bdi torial rooms and. + 
the private sunotuarias of that Great american Institution, the 
“Reporter” having no other basis than a ‘vivid daginateony: - Thus " 

it. calde a9 pass that the general public saw, only a groat consunna- 
, tion. Wide the Professional mind found. st, inueh elained: that” was 
absurd ‘that they refuse to believe anything ‘and sought by: Breen, : 
ment oe Fidioule to prove that’ not apnly had vothing been aceon 
plished put that Ake probien Was aay impossitte cise 
iam Was thereby created balwoon the great body of the so exulled 
: eetontitic profosiaors, especially Shose tumestately enecued in this 
branch | ‘ef seicnti fic works and Mr. Edkeon and his. frionds _antt ae 
lievers the > general, Public. The effect of this was to. Place. tr. 
Edison ine false and embarrassing position, - Well. Imoving how 
ever: that ho had found the true: prinotple™ of adouriph ching tho’ work - 
‘and thus, ultimately Justisying ali that! chad beon so Promatureny 
: claimed for him and confident in his ability to” Perforn an. Tamense | 

“ whount of Labor in Sn dneredibte stor ort. time time, “he gaineayod: nothing - 

: but ‘went earnestly to, work to evolve from aut the ‘chao’ or. the. une 

kao the order and Proportion requisite to put hie ‘tdoos into’ 

‘ practioal shape, No mortal man: ‘can tell: even approximately the, 

: “Lapse, of tame” ‘required to Aecoipt ish a. task oat this. eharaoter’ “Bing, 

the-very, first obstacle. that. arose: nd ght be the, Last or: it might bey: 

Me onl ’ rerunnor of. a host or others, ltr Edison made. the or 

spats tis te na amet sl: Ria tals seed) 

te ) antagon- Ae 


Pipa ps 

ee Pe ak salsa aang 
ax SS ao e Sa ea De oe Ee 

Peeeiiga pte pam eti 

FE ee eee 



Sr ae 


‘OP, . and has continued to auke it ‘in, alt alltisions to the time . 

whes “hb work: wid he finally rinished, “tn assuming sl tho: aif 
t fioulty ef the amon was the solo ond, dea it surinount od the work 
“was. done Thi error, not of gudgaomt so much as of: a desire, to 

, meld ae wksing dlequietude, of the publte and his friends, is the 

OnLy” one: he dine made, ; Tn the matter of hie wo “ho hed absolutely 
saadde-rionds ~~ Every principle. originally: laid down has been round . 

to bo correct, the means. and mothods. by, whi oh they: have, Been: uti 2 

‘ ized alone have boen Played. “pen: to effect, ‘the gfeatest goumer cial 


havaoney. | 

4A considerablo disappointment, and 3 comsequent Teketion 

“or the. popular. med haa: been. the uaeneren’ factor ain all this and 

now ve ‘find ‘a. | Lak or confidence almost. as universal as the axek - 


oarlier eon fidence and: having even less fotndation for its exist~ 


; enee. 

Thus, fren: re: Edison piney made a denonstration’ at. 

af ent Park dn Dopanber: 1870 although on a Seale of. comparative Bes 

aged tude. at rela short. of. conviction ond. his demonstration podilet 
ting. or 700° Leip ‘suppliod from one. source ea distributed over 

" aD: ares or one mile aquarey fed: by an aggregate of e aides or ‘un= 

= aorground aires and supphying ald the ‘ght used in the Faotorsoay : 

“stores, dweliings, ‘shops &Ge within the. compass of. ‘this nile, was - 

: oti Loakoa pom 4s ship y a baboratory Experiments Pron this it 

parent that: ‘the: thing must: be ‘pat into practical operation 

Satan ha nema ¢ te arama a bate nae 

(88 1-O9--(S 

woe Ee. 


hee : 

. 4 

‘On the pronises or the public where all the world could see for 


. thensolvee, The Konto Park, was ‘toréupen prompthy abundoned Hi. 
‘Bdison and his ontire corps of assiatents and workmen coming to 
Now York ‘and imsodiately Anaugurating store to Sevenees his sye~ 
; tom hore on 2 seale which will. absolutely and pe nounon tly aoe 
: gas. ond other artifiota Lights frou a ‘donssly populaged danoeder 

of ‘the tty, one milo square fata Note ‘is rapidly drawing to gone. 

pletion, . a ee dice | 2 

The object or this paper is to ‘plainly state the facts 
in ‘such. i way as to em‘abl 0 the Yreuder to form a Judgment as to 
the peahy apen the. public ind and consequently upon the stock 
of the Rad son companies of ne, final opening up to ‘the public. : 
gaze and ug6 of. this large district - Wiad auch. a complote denon a 
e atiation or: Rdigon? s 5 “gulecoss “eaulga a material rise in the value 
of his. shares? ~ that is to say vhen Rdigson. shall suecossfully ; 
‘oupray done 20,000 Lamps: to. interiors from a single source on such 7 
a tema as, wadle being below the pries of Gane. wil still Pay, hin 
“Tandome dividends will ‘the pipite ‘accept ‘the Problem ‘as solved. 
= and | sock : investment in the Bd gon stocks? 
ey “tatoo es syetan A 
"Bad.son oarty detonainad to foliow a certain course ain te = 

order to the: zooner Teach samplote ereaeee: whieh was has ereut vare 

tye 5 “4 

“tanee with ‘that pursued by other Linvontors, He has,. us. St trans~ , 
"bey ers 2 . 


~~ Pinas, wisely adherod to > his Line of: “proaedure in spite of strong - 

~T aa preeenee Jee! 


apposition ‘fron within atid without his own ined ato associatoss 
, onior smang. the. things. ‘resolved upon: “were the- followingt we 
rirst, That the true. ‘dna onty method of an indefinite. 
subdivision mae distribution of the mL catric Light: was what is kn 

“own as the « Tneandeseont» wrinciple, ALL ‘previous shtempas’ had: 

been made on the “Aro® + principle and all: Such efforts have us’ yot 
‘proven | absolute failunes, , 
Segond, That’ ‘to creat a successful vival, cunnoveially, 
Gas Lighting: on electric system must baie on the s sano scale ‘and as 
simplo and practicubl o, an ull its details, thatvese its supor- 
, vision woul d ontail fatal eosts and ‘annoyariae and Bia ‘in conse- 
-aenae the electricity must’ pe generated ort the: -pranisés of the 
“eonsiner and sont: to. ie throtigh the. atroots as in. tha. case of HAS. 
: This hes been pronouncad impossibre, for the: three ) following Peas- 
ona 3 | | é | ; ‘ | ; oS 
ies * that, a ginal constant: end steady Light requiring ‘only 
. ‘the attontion of ordinary doinagtic sorvants: could not. bo producod 
That ir, such a lamp was ‘Breaucoa:the amount of copp or 

for "upping a vast ‘number of thew from a. -eoniao souree of ‘supply 

forrre a e 

e would: be 30 vast. ‘as se swamp the, enterprize by ‘the tnvestinen't an 
eopp or alone. 
Oe. “tat ‘pirther, any eLeotrical generates or ‘surtieton’ caper 
A city’ to ‘render: auch denoral’ ‘Lighting prasticaple aot tId hot ae suce . 

se ediamaniy operated for the. Yoason: that so ‘graat ‘an “aasout of Meee 

ery ‘ity aantd nat he ‘eéntruiied _ It would he as irresistaple 

as a ‘thunderbolt 


All throe ee those inpogsinhiitios have beeone 30 gen~ 
ovaliiy aeveptoa® as “ aetualities that it is searooly wor th FeealLing 
tha: earlier prophesios except, to ‘Allustrato, ‘the inagni tudo of the 
Wor: Bai son. ‘has ‘acotaplished by: ‘thé hogattve avidenoe. they. orren 

; onérd i. That his only Pival ‘in a ‘conmoroial songe woul d 

. bo" the cae interost - “that tn gonsoyienes nis constant alia shoul d 

bo to attain “an! ‘Svery dopairtiaont of his work the highost possible 
seotcind eat ‘ad on’ VE ther ‘than ‘the gveates maxtimu capaci ty, 

As a ‘Pesult of this course ne has fixed as ane atundara 
or light to be dorivea fron ono Lémp’ at 16 candles. (a rund gus= ; 
jot)=imnais it is ‘eapablo of yielding as high as 30.0% 40 ( There 
is. ‘Also! another geod” reason for the adoption of another standard 

than the: ‘Latay 1s Gapablo of, viz, sortnoss, and cas fs) to the eye) 

Tis generator will ordinarily. be ‘drawn upon onky oT about sixty 

a ek 

Snes cont of its aetual. ‘eapucl ty, hecaitso at that point additional 


Produaiton: as only: obtatnod” at higher cost por unit of oubronts 

And ‘80, “on throughout: his: ‘entire’ ‘erat Brorything 3 is sadoudstod | 

ati ‘ite economical ikon rather ‘than from its fut eapacktyy, thus 

3 eniirtng tho Lowest: coat. oF prodietion as y well as a margin for the | 

deans’ of: “Giergened ow. ens a en: ae a eae 
ae “Fourth. = “3 That! ne’ woul d not ‘altow any. Shao ss suas ton \ 
diatrses hig timo, attention and, onorgy: or "that of nbs establish 

; mont from ‘the main Work: in re “In consequence of this he’ has 

Pataca tne oa otic aca aah ae pee ee, ea A wish Hees 7 

| $8 (-04- of 

4 9 


oP to. the present date. absolutely dear thes all proposit ns however ; 

teapting te engage in what wight. be termed “Isel ated lighting 

that is Lighting with anall individual machines, © 16 has resolutely 

refused to. tnauygurata the. Legal! ‘ateps request va. to enforce tha rie 
‘gh ts, granted by his Patents not thetanding that many audacious _ 
infringasents of his patents are boing: nad Oe . 
.The wisdom of this course was at firat disputad | by his : | 

Sh iatea put is new ered rosogni zed singe by virtue of it ho ; : 
hus. doubly ‘fo rtified himself against Sugeessful eompotition. Ris 
systen is al ready 30 compl ete in every detall of Practical ane 

wot eredal importance that were his patents. to ‘ottor hin no BEG. 
"tection whatevor he would still be absolutely aloné in the fold 

of real caupoti tion with gage none other having ‘sO much as conto 

pL ated the work of Electric Lighting on & suffieientty, conpronon= 

sive basis as to render ‘than. worthy of the attention. of the gas 
interest. - It woukd in. fact require yoars ‘for. thes und toaly to y | 
‘Peach the stage. now oscupied ‘bY Eéison, ore Wdeh Sime. he wouk a 

of éourse. he proportionately advanged. Ft is not too much to Say - 

that af. m: eembination or ali. other invontors and their product 

: could be ‘oftestod ‘they would stizn. ‘be unable ‘to der what’ we, Edison . 

ie. “now doing, and this: aside fron all questions ‘of: patents sey 

ee "woul, d alvipl y be physically und quad to tho. task froiy a ‘eck or eon~ 

prehension of the engon tats. This boliar. dg founded upon the 

he knowodye of the obstacles HY. Rateon ‘has ever come tn rendoring 


the three several efmpossibilities® acocn pla show facts, ‘eat ait ox= 

ee a aeey 

géndus hoe is nd te be overtaken so Long ag. he liveie | This is. 

PQel- on IS- 

woe ro 

plains why all the 80 so ool hed. Miata ate so unanimous in: Bios 

olatioing what Hr. Edison Was done sinoss sible of ‘ueconpl i shuient, 

Others to, reach the sane end would have to travel over the Bale. 

gt ‘ound and HY, + Feld son, has mede ay Ey point while publishing pat 

st the ends attained to leave no traces of the paths. he has pues 

“sleds and since no cowbination br ageregation of Nedioerity ever 

did or ever can equal in rertility of resource the single pian of 

his dovensination and yi T prove to be ‘the final issue. oBy, po 
Borving secrecy as to the jeans ‘of uecoupli shing the: various: onds 
ur, Edison has rapidly entrench ad hhnsolf in an absoluto monopoly 

without educating othors to the point: of: following hin closely ‘or: 

: anticipating him-in the Patent. “ofthe, ’ This he has peon enabled 

to’ do. by filing his BppeA anki one. ‘for Patents and. allowing thei to” 

remain. unissued in the: Patont OStaae.. to the full porkod. Rove ees 
by. Law: auvene. all: which, sal he: is or gourse: constantly ‘adding to 

or ‘ooonding thei as his experiment may ‘iggoste - Thus’ when ‘thoy. 

finally: ‘desue thoy: are comprehensive and cover” the ground broadly 
and: ‘completely ‘forestall: all ‘eluiins’ of priority. | ‘Wa xe dt.gon, 

to. appear in: court. at. ‘any occa prior te the Lssuo, &f his final 

EEeeure: he would be compélle d. ‘to show his: hind fully. This” wouka: 

bo 8. en eat: “disadvantage as there is no “edutgatur, in seiontific work © 

equal to. a Legal contest over an | inventions ‘Byery detail is’ ox- 


pounded. with such el carness.. aS, to 8 be easily comp Fekended and. nate. 


urally neeones full of Steeeatics ta investigators. Whon ur. Edison 

an ; 
‘does enter ‘the courts it wilt be ‘te ehow an invulnorability never ; 
; bere ro attained “Wwhera so inuny ov so yeluabk events wera: ‘concerned 
No invention of any: age has een, ‘30 systeuativcally or 80 heey 
‘oughly protected by & close sup “and application of the patent: Las 
as hes this of ir, Edison? Se | 

, ite hes Woven, ‘& Web so ‘coupact that’ yore Lt to be PORES, , 
atea in a hundred Places it would still ‘be: an offedtive dapenues 
The controlling geaturos are already, soured, so that ary Edison . 
alone ean oporate 8 gdtciral ‘syste “others ‘even at ‘the: utmost 
cun. vonly ito “petty work in en isolated “aye 
‘othe: Bdison : MEE en ra naES: os 
, The. & Baigon Company aro now: engaged in: ‘preparing their, 
# Ist. district in New ‘York aity. . Tt is comprised wi: thin the ror es 
owing boundardos-Wall ‘Stee “south spruce § ste “orth, Wassau Ste Yost. 
end ‘tho, Bast River, Rast and jas within its borders. ‘1500 Gus Gens : 

mers, Yaing upwards: of: 5 1000 gas. etsy ‘each’ and every: ono ‘of 

wht, it is ‘ropo ed. te. pupae ‘wkth® ‘an. ‘eledtrie jet, or: Lape: 

1100 of ‘these gas, ‘eunsiitiors have ‘allready, stgiod contracts, for. the _ 

‘tatson Light and “wad require: frou 18 16° 17000: leaps Their pro=. 
i mises have already ‘paen. avirea® ‘for these. dann, and they only avait 
the dettvery, of the’ ‘electricity, at. thodr doors. : “thks is. te bo. 

‘offected as, follows. ea 1a 
7 mie system. 2 : 

The to establish a central station o Yr sourge-.o'f 


: 3 i a ot ne. 

| ‘supely fittod up: with, tho’ Poaquisite vlodtrical, eenciators and. “dise 
“tri buto the Olectricity theretron thie ugh conduetor’s enduaed in PS i os 

' fron PLpe-s and Laid ‘underground to gach and every consumer within | 

‘ { ; 
the. dostrict, - These conductors W121 bo tapped by. servico conduet 
Ors: at each NGuBD: ‘und tha clectrics ty delivered’ Mheoush an Bleetri- 
cal Nater, pro eelaaty. as: ‘din the! ease’ of "gase “6 ‘etKor eT ee wil : 

bo on the Consumer 8 pre sees than the aot or and the Tampa 

ue sting Gas Fixtures are being, witli zed: for. supporting 
‘the: cece lamps, without intérrering with the use ofthe. Bud. or 
dotructing fron the ornamental charagter of the SR EUR Ce Thus the 
consumer will have either gas or el astrigity betuoen which he can . 

is8ke his own comparisons: aS to, bony, quality teste, or he. may use 

both: “ust. “ona ideas the. same tines’ _Bepseial care hag’ been: takon te’ 
‘provide for this: in order that the: edimparison whieh Ma, Edison cours ; 

‘may: bo: made by’ ‘the public tensa ves. The: sonsun ar ‘Bya for ‘the: , 

wiring sand ror the fixtures: ‘attachnonts Hist as he does for gas 

, Pipe rixturos, ‘but the tau. ‘aro. supplied feo or ‘coats “thoy cost 
80" litte. end they Last ‘30 ‘Long. that it hab’ een “aealded’ to: “charge 
thay, ap “to: the cost ‘or produging the oleotriatty, whieh can: be ‘dotie . 

. vand the Light be sold stan. for: ‘Leas than ase “the: sonsumd? there" 


me fore pays” s@' 1uch” por thousand” for nis gate he reiount ho uses 

. boing. recorded by. the moter, 


: me - es ’ Present Condition or ‘the Works 

“Tho. ‘orntrai stdtion 


a : . : : a 


Two UAT ShnES Nos,» Ee ae ‘Paarl § Bhs have beor Sacred and tho 

Work of et thing: thea for the recep tion. of the inuehinery is woll, 

* Un dens Wayy Tt is pully oxpoctog they will be neady for LE a 

by Novena er Necemb er of this year, 
“the ‘Central Station vane wilt consist of Rion: 12. stean 

dYnaino ta: wohines of 125 horse power each, with “ainbie boiler capacity 
| ; : 

“for producing the ‘stoi. “There wild be dovieos fo r Fegulating 


the 8 cLoctrical: DECHSHY @ for the entire district and means and 

tiothods canlayed fot an abaghure  gitarantea of the roviubili ty. of 


-the Tight. at all hen 

No reseryoir is reqay sd. in the Fdison eyeten, All his 
ongines are panpings so to speak, electricity into: ‘one general a 

condi otorethus it it should happen that one or even “two of then , 

: shavttld, ‘fail, at wound only mean. A. alight fant of. pressure and. by a 

sno ‘pos sibility a totar or even 2 ‘material int orruption Of the 


ight in uny part of ‘ine district, The Rottans ang stoan engines 

‘for this station have boon contracted for. and are: doliverable Oct. 


“ist. to 15th. 1 They are all. reported ahoad of time, The el cetriout 

i “generators: ‘are boing Manttfucthrod oy i Raison at ae EDIsoW Mace 

me vorKs, These works 296 coerek st. rae (ota ‘Aetna Tron Works) 

a have. boon’ ehttea up at a | cost or $200, 000, by wre Ragen personally 

“ ” 

ey th @. aeuh ee Purpose of constructing the Steam nynema Machines, 7 

hey wild when conploted have a , capacity or e machines per Wook, 

that a $0, say, half of a Central ‘Station, “At ‘present th ey “have | : 
pitt. agoile: one ‘fourth of ‘this: ginadiey: 

hema ie! NS a OT EE «on VO al 

arses ska iciodics e 

wt iat aed 58 

oniing and a dynamo el sctrical: Ha chine both mounted on one bed 

Ni Se LH ia a natin 

(2a l+oG-/s" 

Pa ae rw 
2 EN ae 

@ fold the Largest cleetrieal: 

cae <: ee 2 

hese. machines.ave thr 

machinos: in the World, They eon ist of. one. 125 horso ower steouna 

plate. and ‘aearod to a common’ shart, sO. ee there is” ne Loss by 
“belting. "Ho belts will ‘therefore be used . ith the Edison syatan, 

| “the engines are built by portor, Southwark Tron Works, Phila. * 
and are What aro Knew, as High spaod Bhginos weking 350. revolutions ‘ 
por minute, “The whole machine occupies 2 spaco of about. 10 ‘foot | 
gatare und weighs upward of > tonss . gy hy 

One. of those. lachinos hus ydon shipped to Paris al oxhiba= 

tion at the Pleotrieal “Exposition and will, ie ola bo used for 
lighting the rand op. ara House which ns been rewuostod or dere Uai- aac 
son, By tha coverninnt. “mother is: no w ‘roeoiving the finel ‘finish 

for’ apace to. Hendon whore. the wri tor tukog it with a. full auteit 

oF all. the. peatures: ot. the system for, ana: purpose of ‘eatablishing 

the , system dry. Puglends 

‘Tho exp ort ental thal: of these > huge machines has a sn08- 

strated that. there practical working te no ‘Longer: problanatical. ay; 

: These for the Now: York al strict are now, being vapiaiy pushed, ao 

completion and. wild ‘he. voady by the time the structure. is “roady’ 
to receive ‘thom. fe : Pe oe 
“The: ‘Undo ground condustors.” 

The manitfactire: of. ‘thane. *tubos®, ig being. prosecuted 

rapiaay at the Shops of ‘the Re di'son Tube Works G5. Washington ets Ne 2 


soar oa i ; mh ; a: ed 

ee | 
saney will be Yoady: dn ‘ople tine! and iLL be’ Laid at the . rate of 
ona. rondo. per dey: . The WoT af Laying: the wit shoy ty borsim ; 
these conductors consist of two half round copper “pods ‘opt apart 
By: insula ting Was hors, tho whole then slipped into a ~Urodane: iron: at | 
pipe and tho intorsticos rind with en insulating compound or 
NY, Bai son! s invention. in ate corm which afterwards congealing 
1 eaves ths whole @ sulid nass” capable of being bent and twistod . 
; “without injury to the copper or tho insulation, 

a et ers, 

the work of naniifacturing the meters though nee in so fore- 

ward & “state as that of the panes pRonehos is still progres sing 


satisfactorily, Thay wi ae Foudy ere the station 1g in myCne 

y ‘ution. 

, Fixtures hs 

“These are botni made of, every. concakvabl ‘style amd pattorn 
both electrical in their. ontiraty: and partially elvetrical’ and 

: partially. ges. “Also ‘Annumeraplo forms of: Attachments vhorewith to : 

: afte the Lemp. to oxisting ees fixtures 80 43° to. obviate the one 

Se ee 


a) “pene, to: the, consumar of new Tixtures. ‘ Wessrs Rergnann & Hoe 108 
Mog ster st. Ne Vehava the: exclusiva kiantifae ture oF applianeis for ty 
: “department and they. have a Largs: establish ot aiploying 106 Skil~ 

: Led fnechanios and have. already a large stoak ¢ of goods: on hand. to, 


moot the ‘denad which win: be: -oreatod by. the: opening of: the district 

station, . Be Sites he 

“a othe: chéios: found: by ire Tdd'son 7 

| Bk l-o%-1S7 

ag the ann “9g a ; ; ‘ i Sy Bs 


‘The Pdigon Eloetrig Lamp Co, at isle Park, Me Jp. and at Fast lowe 

ark, if ‘have: beon in- operation for .oyer a year and herein stock 

muny tines io re Lanps_ thon will fo rouired by ‘the firet district. 
“Phe yin factory. at East. Newark Cie boing fitted up to give it & 

supseh yy of 50,090 Laaps por dafe - 

wire te 
“The rimning of the wires frou the Meter to gach ‘and overy 
burner of laap to be used by the 1100 subseri burs, of the ist. dis~ 
trict | boing a matter yeaneine B considerable amount of Hae the - 
work Was hoyun Sore four nonths since and Bony Progocttod bY an | 

gang of +90 w?iPe-nen under eainitene supervision: is now pra otieally 

_ cumplete. ar Go ts A oy 


Thus scon that aul ranches of this ee ind ertuk~ 

° ing are rapialy upprouching éanplotions: tho Sentral Sta aa pant 

the. ‘streot, conductors, ne House Appliances and ‘the eunpid aro one 

and al practically: receiving ‘their final’ ‘eouchios’ and ne dong | 

abajo’ of: éxperimental iiork” by Wiehe they’ have! boon ‘evolved froin’ 


“Byery dotai has ‘now: 

sudeossful1y- “Ban the: gonut of ‘detuial trial une: aiteeoss: final. ‘ends 

overt olaing is “as -eortain: as tommorrow's Sun. “true thore: mady ‘be. 
_ sana minor hitehas incidental to. the firat starting of. 80! “vast a, 

“plenty, brit as every. sinyle catiponent of that: ‘plant has - ‘baon teatod 

. thoroughly Wi th spoci al Feforende to tho sone “Lt. is withinat oly 

dostined to: do thore can pe. no’ serious: rad (ibaa ov oven. pies 

(B81 094- (= 

7. i a> wt = a, ; i aes: 


The public is to day in ignorance of ‘the facts above 
ieven and “ds tharefora net aware of the real value or. the Raison 

BLoctrie ‘Light Stuck, The: awak miny will @ 138 ere another GO or 

20 days have passed. | The timo 4G: buy is the prosonty, 

: Mr, Edi con has Sho in isk oy confidence by the. paves risa, of 

éyery ater of his capital and his current rovenue dorived: fron 


other sourges in hts various Works, | He has ovor 100,006 eush 
in the ham Hanufacturing Co. and $200, 0600 cash An the Machine Work s- : 

besides small or anoun ts in ne Tube Works and other enterprises 

connocted with the on terprize, 

The cost of tho installation. of ‘the district in New York is 

borne, by The, Raison BL eotric: Tlunthating Go, of Now York a nagsh 

organization have ng ne ‘eonnsetiga With: the Edi gen Bleetric tdgnt ; 

Ere the Patent company, excopt that the otiter Andivsduan stod- 

holders. in the’ “tHo. companies are ‘the Salley, 4 The Raison Eloctric : 
, my 7 

Taght, PORE New. NONI, the parent Oey is the’ ‘owner of all the Pat = 

ents” fo® the, U.S Se sand Genadas: Its ‘tinetion is to develop, the Apps : 

“eras: and thes, simply: to Leense oe ‘organizations throughout 

‘the country to use the ange Tts output haa all been ‘madenhaice- ie 


forth its only, expendi tures wil be: sua) as are involved dn dofond- 

Ang its. patonts, and: maintaining its existance, Ths capital, stodk 

. ‘aonststs: of 4800 shares, $100" each $480, 000. a This: is. tho total. 

; present capitalization of an electric, Lighting ‘s¥st ow and ia’ now a 

foMmidable- rival to the $30, 000,000: investad in das, the stodt is 

128i Y=) Ss 

. ‘Re 
er ae 


now pelling at sine aad sharoy. that is 4500° sharos~$4,400, one 
i a ee . " Betiuated valuation, 
| “the ware upon which we nowt have appideations for all the 
cities in: the ee Ss and’ Canada where das is 25 por cent nore 
: al ty: bel asaundng that’ the bus So is $o00, a00. 4000, « Shis would 
wee ‘the Bal son ototk Worth: a tal ai per share, Now as “thee is 

probably no. a ‘single ae LS plant, in. the eauntry but which would: 

prouptty pay 10 ypor Gad ty ‘onabie it to control the syston te 

pYevyent - canpetition or Ee secure “the profits to thaasel vos. ; we will 
tO . ‘ 

assuie that a rayalty ‘or only. 10 per dent of the gas inves tiaent ts 

obtatnuds This nace: the Edison Stuck wer th gC, 250 - Ags shar Be y 

5 a ms. ; ‘ ; Pe 
But’ this is not the only. field The Tsolated | hissinos's, Hare 

ane Yactories, Railroads Be ‘ta. win” ‘prove an ‘immense ‘soured’ ae ‘Prem 
venuee se: v ce 43 aoe ae os ae hath 

: me put auida fram all: these ob ain -deduotions there is this ioper’ 

“ant. one for us to racognize ‘tn view of. the lxprioss ‘purpose of this 

papery viz y to consider the Patson Sto ak woraly. as ‘a spoel sig 

ono for the ensuing 3 ar he nonths. 

ae ouput ty of the Public ‘by 7 a were asaértion of. what no proposed to : 

dO, “How if ‘how what he has done ‘toward their Peultzation, sad that: . 

the puniie: are ‘in’ me dar 

ke ‘as to: the noarnges of ‘the. Final issue 

' oe as. . WoL. as sof its ‘eouaplotoness, fe The. testion as: Sina wala be ee 

orfect, “upon his. stock “who “the: newspupers: ‘announge the sucgossful 


opening up er ‘the New: ‘York district: wi ath bts thous 

ands » r ight ts 


* ot 
—_—oTen : : 

Oe eee ener Me et ete neo nem Cone all tte A oe chaieeces! 


ett in 


we to: stay oF ee : Sie ee = ig Ue eng ; 

ae it rose. a8. at aa to. $2000 par share on ‘his pronisa wh: at ; | 

wi in g0, to. on, dade: the fuLritient of that. Broiiser *, othis work: 

7 vil rank with: fie! ereation. of: the Telograbh, ; ‘tio Steam tieine, or. 
the Printing Prosi, und. would haye -ta ekon the. saine numb ar or yours 

fe Pe "rect at ‘put: for. tho: stood brain, untiring enorgs, ae vast , \ 

“resiures cof the greatest agen rT “or this: ‘or any othr ag | 

iL nivay bettered to be Pi fallure’ 

(65 FIFTH AVENUE,’ ; a 

ce _ New York, Oct, rst, 1881. 
"Dear Sic: . 

a We bee to request that, hereatter you will execute no 

orders for account of this Company either for labor or material, ex- 

i 4 

cept upon requisticn, bearing ‘the written approval of the Vice 

President ‘or. Secretary.’ From and” after this’ eat no bills. will be. 
paid except for work done or material finished | in pursuance of such 

All deliveries of goods must be accompanied py invoices in 

— with. the = requisition attached thereto, except. where coat 

The Edison Electric Light Company, 
65 Fifth Avenue, | 

New York... Ceteban G... 188 ¢ 

6S, 5 Cv 

"hep Cloectuns ae an 

bew givew, Stat #2 Aorecefter. pug orl ahollte 
tKtceleed Yow account of Hees Oomfranny. either 
gfow heabore ore material Cneeph eefvorsreegustrcrds 
Ceanring the ms affrvrval of thn Vern 
Veesectrrt oO Socrt 
a ees cull Hr dorefore, 
| TT ae all regucsitvcers 10 th wecretearri 
aaily. as fores frcwaitle before 42 0 clot. now, 
CHtccnpanwth by Co Wemntenelum Uhereofs ov 
jfone spep la web fo trek pourpose, +o be of lect inv 

De nen ere ne 


= 2 OS 

eae ee SFr as Ri aa ye Res y 
eg ae ae IR Sc cay 7 ae 
going : fs niga - ae ae CC eS aon a ee ae 

"| | 

Caetwean Lgbe 

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womb wens brn? cabal se ANIA ee 

Ao ee, OW Sapo “ne Mas, 

yo OS eT ere eae a, 
ere Rae A (Pes 
ee RD ee ee, ee CES Ae 


pmy a 

P. O. Box 310 

ge “Pl ace 


t20 a 


- New vr, Aterlew D1 88 v) 

Dear Sirs... 

eZ _ Lita ache eda meeting g 

a of di Boro ce Directors of ne “Edison Electric Light Co., will 3 

| es held at the office sop “0 hMarecaa or. sae . 
on Llactate an Le. Qe. ey e ena ae 

o raste.F0 ae 



Thomas A. Edison, Esq. 

Dear S ri-- 


i 7B F . Ady ns sheet eta oy a EAS 

; 4 ue I take pleasure in. notifying 
“you: of your election as Trustee of this Company at the 
” annual meeting of stockholders held this day. 
The Board will meet for organization and such other 
business as may come before it on Thursday 27th inst. at 

1 i! i ne a - LOE: . vt 
3.15 P.M. at the office of Messrs Drexel, Morgan & Co. 




New Yorkyu (bd Pere L2G 188 

a Zi 
alo the, re Co wrt Conte tet OYG arr_eze 
“~ . 
Orly a feew mrementld caret es Catlect murky 
fer She fuorfrore of claching Yfrcors aver av 

torertive Oonrirrttlew 

| of the S3oarvet are cuvary. tt ts vmnfrertanth Hua. 
Cer Onéeriber re on the cttey Surber allervet 
. Geiss Wespectfelle 


Be a NS eto ao ot cea Seta a ak oe. slo ge 

* A conference of ‘Messrs Edigony Goddard, Glarke, Moore 
cand myself is. hereby’ announiced the- same to. take Place in my room: 
-tomorrow, ‘Thursday, norning at: “eleven od clogk to Gteaues the sub~ 
Jeet of eurrent expenses and to. consider whether any deduetion 

or’ saving, catr ee hans? be mad @o «  pértieular athention will be | 

SBE Oy to ie. subject of: enployees with a view ‘of péiiedng their 



p- and. salaries if Possible. 

S.BeRaton ae a oe | 


fpmyer Othel6ple / + per MeG ON 


a “‘Tmerease the ‘sane capital , 

_ ‘from $480,000 to $600,000. het e ach stockholder Ta ve his in- 

. : crease. at par. To yourself the company will give You | all tle cme: : 
\i "you may desire within which to make. your ‘payingsts on: your share. 7 
| 5 Ae! the increase. Thy suggest “that “you Leave your share: ‘of the 

increase in the tréagury of ‘the company to be withdrawn by you se . 

: either in 1 whole or. an. part at any. time you please upon Y paying for | 

ae ‘the same. at par with six Der cent interest. Tr you should not a 

withdraw the same before’ ‘the coinpany shalt ake the cash Bay=} a ne 

ment to you" pursuant, to ‘theik contract with you. of January’ “abet 

‘the. amount” owing by ‘You ‘bhala be deducted ‘trom ‘such payment. 


pean Sasi ect eRe es. adgnle By diab anne ells veh he gas nition ef Bo ad en ede 


New Yorke, LOOM Bn EBS ¢ 
Dear Sir: gh 7 ast | | 
csegibthtigani eens 6 Ummm ey, 
of the Board of Directors of the Bdison eae Light Co., will 3 
berheld at the office Sanh Mangus Co yo - 6 Te ee 
on Srvc id Ce ne day of vo... a : 


188} at AQ. "LOCI... Me 

; By order 
GY oeteloweck 
7 ; Secretary. 

The poroposiow ser Weed 2 
| of Copterat Seok Rekafres 
— vtbeunseod Wh botnets ache 
re ee 

New York, Nov A8 188 4 

Dear Sir: 

aichigowadrs M.....masing 
of the Board of Directors of the Edison Electric Light Co., will 

be held at the office op DrteyehicMrcrpeana Co... 

on SMoewa. 

tO in Dah. day of... e.y.eanndasete 

188 "at. 4 ehd..0 £10 Ke nndM 
: = By onder : 
Chcbhor ch 
| Sd. _— Seeretary. 
dhe fe ofves Avevs for werwcnsr & of 
Cojui ak Srackt : Rrorevorfeme Akin vu osdy, 

"Beil at ies, Gatuibin Gates, | | 

i Connen agrit Sraner | &4 ari i Avance, H } 

. : i Sad .. bata j 
en a 3 } . oe is { s ‘ 
at Teggay INR ted ee cee cet thy cee as een pwnage 0 eteenees ee epee te ena og 
ch. a : a pee { ‘ : 
ae! : as as H i a | : 

ces a ee ee ee ry 

* « 

re ee 

is : ja s 


Dear Sir: . 

o the Bouwrd of Directors of the Bdison: Hlectri: oe will 
be held at the office ome did So... 

Sie of op le Z 

=e a mie 



1881. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. - General (D-81-027) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, lists of stockholders, and 
other documents relating to the business of the Edison Electric Light Company of 
Europe, Ltd. Related material can be found in D-81-032 (Electric Light - Foreign - 
Europe) and D-81-035 (Exhibitions ~ Paris Electrical Exhibition), 

Approximately 90 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine notices for meetings of the 
board of directors; duplicate copies of selected documents, 

feb. (cree {7 

EDISON allie et CO. 


rE 2k 9. ae REISS Se SO Ree 

7 Be | i 

VA oe potas 

zi rw he uf Hora Hint Ckerow Van 
| i ecoanh b Lacd vi the Mate 

by RoR 

ns) on SN 



“4 Cai agus St =o. i 
cease Aas ig th 9 SS 

Lie o pact ae 

W/ letters potters g of Malt, Aattict Mvenibor 7% 
ON and cnceckect os Gorercn be, aia 

Cathe galt (et 
yer 9 Ge 

tes fon We pele ee 2 
factee vs DL wine Clee (he ee ae 
ict Lecember IL 1625 art oncackect ALES. 
lige Grerecle ROLLE ish aa serve ered 

\, hele Cctober fa *7tt 0 ee ae 

Ja Aigittes Lencrate LIS Atos t for Fore 

7 AT Od cls Ch) Let. 
‘Cu firtird of Moly Aatect Aeermber E.0PFO 
oniveteedl I/O, a soe 46 AE BALI 
_ | Ge semrw,; ales (L POISE OX A 
clotted Bete fee CGE 4FLO, precvebcct Sk Aegiete 
bypurab, LEMS ELL ISG 

(ls (te ) Letters poibrcl a ; Medlock aes 
ter LO* f PLO, gti Se 96, Mae Generel, 
Wel 1s, Ate, LE f Sozefbr2 Le 

hee”, , te Leon, Gy ‘cole Orel Csty Glbr~tt072d ang 
le CY Gt oS 
Oe oe mG edi aad * Lecgrenett 

7 fr a0 Me aS aol 

EE ee re 4 
SEE FF lon G3 LE 

coo a yt ee ee a OF Brive , 

Arg, To ‘ect ey a 



sIGWOR. Gpashevel. if bien .) 

Dirltto: Lin JY S oh x 
Ar, LB. sito ; 

Pats, No 44; Oi 


Sa gE AN ear teed 




Mott 180; es aati Sarita fe 



ae ago 
ia ata a dou , 


nes, Cla Haerobeg. 


Ty on AD APP 



Aunt Lark te fics 7 acfog, Mate of 


vag of Cutfe, kanitc, a. coferattin, crcantict 
cevccler the Coaee of tha Hate of Hee 
anil Keel tates anos ane 
foraeed , iss Zh, Care Qe Tas oe pang fat 

Lae jetted, and tavretiie OE 

| pres eiteet ie rete holies Clalit cea 

Ly ory, tt Atecroueds G aageesichg os meena 

teh i ALL teat, act etetoet 

Cnct ewcevredt % sac Lstow portent, ae cee 
17a) Setters fvtrrt YH Yermard,. oloteot oMcey F 
es sep KE te M0, ns ee 
pers 4 cliches: pho @) Setter socttint 
| ftemmant, ctatece fone 17° 108, Preartec ae 
7g ot 2/6. A: ef ce Kept 
cbse (5) Litiew poate ae Aol 
Sony: AY ttl, warhead CAS g Pe on 
oe a a ie Gohae ake aw 
Lelio frtit of Derragvart, oloctict eteg 3 on 

Wb F 6, cneliee. KLE hho ies ee isevrerrettd be. 
z Jemmed, Pay a “e ae and ISD 2B. : 
ty KOEF fete jecalite er 
nates. act 16, dep ee Arect. CT ek ae : 
os chectie eaedas: 

pati eee cae as eh One Pt Resta div al be Wor ate 

BS a Nhat Wr ates al Nt ce a uch 

tite ESSA CeeacGz20ec0 cxstl. Céceou-| 

ig: A edo, Ca Bee pers 

EELS aoe 

sake i ltr uta Aa! | 


any of hans ae JOG eps 

Peet ewiad Pa ada genes ae ea 

Shiat a Teme Mle Cotiseng.. | 
“GL ae eee ie | 
tickle, defer regewel, rrater, LeAnn, 

4 tha tet py, it 80h ntcoctunare. Cad: Bidig sed 

= ey Ag tone Covang oeccataig GB. dh | 

, | 



oon hee Vlewes. 


Pumas Mater, 
Lhe ior 

a the 
+ hee epecuded the Sane 


andl tthe evecutecl the fo 
SS ee ee 

120 before 






el OC 

iL CMiatecs " 

svihitititr ls § 8:2 haben te bievenseh Menara 




v4 bh _  NEW-YORK. 

I (LY My WA bit, Yi CGunish © Moujealy's Consul fat the Pats of of 
Ae Yah Lomein gh ap» Ch, neflipsf Wit Doth, C da 

| ; tasely , aie Z 

; ey Megypest? scomense 0 a difyp aithatizée. 9 Mitlé cas 
¢ ° ZZ “« Zi 


Maal ta tea aeynatite fel, foe cu, ye ta te fiuen. 

In Testimony a / Igeave hereunto su my nae und pffixed m: 27 Seid of Office, 
: this day of 

inp ere 

a + 
‘ _— 

CH fae ieee | 

U _—Z Lie ae CES 



| (aye te Bdifon:——~ 

Chat Fraicls, 

ei) peerings 
* Geo. S.ttathit RN 
Raid D. yt : 
P. O7Box 1836. 

~~ eer 

li arvnps' Y ba, at Law e 

WO ar Bread Le Med Yo Yor be, os : ; 

Bare ‘Brd- 801., oe 2. 
this: letter relates to busin ose strictly, of 
the Electric Light Company of Europe, but of write: it to you, ‘Sen 
cause. T think in that wag, it will secure ‘attention. 

: T have haa in hand ,80me ‘time, assignments to 
be made by you to the Light Company of wikopey aud among theni 
T come to the patents of Prends Rr. Serrell tells me that nO 

assignment can be validly made until aft ear all the taxes due on 

the patents nate beet paid There are eight pat ents to be paid 
for, and the amount bs Twenty-four hundred Dollars. Mr. Serrell 
says “boaday iba letter to, me, liners is’ to way of evolding ‘the 
“payment of these taxes, previous be maktug the transfer. * 

| Mr Fabbri spoke to me the other day about some 
proposition that was pendants, for a purchase by him of a sartain. 
interest in your European Company’ s stock r told him that the. 
stock was good for nothing at Prepent, for the simple reason that 

<pue Compassy bad. no capital. a T guppose if you wish to carry out 

any such plait biiuas Mr, Fabbri, gr do éoything else wea the Burd 

we t 

‘pean eopbeny nae 3 you wa aokirh: to. have, thie, dasiennonte made 
and « the’ dptenedts at ‘Rao, bai thy ‘and: Bgoker qurned ie tf 
he Sempeny aahen itpese phangs aba, Ir would Like to be spatnyee~ 

Sidi htt natant pa gain ES ata ete 


THIS INDENTURE made the first day of April in the'year 

‘one thousand eight hundred and eighty one, by: and between_THOMAS_ 

A. EDISON, of Menlo Park in the State of New Jersey, THEODORE 

PUSKAS and JOSHUA I. BAILEY, both now or late of 45 Avenue de 


‘seven undivided sixtieths in Puskas and three undivided sixtieths 

‘Tn Bailey. 

1” opera, Paris, France, and ,J AMES H. BANKER, of the Gity-of New 

York, parties of,the first part, and THE EDISON ELECTRIG LIGHT 

COMPANY OF EUROPE, LIMITED, a corporation organized under the laws 

of the State of New York and having its principal place of business 

in the Gity of New York, party of the second part ~—________, 



FIRS? :-——_—____________—SHER®AS by an apreement made May 

2nd 1879, by and between the said edison; Puskas and Bailey, par- 
ties of the first part thereto, and the said Banker, of ths City 
of New York, party of the second part thereto,—to which instrument 
referenc? is hereby made for particulars ana certainty - it was 
recited and declared that said parties of the first part se ede 
ively owned or were entitled to acyuire and control the exclusive 
use in Belgium, Austria, France, Pererhs Germany, Hees; Italy 
and Spain, of certain then existing. and future inventions of Ed- 
Asn in or relating to the developmont of “electric currents and 
the application of electricity to, the uses of lighting, power and 
heating; and then owned or might thereafter acquire other letters 
patent of said ‘Countries or some of them for said inventions, in 

the proportion of thirty undivided sixtieths in ‘Edison, ree hy 



SECOND: | AND WHEREAS in virtue of provisions of said agree~ 

ment the said Bunker has heretofore become entitled to the inter- 
est therein provided to be sold, assigned and secured to him by 
the other parties,. so that the respective undivided interests of ies 
‘the four partias of the first part hereto in the inventions and 
Patents above referred to are now as follows: Edison, thirty; 

Puskas, seventeen; Banker, ten; and Bailey, three——tmHsss—="n 

er ee ee 
THIRD: AND WHEREAS it was further provided by said agreo- : 

ment that upon such re-apportionment and vesting of interests in 
the respective proportions last named, the said several parties 
should form such corporation under the laws of the State of New 
York as is therein provided and should sell, assign and convey 
to it their said respective interests in ths said inventions and 

patents as they should stand after such assignment to Banker as is 

[ovementemnsesscnesgeeee OY 

therein provided 


FOURTH: AND; WHEREAS no severance or assignmant of said pro- i 


portionate interests in dish Nes tege Patent or inventions other 

than that made by seid agreement has been. made either by or be- 

tween said Edison, Puskas and Railey, or by said’ parties to said 

Banker; but all said parties hereby declare and. agree that their 
interests are the several proportions last above recited, und 
whereas all letters patent covered by said agreemente hitherto 
_—_———— : : 

Rranted have been issued in the name of and to the said Edison, and 

he has-executed or is about to execute assignments of the’ whole 


and undivided right, title and interest in all such letters; patent 
to the proposed corporation direct, with the coneurrence and ap~ 
proval of the said Puskas, Ranker and Bailey. 


ee ee ee 

FIFTH: AND WHEREAS such corporation has been formed by 

the name of The Edison Electric Light Gompany of Europe, Limited, 


hereinafter designated the Company,x——_______9@»»J»_ = 

SIXTH: NOW; for the purpose of executing the said agree- 
ment of May 2nd. 1879, in consideration of the premises and of 
one dollar and other valuable considerations to euch of us paid 
by each of the other wantees to this instrument and receipt wher s- 
of hereby by all of suid parties is acknowledged, We, the said 
Thomas A. Edison, Theodore Puskas, James H. Banker and Joshus I, 
Bailey, do hereby jointly and severally sell, Brant, assign and 
convey to “The Edison Electric Light Company of Gurope, Limited” 
(i) Our respective undivided interests aforesaid, to wit: Edison, 
thirty sixtieths (39% 0); Puskag, seventeen sixtieths A%o): Bank- 
er, ten sixtieths (296 5): and Bailey, three sixtieths (365); and 
all the right, title, interest and benefit of us and each of us 
in and to all existing inventions of said Edison in or relating 
to means for the development of sisettic currents and the appli- 
cation of electricity to, the uses of lighting, power and heating 
in and for the following countries of Europe, to wit: Relgium, 

Austria, Franee, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain; amd 

in, to and under all letters patent of all or any of said coun- 

tries which may have been already or may hereafter be granted, and 

yer, res yh pete 


especially all such letters patent as are referred to in the Sechea- 
ule A, hereto annexed and hereby made part hereof; (2) And also 
in and to all future inventions of Edison of the character above 
described which he may make within five years from said May dnd. 
1879, in and for the sume countries; and in all letters patent of 
all or any of the same countries which May be granted therefor; 
(3) And all use, benefit and enjoyment of every nature of all saic 
inventions and letters patent in and for said countries and each of 
them and in ull additions to or improvements of all anu any of the 
existing and future inventions of the character described in the 
first article hereof, which we or either of us may hereafter ac— 
quire; (4) together with the riphts, titles and interests of all 
and each of us, in all the inventions, letters patent and other 
property which are the subject of said agreement of May 2nd. 1879; 
and all claim and demand of every nature of either of us against 
either of the others under said agreement in respect to sueh in- 

ventions, letters patent and other property last TELTC Comm 

SEVENTH: It is understood. and agreed however that nothing 
in this instrument contained applies to or is intended to apply 

to any money or other thing whatsoever which either of us, the said 
Edison, Puskas, Bailey and Banker, has agreed and is now bound to - 
pay or deliver to either of the others us or on acconnt of the 
price or goneineradton to be paid for our respective interests in 
such inventions, letters patent or other property; but such agree 

ments and every of them remain in full force and effect, in no 

wise affecteu hereby. ee 

pen ce 


RIGHTH: For the same considerations aforoesaid and in con 

sideration especially of one dollar to each of us paid by the said 
Company, party of the second part herto, ana by the said Edison, 

We, the said Puskas, Banker and Railey do hereby respectively up- 

prove and ratify the aforesaid assignments by Edison to the Com ' 
Pre hE aah AR sh eae 

pany of the letters. patent referred to in Schedule A. and do hera- 


by severelly sell, grant, assign and confirm to said Company all 
a a ee i 
the title and interest granted to it by said several assignments, 

and our respective interysts therein; und do severally release and 
Nha shoal earad re 

discharge the said Edison from all obligation to sell, grant, as- 

Sign or convey to us or either -of us any unuividad or other intar- 

ast in saia lettyrs patent or eithet of them, ‘or otherwise than 
: \. : 

is herein provided, 

NINTH: For the same considerations aforesaia ana in con- 
pa eet LSA ee ee eee ee ee 

sideration of one dollar to ma. paid by. sach.sof. the other parties 

to this dnstrument and receipt of all which considerations is har - 

4 ry wee * 

by acknowledgea, I, James H. Banker, do hereby, releases and dis~ 

eharge the said Evison, Puskas and Bailey and each of’ them from 

all obligation to sell, grant, assign or convey to me the undivi- 

ded interest of ten sixtieths in tha inventions and letters patent 

stipulated in said agreement of May end. 1879 to be secured to mo 
by: th a ns re 


TENTH: For the same considerations aforesaid, I, the said 
TT a vse 

Edison, at the request and with the consent of the other parties 

hereto, and in further consideration of one dollar to me puid by 

each of them befora the execution and delivery hereof, and receipt 

of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby covenant and agree 
. $$ 


with said other parties hereto respectively that I will, for tho 
benefit and on account of the Edison Electric Light Company of 
Europe, Limited, make applications in dune form end promptly, from 
time to time as the inventions are made, for letters patent of all 
the countries of. Europe herein named for all existing or future 
inventions of the Sharaerer, and mata within tho nation of five - 
years from May 2nd 1879, or otherwise described in or covered by 

the agreement of that date or intended so to be; and shall and wil} 

from time to time as such letters patent are pranted, promptly 

assipn the same to the said Company, and make, furnish, sign and 

execute in reynired form and deliver to the Company or to its dn- 
ly designated attorney for that purpose, all such applications, 

specifications, drawings, powers of attorney and other writings 

and all instruments of assignment and conveyance as may be necss— 

sary to secure to the Company the full use, enjoyment and benefit 
of, and the whole right, title and interest in, all such inventions 

and letters patent aforesaid in and for all said countries of 

Evrope. ——A-__ eee 


ELEVENTH: - For the same considerations aforesaid and in con- 

sideration of one dollar to each of us paid before the execution ..a 
and delivery hereof, and receipt whereof we severally acknowledge, 
We, the parties of the first part, do hereby severally covenant 

and agree with the Company, party of the'second part, that wo sev- 

erally will do all such other acts and will make, execute and 
deliver to said Company all’ such further or other instruments, as 

may be necessary for fully securing to it all the rights, titles 


and interests hereby assigned and conveyed, or intended so, 

and all our Heapective several and individual interests in all tho 
inventions and letters patent, present or future, which are the 

subject of this instrument.—— 

It is mutually agreed that the agreements and cov— 
enants of the several parties hereto shall severally bind and en- 
ure to the benefit respectively of themselves and of the executors, 

administrators. and assigns of the individuals, and of the success~ 

ors and assigns of the corporation, who are parties hereto 

EIN _ WITNESS WHEREOF the several parties of the first 

ee have hereto set their hands and seals, and the party of the 
second part has caused its sonsoraie seal to be hereto affixed 
a its corporate name to we Bunderibenty the hand of its Pres- 
ident the day and year first above written. 

Edison Electric. Light Co. of Enrope (Limit ed) 

(I. S. ) 42 ” Thos. A. eal eur 
: a President. 
Attest W. S. Perry <: Mthoniaa “Alva: Batednis?! © “"gea) 
S géerebaryi nO Theo.” Puskas Bias (agda) 
pro tam 2 by Ee W. Saportas 

his Atty in fact. 
J. F. Bailey. (seal) 

James H. Banker! (seal) 

State of New York ; a 

Gity @ County of New York ss: | On the fourth day of April 
A.D. 181, before me personally came Thomas Alva Edison, Joshua 

F, Bailey and James H. Ranker, to me known and known to me to be 


eseribed in“and‘whd ékecuted the “foregoing in- ae a 
strument and they then severally ‘acknowledged to me that they ex- 
ecuted the same and for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. 

And on the same duy before me personally came Edouard W, 

Saportas, known to me to be the attorney in fact of Theodore Puskas 
and known to me to be the individual described in and who as sich 
attorney executed the foregoing instrument, gains then seenowiedae 
ed to me that he executed the same ag the act and deed of Theodore 
Puskas, therein described, and for the uses and purposes therein 
pateudaed, by virtue of-a power of ueeoeney duly executed by the 
said Tatars Puskas, bearing date the twenty second day of Oct- 

‘ober in the year 1880. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
(L. 8. )- affixed iy NOvavueic ened” vide PiCenpaycoaGleyac 
_ ge. 
© Richardonioo! priene, 1 

Notary Public, Kings Co. 

(Gert. filed in N.Y. Co.) 



State of New York 
‘Gity & County of New York sst 
On the fifth day of May A.D.1881, before me personally 
came Thomas Alva Edison and William Ss. Perry to me known and known 
vey,é-respectively: ‘the (persons deséribed in and’ who éxécuted © 
the for egoing instrument as the President and Secretary pro tempore 
of The Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Limited, the cor- 
poration described in and in whose behalf the same instrument was 
by them executed, and they severally acknowledged to me that they 
executed the same as the free act and deed of said Company for the 
uses and purposes therein mentioned; and thereupon the said Thom- 
as Alva Edison, being by me duly sworn, said that he resided in 
Menlo Park in the State of New Jersey; that he was the President 
of the said The Edison Plectric Light Company of Furope, Limited; 
and that he signed aie name of the aaa The Edison Electric Light 
Company of Europe Limited, and his own name as President thereof 
to the foregoing instrument, by order of the Board of Directors of 
said Company; and the said William S. Perry, being by me duly 
sworn, said that he resided in the. Gity of New York; that he was 
Secretary pro tempore of the said The Edison Electric Light dompany 
of Burope, Limited; that he knew the corporat ®.seal of said Com- 
pany; that the seal affixed to the foregoing instrument was such 
corporate seal and was thereto affixed hy him, by order of the’ 
Board of Directors of said Company, and by the like order he 

signed his own name to said instrument as Secretary pro tempore 

of said Company. 

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name 
and affixed my notarial seal this fifth day of May 
A 7. 1881. 
Richard &. 0’ Brien, 
(L.S. ) 
Notary Public, Kings Co 
fe Saale edlucipxe soak tae 

(cert. filed in N.Y. Co.) 



of Letters Patent referred to in the Sixth Article of the annexed 
instrumont, dated April lst 1881, being the same Letters Patant 
which are described in the instrumants hersinafter named, as fol- 

lows, namely; 

I, LTALY. All those Lettars Patent of the Kingdom of Italy - 

named in an instrument of sale und assignment made by Thomas Alva 
Edison to The Baiwon Electric Light Company of Europa, Limited, 
dated March Ist 1881, and there described as follows: 

(1) Letters Patent of Italy, dated November 2lst 1878 and mark- 
| ed 4351. Registro Generale. Vol. 1:3. No. 10,456, for method of and 
means for developing electric currents and lighting by electric- 

(2) letters Patent of Italy dated June 23” 1879, and marked 
4589 Registro (innerale Vol. 14. No. 10,995, for improvement in 
the production of electricity in ‘hs electric light éc. 

(3) Letters Patent of Italy dated December 6” 1879, and marked 
4,797, Registro Gensrale Vol. 14. No. 11,393 for idiipowanene in 
electric lamps and in the method of manufacturing the same. 

(4) Letters Patent of Italy, dated December 3lst 1879 and mark-— 
ed 4,835 Registro Generale Vol. 14, No. 11,492 for imp rovement 

in the production Of eleethicity dueene electric light é&e. 

-(5) Letters Patent of Italy dated April 28” 1880, and marked 

4959 Registro Generale Vol. 14. No. 11,787 for improvement in 

ors lamps and in the mrthod of manufacturing the same. 


7 Maid te 2 
‘ ee 

(6) Letters Patent of Italy dated May LOth 1880 and marked 4986 
Rewieeno Generale Vol. 14, No. 11,809 for improvement: in utilisa- 
tion of electricity for light, net and power é&c. 
(7) Letters Patent of Italy dated October 12” 1880, and mark ed 

6137 Registro Generale Pore tesa, My Bh. for. -Amp.rovement. inwdyna- 

mo or: mapneto electric machines and electric adhere: 
(8)~-- Letters Patent of tialy. dated November 6” 1880 and marked 
5169. Registro Generale Vol. 15. No. 12,315 for improvement in 

electric lamps and in carbons or incandescent conductors therefor 

and in means for and methods of Manufacturing the same. 

{9) Letters Patent of Italy dated November 19* 1880 and marked 
5183 Repistro Ganerale Vol. 15. No. 12,339 for improvement in sys-— 
tems of conductors for the distribution of electricity as a Light- 
ing and motive power agent, and inc. appliances eonnected ‘therewith, 
Loy Letters Patent of Italy dated November 26" 1880 and marked 
5,196 Registro Generale Vol. 15. No. 12, 366 for improvement in 
systems for peneu eens the amount of electrical current flowing 

thr ough a clirenit é&e, 

iL BELGIUM. All those Letters Revert of ‘the Kingdom of pede 
fiom, “named in an instrument of salo and assignment made by’ Thomas 
Alva Edison to The Edison Elsctnic Light Company of Europe, Limit- 
ed, dated March lst 1881, and there deseribed as follows: 

(1) Letters Patent of Relgium, dat ed November 30” 1878 » number-~ 

‘ed 46,567, for method of and means for developing electric currents 

and lighting by electricity, 


LAE tg anata A A A I SAN AAT 


(2) Letters Patent of Belgium, dated June 16th 1879, und number- 
ed 48,341, for improvement in the production of electricity in tho 
electric light. 

(3) Letters Patent of Relgium, uated November 29, 1879, numbered 

49,884, for improvemant in Electric Lamps and. the method of manu- 


facturing the same. 
(f4)-——hettersPat ent of Belgium (of eaakidon! dated December 31st 
1879, and numbered 50,164, for improvement in the produetion of 
electricity in the electric light &e. 

(5) Letters Patent of Belgium, dated April 30” 1680, and number- 
ed 51,155 for improvement in electric lamps and ih:the method of 
manufacturing the same. 

{6) Letters Patent of Belgium, dated May 15th 1880, end numberod 
51,329 for improvement in utiligation of electricity for Light, 
heat and power &C. . , 

(7), Letters Patent of Belgium, dated October 15th 1880 and num- 
bered 52,698 for improvement in dynamo or magneto electric much- 
ines and electro motors. 

(8). Letters Patent of Belgium, dated November 15th 1880, and 
numbered 52,890 for improvements in electric lamps and in the car 
> bons or ingandesc ent conductors belonging thereto. 

(22 Letters Patent of Bolgium dated November 30th 1880 and num- 
.bered 53,018, for improvements in systems of. conductors for the 

distribution of electricity as a lighting and motive power agent 

and appliances connected therewith. 

(10) Letters Patent of Relgium, dated November 80th 1880, and 

numbered 53,073, for improvement in means for measuring tha amount 


‘of electrical -currant flowing through a circuit. 

LIE. GERMANY. All those Letters Patent of the Empire of Ger~ 


Many, named in an instrument of sale and’ assignment made by Thomus 

Alva Edison to The Edison Electric Light Company of Eurppe, Limited 

“dated March lst 1881, ‘and there described as follows: 

(1) Letters patent of the Empire of Germany, dated March 10th 
1880 and numbered 9,165, for improvements in electric Lamps. 

{2) Letters Patent of the Empire of Germany, dated Febrnuary 7” 
1881, and numbered 12,033 for weehoue for the measure of force con- 
sumed in the working of magneto electric ‘asehinde. 

(3) Lettors Patent of the Empire of Germany, dated January 25th 

1881, and numbered 12,174 for improvements in electric lumps. 

ZV. FRANCE, All those Letters Patent of .the Republic of Franca, 

named in an instrument of sale and assignment Made by Thomas Alva 
Edison to The Edison Electric Light sampaay of Europe, Limited, 
dated March lst 1881, and there described as follows: 

(1) Letters Patent of France numbered 127, 841, dated February 
“4th 1879, for method of ,and means for developing electric currents 

a lighting by electricity. ; ; ; i 


(2) Letters Patent of France numbered 130, 910 dated August 25th 
1879 for improvements in the production of electricity in the 

electric light é&c. 

(3) Letters Patent of France, numb ered ‘183, 756. dated Jannary 

20th isso, for improvement: in electric lamps and in the method of 


manufacturing the sume. 

(4) Letters Patent of Prance numbered 130,910, dated February 
20th 1880:; for improvement in tha production of electricity in the 
electric light &C. 

(5) Letters Patent of France numbered 136,088, dated June 16th_ 

1880 for improvement in electric lamps and in the method of man 

(G) Letters Patent of France? numbered 136,399 dated July 5th 1lsyu 

for improvement in the utilization of electricity for light, heat 
and power &e. 

(7) Letters Patent of ."rance numbered 1:38,941 dated November 27th 
1880 for improvement in dynamo or magneto electric aan awee and 

olectric motors, 

awe DENMARK. All ieee Letters Patent of the Kingdom of pa danaek 
named in an instrument of sale and assignment made by Thomas Alva 
Edison-to: The Edison Electric Light Gompany of furope, Limited, 
dated March 1st 1881, and thera described as follows: 
(1) oe Patent of Denmark dated May Sth 1879, marked K. Ke 
1878, No. 2,269 for methods of and means for developing electric 
currents and lighting by aloctricity. 

(2) Letters Patent of Denmark, dated Uune llth 1880, marked Ke K 

1879, No. 1210, for improvement in sieatets lights. 

(3) Letters Patent of Denmark, dated February 27th 1880 marked 

»K.1879, No. 2,333 for improvement in electric lamps and in the 

methods of manufacturing the same. 

(4) Letters Patent of Denmark, dated May 13th 1880 marked K. kK 
1880% No. 14, for improvement in electric lamps and in the method 
of manufacturing the same. | 
(5) Letters Patent of lenmark, datea Juna 11, 1880 ana marked 

K.K, 1879, No. 1210, (the specification therewith being marked ad 

B. No. 369-1880 and 188-80) for magneto electric machines. 

VI. SPAIN. All those Letters Patent of the Kingdom of Spain, 

named in an instrument of sale and assignment made by Thomas Alva 
Edison to The Kdison Electric Light Company of Europe, Limited, 
dated and there deseribed as follows: 

(1) Letters Patent of Spain, dated February 1, 1879, for improve- 
ment in the method of and means for developing electric currents 
and lighting by electricity. 

{2) Letters Patent of Spain, dated October 4th 1879, for improve- 
ment in electric lights. 

43) Lat tsea Patent of Spain,..dated.March 12,..1880,.. for. improve- 
ment in electric lamps and in the method of manufacturing the 


(4) Lotters Patent of Spain, dated February 20, 1880, for im- 
provement .in electric lamps ana in Ge HStHSds of memifeaturing 

the same. 

(5) Letters Patent of Spain, cated January 19” 1881, for improve 

ments in the utilization of electricity for light, heat and power 



Fi hae 


VII. AUSTRIA. All those Lettars Putent of the Empire of Aus- 


tria, named in an instrument of sale and assignment made by Thomas 

Alva Edison to The Faison Electric Light Company of Europe, Lim- 

ited, dated und there described as follows: 
1) Letters Patent of Austria, dated Juna 30th 1879, for improv. 

ment in the method of und meens for developing alectric currants 

and lighting—pby—electricity. 

(2) Letters Patent of Austria, dated Jannary 22° 1880, for mag- 

noeto electric machines. 

(3) Letters Patent of Austria, dated May 22” 1880, for imp rove~ 

ment in electric lamps anu in the mathod of Manufacturing the 

(4) Lettoars Patent of Austria, dated July 25” 1880, for imp rove~ 
ment in electric dps: anid in the method of Manufacturing the 
(5) Letters Patent of Austria, dated August 13, 1880 for im- 
provament in eleetric lamps ana in the method of manufacturing 

the same, 

(G) Letters Patent of Austria, dated October 5” 1880 for imp- 

rovement in the utilization of electricity for light, heat and 

‘power &c. 
(7) Letters Patent of Austria, dated December 24” 1880, for im- 

provements in dynamo or magneto electric machines and electric 


(8) Letters Patent of Austria, dated January 7” 1881, for im- 
provement in slectric lamps and in carbons ‘or ineundescing conduct~ 

ors therefor, and in Means for and methods of Manufacturing the 

18 : 

(9) Letters Patent of Austria, dated January Sth 1881, for ine 

provement in means for measuring the amount of sleectrical current 

flowing through a citeuit. 

: somiiadiel Co + ¢ of F. BPatn, LeanycG Soi ans i Posn ! 

Grosvenor B Lowrey. 

Geo. Wales Soren. Ae ; 6 
piece nae Wotsten, yd Ve Cae td ae Sie 

Geo, S.Mamtin, 

aie AY 2; TS Ls vad Ye 7 Vs ; Yor hs. 

Fede Bees te . enn ean VY Es 2-1: | ee - 
Gentlemen :-- t 

| | | 
: An instrument of mbch importance to the Company, has 
| _ been’ executed by Nessie Edison, Banker and others and requires 
execution by the Gounauy. For this a resolution should be pass- 
ed at a meeting of the Directors, and I suggest that a meeting be 
ealiea speedily for that purpose. 

Very fdabe: 

G. We Soren. 

Se ee ay 


Walls “Broad. 

i * one ore 
» AQ DREXEL & Go. 

Bac co. | 4 Mii! York: Of Gg. . ABS / - 
— Ou ‘fobecca Se Lae eee 
ee Mat fee Kelkderg STeofo of ACe 
OCR Hee DSo/ on 
. Fad Mares a5) Caen Ate Sieieee 
- standin tak lec ol 2S. gether 
auth Hee ha se cata | Use thewld fe 
Ago Ae he Ugeern. ausgthe Lhoarces 
afte Aer A 28% Az he frac - 
welts tHe “Sate of ste = | 



Tey iq lol : 


Cacke brim We jee ouare of my 0 
kt pe + b oth suv stox Ay be. put La dyodels 

wil cay of vote ile (Ww rope 2 
Ve vl idp D Ge a |: eae gas o 
gk. wu, we D Rieaies fab Wri 

ode 2 Aha 
"eile ct a 
qrd Ae cece \ew) 


be ; poe! apie oF 
: ob oe 

Office of the Edison Electric Light Company of Europe Limitod, 
19 William St. 

New York,April 23rd.1991. 

Near Sirte. 

Written. notice is hereby given that a special meeting 
of the Board of Directors of this Company will be held, pursuant 
to Article 8 of the By Laws,for ‘the purpose of voting upon the 
following changes in the By Laws,pursuant to a resolution adopt ed 
at a special mesting of the Board of Directors held at the office 
of the Gompany,April 16th. 1981. 

Tha proposed changes in the By Laws are as folloys, 

First,-Anend Section 1 of Article 5 so thag? it shall 
read as folfows, viz, The officers of the Company shall be a Presi- 
dent, First Viee President,Second Vice President, Genoral Nanugor, 
Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. 

Second, -Amend Section 7 of Article 5 so that it shall read 
as follows,viz, Tho First Vice Prosident, during tho absence or 
inability: of the President,and the Second Vice Prosident during 
the absence or inubility ef the Bresident and First Vieo Presi-« 

y Ogre side the) modtingsor the Hirectors,and of the 
Rxogitive . i ffeayand anadt in all other respects 
aS und @xer¢i seth ow 
Sidon}. A ky | ae 
j r of Article 5 by adding at tho - 

rs jand perform the duties of the 
ing,fojwit, The Assistant Treasurer shell - 
ip} the absence of the Trousurer when- 
“od to do by tho Directors. nS 
rth, ~Anyond | Soctign \end.of Article 1 by adding at the 
jing words,to wit, Or until. their 
ors shall be electéd. Should this amendment be adopted 
the said Second Section will then read as follows,to wit, Tho . j 
term of office of the Hirectors shall be one year,or until their ‘ 
successors shall be clocted. : : 
' The special meating of the Direetors,to be held for the pure 
pose of voting on the foregoing changes in the By haws,will be 
held at the office of the Company at half past three oliclock P.M. 
Wednesday,Nay 25th. 19ai. 
By order of the’ Board of Directors, 

COG dain 

: He Ses oN ome se 


: Paris. 


Bee diy 


; _ ‘Edison Machine Works, 

; ws, 104 Goerck Street, 

LLP arenes pe day, 

ene ont oe doa. ented ge 
ra yon Corns 1 Olin: eae an. aa athe 

ie i ae nani 

. eae Phe Eline, = 




ok Hy 



ssessment fixed at 


Comniissioner of Taxes and Assesamen 

Mee 04-2 P 

luted (5 B-(2K0 babfo 

GG, . ("Please state the full name of the Corporation. — ra ‘Cr eiotin 
Ree yy es made and delivered to the Commisstonrn or Taxrs AND ASS INS 
anil. Conitty. in behalf of theny : 

showing its condition for the purpose of assedsué oe 'st day of January, 1889, in pursuance: 
of the provisions of TITLE TV., Chapter XIIL, Part I, of the Revised Statutes of the State of New 
York, and of the Acts amendatory thereof, or in addition thereto, Chapter 654, "Laws of 1853, and”: 
Chapters 456 and 5386, Laws of 1857, and Chapter 240 of 186: 

Capital Stock actually paid in, or secured to be paid in - + § LLLL LUD, Se 
Amount paid for Real Estate owned in Fee by the said Corporation : : : 
Ce Ron, : ‘ 4 

Describing particularly by ward numbers s 

Amount invested in the Stocks of other Cor- sien ; 7 | 

porations which are taxed upon their 

_cnpital, = -  - ee 

oe SA EES ps andsspat, wish whigh will justify ra estimate of its oe 2 

Me Hes (te Ue Lepehh ey a é 

here jd fib pn OEE at tie frend 
‘7Tile prineipaloffice or perree seed of transacting ie Sie fen eaey Business of the said Corporation 

is situsitaal i in the C6 etrtry } Hace Ward of the City of New York, at 

VA G aa Sica 

a Ghee ee 
Cry oF Nw Yous ofl 1 MhMory the L. 

of the said SEO being duly sworn, do hereby certify and declan ; 

that the foregoing | ateeement tet in all respects just and.true. 2.0L | 

ido, Sworn n to before me, at og al re al 
: lity of « _ iss, < . 

tay"By Chap. 176, ‘Gai. 6 of the Laws of 1851, the Commissioners are empowered to _ examine, 
under oath, the person representing the Corporation if they deem it necessnry, to obtain any “fuller 
or fur ther particulars as to its property or condition, « ‘ 

THITSRAGREEMENT made the 3rd. day of May in the ysar 

One thousand eight hundred and sighty one, by and between Thomas 

A. Edison of Menlo Parkwin the State of New Jersey, United States 

of Amarics, party of the first 

part, and The Ecison Flectric Light 

Company of “Europe, Limited, a corporation organized under the laws 

United States of America and having its 

of the Stata of New York, 

ptincipal place of business in the City of New York, State of New 
York, party of the second part: 
WHEREAS by an agzresment made April first Ona thousand 
aight hundred and gighty one by and’ between Theodore Puskas, Jos— 
hua F. Bailey, James H. Banker, and the said Edison, parties of 

the first purt, and the suid Tha Edison Rledtrie Light Compeny of 

Europ 9, Limited, party. of the second part the said Edison is under 
contract and agreement with the suid Company to makes “ weideutien 

for Letters Patent for all the countries of mueans named in the 

said agreement, to wit: Belgium, Austria, France, sohneee. Germany 
"Russia, » RUBEY. und Spain, for all existing or future inventions in 
or relating to ‘the development oft ‘electric currents and the ap 
plication of slactricity to the usas of light power ano heat and 
made within the period ,of fiva: yours from. May, second One ‘chouaynd 
eight hundred and seventy nine, : 
AND WHEREAS; + The said Edison now agrees with the said 
Company that hg will extond the tims, within. which he shall assign 
to the Company his certain favantione as herein set forth, and 
ve which he shall make application for seic inventions as 
‘nollows, viz: from the’ date ubove set forth to wit: five years 

“fe 4 


from Mey second One thousanc eight hundred anu Savanty nine until 
the following date to wit: Five years from the twelfth day of 
January On2 thousand eight hundr ad end sighty one. ; 
NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH: That in consideration of 
the sum of one dollar in hana paid by th» said Company to tha said 
Edison, th2 eaeuape whereof is hereby acknovlesged and in consid- 
aration of cortain further bonefits and advanbast es dceeiine to the 
said Edison’ wherofrom it is agreed es follows, viz: 
FIRST. That the said Edison will for the benefit and 

‘én account of tha said The Edison Elactric Light onsen of Europa, 
Limited, make applications in due form and promptly from time to 
time, as ths inventions.ar3 made*for! Letters Patent of all the 
countries of Europa herein named, to vit: Relgium, Austria, 
France, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Dtaly and Spain for all existing 
or future inventions of the Bad Ghia having reference to the 
production and general dietcibution of glactricity for light, heat 
and Power, and made within the period of five years from the twalith 
day of January 1881; and the: said Edison shall and will from time 
tu time as such Letters Patent are granted promptly assign tho’ 
samo to the suid Company “und make furnish, sign and execute in 
required form, and deliver to the Gompany.or to its dedighated 
Attorney for that purpose all such applications asenbriuseiens: 
drawings, powers of Attornay and thee writings and all other in-~ 
struments of seatumnant ahd envepenaee as May be necessary to 
Secure to the Company, the ruil nse, enjoyment and benefit of, 

and the whole right, title and interest in all such inventions and 

Letters Patent, aforesaid, in and for «ll said countries of Furops, 

el ee 


SECOND: That this instrument is supplemental to the 

said agreement of April first, 1881, and is not to alter or change 
in any way the provisions of said agreement, Sav2 and except that, 

the date therein set forth, viz: five years from the second day 

of May, One thousand ebght hundred and seventy nine, is changed 
so as to eves follows, to wit: five yaars from the Twelfth day 
of January, One thousanu sight hundred and aighty one. 

IN WITNESS WHEREO! The‘said Edison has heretotset his 
hand and seal and the said Company has caused its corporate seal 
to bo hersto affixed and its corporate name to be subsecribea th2 
dav and vear first above written. 

Witness to ths signature ; . 
of Thomas A. Ecison, Thomas A. Edison. (seal) 
Samuel Insnll. 
Ths Edison Electric Light Co. 
“of Furope “Limited? 
(L.8.). oe . by James H. Banker, 
. Vice Prest. 


W..S. Perry, Secretary pro tem 

State of New York 

. City & County of New York ss: 
. 4 

On this tenth day of May A.D. 1882, before mo personally came 
James H. Banker and William S, Perry, to,me known and known to me 

_ to be respeetively the persons described in and who executed the 

foregoing the Vice President and the Séeretary pro 

tempore of The Edison Electric Light Gompany of Europe, 


ii ao atic aa NS 

DESI 7s rte 

4 a. 
the corporation described in anu in whos® bahalf the same instru 
ment was by them executed, and they severally acknowledged to ms 
that they executed the same as the free act and deed of saic Com- 

pany for the uses and purposes therain mentioned: ana thereupon 

the said James A, Banker boing by me duly sworn, said that he ren 
sided in Irvington New York; that he was the: Vies President of tho 
Said The Edison Electrie Light Company of Europe, Limited, and that 
he signed the name of tho said The Edison Electrit Light Company 
of Furope Limited, and his own name as Vice Presidoant thereof, to 
the forepoing instrument by order Sethe Board of Dirsetors of 
said Company; und the said William S. Perry, being by me duly 
sworn, said that he resided in the City of New York; that he was 
Secretary pro tempore of the sie ie Edison Electric Light com-— 
“pany of Europe, Limited, that he knew. the corporate seal of said 
Company; that the seal affixed to the foregoing instrument was 
such corporate seal and was thereto affixeu by him by order of tha. 
Roard of Directors of Said Company, and that by the like order he 
signed his own name to Said instrument ag Secretary pro Cpe or 
said Company. : 
Ana on the’ same day before me personally came Thomas A. 
Edison, to me known and bbe to me to be the indi vidual describ- 
ed in and who executed tho foregoing instrument and he then ack- 
nowledged to me that he exeented the same and for the uses and 
purposes therein mentioned. 
In testimony whereof I has hereunto sat my hand a 
cee a affixed my official seal this tenth day of Nuy-A, TD. 1881 

Richard E, 0’ Brien, Notary Public Kings County 
‘ (cert, filed in N, Y, Co. ) 

SES mentee mach were nt ae SAS RA tees aS tui fig eis can weit. ct na AST BAAD. | are ata ay — 

Ege Mw Girde Arce LUC 
Ag 7 LOI oY yf ne y, hherraie Ve 

oat a en 
ai cae on 

Nai, wa 
tick which money eae ee 
| ay Warne Jo hie bev 

| Of We Scltgm, Corfe, she 
Coiparay of bene gie sla tad 

tus oe 
[7 ett ernfiac 

: fr Bac 

Cop ee fc of NL. HUNTING, 

; 45 PxcHance Pace, 

ee Ott Yo A Apa, 


Office of The Edison Electric Light. Company of Europe, Limited. ~ 

Bia Betasay Esq. 


L New York, June 3rd, 1881. 
Dear: ‘Siri a “te wk, 

Lf There wilt b meeting of the Executive and 

- Fianee Comittes: of the idison’ ‘Bléetric Light Company or Buropa: 

‘ Limited,’ ‘at ‘the office oF pene Company, No. “65 Fifth Aveune} at 
rly "ij : 
Pee hair past’ three PMs ‘mudsday, “Tune Fourteenth, for the purpose of- 



afbointing an attorney in fact under direction of Mr. Serrell, 
ce Patent dowisel, to attend to the transfer of certain European 
Patents from Mr. Edison to this Company. 

Very truly yours, 




dhs. bt day of feine tin the ea Eiqfleen! Runclec 
OU tug Fly wonu, by uelaborcezeed.. The The Edioon/ 

leclicc Light Compa ny of Europe, Liimitecd, 
“CU Covporelecry orgamsgect pier bles Lees of ths Bate 
of Mew Yor, anc Rata 9 ids jij offcce) cv’ Hes 
bily of Mar Yorts , State. of Hew, Yorks, Unctect) Hotes 
of Arnercecr, fences afer. celtect)." Hho, Company 1 forty 
of Afi focot- promt, crtcol/. Tomas A. folesor,, of 
ellento Foute, wi tw Stato of! aus: Joey Lardlec Hethea 
of Amewee poody of Pld, Beate pros, Welreosethy: 

Whoveas,. on cortouir/ heehee fleetoforn , anal 

whereby. +Ad Compan. Mite o6-bauinreol. AdLY.. do splsibeee 
cnuerhored: Bae prodevte\ of . Hern od: of... eee 2 

AVORG: (40a sareeeatas i -omchtect/, do. awek;, +e, uroycl\4 for, o 

deb. OES Sita Aarne om codsor/ the. seneaiing | of the 

POU, ge 46., foovedbay. cfs. Aves woheut anad 
Arherrolecti; cert o/, OEE Rs STEER a \uiaae Vetoes hee : 

, Whereas, Hie). oe cv Eelsory our, kedoces,, Re; Coane. 
LS : xy: . . eo aN ES 

pargide Aecteiy Afi Beucd.rtotatees,, go , bleed Cooefroway 
Powers | Ao. solo Powics 

OD ait edible) of Gne dottar/u gs pon 4 


SIS OO SAS ptt ONS hee 243, 

Liga | years geese: oR ty feared any meee, aad 


: we ttle \\othen),. th. anniphe 

ww Rernofiicd flecey chino beclgel, Hd cagrecc cs foteows: 
\uslcod. Shak tH A Renagueernedh anoles khery aeternot! 
1899.8 ARNO Belen erin Poyned Au. Eetirges, Heoleres Toles 
euro: JooRiucu &, Bactey » fowttes of Hin fort pout, auct/ 
Jom AM, Bourker a q after lasessago \ prove he rere 
“for “nual stencinlelyteonetey omitted. Geleveent Aes ores, 
lpabeiawlo ever: HO, sere Us ane " srs the wacclottes of: te} 
Pevenleeely Bais) Sfudhitn puted rage of the), rare, ageceunts 
these Meneby ggrerce. tach fer, acee, cegtecrrent have, 6 
ea ae eer ols , ‘eMorngeot;: waco! Menetoeg sd fonacolerel J 204, . 
ablerceu aed: eheungect}, 40, 4fch dw \foflecnlht, A recleered Ad, 
Agyeeleent ls eurcl) ug Blea keriee . ofthis forot. page op. 
ARO Porc. eugrecmentt hae Age io. Popes. ‘ Aw 

1 Berteuri) eectoduuag\, yma se targetlesard rs of Eetacocnh 


t aan oy ata speekoluagg Aor amecuts fer the l ew elofarrernt fe wes: 

cl L" eheclecd. eeutrenrta. fe ‘ axoul\ thx). \ ofyprticorheorsy . of, bisaak ce ced 


ey. Ae, udfie ‘ Meded ops ig blag arfrouen, tae ou, Geokin 4 ates ry > onc 
‘ ‘ Ae 

s ‘ conning ontceetcnimte Ponies esthes enamerntnea ie 
CUA CCG atthe Preontrcemny os es MONS Ta “OM CEE 

econdd: Noe Ree: ss ‘eU« eka, ye CO s, Ce AERP 7 

eae Oe esol cad. ences  eoacclerect oun , eee: fod Res s 

x ee Cqreerhenh. es ean ie. ie Becfieet~ ite ee, \188 lac if aap 

aa | pee eee a en re ra oe bre 
- Va ee Bar, oats 
A Sg . LE “tt n \ 
VOTaee Erecdtreest a 
bee Ne fei oa 
| = A ae ; rs ao se" oe 

fan Mee atte ea Shit 

7 Bates. Sas ap) ) fares co Bean beer. 1 Praedes « ef 

ye a 


ferot proce, ete Mer. Baivorh Each an ar Pip 
“Ng re. 

& ae 
of .: vrofrer.» redgetie In aS otf sAeconcl cet a dhe 
f Baars oats poate cH gan see, af 
euros of do: ven re enee eter en Botte cog, Afar rt} x | 

gay of hfe. feuco; agreement Bet OU Hh Ae eects, afeigtter| 

Aeverl& 1 Canin: from 4e., Gotten of ‘ if Az), Afaxckl Page. vef-y 

ASL, LEECH HF, pec\tAet » Gothy. sroctone.. oft Aceh) 1, ne 

yee amlouy- saree), (eat. slo ecu of tke Pocd 

3 re \ \ fe 7 D So, 
Lured. Belews cers \ the, strovole _eteckece); curenhe ys « act), AR. 1. 

“ . * % ‘~ a a * 
tvorols vAnd ..4Gu. oppeccateor, 1 FER srrorcl.; fe 4o. 1 4Be),, 

2M it G oe, Ow pound. frorteons ofa cnet ek aap 

\ 1 i. : Zo 
PERSIA fren erat, as ‘niin AL SE, SOREN 

tte oe of Cuxer le epee ug «, ArO¢6. 


wenn \nARo of mts Aer elofunerels ; of) decks es\ eit, fhe. 

7] 7 
Gta a Lequapprteceteon ‘of ‘ styob ei es thd WALK, . ofc BG Ching, sf. 


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to 442) auunber Si woted 5) “hour be aeerclel€ec do ote, 
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21 wel/nedss etecct By fous Creuuto sob ou) 

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Dot: Are! cirectora to 

eee ee ANTOF! 



athe gtocknoldere may dee {sem ueoematy, wil 

Ree cece Se 

lock A: 

q 30 9 

pice Sere Michel the City of New York, and Principal 

| Clerk in the Printing Office of the New York Fournal of 
Commerce, being duly sworn, saith, that the Notice of which 
the annexed ts a brinted copy, has been published tn the said 
New York Fourndl of Commerce (a News Paper printed and 

a published in the sald C ety of New York,) 

ee tgs eee 
Soe ‘ a Exot 
— : thee 
- commeycing on the; ; Aer ~w day of 
, Hf tn the year One Thousand Eight 
undred id cighty Ong... 


o oe 
Sworn to h defies me this a hE, 


Rages a eis se pee a la I dh 


LY , 
oe ao yor 

6. OLL 

ou "1% SN 14. Aye 
Geetig COE CT POEs Lhafp—hs 28 xefuverdo 
of UU yeors of age; that ow thee 2/7 sa | 
of grey, 1881, eu clepoatecu 1a Hen Pout Of free 
wa Kae hy of- Deus YorR/ —10trees Spee tae 
fettowusg 4d copy , acloesaecd Ao each) of +e 
stectehotdns of tan Eisow Ehotria Lyte Cornnposery 
of Erveoppe , Linukec, «6 saw pare effec on th) 

Lot Qureto curneoced , aud—ot 40x frockage AOC 


Gua aae ABW pe 

i 1 cm outs ct te tet ee BZ 

GZ. f Cheve/ ny, dp 

Te Bek a A Shwriughon, NY, 
Babey Tt Me tue ut Far , Prrmssees) 
mises G. WMenlo Carke, oH p: 
Ae eee 2 Brant fobons 18 ( eet. N.Y, 
los Vetus, FH H. y 
iA Custeew 1 Serf eritas 

CGatnia 6/3. 
ante OL, ol oo 
WA Het Caverns ane ol 9 Gs Bt 
Coogan 196 Cid Oe, 
166 Wy. Sh" ft “ay. 

Melo Cu, n. 9, 

@ C2. 24 Navan LM 
aint Aitbct sg Weer’ Lreet, MY 
Quitting fro 19 Wein A NY, 
Cultereg ie a " ” » 
Sod, ‘ 

oo etiche 


etc age, 7s 
tea Sok 

Se Beka H Ce ee ote port 
ieee Magee “Gocrcle Shree, Mey) 
Oo Sy. a 
= eid ap Wow Leet, rewifpila 

eee re 

wo 7° duit. ue. ai, | 


| Jo 2 SLE 
A Lo 
J J 
uv ZO. 

Y 2s 

~o, | 
Po. | 
|v ae 
VA / 
7 i 
Pete os | 
v 76 
“ - Zo 

Ea a3 


B Breve Greer, M1 . Yy, 
Se nly 

say psn ae "y 

78 Wawa Ly. 

oo 2 sy dine fe. ” 

ye Oe G Ceuss Sheet, hy, 
Neworle , nf! 

Laod ize teader Aid 2 yb Bear oh 

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pr d80e el bs defie. ave, n.y,| 

= food. nia 290i an 

| Wetlcu 8 n 

ee, Roc - FH n 

eal é. Limon ‘peter | 

Va / O, 

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vou in 

- a os Zp y ween “Sik: War tl .. of 
Ws | 

AA. Asian ued  Ltrapen 4 i 


A) 385, 

& Sy 










| PP. is Se em or ae 
Se shia GG. oI Feeblowr Leet, NY, 

Cay, ASOD FR 2 BroadGy, A. Y. 
Caton Ob Hepin Que,» 

aw 2A. IS Within, 
BITE dM Ware bv 

ALecherarn- AW. Nauteced Salorud, Maye 
pags _ SE. way 8. Bothy ny. 

5" Co 78% Fe @ 

Bares 164 Prropwvoy wu 

oy A” - oe Oyj Que ny. 
rps New. hides fa | 

Seas, Sram 


| yb Exch ewe. 1.2 / 2, 
GigE a? Bet oH fas 

| Le oe oo fale iis mn ‘{ lf 272. | 
: aS Se, ig Mews, | v | 
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| Baptist You Wm 27h MY D2. 
| —Lebal— 7 Asse 
| - Offece aren peg te 
Or a thee. A os 
gave B Agi ph Paes y E gl Hh 
GL vein: LL. Pe er on AT 
BF Jy, aera a ee 

K Fe 


pages peietninme renee tt eee A ta 

PROXY. tm” 4 , y “'f, W. Row & Co,, Stutioners, 08 Wall 8t., N.Y. 


THAT , Vitra Le. — 

A hacly condstitude and. ne Loracth ; 

: ; doing and hyent lola fab FPL: and tn. _22gy_name, fetace and stead, to uate 
ey RAS AR. Asha ‘ of Mie Chao... hep. 

‘aati ft W, ¢ ages g COU od. ce antilled \t wole yf then 

| personally, frresent. 
x Witness HEREOF... a _haue heteunta scl... Yry hand wid dead 
Y eel tt 

thts» oe Sere f— —one thousand. oe 

ane coaytatatnas oe 

a, hea wniderspiselipe ons EX, ean TUR) oe: 
| " : 
: : ~ Sealed wnd Betweed in the Bresence oy i 



oe jer Deiter of Ths: Caron 
Elestria’ L Ligite Compr off Even, 
Lite 5 at: 27, 1581. | 
Tee As else ; | 
Yeas H. ee 
oe oe cme 
oe Ww, Sooke, a cee ae 

&F B: Bus 

siti eats ae aS Loerie onde Socata fate at ale ales gee aha cpp ei a cliccishe 

x Seong fa “i sik. 4 of uoled...... | ete should z oy d ta node se if de : 

PROXY. ‘ . : T. W. Rox & Co,, Stationers, 08 Wall St., N.Y. . 
fnow ALL Men BY THESE agi 

THAT vA ” 

da oles constidule and ae Poe Lobatto 

sssssenuessesneerscentesecbsceen sesessaneesnseessnenseses cnensessenansersarevrit sl rorimsennintterinntternertntereriauctiaeren=nnrnrertGle qeemvinsuensssanreseserenn reves teuresets id reamnseeatsssssessauaneieareeers ssetaecoaueeeesvesveaneer#06e S080 SeNCeN 

Watney Cy bail ws a é gan aael tH. ben , folace and stead, to uote 

fretsonally firesent. 
Jn Yess W HEREOF... v4 __hhaue heteunta bel. if ad te 

Spann te nme Cop of. b. 

hundiea and v ee Mh 

Senled and Delivered in the Presence of 

dit lows 

Sainnt ener 


Ciebe ss deg bt Gomrpreuy of Eovcofex, 

ope uty 27, 1681. 

Wace A eben 

Jano Hf, Barter 

Robert L. Seetlacee 

Prictwrcte W. Foote 

oes gene st guaceeert amareennGag Rn inne aia ot erm tn tne mamas fieieantee rad ntinnbatednea me ern at re rms oe wn onan mony 
cone al 

PROXY. a : T, W. Rok & Co., Stationers, 68 Wall 8t., N.Y. 

oe ALL JOEY: THESE seni 
THAT ye. 

da id canstelade aa Aisi atte 

NAME, ys Hip iil Sead, pu wale 

ealieg? fa a ees 10 vated rate “G4 oes ae te ent y Ds ole ef ys ten 

fon , fetesone. Se ——- 
Jx Yoreese Yaentor, Gave ea beh... dasesband and deal | 
thé... Z < day of, 

ed and soem. ib 

- Seated nid Delivered tn the Bresenceioe hae 

Seo Os aN 

* sconamanemen OVE thousand ctght 


ofA he OQ, 4 
= 4s : QO. bee 

(Eger ' ae cn _ 
oe goers) cr Meg Cee ok 

Deremenitntnte mm nieuen yenesnvenserss seneretemmim elt atrtal pectin sy Fon seep teeny Hah ibe emcee HT Pm AY ee NER RMON mame EN 

Pet ee aes mn i 


| Elootres dag at Courprouey oF 7 Civrco/ix) 
Le oe Je“ 27, 581, 


Hooras of. Edo me - 
fornseo od, Baul 

[Sclbot- yer ) racks rv of She kts ou 

Ebalics Legit Goryrcreey of orcef, 
Lite Judy 27, 1881, 
‘ Votes 
Uiteimes of Rela 
Jaynes H, Barciter . 
Robe L. Caathaag 
oD keunele W. Foote 
ie A. Seclave 

Ballot por Deizetors of Tie Blvsow 
— ooctree Ligite Copouy of Eevee, 
Cierra Jety 27, 1881, 


Divas Hee Cosi 
joe MH Barer 
Robe L. Gatton 
Frectererle W. Foote 

iA Ay. Salow 

Elocl rex Legit Go ry aay | of Eocefie , 

Caled jy 27, 1581, 

| ah Veoles 
Oe a ee | 
owas HA, Barrier 
heed I .6 thug 

cA OS. SEO, 

Dish 7 
Lax (10 ( ki % 

“Sh bee 

Sultor for “locectory es She ieee 
ee me Legis Go ae koma | ‘of oce)ix, 
Qilaitane Jety 27, 1580. 

DH iviicise RE cee 

James HA, Barer 

wis LoGer- be Guttoag 
eres bw. Grote, 

CAPT 2. Coxe 



Vex, ad Bein ype , he a 
fag oe ae Ayronw , ee. fe snap oe 
Jaf 2 offesop Cee eee 
°F Tle Bo, Eloches.. Lig tt. Bowprouey of- Eeccofns, 
eee eh. Hae. mura’) eye of-tes Aeclehe Bed 

of Aaxce... Conaporry. ak)  hhees 27 * V oleuy of gpecby, 188, 
Fal bunts uot pects cury wold bul suck at 
|} te. Bekieves..4o.. Be... ee eas ect a ca 
| Feetucs te Go. Agar. 

[ eer 

of New Saw | 
City au Burky. heen ren tforle 
Me, Fell? Gowen aur houtes 0: Harve 

the Snopuctort'-of tae etectenry of Directors Gad ext 
ther cued sneliug ofthe Ptockehotins ofthe 

. Etciow Eecbrem Li gt Gompauy of- Evcopw, oleructecd), 
Ket 4a ay aye of fey ASE, Raney pofrort 

ll +@cu owning. foal dein cure peuboroubeel) +Hle cal) 
Fvato uareeoarel., we sulere stfrow te otecteeds of 
|] een offae® Joa auch. Suofrectors ao, ceforssoned); AR 

|} ew. a “s — proces now eauvoatscot)? curct/ 

Lites ee Jew thousand Avo Bum ne 

|| one sores pf ow Cipctae slot) of tis) soud Cruficty 
| Alot Alin ere cost of scl) etrchow Feu Mlouserd, 
Hee Gs ouel..21g ous ( (0281) 28Btes, ceed 
that: . ae of tony sverrs coat for tay fottowuig 

Aresee posois. oat Dieraatord for. Hie), ercaunneg ope 
reece, Havivos. aS Blow, Jeunes MM. Boulet, 
Robey 2. Cdltuig., Fradeucty ww. Fook) ano 

| eeecnaeenen pn a ner oretin monn ene emer erp enwetn mtr toneteme amon nerve mnpuemenrntronranmecnern tevocpene in mgmt mend 

ree . Ln nn oe ae armpit se een ante ptemeenN ete 

Blank No, 1. 


This Company TNHANSMWITS and DELIVENS téssages only on conditlons, Imitin: 
which have beon assented to by the onder of the Collowing message. 
Errors can be guarded againat only by repeating a message Dack to the ending station 
ane tha Company will not hold itself Mabt el 
OMNES. y * 


ir comparison, 
9 for errors ordelaysin transmission or dellvery of Unrepoated 

~ Tike message ls 49 UNREPRATED MESNAGE and fs delivered by request of the sender under 
tho conditions nai above. . . . : 

- NORVIN GREEN, Presiden 



hana cre Ttuace > Wei Se ene ee | 

nese braiase soi a i ea lane ened 


Aawe. 2éco 

pore ee ge ws. : (Ceegr 
waco flaet—en en Ae ganna) woneenetn 
(ia Sanaa oe re ~heciccataacd 

- LAT Ceeon K P2b5 aad aoco 
heen _ ch PRA ALO , es 



New York, Sept. Sth, 1881. 

Dear Sir: 

- . In order to raise money for current expenses the 
Board of Directors has decided to issue Debenture Bonds 
running for three years at six per cent., redeemable by the 
Company at any time on siaty days notice. The Directors 
have decided to offer these bonds in the Jirst instance to the 
Stockholders of the Company, who are requested to subscribe 
for them in the proportion of one dollar for every share of 
stock held by each Stockholder. It is important that each 
Stockholder should thus take his share, thereby doing away 
with the necessity of offering the bonds to the public. 

You appear on the books of the Company as a Stockholder 
holding “PY oo shares of stock, accordingly your 
subscription to these Debenture Bonds, on the above basis, 
would amount to Ld oO — dollars.. You are 
earnestly requested to hake that subscription, and, should you 
decide to do 80, to forward a check for the amount, drawn to 
the order of The Edison Hlectric Light Company of Europe 
(Limited), to the undersigned. 

Any further information that may be desired will be 
promptly furnished. 
Respectfully yours, 
Second Vice-President. 

Aly Aecnr fii 
MD yourtace ly me on he 
| ace J coreg eeilatly MWwarcted,albre-me 
| Gauggcat tormbiing lewarc, atend 
| whech will be for Cir rrGral Gene fee. 

b gps pret fora months 

| (arta a0 true Longer thertagtiyae gee 

! unt) ) ow S00 dhares of guur Eur pean 

| Elchue Light Go. tlc af 77 which 

| Mee rrartel rues, ana I will teyecl, 

| weathe ale ever Mal ainerient Iruccve. 

; Nbcpung 4 have au carky affrrrna (cares 

| tfely by cate, I cern 

| Fach ply Gru, 
oad Otte 3b Mewes 


: VN Q ; s = i 

Thos, A. Edison, to AN 
Chas. Batchelor, s 4 
Franais R, Upton, . ‘ 
Edward HiJohneon:- -* Ny 

f5- Wit snot Seta tates iene x 

enlo Park, N. J., Sef Lu 


eR Oe SE © | nS i nee elctice SBS 

Proxy. H. Anstice & Co., Stationers, 93 Nassau Stroet, N. Yo 

now all dtlen hy these Hresents, 
That se ngyy all : : ee 

da heely constitute Be, ofipotnd er Lee BE 
22ty . 
AMloiney and gent fot me, and tn My NAME, lace and sead, ta 

peostnile <a 4 a erty sheslionnefe or 22FAE of the 

Cn Leng ta the niin ot SF should te entitled vo uote, of then 

m Fe | passonally fucbend, 

: gn. Witness whereof, w havg Aescuna set Cabos: hand and seat, 
| this " dity ye of Lifter one thousand eight 

handed and ety ty one 

Seated and Helivered in the sicele aad ot 

\Sen AER Rm 
aN we Sas 

: cane iboats ; ‘ fe “, Lave LE Z 
See | tan | Ln one sbeflee 28h /881 . 

| Faheluron hey RIAD we a. 
iE meen 
: A POeatn, 

Va | = tdectone Mi pees Light Mirch sore 
4 a4 4 . thoning te lee it spol ate, 

are Se 

59 Watt Street 
New York. 


|. 4B eee ol Holler, , 
Te | haope de pee ee ak 60 | 

Sc fogpac®, that lca tk 
3 A Fist tbbate: overen 


foe. a 

We bs nledore G Kobii2 Loli Afr 
of "Cu wWofe OZ Leg 




OA ffl Sooyuo 4 VY, ey Yor . October, 18th SSS 

sir: =~ 

. : : on \ 
_ A special meeting of aS Directors of the Edison Elec- 

tric Light company of Europe aeeered, Will be held at the 

erties of the Company No, 65 Fifth Aven at 8.80 P.M. Oct. SL, 

1881, for the following objects: 

1st. For the purpose of considering the question of creating 

a debenture bond indebtedness, 


2nd. For the purpose of Considering a contract between this 

Company and & Paris. Syndicate, 

83rd. For the purpose of determining the compensation to be 

allowed to Messrs Puskas & Bailey. 

4th. To consider and ‘determine the amount of compensation to ed 

Mr Edison if Mr Charles Batchelor, “Also ‘to:ln,Baton. 


Yours truly, 



EpIson Etgorric Licur Co, or EUROPE, LIMITED, 

665 FIFTH ak caine N.Y. 

| October 19, 1881. 

Sere : ‘ & 

A Special Meeting y the Stockholders of this 
Company will be held at the office of the Company, 
No. 65 Fifth Avenue, New York City, at 3:30 

o'clock, P M, November 4, 1881, for the purpose of 

considering the question a creating a debenture bond 

indebtedness ; also of making contracts with a Pardes 

syndicate and others Sor mhanfacturing ‘plant and 
managing the business of the Company in Europe. 


‘8: B.: EATON, 
‘Second View. President and Coes Manager 


a : 


{ ‘ , 
2 rns : fFu eo 
ge on eke 

(Det eget Tn eter te et te Re ee mE SAE eB eee 


Sey : Rtn Bt fee, 

¥ tp 
4 ' + 1 



—- that 

“I, THOMAS ALVAS EDISON of the town of Menlo: Park in ‘the 

county of Middlesex and: ‘state of New: Teneee United States 

“or America, ‘do hereby make; constitute and appoint -« JOSHUA 

"PRANKLIN BAILEY Of 33 Avenue de uv Opera, city of Paris, 

Ss ance , wmy oui suf Cicient Bnd: lawful attorney for me and 

: : iy Re 
a my ey Beet , 

‘in “my” naire rue! execute a certain’ contract heretofore made by. 
: heretofore 
and between myself and a certain’ ayddteste or dompany forme 

“in the City of Paris for the purpess of explotiing the Edi- 

son ‘system’ ‘or Forni shinis light), “héat and power by: elect ric’ 

ity, ain (the count ries: of ‘spain,’ France, Belgium, austria,” 

Tae tog yeh 



many Italy, Denmark and: Russias” and also to' execute | a. 
Mes ’ 

; ‘certain other cont Fact, ar ‘any’ “there be, between myself and 

a certain syndicate’ or ‘Osinapnyvrovned ‘at! ‘Paris; France, oe 

the" purpose’ ‘OT: nénuruetd ini pus for’ ‘the says or furnis - 

above ‘referred to, to ekbctite 3 said cont fact > both for ‘ex~ 
pioiting ‘the ‘said ‘system ‘oF furnishing ‘Light, ‘heat and - power 
by ‘electricity in: the’ gaia ‘countries ,” bdinging ‘to the Com- 
pany; ‘as aforesaid, and also for nénufauturing plant’ there- 
for: ‘and’ also to execute any ‘other: cont ract or ‘cont racts 

| with ‘the said ‘senateate. or syndicates, company_or. companies 

| for the following purpose, namely, exploit ing the Edison 
system in pala countries ag ‘aroresaid ‘and manufacturing plank 
therefor ‘as anered: put this power of ‘attorney is how- 

| ever granted stibject to the ‘following cdnditdons ‘and limi- 

tation, namely, that any and’ali contracts’ executed by ‘the 

| said Bailey in my name undér and pursuant ‘to this’ power of 

| attorney shall first .be-approved of in writing’ by Grosvenor 
Porter ‘Lowrey of ‘the City of New ¥ouR. Gud! ahastes Bat chelor 
j of the town oF wanié Park,.Gounty. of Middlesex, New Jersey; 
} both voriporariay ‘residing’ at: ‘Paris,’ and power is “hereby 

A granted, “to the. said: Bailey. ‘ta’ ‘execute’ ood such dentvanes 

| and” agreements (which must in every: ease relate to the ‘sub-« 
| ject: ‘mit ter above’ “set: forth) as ‘shall ‘bear the written « ‘ap- 
| pioval, ‘written. ‘on’ the: ‘Pace oF Gaia cont racts oP both the: 

‘gard stowrey ‘and’ ‘the. said ‘Rat chélor,’ ‘and ‘the ‘saa | Bailey: ‘is’ 

hereby Nny omobirea ( authorized; subjsot to” the ‘fore- 

personality present: 

“IN. writes HEREOF, I » the said Thomas Alva Edison 

have hereunto ay my. ‘hand and ‘seal at ‘the eat of New York, 

United ‘States. of * america, ‘this a, a “aay of 

ohe thousand eight uideel and eihity-one-— 

In the presence of 

“Thomas: Alva Edison. :. 

| United States of America, State 

of New. York,’ County ‘of New York ..)-- 
ee ee 

son this: ; “One thousand eight-: 

iday'of — 

hundred. and. eighty-one, before Me MeRnOne lay OpESn ted 

! THOMAS ALVA. EDISON}. to. me. known, a d known: to 1 we. to. ibe the 

person’ described in® “and. who ‘executed the: within “inst rument 
| on ve 

and deknoviedged: to. me thet he exouuted ‘the sal 

: PROXY. er eae ee a THOMAS Ww. eae 63 Wall 8t., N.Y 

 Kixow: ALL L Mex 2 BY THESE con 

THAT. 4 Alig eA pbb 

: a heeby constelude and ofprotnt. 

. a dey coe and ¥ Ot LAS and tng acegl nam lect and stead, fa woe 
a et RAC Ot; 
e | pose tng ta the. soccratlet oe en 
| personally ficient, ! 
| es Witness Wer EOF, a Aci: heteunto bel daa. “dai ae ae, : 
LAMM srririmsninn day ae PERE ‘ane < Uy sand e, ight 
Jd od a chy. Caracce. i gt ae Vid, fea a Yann 
Fenled nnd Delivered in the Deesgence of | 
0 Sas 2 
PROXY. 2 j . se? < THOMAS W. HOE: Buatlonan Wau 8t. N.Y : 

ee ALL. - Mew BY THESE Paeeanna,-. 


“DS f3 

PROXY. : Hi THOMAS W. ROE, Sratianen oh Wali 8t., N.Y 

row ALL Men BY THESE Ponaners 

THAT ee anwar as 

; Money and Lp gent fa Ot_waalland ¢ On. L name, se and stead, fa uote - 

: EMS AL 2 vn oo . ; 

accotde; tng to the aiehe he wated. ana a iy y oe. dy da wale sled’ in 
aes frtcbend, fo : : 

]» ee Wusrzor, 4 _ of QUE Aeteunta 660. Artal hand and teal 
CHE, oo ra lay Pl rom LAL i, eee ea one thausand oe 

handled id hips a A, Sa Mh leerce | 
Seated nid Delivered in the Presence of Mitre AoC. QL, Lye = 


‘ al ; 
PROXY. THOMAS W. ROE, Stationor, 1 Wall St. N.Y 
——— : : 

_ ALL ie BY THESE ‘Pasonen 

PROXY, ww Rat Soul Law Blank Publisuor shor and Statlonar, 108 Nassau, Bt Ni xe 

Aino al Rien hy these reseats, wa 

ye nda eee aes 

Moiney and Ag Myent fal me and tn mY WANE, en bate end toad, OG we as 
Wea Vises at gny becca 

acco ling. to the numlbet of uoles y shell le entitled to CME ty Fe lig feaally $6, 
f va 

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PROXY, W. Bold Goutd, Law Blank Publisuor suor und Stutioner, 18 Nagsdu St Ny Ps 

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Ji idesent, 

pe gu Witness Wheveot, Kd Haye hai A ong hand and, seal 
ae rane ae pee dey \é& ZR ! Rel... ONE thousand eight Dae, hed 


PROXY: W. Rold Go uld, Law Blank Publisu anor an d Stationar, 168 Nass: aust: Ne ye 

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, afi pus whereof, ye ave teteunte sel my. Sul and seal 
OS. bb er... ty 7 i CME Sell... OWE Yhousand aight handed 

PROXY. W, Rold Gould, Law Bla nk Publianor and Stationor, 168 Nassau St. Ns ¥. 

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P ROXY, W. Rold Gaula, Law Ilank 1 ublignor a1 and Stutionor, 168 Nassau, St, N, ine fg 

Fun all in by these Presets, ai 

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Scaled and delivered in the presence of a.) IS AL { 
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Hug all Ben by hese Posts, a 
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ey eed ae of NewryorR se | 
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Pes eres ad ee age) ca ee aan aaige 
| #2. -4hat  4Ae). specie” oo AGarcor. 


Ce ‘ A 




October 19, 1881. 
Str: . 
| A. Special Meeting of the Stockholders of this .. 
Company will be. held at the office of the Company, , 

No. 65 Fe ifth Avenue, New York City, at 3:30 

o'clock, P. mM, November ‘4 1881, for the purpose of 
considering the question of creating a debenture bond 

indebtedness; also of making contracts with a Paris 

syndicate ‘and. ‘others: Sor manufacturing plant and : 

managing ‘the buisiness of the Company. mn Europe 


Ss. Be ‘EATON, 
Seon Vices esident and General Henager. 


Pe ae ee a | Sa 


y a 

T3 Qocnce de C'Oferar , Ceres, rol 0 
42 Waee Lng, 

Fotos cle L' Aedeotres Cours, | <2 
ge Proactev ey, n.¥, | 
he ay Sheet, 1 Y. ! 
Cx. Le har afb 
Mabe Zh v4 af AB ercal. OF | 

Comoran eC Wiasity Ponte, 2. ) 
Be ater bo Oy om al 

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7 2» - 19 Manin 

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-CLE Lcote CPestcss ices Ve Xda, af = 2aood. 
eee Clon Goer ele SN. y.| A 
sous) ROT New York Cty do. ” 
Gon. PTS " $0 Wace ft un. Y. Se 
Khebeen Ze J SQ Wace Lb, , Raserspory a 

Sting Pe if. b1 G0. / 
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fhe Ve Gin Gh Polio. Zo hie loom, feciiyy 
Jf Ci Orr ope 2 Sout 

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2b Ras £. Closter, beg 
| ; , . Been Les 

Reforrssie to cuy conversecleow a oe 
a ae =) oF Lo ae ‘ee Gunot@ Abe Leeiada ee 
20 whieh pou Micarces ts Gees Greproney Sephenbey fF 
a ot thw ate of # (= fer cK baw of-itecty Geto 
Oe oe oT Ag EA fe mS 

; no pe We ee : we ! 
| : . ; Ae ; iB of Ab ; 
a ae fe ae uve : 
| i A fag i ie a ' 
| Le en ssiaee a Sa meeties eae es k 

OFFICE OF : : _ - wee 
Edison Machine Works, rel 

i Goerck pieete 

ee eu s. Boeea, 
- 5% LLP aS Csi) p33 4, 

59 Wau Street 
New York. 

ahr? dale ta 

Pie a 

Suberophins fo Qebeutuns Boncts ecniseot/ 


‘ne Yo Doll, aha Vane Lich 

i a / Mee. Par. Lae oe Ba ha iin 

Flagg He 

lS MWY al Hd 80 wid 15. yy: 

oe frsverneto on thw riache tel hud Ofpfrovaled Lael aie br 

teeta the , eae yp at. Hapa 

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(heh. od Fadl 5 

a Ie, Ze Aileen lebient.c. oes 

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a wniler.Cnle of Paar. F 8) with 2. ae: ca 

| _ earlier, alert PE RTY a teu? Mi all WCEFOS 

a low thay igh nL fatlongohia tothe 

a ay servers: aap ap 



| pod 
3 — Ge eae 

fr frtirtebud “Yl L hechriiee dagill- tudl F, | | . 
Zo ae oft ee _— 
Lar Pa O20 Mla Git) ea | 

(Sea wm Aacifeaa wth aller. sephle @ aaa | 

ee pane came ee 
eeu cache wet Thimnat lll Shien ee heaasthche| ) 

| a . 

: ae mew Lan lg yl sy fen 

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ptt i. A Sa ON PS OOO 



; ees LE On ae * for Dabhobs any 

atest a AW, Cotidev & oa 9. Ute. LESCIA. 

oat mt me mene beat as 

hokesdiiphe onan of 

lyase Gated er. PE pono 

Bivens gual: 

1 Corrtonky, oe 
LS A Hihioee: Kkeoctae/! Hrogtl Gor ~! 
A<. of tint flak , =" 

: Thomas Atvou lesson I 
HL SS oT AX?) I, Thomas Ava Eeron f Menke 
er ape, us te Hake of New Jersey , Unch 

Company of, Ceoapre, Limited ' Hates of Ameuier, Have obtained Glterd frateut of tty Hepubes 

The Blesow Electrees Leght-\ 

—————— ‘ of Frauce) fr euveuloond 10 or feledicrg to the olewelofireet of 
; cactus) cuenta ancl thd afftroatcw of ehechicity to tly uceo 

- ram + Aghhing, power or feaking, Gewy theo Otter. vote, curcts for 
meer aH | Wfleread Tho Reisen Brobie Liga. Gomposny of Encl Lied 

ret oe 

Leer Patent of hance) | © corfroralicn) crrele) auc) sovidhing  uuclew tl) Caw of tle State) 

| 48 139.588, 139.6 800. fi : 

| | 9. 13q as S4/ aes | of Dew York, ac or goueegect) ducky 46s) Lou of thait. State, 
= ae. eultac) "Aw tet fo frovietd for +A argaugabiin) aud racquet 

‘ : q "of corto Guocnreas corporolcdnd posed guw 214, 875, ouret/ 

‘Dalew 81 faving ifs fudnedieW) flaw of Cusuuis a tio Gly of. New 

! a oo 3 1 ta» Shale of Tew Yorks, anc. Rorewicrfter cattecs Heo Corp 
eo% |) gb. olebehade Megecktug tee - _ fee OU, 444) cacct) cileredh eiv.. 

aa rae Macriattas ek) 

parcv Letters Paleut auc i Hi civeuficnrd coucuct) ou 
Hho saskuouts moe auc Beuafit of sarcd Llters Faleul ouict/ . 
wivedeud ui ano fer the Ripusan of Frauen, ance & Lave) 
aguecl, do ae8t, atugins crc) convey att) my. poucd.. pag @t ,. Ate 
auc silerrot fo sowcv.. Gr SE 
Vow tim Indentwo. WilnresdscHy,. tah sud eonoidlerctlcnd 
of Oro dolla aucv .otfev (pabucnber..conditercteords te ane) 
“poucv) 64 pase Coipicia Eeforw the. peatiug cued | 
ane tity reniph of swhttch 0d flouby solenowtlgedt),..2, +> 
| Aa Tomes .Alvcv.. Caer ow have docu, eutseginecl). carol... 
| At ov)er, carer Gy: +Qeae). frrecete olo, Bete, onasegid) aud. Art re 
+o 48x pore. corfrorakar, Tho Ecrrory. Gece Le gtit- om= 
ha Ltoopo , Lined, Han. Bilas Joleut of Heap ac) 
of Thome, aor. ficrckinutenty Rersuioffier...edeuibec), cust tts ay 

4 eco) 


peewee cue) seceveect) fy acuod Blend proleut, do eit: (1). sleloes 
ficdewt of Frere) aumbereo .. 139. 588.,. cloeo, Joinery oS, 4881, 
fe. tutfrounnerdla.. 10... ders, of conckerclors,. forthe, oletteBeelemn) 
of eleolrcicity oe oe iyRling and. «note pow eugeuh carol. 
Ofprliouced connected Mew ; alto (2) Lies frodeut— of 
Orotsiaes aun Goro 439.684, olelecW gemnong 9. A881, fr tuifrrove > 

anute 0 areanro fe bt | the) cmon... of echoed 
flowing throug @) oJ ecrcuet » also (3) Lebhins {relent of Prerree) 
Aumbercect/ /4I.800, clelecU a | 27, 1881, fe Huprovernerta Aa. 

Aulerest. 40. Avlol ,. putegueet, eure Aronofove -0ud aforesax0U, 40 
be beou curcU suoyeoU oy tad sow She Busew Beolrio). 
Legis Company of Boone, Leite, fer. dts our. 18 jurcl . 
Casegnes, to. +a) fw suc of the) err) . foe sofehy itl SA Vise: 
aay | Solas OF ca | Oo few, a4. freteg.. 10 - $e. sons) aie 
Ana °, +Ou. Aancd. i Rowen: Aasou. Eeuidow), for. mayooe porn’, 

Alot Dou) dug. wd, upon). paquedt,,.ancle) , eomgertler omc... 

rae obels,. Crates’, _ cute)... eonveect?,. Or... artheircleod... or, oy cugnae ct), hor Ge), MF 



yy #O, | dade ; ies Bstis 

ecg ht ~Aunclted ancU 

Fhe scliricunD cleooubeo uu ued. whe mecesntae, #40 Prugecag 
FED. pone. cured). for Ae). mses cured)... pusrfroses... pRorair) arreeehedrnel,... 
wo ON. Fohimony.wlirce. Fave Brailes may Canid 

pet OM Dw AGB hin ng gts car 3 en a PU Ce The od a aa of 


1881. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. - 
Accounts (D-81-028) [not filmed] 

This folder contains accounts, bills, and receipts, many related to the Paris 
Electrical Exhibition. 


1881. Electric Light - Edison Machine Works (D-81-029) 

This folder contains correspondence, 
relating to the formation and Operation of the Edison Machine Works, Goerck 
Street, New York City. Formed in 1881, the Edison Machine Works manufactured 
dynamos and large electric motors for the Edison electric light system. Included 
also are the company by-laws and information on the remodeling of the Goerck 
Street buildings. Some material concerns the relative merits of Porter-Allen and 
Armington & Sims steam engines as components of the Edison System. There is 
also a comprehensive financial report, dated November 1, 1881. 

agreements, and other documents 

Approximately 70 percent of the documents have b 
categories of documents have not been filmed: 
mica; routine bills and receipts 

een filmed. The following 
correspondence from suppliers of 

Se Sa ee Meena RY PTET 



5 jhenaK 5 og ee 
IO ” Cs tC Ea CR et. ater ncel 

ee eae 

Snot He eprint 

LL on 

AC Le2 Cee LRA blab, 

Cid en | | 

Fi ba, Hy ge Jen 3 rg 

73 Oe, 

“DBawcnts VUllort 

$0 Corttczat 
oS - 

wicfait en iy wea 2 

ae Hasek ae, Sphg: fae inp iae saa eee ere 

Leen. ie 

Sa pets re i: panes Jf ay, Lae aes Z 
id yo) 
(FR adetletua Lt 

i Z Mies Lele Otel Gers Sh COLE Aft é. ? CCL, ¢ fetes ol 

: Taek . | es: Op a 
ae poy weolaten a a 
Hoy o ithe * 

BS ani ill ta St A Seah ea ine sto 

tit ws “oF” Maan Mm 
The Buckeye Engine Company, | 


Exolusivoly for the Sale of the Buokeyo coe cata 
EASTERN AGENGY, { Engines, East of tho Meridian of Washington, 

b/s Phew Pe. Apu Oh, 7A he... 22.....9EE7 

Beate Farr 4G. 
Be yo eee, 2 
a wegen, CE a eee ern, an cen PKK 
| : Thaw | fone ferme il CS 3c 24-7 Damp C6 Ge pa 
oe ae ey 
ae oce as a ea eon nee 
ae fos ehh, 

a Tae Pfr to x P7° a oa 
| ah £09 Fev wt ey a now & 32 5 he 
7 inte hen fofe— maz, foo go Baten, 

Oe PfoeO fo. EF eae oA He Phare, ene 

Be ea beh Los for oh fom 

Kh, een 

anaes Cory Cac fontegies, 

 wilyrecur Wa oh Co cae 

The Porter-Allen High Speed vy Engine. 

a gs ABRRICK, Pres, and Treas. 
C. T. PORTER, Vice-President, 

Ga. LOSTIVICK, Secretary. 
C. B, RICHARDS, Superintendent. PHILADELPHIA, . a Ly: woe 887 

Ee ge DOS 
yang ord ee 

Address all commun leations to 

The eo uta & Foundy? and Ma y 
‘ashin uae ve Pitinde Faas, 

cene- F: 

Dh 7 cits ee 
OSo Grigio EZ... 

: a 
Blank.No, 1, 


This Com; THANSMITS a1 IVENS messages onl: onditions, Umiting its linbillt 
bles brea ater aried 2 orb uectes is rotate eT ERE ne 10g een for com ead 
Ax sod the Coanpany wil no ot ho! id itself se Tepeating 2 Gelaysin transmission o! © deliv of Ua: repeated od 
: jonange: 
This message is an UNREWEATED DESS, Gi Gelivered by west arise sender, under 
the conditions named above. AGE colts piety 

R. BREWER, Seo'y. NORVIN GREEN, Prosident. 
Dated fiw Zine LS i 188 / 

Received at. 

SL bis 

| htemty Jus coon 
aan as csay 7 


ree & 


Blank No. 1: ‘ 


ny TRANSMITS and DELIVENS messag: 
aR SSR ey pet raat’ oem i ty, 
rt on! rr 
and the 2d the Com pany uarued ith itself Wt for errors or rdelage. in transmission or delivery SE a partaon, 

This i 2 
thee. roasage | 3 is Ab UNNEREATE: BITESGAGE gud {5 delivered by request of the sender, nnder 

AR. BREWER, Beo’y, NORVIN GREEN, Preuident. 
"Dated B- Phitt-PR A 188 ft 
Revived at DA 



| o. aeaee 



ee) = 8 

a = : 

| - % bs Sala : M4 pte 

/ a 
a tas ” 

: a S 

we oa 

| Blank No. 1. | CORK. 

This Com: TRANSMITS and PEL! messages only on conditions, Umiting its Mabilit 
which have Deen Reson ted & by he render of he of: fief following message. 7 . = us 
Errors can bo guas et on! ty by mossago back tothe ck fo the sending station for comparison, 

10 Corn) ompany Ww! mot Bad Mteelf fatto te tore preety ordelaysin transmlasionor delivery of Uarepeutod 

in eS ie son UNREPEATED MESSAGY, oud {s delivered by request of the sender, under - 

NORVIN GREEN, Presidont. ° 


ee a rea 


* Blank No. 2. 


i mis Gormpany ZRANSMENS | and 3 petwene messages only on conditions, limiting its Mability, 
ich have been asse! message. 
be Errors ean bo guarded agatnat onty ¥ citys e pack to the sending atation for comparison, 

tee ae he pats 

$3 Tepoat mesang: 
aod the Company will not hold itself Tavie for orrorac or delsysin transmission or delivery of ‘Unrepeated 
jossages. 7 
‘Thia message 1s an UWNREFEATED MESSAG delivered b; west of the sender, under 
the conditions named above. and is oe ‘i 

. AR. BREWER, BSoo'y. NORVIN GREEN, President. 


Blank No. 1, 


‘This Company TRANSMITA and DELIVERS memares only on conditions, Umiting tte Mability, which have been assented toby 
-#- R. BREWER, Seo'y. NORVIN GREEN, Pres. G 

LA gy Ata LU igs» Ween, Se Baling 
ly , / ‘ 

against repeating &@ message back to the sending atation for comparison, and the Company will 

hn f 
not held Taal table tr errors or delaya in tranemission or delivery of Onerrxaten Massages. 
0 s "Y 
A ALL, YR bef [A d____1887. 

ee, oa 

TELEGRAPH COMPANY is wot torte | 
shio in any caso for damages, unleas the 
same bo claimed, in writing, within sixty 
_ Gays after the receipt of the telegram for 
transmission, And thig company ia not , 
to bo lablo for tho act or omlasion of 
any other company, bet Jt will endeavor 
to forward this telegram over tho lincs of 
any other telegraph company, neccssary 
to reaching its destination, but only aa 
tho agent of tho sender and without 
Usbillty therefor, 

TELEGRAPH SOMPANY lenotto bo lisblo* 
for damages arlaing from any fallire to - 
feisanlber delivery eaten reining 
transmission or delivery of, an unropeated. 
telegram, beyond tho amonnt recelyod for 
sending tho samo, ‘But to guard against 
errors, tho company will repeat back any 
telegram, for an extra payment of one-half 
tho regular rato, and in.that case it {a not 
to bo Hable for damnges, boyond fifty times 
tho amount received for ee and re- 
peating tho telegram, 

SE. ast fees er ree Phen , een ete 
ie ba, Dibner. BH A 

UR heed there 2. 

The. Southwark Foundry and Machine Company, | od 


Sole Maker: ! 

The Porter-Allen High Speed Steam- Fine ; 

' Ceech, iy | 

W, H, MERRICK, President, e ei | 

C. ‘I. PORTER, Vice-President, * oe f 

G. A. BOSTWICK, Secretary, an wy i 

C.B, RICHARDS, Superintendent, 7 PHILADELPHIA Coote Ola corssu Tora Loa resssvsseneeensin 188 7 i 
2 - 

Melon COWL yew © a aE, “as 4 
G ee EC ANAL, fot we oo oD Bune 
ee Benet a : 

Gece Perea A aol OC ere Aung Pom 
Geb Fi beae Ce. : < P2G2F tr 
ios FEC QL Gor Cord 20H 
CCL ree AA Att. eos ee a glE prcfbe 
beet 22 ZeaZ (AE ernpre - nt 47e— : 

Be oi bey ago ~ ted” PR CAAA | 

i CA atte Le. 
| Pres’, ( 


| | on 
a Geo / Menlo Park, N. Ob 22 an 

: i) 



(000 @. 

her bay pe nae ea ao ! 


fae 4 

Menlo Park, Ne Jey cc ee ne L880, 

Bs am 

Menlo Park, N. J.,..... 


S) @ 

enlo Park, N. cummed 880, 


Pi a OL, Liberty Stes : 

New York, Febe rset. 
weer ete eee 

Be. it. known that I, Edward Pe. Hampson, do ag wobiver in 

New York ditty; to the order of the f¥ Sootehe-tieh = three 
automatic cut-off engines, and boilers complete with pulleys, 
fly-wheels, steam gauges, dnd all necessary parts, all constructed 

from the best materials and: in the most thorough and workmanlike 
‘ *t 

manner perfect running order, 
: . . & 
The engines shall be constructed and fovernor set and recip 
rocating parts balanced so as to maintain a speed of Ago revolu~ 
tions per minute, with perfect safety and economy, and without 

affecting the puree rae) of the Sneiiese At 410 wevolutions, wihh 

a boiler pressure of 75 lbs, per sqe inch, the ‘engines ‘shall de. 


vy no less than Signe ahieceiye horsepower, and when developing 

said power, the total energy. developed _ shall not exceed ten indi~ 

cated horse powers ‘ 

The main meee on engine shaft shall > be of a Longa to 

shaft to ‘pulley on dynamomshafte The Salita shall be of a ! 
. t 

width necessary to a five inch'belt, . i 

The boiler shall be of the horizontal return—tube type, of 

ample size, With preeres and grate surface all in due proportion 6. 



to supply steam necessary to the gontinuous develdpnent of. tet | 

indicated horse power, in the engines baron e: menthoned asa-thde 

to be eepeined ahem stray nee to he used as ae | 

et aenee 


The boilers thoroughly lagred, shall be able to withstand a 

steam pressure of ID ibs, to the sq. inch, with perfect safety. 
ane engine shall be mounted upon the boilerand bolted to lugs 

which are permanently fastened to ae ae 

I also agree to furnish duplicates of such parts of the en~ 
gines as are most liable to breakage or which may need renewings 

The boiler shall be permanently mounted on skids of a strong 
and durable nature, so that said boiler can with little trouble be 
moved about or transportet, The engines shall be separately 
packed for transportation in strong iron bound boxes, as also the 
parts which are Sapanauely transported. | 

I agree to deliver said savings and boiler, as heretofore 
mentioned, on Se before the 29th day of March, 188l, 

: Within three days of the delivery, L subse to have one en- 
gine and boiler snasted vas suitable iaies in New York city, 
south of Chamberg St., with smokestack and exhaust pipe ead 
to the outside, and a perfect order to test the effteiency of the 
plant in connection with the Edison system of Electric Lighting;— 


said test to take place at the pleasure of the NissoA Wed ri 

ae Ft ' 

The expense of preparing this plant for the test, and con# 

ducting of same. and_. f necessary space, shall be born by 

I agree to abide by the decision of C. Le Clarke, enginear 


of said Cos, as to whether tie’ work has been constructed as here~ 


tofore mentioned, and as to its satisfactory performance, by ac~ 

tual test, in respect of indicated power developed, available 

power, and speed, 

If engines and boilers are not delivered on or before the 

- .. gQth. day.of March,.I881.,.I.agree to forfeit three percent on the { 

agrees, provided the before 
i tp Bits and prepeaals are executed im the aforesaid 
marn P afan to the satisfaction of OC. Ls Clarke as before mentiondl, 
eres pay to Hadward oe Happen the sum of iventy=seven hundred and 

Ot or heen -- —— 

atte aértars,: Cy 77 & 005) said* payment’ to be nada ares a 

thirty. Gays: after the. delivery of the engines and boteres Ir 

* me 



the test is not. jondueted within this time, the engines shall be 
considered as Bptiaeactory in respect to power and speed, and 
“the above payment shall he nEne» provided, Nevertheless, that the 
‘mechanical construction is. deed nae as above mentioned, 

The parties before mentioned do agree to abide by the articles 
of this contract, ana to fulfil faithfully their respective parte: 

‘as, heretofore mentioned— & P. Hampson, by his signature, Mre-Edie 

ine corporate ‘ . ese, 


ese | ; | . LacE ib anghime 

(CA. FEBRUARY 1881] 


Le | 
/5~ ret strates = ee 
| ae 
ee rst 

Sauce ae on OFFICE E OF THE 

, ne YORK a 

Zab - fie Patt WT = 
ee pat Le we Bice aE 

See Me) as 
ae Vet Menlo ay Lx :s 
We. oe Sees fe Dok ved Pan, if 
Bg! Ain. Ceti o. 

bade. a Ba: Mbghone.: ca ice 

CO @Md 

— gents t« 

at Bey ere Yosh, a OP 

Bante Sh” Aes zz am Ae MWe hbo aa 2 LO. 
dein. Veres.... ae ae setts ! MD... 
: & Opes tesa: Verte... coca LEGO | 
gee oe MO KE! nea 
es Loe rehn. AY OO» Oree. 2 Ao. 

~ JOHN ets 


ter Yosh, hreli® ; 


eee eos ya Loy 

: r (nan UES uahial Lug oe 


spindle) ealagmas a 

7 bo om... , 
oe ae ine oe ah 
ee BS (6) Motch dvove te 



y | Braoklun, € € Beas cen bon 167 
Ly 1 AbD. 4. OMAR: ae Pee a ee heb lo a Penta WL ae bbhcahse oe Lig jhe. Ce. 
aes SS perrerepaan dys i ; aoe 

jt. L. Chase § E, Walsh, 
Successors to 

(tears = Guanes | & Buildere, 
SCRISSIEDG - Pet leet Bedtorttvs §~— 2249 CLYMER STREET. 


de ie Leaare 3 0e Ye. oe Amdt tet. a ee Pe a ae Nee. 

a SSPe BPR ey ee |e ee 7 Pex i ihe eee ey, 

Lae eee lL for Nhe Cee: fella na s oe Teh Ss Ce 

a eh bane Maabrat BUidiy mrnet dary pele Ma fplbeu! a 2 
ote ee vowel Genel o- eC MW tog. a wie. Lf. _OEK. L. ole. 2 & 
. RE co PO SIRS SD Lae, 
Pla Ghee tas Meh L Lif Px Cake Ht, Ch day A ey 
a an ule a ey ee Sore, Ze Lait ee et IDES ie m==__/ (aaa a ae ae Sa Se Me cat eP 
Of: ee ee A Lin Ain Di ttEn ck lel bea 
ieenit ta 2 se BOW pee ee fp ye f- Sh. Po ED fires oe 2: A oe Pas At ee Sere 
ee eee tates fier 2 ee (O00? Chto 0. Bicctmie ve y- oa OL. ecg Poe 2 Cena GAGs o 
ed eae ee He A ee Sener ey Nett Se peepee ey terol fcteb 2 (A. 
Rane TEES Ae ties illo bey aati oe 2. Lesa JE. on mere 

Z ai 2 bas fonedfl Leas He ee, sls ae Ae! 

"186 WEST. 28th STREET, bet. 6th & 7th Aves, 


Promptly attended to. 

—Fe A ty Peale. 

Tae va Far Ares 

si Ly he, _Onteptas Bezel Led a 72 
Nena. PP? PEA. 

I ae La a ae 

ASG Lhent 

(aa Cintc 

ay Lae He oe ate... er Abe eccer 
LAY poe. ton fo oe Ca Lilet ROOD Lb ELE: OA. 

AGO id. Gf y = Let tt 
a7. Bagh. LL. “7. Mia Leon fon re fh A Bes An ees 

pcos Le LAT. eX _ct fate. 

map ones pa GE 
hua W4 = Ut bn 
— |} Fe aah 

eee a A 

HE Zz 

iti ia Lat B 


pagers AND 3f VILDER, | 
18S: ee ooo Street, 

ohn Yo MT we. 
aaa rate — Ghd eo 

‘fag a he ese 



. nf. er 9 225 eng germ tae pe oF - 

q ‘ cf 
LSo, gS. 

Cos ten inictiess Santee selbnm Mann's ihe ay Sat 6 comin jabandictndins damisleimnbsiedios nluseuniy alien 

eo hate me Pia ae ak kyon ween 


| pe M URR Act, 2 | 
= $e al Bent Bie, 

"Shu. Yd os, ait ASS 
“Vib. thas pif 

Sf im 
Wt. cle Wea 


nega tannin enaieeeinindinimntigmniintiibinit 


iene Ort Cana NE! 33a : 


6 pe = ee pn urool? 

e Golan) New York, La oe, oe 8B 
Sear hee corte 

ee Zo conecdhe aor atone 
ess as ers a5 Hlgrabe a ge 

Vile’ fait O2e heats che. 
fee cs (P"Le ccvafee eyite all 

LIN tibet ' Yeu SPO, pay key Le 
Ahbeck sen eta: Alarner fos Tie eeore : 
/0 fle cerita Yow eo CBee Becac ew wed 
ee Tar he ey i Gece, ( 

ye Log a 
% a) ais me 

| @ ree 


ats ave { ts camgaar Ns mt) angi \ 2 % measnen ouly on conditions, Tite # itnblty, 
nave then aR a Fito fradai X vor ef ite menage, 
nat o ony patiny a 0 back to tho fending station (or =a 
8g te vate tg Pcrrors ot Welajsin traneintadion or Welivery 0 of 
Peay Ee GE and is delivered by request. of ‘tho ot =f nl 

NORVIN 74 Ga Président. 

lant THE 

UA ss Tye PorseAIES High Speed Steam-Engine, 

Preniiae wih, eh 

WH, MERRICK, Prest. and Treas, 

C. T. PORTER, Vice-President, : 

G. A, BOSTIVICK, Secretary, La 

C. 8, RICHARDS, Superintendent, PHILADELPHIA, eco At L lle. N88 f 
CA oO ay 
4 . LMA ete , 


Established 1855., 

sanohinisis’ Too, 


or mm _ The George Place 

Cold Rolled Shafting, 

Couplings, Pulleys, Machinery Agency, 

Tonlte Bmery Wheels & Mach'y. 121 CHAMBERS & 103 READE STREETS. 

rs eit Le 7387 

, ot 8. 7 | 
meen" tery ny a 
: ae a Yfpuiw Yittts 

—_—s re SECU. 

A. wae gee 
Voter te baahtb 

Ka Qe 

Se eee eeleiy 

A Clisalelifrt Ht, Aepeccaliing tesste teler'en 267 

at lot Gtk Lp Mer lif ne Aorh ck Lye | 

dal otter apfiar. tirrathe ts fornr~al, nd 

. eco ongfgpor Cate hen y Mata 
ine ae ar ere ress. ! 

_ Ris, a : 

Blank Node _ ‘ Pe ae 
a RA NGRTES CSE DREETRTS -SomanSN GY cation Unig Tani 
Company ‘TRANSMITS and DELIVERS messages: only on conditions, Uniting ita ‘Mability, © e . 
‘ whichis havo been assented to by. only ny repeating 8 msstare 0. - Ae 
¥ snd the Ganpany willnot et teeit Laie for pean ordelays BECK tate tt toite 4 niin i rfomparison, . 1 

tho Sond mossaze iss an NRE ATED, MESSAGE yond is delivered by 

goest of the ‘sender, under 
tear ‘NORVIN GREEN, President. 

ete De, 12 9/ 

- ara capi Rr podiphe “ty sonny 

: ; ; : 4 Mere 
4 on bi ONES & wee F weg en Ga Puta ft mere ae 
; . | 

vie ! 
i i 
fe, : 
Yy ! 
oe 4 


a “ebb” bat te an Bint 


VN co Cri4 
polars eS 

F « S, es oe ¢ < Wey die Mae ry : 
c No a Ee s 

Rg ase une Gs bree th aks f 

LK oe a Of LU beh theed 
-€ % oe VET WO ACD Cer co 

Nes at i Ges 

: ae NES SOS Rage 

Ce TeX qs 

hr con § 


(i trp 
faa ren ee ae SIU NER ERR VN 

im ‘ehearatina ge tannenon ai eg Sacer tige 

ia intincseeg tts e eo Seale eA ape ; Sie. 

m4 te 


es ‘ ‘ iq 
Ke tandaee te Attensa ane ter Mecca nace tig oelpeerta 

ae ior ra cee ae a Pn nin Rot eee Si en 
SESLCRE aeth 22 te Reelin pele ye Souda ied b tanen mace sitt Ned Ge 4 yc 


— Mir, jul fo Jes ee by. his Lida Gell, Btu 
id - f- iio! Pag 

ic YOR Da Bhs dip Vb fe stacns Cves hath me 

“ne 4 

| i pt 1: Gi ded De aga VEL 
4 4 /- esse pigs sei ” ‘ 

‘ ‘ 4 nt’ Cnitater Wergr- / ‘one e 

dash /- Mwlley hala Vbwis aterrte. a 

ve 2- aoe Lather with 1 leite pedf- ‘ 

“ » J-~ Ch eur, 7 

Spo oe RE Re SE Oger, See SSS eA Saas i 
t H i F : 
i t H ; ey : 
: 2 be 7 : A : 
. % 4 = ' 3 a 

: Sa Soe ‘This = TTRAnnairs DERIVERG foeroges o2t7 0 conditions, itmltlo, trata . 
O°" eg aneen = anderol nfnilowng momar ne rea ks z i : 
ey ae eens essay back fo the pending 6 station for coxnparteon 
Os “Pete reemige a UNREFEATED BEyiagl tN GSiSD 6 epee omar 
wo ae 

a aained a! above, ssi 



AL BROADWAY, near. Tenth sa 


Sgt g gist ota _ Direet Wires: we 

Edison Machine Works, 

104 Goerck Street, 

(oe a - 
' Vey - 
Faria « mn _ 
_ a sf | 
, Cons 

Norvin Green, Pres. | 
S. B. Eaton, Vice-Pres, 
E. P. Fabbri, Treas. 
C. Goddard, Sec'y. 



irate eee on a ie 

1 eee 

svi et pass i 

i oad 

aye & he 

SS — “accepts 4 fy oS 



BS * 
Loe * 
“ .: 
i . 

elie Bk — tt: mw Lig he gol 


Wy He, th tle rk rh bape? ! 


“S Bdigoi” Machine Works, 

So.Se3, 104 -Goerck Street, | - 



65 Wifth Avenuo, 


pea ees 

i oaisye ss yx Bdisom Machine Works, 

e ~, 

. ae 104 Goerck Street, 

wf be Se DE oe pais ch QR on Lie ses. 

. [are ie 
Byer his De SET ae aoe ca 


ee : 
J Ue a natieanenes ye, thew 
deans, Wir, Jetw Ocenre avhe had charge’ 
of. thw Werka prreeoia dv. Cy GS 
ancl awhe rar, heer ern ete cl swerh Dave Re mobS 

Edison Machine Works, 

* 104 Goerck Street, 

Cg. New York,.. Gout: one Oa 188 / 





“ye ST TS OS ae alg ee, 
fo Bee Edison Machine Works, 

qe hain “ 
104 Goerck Street, 


a ct 17), 

YOK : Ba. bold nfm fm g 

7 Be pine A», Vihar 
Ahan, a a oh esse eg ides 
ae 4 Bef, th Blt? tpl tick, Je 

ae Le pte 4 god tah Time Sag ine 

aol * spite, 4b mee tonk gee 


Edward P. raaeeen & Co. 

Grain Mills, Hoisting Engines, Ete. 

36 Cortlandt Street, 

Epwanp P. Haateson, ee & SF 4 ie e “ig SEPT 

ek peer: : anew 
= foe Tag 7 


7 . 

Edison “Machine Works, 

104, Goerck Street, 

ne a aes wT 
| co 

Edison Machine Works, ° >| anne 

" ,104, Goerck Street, 

. New York...@ 

"Edward P. >. Hampson & & Cox, 

SAW MILLS, -.«%... 
Grairt Mills, Hoisting Engines, Ete, # 

"36 Cortlandt Street, 

Epwarp P, Hanson, ee ee toe 

gs ue a ee obs Bod aginst 110) 

Cot oa Ay 

ae fed cae rt se F ¥ ae * aise 
Be abt gel 8 ae ‘ oe . OS ‘ 


Consulting Engineers’ 

M’F'RS OF MACHINERY. . 43 Barve sce St, ee . 
Newarh, T, Joo Gita G.. BE NBBY 
ona. Sadao. ay, 
jenlo. Dy. 
dear so 

Abs deact les Slatin 
oe , Yetd to, Lie. Charge. 
ie SGOT Bre. Seek. Met bee be bien 

‘on¢ach. Co ate hSo- link. atd, 

COME Ae ae 

Li ance. a ythe Neb sccclite. eee 
 aLizies the 5 Sick. eae beth : 

Grain Mills, Hoisting Engines, Ete, 

36 Cortlandt Street, 

poe “ ne ee 
(pe yy Cr y cu até, Beng — 2 AFL 
uu é /)\ ae f) y so ; ; ‘ 

frome wenn oot een arate came we geld wintae Hoat teense ar es a ec ees a pei we end ee Saca re silent ak Pound mint ancean tunel Mane Oeees eee ate 
e fi 

Edward P. >. Hampson & Co, 

’ Grain Mills, Hoisting Engines, Ete. 2% 

36 Cortlandt Street, 

Epwarp P. Ham 
Wy F, Harine. 

Sa 8 ASS 
a tle 20 a 13 

RS ps SS 
2 ae og 1 & ou 

Guanes, eee nre {Tid 

Abctohhenss ie 
feavirdar y. S Wa ae 
\ s- / Sh ‘ ys 
Sie SS aed ait ie Maeteg 

Nageeeti fete, - Ge 7 EF NN 
Britten — ECE D 
i of ie 7 06 oan | 
Pret Wit |b po.0? Z- or eens er A an pe Ge ms ee Cex 
“Panciner Tuy 9 ony” i vA cs THAGH IGG AL S m, 
' ks tl sig ‘Foes ves “veo Zi ‘Z, at : 
ne a GINEV ON 
a [leo oo Ne et 
a os 108 3 eet edna 

Edison Machine Works, ve 

104. Goerck Street, . 

New ae 1884, 

ane. es, eee dag. 
nas Fas Gee es Ao 
" "tease! het. awe denies 5 alee 
an ant: whe oat... $ abe eee, pan 
| sahabpads.ide aan. ea eh Partdn.. ee 
Le ie Weed os Weck, gcse 

' ea ee ee Mecho, an | | ss nen Ok, Drews UE wth, Hs 

= ont 

oe i Cl bs 4 Y A Z. : Kz 
rath ci z: 2 = al 7 pos ies es 

SREY ER aa serene con coe taney ates SECRETS RR Era AGERE SRBENE ENTER PDE dr a B eae e : : 





GP Cowles, Vice Best & Tress. 

| WEDodgec Ii; Prest. 

a as ., | ie B> ; ‘Ge, GE 
xe ES Casonuit Poaassbe Yyfroit LO 

AA, Coules, Se cc, 

. or 

ee. : MM. Cif died, — - 

= pages. CE Che bid Yo sun tuand its 
‘ , Prom AcEatenn, kag. 
- a 
Ho. 66 btn Alen etsy See 
Dear Sire. : sel 
. i 

wees you. pieaee snsorm me-uhat i¢ the: 
selative neetetance: Of the. Ztne. imsee' dideudat ton weatcn we gee i 
Turntshing you: on paveageat imempiigna the: ordinary Parapyine ‘tre a 

1 2 4 
| - * sutation in vossion aies Dic othen wore 2 J wilah: te enw row e f 
| a mucr auperter. one Bide nee kemnaeten te te ne orner, 7 : 

| il nan Bit mie a Pe eee Pay: 

Sak ae I eS SY ne ae EE 


10 Henan. ld Enter. Gaga | OFFICE OF 


Sekai ias aah a0 abe ———— | NEW YORK,.. yt 0 T.488 

i scebddeaseeretrttccanas gttisntae es ae XX fences... Ont Garin lon, Dea. 

TO. me . | 
eeeerneessennseveccansuveousseasesueenecereeecanssanutseoseteeesentersusetenasstscnuinessecaeeeeees a | OFFICE OF 
srvevscebernnasesanneteessenee : Ssererereunnnimmamnananmane einen 7 104 GOERCK STREET, 

NEW YORK). cece. 188 


x aN ag 322 




' ‘ 
i ) 
JcSlee aca tunes 
na Bi a oth te ah ck a ee a 
i. 0 Hemet ae note ate Ree ee NE ee OFFICE OF 

eatevaas a tt cad ee nln Sa Tea Tea 104 GOERCK STREET, 

gochinisis’ Toop, 



Cold Rolled Shafting, 
Couplings, Pulleys, 
Tanite Emory Wheols & Much'y. 

Established 1855. 

The Geers. Place = 
“Machinery Agency, 


% sooo e Sonn een 

Bp RS ele ae | 
ares 7 Oorrereh eum 
yo ie ‘ a : , paint (be and. 

Bones = cs ee , 

“te Ore TOO. bi 

“eian teeta Reet 

Sd ors, 

Reape Established 1855. 
agocninsts Too), : 



or nr The George Pisce 

Cold Rolled Shafting, 
_ Couplings, Pulleys, M hi 

Tanite Emory Wheols & Mach'y. 


| lms A> Senos 


ph A Mins Meme tha be tne Bis Sal 
te I Nile Tim tl Ginn tic 
foodie keds pen wick OT 

eT Canby pal fa 


Phin Swit Uf oe, vara rk 
“Wtng” Wer vey ae oe haw grt ; | 
fog OuT Crbdit wit ato | 
Act = Bch | 

= pe 3 
eves ey te bho Lvker rales bel, | 
4 fs tts ds Ce, /4 Tr Bloegp ee | 
wrk Aerie. th ve Worl? - Smee ! 
har ¢ a 0, ile a | 
Nite A eet fos ate 
rk whek gle i th rect, te 
Pham ote wb, drag oe 

| owe ahiiin F F 
: br ie 



SERS ara neni poe 

[. toed 
} sasige gee sd Sate a i Merta/ 


a Tn ree meee pe eee eee ee, ae a oan ee ee — 


Edison Machine W. orks, 

104 Goerck Street, 

New York... hee. 29.7%. a 188f, 

Kou er, man, 

eee. Betilereeesd” ape oar Batt caunae di oe ees 
j : 
one Oc. CETL 7 Re eC RR ee Oe Se | 

ey Aeneas 

oes win a he eh. Ga 
Nieto MN \ 

oT Mn forbes 
<dGis ~~ 7 brn Remy of F rel. taewtedd : tn . 
| An Coffer re Ane Presa toes} Heys 7 
gs rer Medan Bete Ln i 
t dk. em va bew ees fee? 
a ae PWrnwela Masewog 2 L, 
Onstion Ratettz in , oc Tha wat Ay hotel 
tow Lug a the iat of | ) tees 
w we Wrl td bien ts a 
2 rr’ viet, Cae ite ene ae 
— obi anf la bw The cca ions ee henge 
- ted bees we fk ale op me 
| | shecgth, ae Yawg onn w” os: Dvir 

Gia. ame bitin. oe Ge Yt. 
oeae tng nr Aces 
1 ed af Sree capa _ 
Was ‘ep. Beet Lae “hg 


Sick Sire ie 
No ae et a ak ee 

ww Rin erhtee, 

PO aia POET me ease - pate A 4 setae 4 

ES 4s B* Bese. e: os 
pe. te: > Za Les) 2 ie Ce 
LD Pe - oe CLA or ner ae ae Op oie. eet wo 
[Geel 75 a atte oo ataeeyy Yoo Zvy oO Mt O08 
a ? 
Gren rele CL ae, “peel ; ee. “Y eee. “era flee e | 

POAE ce. Ca wee? CAG boo Cae OLED ere, Car vittin sg 
Set Cree AT AEs id SOR gytate CE » LPC 

“ean Pe hog as Pesan 

Ai. avec oe ge 

3 & ee pi et Le 

igo ake 

feu Ate Pago 
ale + (2 ‘a 

) Be pe ES gh 7 4 

45 ‘4 ep ei the eC . 4, 

OL wy cot oy 2 
Fe: MOA br ot Oe oe Cees, Pe #2 Ct foes 
cp et a PHL Lo aan he & aig f 

PF atop — 

GP Cowles, Vice thest & Tres. 

Ad Contes, See 
WEDodye.Ii,Prest. vt. CouTes, Sec. 

| ol Cs OLE “ae 
SS  CHyoniutDhuasl Caf, (WOR 

a AL. 4d Ci Trice Z , 
of Qe a i 
of PAH LETS, ONiYoah wer-ties, per tien, JIE. 

L.A. Edison, Esq. 
Wo. 85-Bifth Ave, Gfty. 
Leur Sir; 
' £ have recetued Yaqur esieemad favor of 
Oct. 8th. py which it appegre thet tha Zine White is a good 
inauluton Jer wire when in a dry piece, auc ta_ nat good to 
aetandg water. _ this ie .ag-f—-aupposed. 
, Paunk ing you vor pour. kind uttention, 
2 reyasn, 

Yours truly. 

Lyk ree | 

fw of fe a oe ae oe 

| we red 

e 2. __eptice.or e = Bass 
_ Edison Machine Works, 

104 Goerck Street, 

N ew York,’ 




The Southwark Foundry and Machine Company, | 

. Sole Makers of 

The Porter-Allen High Speed: Steam-Engine. 

W. H, MERRICK, President, 
ct. poate R, Vie 

WIC oe, 

cs 7 scenes Superinte , see ca ao baal } 
ei, L, Loar hucrs 

/ St CUS ite ato aes 
ran won ee QULA 

oe Card Ce, adtriteck ben.” 
m4 I WNtnd hm pet ee 

Be Ge Orns Jani Clown facil pa : 

SE / Earn nn 

¢ Be Se oe ee ibe va : 

Loa, meres dolar pa ae Fay wor Puffa 

. Cake Wee hed hap Pe ra A ntl Credit 

tg Mat Lomcaslly fon fret 

it hai 
<e yy W-be~ar thes an eft ie 
| Spe, Aho a7 Apes 


Mae Hee bas ae eee wan 

ae See rey Mreknaengss | 
specalty os Liles es Anteettr-on h | 
tna hal p= wel. og ee | 

pebemee a in tx atrery “ashi ; Ly ne Eee 

wh (78 Aven Je dar aed) nn ok 

ope pt pit, | 

business communications to the 


ent wit. Mar | 

ch yqqices sy) plieucre comummestioia 6d me Ce 

won / ft 


are ales 

Oe ‘Joy ae 


eN AsaQs | | 
WRAS | ‘  Qet. 1uth,. 

ohas, “H Vannes: ae 

15y sagkadt Bey vm 
Weou- Sane © be oy 
Referring to. your, favor oe: the lath, Wr Fdison re~ 

rookl yn, Ie ty 

quest s ne to stat e@ that te has got all that he re- - 
quires in the way of Steam Engines for use in con- 

nection with his electrie light system: °° °C" 

Seep uaeden 

Yours ‘truly, 

pina ncbalesnetind Sasa: . ascieipc mesa alae ints ori icine werent 2 meet 

The Southwark rounds and Machine Company, 

i . Sole Makers of 

| The. Porter Allen High. eee eas Engine : ; | 
ng i | Poni: : 
! ie 

4 io iets ase ate freeones whore soe 
tf ' Ves pee arene s vehy 
fiw a ey a ed 

Address all business communtcations to the Company, 


20 abt 

Co-0- tHE 

aE - Mb a ahink CP ez 
> cama re 

aol Bacar ceed a ; 


anal ORS 

. pee ioe 
“Van Sprat BS KLE 
“er sateen y 

M8 ef AC uz 


Batinen Renny = 

a ss ae aheeteg . YS 
Z @. em) 
reaite = - jeanne a 

Net. 24th, 

Armington * Sims, 
Layrenen, Mass 

Year Sirs: ae 

mais n wants two Sneines exaetly the same 

zt a% Moore, sash having tvo wheels, 
4 Yours truly, 
Mf i, (4.. 


Ng tre 

* Southwork. Poundry © Machine So, 

Phila. Pa. 

cents tir 


Al sponinh in Hondone fhe vouchor ror this 
missing. “ould you do me the very graat 
soudite “a duplieste? 

Yours truly, 

Tt quite ovar~lookad yours of the L?th, 

as you 


A - On or about the 20th of June T sent you 



al dor gin’?s check Cor is a for the engines at 
paynieng is 

favor! of 

bet. 25th, 

tug. Kabenin= 

1 fy Refervangy to the enclosed ,: “@ huve sti--., 

oe enginethat has nover beon used. It is the. ij 


1: ‘in ‘question, bot cht for exporimontal pu Pposas..—1 

Janine with the boiler is in the eonbrak static’ 

WR os 

6 Second one is used for tesfiing purposes at “ore” 


+ and the third one is the en ite “wbove referred’ t 7 

“to bousht Por experimont ine. bs are ete 
Yours trwhy, ° et RS a 
‘ae ot 
i : THE 
| enc “soux MAXERS OF 

WH MERRIGK, Brett, anid Tries Sata 
C. T, PORT: 

+ Te 1» Vice-President, 
G. A, BOSTIVICK, Scerelary, GL. f- 2. A ap 

C. B. RICHARDS, Superintendent, PHILADELPHIA, ........ ec. eat foc ‘ 
222 co eh Bateson Gay, 
OB Chew La Lew 

_Cthe LUAe lt. Ee 
Par a Mi ft- Lee le Be I Bip biue: Sts, Ef, 

we #2000, ad pepecctiat at lay aii 
I 227 4 epueh. 

Lenses Beet Go 
ES Dostive fe. 
leet Ey 

Get. BOth , 

Hessrs avies & Go, 

15 way, Gity. 

heuer Sipte= 

“he . . “LULL you please advise ino at your aurhiest convenience. 



Gone getly what iothod of provedure is best in ordar to ship goods to. 
a Za 2 I Ps 

ngdon and the continent: through you. “QO propase to do our own ox. 


“PrOésage, bub we wish you to roliovy us f 211 trouble as to ship- 

nignt. “Yo ure sending frequently larice shipments to London by 
Steuer sailing directly for that port. Yo would have to roly 

BD _ Lay, 

Upon your potting us the lowest possible rates ond we would sifeci f ; 
‘ . ee 

© WU ol ee se 
Lhe ‘steauer by whieh ve shtppadothe BoGds tu go by. Part of the 

goods will have te come from Nenlo Park. Ploes?2? let us know how 
‘you would have us-deliver them, Shall ve sond then direst to the 

“steamer or ship them t-. the Penn, Depot subyjeut to your order? | if 
the latter, would wo address them to our vorrespondent ne London : @ 
simp Ly udd ross them to you? - 

We would want you to koop ‘us advised as to the wook Ly 
‘stoamors the last moment whieh: wo could send the goods to the dock 
jand tiny other information to fucilitube the ‘vapid shipment of the 

“foods, oS it is a iettor of the greatest importance to us that they! 

“should go so soon us they ure ready, and that we should reeeive the! - 

WLLL of dading us soon us possible, us we have to present thei in’ 


orde? to obtain payment for them here. 

Yours ‘tiuly, 

f oat aides 

“PSTN es Ges ee 
V2 \t, Anzgionn Soorery ox Mecpanioan Everveers. 

BEG Sy os - 
ON . oe : 
sae ek oR Gork,..Oatubor B8hs..188 1 
CREA - cate WA 

Tho AMaFLcadSociety of Mechanical 
EnEHET Pir pose holding a Meeting in ‘this 
City on the Sri and 4th proximo; and as it is 
the custom of the Council, on such occasions, 
to obtain for the memb ers, who come from all 

“parts of the Country, the privilege of visit- 
"ing and inspecting whatever there may be of ) 
professional interest in the vieinity, “I. am 

he é 
instructed to ask if you. will kindly permit, 
in your charge during the current weeke The 

organized excursions and the members will 

probably visit the places which are thrown / 

suchas may be disposed, to. examine the works 

arrangements do not contemplate anything like oo. 


open to them at various times and alone or in 
small groupSe 

To prevent unauthorized persons from 
availing themselves of this opportunity each 

member of. this Society will exhibit a card 
of introduetions-- 

Yours truly, 

‘Thomas Whiteside Rae, : 

See’ y. 

p . el 
= : re ise . 
© Ls 
3 cs : + % : : . RS gz 
it) os = ae % 8 fe ct = 
ae Ms “ " 4 & o ‘ a fc] 
. ~ - S ma ie] Dad ied > 
é ne as % rs ; 122 e 2 & 
ee te fogs = a % C ‘ i) ma S 
ta r. if . é : <5 = 
n Q Q nt : ¢ 
i S ° 4 Cc i 
n = 2 ” Q pe bas G 
= a i & ts g ey e m ss a f hs a 
7 sess “ F - tee . 
; " c Cy) ‘ : a fo = 
he GC ow w ee - fay Sf? = Ea 
Q an +, 2 ro] rn ef “e ian OL ie 
my ee Be vay bes s od ue AY 2 tt 
2 o ¢ a 0 a ts oe ; a S 
rae toe R oe Ma bt ) nt a me " Aw ‘ O\ Cc : 
ce ns tae r a be fuss ie > 3 t e e 
F a ¢ a 2° ey Tan c Qo Fae oe) Ls 
; ra om ra o n te. as “3 3 ea ! ‘\ KI 
a ie és fa € mn a pat i t | 
~ om mo oe om wo & © . i “ug NS 
tae oO t+ ie) 4 Es w mh es Bn ®° 3 (QS) 
“ ft. oi bn Ro & eS : yy 
= fS i=} 2 c te rey c SN | 
ot o S ee eB we io oe ING S e 
+ Le oO cs Au (4) o ee t > iO] a 
i b rs % Ce = e 
te a a ra a an th 3 rot) e 
oe i & at io ma) ce C. 
c Co : Cc ro) G 4c +t @ 
ei 3 of Q ny +] sf nm in G a 
at (o] im) a iv) te LY be, tt oe ta : G, ’ 

pinists’ a) 
se AND POX, 



Cold Rolled Shafting, . . 
Couplings, Pulleys 

Tanilo Rivery Wheels & Hach'y, 

By = 2.0 
VurmG, o 

Established 1855. 


LhenGeorge Place 

ar ad A 
} des: %s a ; 
/ Machinery Agency, 


“pooh er Too), 



Colt Rolled Shafting, 
Couplings, Pulleys, 

Tanito Emery Wheels & Hach’y, 

Ry = ae" 

P.O, Box 4499, 

Established 1855. 



The, ae Place 

LM fachinery Agency, 

ai Ze ath & 103 READE -o 

ohys ans 



Ste Peer fucef = 

Dnas OA 4 Cot Geccece 
atl 4 ayes wr fee welhete! etaate uy = 
‘Veter: Ligier 0 eer Co. Cesena, 

“th Siping pee A wf" We Boo Ke 

its, rat ov. pep aes Ay” Le” CS: 
if yy v Dd 

Cel 4 Cases | <\. PO-0 ALO be 

a a A Cees, Ps , ee yf. rea 
eat beh telat 0f » Carmfeo 
ber 2c UP ao feaehe? en , ay, 

, £e 70 a. 

Aha. rte dew joe o “poner 

monet ayes Say cob be 
She. Tt - 

bean el ctiendh och FC ae! ren” Hand) 
fig O Carn fo ehe be y mend Odo, 
Bo a a 
S000 AVG va aed 
A.4 a 2. 4 
2s “0 4 a . 
790 Boo cn @a. eta.a 
SO Gauaw enet Cle aB— 
Bo nnc.shine Vise Bei were 

AZ os © Se Poe Oe 26k OLE flee. 

q a May At Co, Un ataeteceg CAE 
ehe. es L 4S -Co 4 fc ecole cael 

atte febr, G the <atl Chiat cocks 

once he ar CF! nce Aid: eb a 


a pore 


Ect ma ae 



aS yt 


> AE f Mme. f 6 cee tC Bees cm) 
fr Me. . ge 

ie Ges nasil —— os Moe 

Phe Adin, 


Edison Machine Works. 
““s . 2184: Goerck Street, 


P es S os Po Ree York, eben f 1880. 

ia tran tired . + fom octet ave to 

Chieu: OD atgeoletor. ; - . 
Kaceernr Watchin UWorter’ 



- 65 FIFTH AVENUE.‘ - 

2: fl. ..188 / 

New Yorh,............ £640, 


CE tamnatal Co 

Aecke— ae Hove at Lea 


Ctwder from Pitts torah, abl fe as 
Je Com +, bienS ee Crrerah 

ee ae te Thay Ht ne ne 
ber fb iarrienta 

© ea Uh acum {acaba bow oAth | 
Fe ee a 
Serr Sh ores 
| alti | 

Keio eer “Bh. an 

Se ee ee ee TEE 



artford Steam viler [uspection anu A[ineance 0. 


In Consideration of the Receipt of Five Dollars, do Insure 


and their. legal representatives, or parties to whom they may assign or transfer this Policy, (per form on back,) to the amount of 

Four Hundred Dollars, on the Baxter Steam Boiler and Engine ‘manufactured by them, and designated by the number. 

against all such pugediale Loss or Damage as shall be caused to the property specified by EXPLOSION or RUPTURE from the action of 

steam, from the. oon I OE ann ighteen hundred and eighty..¢?%<& 12 o'clock, noon, unto 

zceighteen hundred and eighty 2222 at twelve o’clock, noon, to be paid at said 

Hartford, within thirty ‘days after notice and proof of loss has been made by the assured. 

it is expressly Govenanted, That this Company is not liable, under this Policy, for Loss or Damage resulting from the burning of the building or steamer in which 
said Boiler may be used, nor for any Loss or Damage to any Steam Boiler not provided with a proper Steam Gauge; and that in no case shall the claim be Jor more than the actual 
and immediate damage insured against, estimated according to the true cash value of the property at the time of the explosion; and it is hereby agreed that any Luspector of the Company 
shall at all reasonable times have access to said Boiler and the machinery connected therewith, on which safely depends; and should such Inspector, or any person interested in the Boiler, 
at any time discover any defect at all affecting the safety of said Boiler he shall notify the assured, and this Policy shall become void, untess the Boiler ceases to be worked until such 
defect shall be thoroughly repaired; such vepairs to be made at the expense of the assured. And this Company reserves the right at any time to cancel this Policy for any cause materially 
affecting the character of the risk, in which case the Company will return to the assured a ratable Portion of the premium for the unexpired term of this Policy. 

ut QUituess BUhereof, The HARTFORD STEAM BOILER INSPECTION AND INSURANCE COMPANY huve caused these — to be 
signed by their President, and attested by their Secretary, in.the Chty of Hartford, Connecticut, this KBr. 188 


[Assionatent ] 

Gor Palue Received, We hereby transfer, assign, and: set over mT. ee lnk 

all benefit and advantages to be derived therefrom. 

WITNESS our hand this E 



and Ache ecraassigns all our right, title, and interest in this Policy of Insurance, and i 

day of haem 

— ine a 

104 Goerck Street, 

New York,....: Sen Ce f +3 oi 1884, 

eh} OM relive , 

os pp a ee 


eee cas Berit Ataroiees | 


Nan San, 

Pg on oe 


a ptt mate 
3 h if i +f ‘ 3 





eye) ide as Ah BS wales, eS 
a ae. ae ee 





Ben i pod 
+> ies! 
Lie j ~w is 
ae (ee cs 
p<) i 
i Mee eae ae 
x i 

OY Plato... Fe 1. A 2 Foal bates cd (Bed ey as 


I Sy By 
a ee, 
| fey 
he! | 
i | 






: except. "26b6 




2absl ale. edeal es 
Qciubanse® 3208: a Peover bae: 

. fl se 
PE gk: 

ar tas Ct PF cece, A - e  e BSN Poorest ore bed Were Oi 

i armen uy) ee 

Po A Patehrcete AT PH Nd. AM i 
ls, - Dee ARBOR wend eff EL Ep 
200 Yaboreren.- GEG Oo We 
cork’ Ahep fe hs FR: Hee Pade Ercacf atest Pa sec eny 

i ‘ 
Ee Cd ae ee Oo Se OL 

oceth. Qceenrcetec, 

PO Geom 

OP bacet=- 






| oHle decor ol ot. of 203. 

: I 

pop abb over. oF ee Ee 
VE Tbe OB 9SOHS. ved. ow | LAS ee: 
wwe hear denprid te leb tort | |i! 


aa i ae * bead « 
ts t 1 : 

ogy fe ote SEE og i 
, ee ee eee ee ee, 
: i ; rn sar car 

AS hogs Oxpurrnace "2886p. sy 
Guten. Eppewsey 1872022696 

| |e. eee pe foes. oe 

Acchececd.. ts. % mbes: 

reqs GA 3.. anaccl 2NbSi23- 

“asearer wa wttg frome ge 
easy ee 

| ta GPG36, HB. Qi Cerete, Cer... Bs i, Peles ee bone 
K Bia aR ecee  weret as he. fone [copes dad Ponefeefome facedfegeemey oe 

~y ag ere ~~~ LS Ave CL. # he FY i 




i ASST ©: 


Bac el: fed: ie 

howe ce tw 




well traded F.. har 


|... Qeuols MA. toerctal. owe flan Hei 5205H G.. 






‘Very, 1/8 



ats ORE 


Coll Rolled Shafting, 
Couplings, Pulleys, 
Tanito Emery Wheels & Hach’y, 

Vourrwe, & 

P. O. Box 4499, 

Established 1855. 


The George Place 
Machinery pecan 


Gish iy AGENCY, 

So aang me owe i 7a Lice me ae 

gow clone Pere, 2 ft : * 

EZ eh Heat L La PE gf 

gee a 
Li horctimwcron nee ee itt fs mae OSE DD BLE an 



; 3. Sue a 

fa Ber th Fel NN dA SS ee TEL in 8 sets fens dite 

ar — Hueyage Adjugteys and Yugtivance Brokers, 
a ei 
\/ iv = 

NOTARIES, (Notaies for Hanover Nat'l Bank.) 

; \k 02 BL 7 L STREET. 
\~ Feu Yak, bh Qo, vee 

Genk Veli ta D Con YR 
Ao Wack Mee Turn okt 
One d\n EK Oo Urouss - | 

“pan Maree 




P.O. Bow 3791. — Ly ed EAS IYEAR Die PERRY 

(\. ; (yh Average Adjusters and Yugurnnce Brokers, 

U ; NOTARIES, (Notaries for Han er Nat'l Be nk) * 

Deere FineiordaeDte Die LRILIEA 
ok : 2 — UL STR). 

! ; 4k ie » kdus ORAL 4 he ‘meng: bers 
“ » Woody i = me A Vous bo. ee aki Caabite al 
Monga eee, So}. 6 oes. 7 Pe Malo hin 

: A WAY oy otnty w 
“S ae . ; 

4 vs 

¢ BAR 7 
eee | ’ : ne Ba 104, + 
, Cree ren ro ee ies Wad der9 

Sony, deen Sort by tl fo es 
Sen ene frting ee 
Naa Ma ee ah A CULL On orcas € cb nt 

Wh Quad Win Kern My Syyalars are 
eae , eoaaana 

Edison Machine Works, 

‘104° Goerck’ Street, 

New York, A. ect ae 188), 

Fi 2a aS 

Se Seer ae Se ae a yo anol mun. , 

pie aaa eons Ave-F.....4b-0... front... eo... Commarea. 
vs Org. bse eacbn. ee et Aree Ps 
.. Reefe... mend eet AO eng oo 
ae rrr... emenvteol As Aa awry... eee: 

rd SLI ene Re et Pe oy 

pee Cote a errs ete eet. tet. 
Gorck. Lo AM, (eee = aii ALO. 
anaaseter Snes Bice % oan be 

ee a ; ji = 
Se ae Sie SERRE 4 

: is “ OFFICE OF 

1S eS. 

pe eo Bdison Machine Works, 

| . SSa83 “to “Goerck ‘Street, 


| \ . 
New Vork a ee ees sh soa settee 188 - 

eset hatin tet dhcmevte a) deta if, etme. 

“which have been daséritod to y the sender of th following moasa Fie anes 

Erroracanbe easan StF eno sandr sation fo coimparion, “eS 
and thet the Oompany Wille cd anal aN seeieg ears transmission o: nig hton freon ted. 

he iia icusaze t {san 1 UNMEFEATED ae Gud {3 delivered by request of the sender, under ‘Y 
A. R. Beo'y. * NORVIN GREEN, President. a 
Dated. ’ : 188 / 
‘ ” y 
Received a 4 
So. : ls Le 4 
a Ma mM Lohse Phat - a a 

la soot: aagl Dole 
<M Us fre rifemring 


i ad ke | 
BLE fad OQ 
be 7 : = = 
% 2 “ a. vans 

gen oe i 


asoshiniat oop Es stablish shed 1856. 
eee ce Hid e George PL. ace 
Cold: Rolled Shafting, : 
X cotter Machinery Agency, 
Tunito Rumery Wheels & ach’y, 121 CHAMBERS & 103 READE STREETS, 
2urrNe, wee | bu Yo ABE. 23... 
\ P.O, Box 4481 4499, —_ 


Fram the CREDIT LYONNAIS, | Toi Gs Zhen 
pM (Eaditable Bullding,) 120 Broadway. . 

New York,... sts Ze Ln A C_,.188 7 

= tt FO La. Maple Apert 

fame ae 

bekerss Grit lx Fet LLY Cee, y ok WA rae 
y rt ot Qty slack 


ee DE 


ey os perc Ake bee 

ae J 

omen ne ranean commer ott 5 oper TNE eS naan repeat eet ante ee er ne 
:" ~~ Pecan tm nant ad 

WMurly ba: Aled > hk LEP) 
OLS oy Wel aeD Sig Ces 
| TS \ 
SY. 9 4G. Mea, bfepr bare fa | 

Me the. ieee. Pte so a. 1 8S? Flee 
a. J76. Lhe. om 40 Leng FST 
» battage As cenhey | . slee 

oe Mat, Yr ovrin bi ks 
a om mas ean: 

on OS Cw. Ho td..teLare. - ercotens Gea. 20.6. 387] 96l ar: 

ait “GS. © a 
ait te Hy on srfeninush 
Potato aicge 

: paar as ee ‘ 

pie f : ae bets Ee Oe eL, re 

eeewn nsnenare cite A fe NE NA Aan 

Worn eeti ated, iy eae = : 

. Chcturd: 

hy AN 2X FE. 
a i x. 

NF on. 

VE on 

LX So 




Ra: i ee Belen 
; . pbb , aise 


Sus alee (lu 
ty pha clee, =: a 



aw Lt KF " 
| ee 

ie eon ARS . ie ~ RGA Re 

REX & Ahacks ovat aha 

Soton’ Lin Aus Med 2 pars a 

Ltctea) (ela abs 

JZ YX = ow : 6P// 

6 FOF. 

cro 9 
as aa 

a ae ins ehias: 



9 so 

Sha dees 


C0 ace | Conm..6.7 

Fn | SOR ene e , Saree 

FA Jan. eee A22G, Bgperd. /o2 eae 
sini Ke a ee 
ws anit 7a 75~ o 

9 aN 

Sree We Abe 


A  Cbxtive Right. dba Es 

ee aC at Ce Oe ae) 

soigcnetets ic claebaasatdsdnichs anecstisonc sca f etot 8. 

i aA 
thas Us theentaeechbs FL es re 

: Cece ghia: Gee. a 6S, Fn fbf Bit 
2 Kbyte Cee tee : 2ZO°e, : : YG co. 
| GC yplen (Cruah-s Sieh, ait SR eee cn BR aa .o7, 

: Gaxac ight Oe Sp omclo Cue? te Chee | 
Safifty..tefrcintrwew! OC. ee! 
es Alay ee AA. odbrcrtetit ent le. Eye ur FF, 
nS acter ena elt on SMe Be: BO enter 
AX Th ow $66 Bt I Boe 
oS a, eS AHS | Coes Oe 
YK Y Ptrte. Btw An i x ; 
ah gfe Gru 39. S950 | 
ye ae a bEn4 . 2 43 SO 
cy Aes ae - ce ax Ma67 

ex oon ee 7 “7 9pn oe oy ie 

Sn fer gp 9 TE 
Te hey. co aa four: 6etefe 13° ue Jon | 


di YAY Bhucteo "Cur Deellefed 12 Lod 
a tr ea Bhan Pay Paes i) bbe 
Pp X b Glyp~ yigse AZo 
HK EF ‘ees. Ns ee gre 3/6 
t/a eget 200 

caretnes Fo 3 73 


QIK F Chait cone Chafee 1 4,00 ee a LES | 

2 ONG Poe tl BM eid, LEB 
ee Sa ee | 
| STA wy wine Lorg agaul lO... SSO | 

ge. ALec “0-11 ir) i 

= a Boe BREN Cri a OO...) 
iz: ) SRE we Sa fegSeiy ¢ GO 



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SRE et onthe tate aries najaeee tt net 

beet. te Occ. Mtoacheuie Go , 
ae eee ORE Ar ee PS ane ee 






pene — ete aon 


” ‘ Ss ee eS Ee es BR eta Mae ee BoE eek znd 


7 ere. “Loh ATS: 

Aes Moaw Ccrre Pere Cum we wonns oy hie 

|| foEk. . Cake hee. brrd Sf ulin wt, 0 brave 16..0 fe. 
is Ahypwonesoce Zee ; FO0.0Co | 

ie Reiiciiiaag <a 
Re Oo ene ee ee fF. 

PL for we a Saar date ae confa Crettintensaates bon BETAS 
fbileseote Sober . ; siete “eases it, ae eee 

axe oa Op toencte foes &, ures cock an : ALES 

eo ft Ben Bm fare IH le 20. 
ae) ee us ae a a 
Wer iu VL at Bon, 3 - & : &bco”d 

[bon YBarfle 

PS fore nn a Oo F 

| Cle, Leeare. tg he. Dae GCAO Rate t Cth. 
LS yWfleg r Aa fcerre Cotacivel. | " 7 
|| 7Ee.. o Cone. Gerd, ee f’ Yeoke on oe 

eee ae Lf SF, 

Mya mo... Zee YOO cO 
2 B ohn 

te ae, a cel 2 

Pfonfco ad a Engine ca ay dane 

eR ey eae 

ied ise ———s naan, Solrne, as DES | 


ve RR Sete acy 


NEW oR a odie ut8s 

Lnmagt = Abou Sp 

L449 ar oee... 

iar 2, ee i “ ¥oa. 
Pty fhe el aIO: 4 S400 
J8 XIE CS Egy [FO PP. an 

ey es 


en ne me one ante 




1881. Electric Light - Electric Tube Company (D-81-030) 

This folder contains correspondence relating to the establishment and 
operation of the Electric Tube Company, New York City. Formed in 1881, the 
company supplied underground conductors for the Edison electric light system. 
Under the direction of John Kruesi, treasurer, the company furnished conductors 

for the Pearl Street central station of the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of 
New York. 

All the documents have been filmed. 


The Edison Electric Light Company, 
. 65 Fifth Avenue, 
Norvin Green, Pres. . aes 
S. B. Eaton, Vice-Pres, 
E. P, Fabbil, Treas, 
_ C, Goddard, Sec'y, 

. ‘New York,.. 

Thy igus cme fayetiy : 

Gert oP Ace Gd B4CAa aust 
Ql pre oo eer a Ang, Lf ae 
ol G- RA.Av ze gf Ee ear 

SD athe, Lrg Po Laue 
yy — arate 2 Sees 



A , ‘ 
P.O. iotiams, aioe 
ad re 

Cee oh Le setae amemmielaneenesios i erantivsnin tes eros tt meta en reaction meen a 


RO. acer BOX 2960, 


hee York Leh ste / 

“Yen hy 


Casas: Eb tee Tbe ho "1 / 

Cha rained Stone. 
Geo. S. Malin. 

WnuLTorter.. Hees F, a, Pe 7 Ve, Vole. 
P. 0. Box 1836. 


eo CL ) 
Lerter 7 oo LEN. Y. oo: 
HM Mir nye of Gor Vee : ee Leas 

Edison Electric Tube Company: --~ 
Dear Sir:-- 

(1) It is not necessary to file copy: 

of. your by-laws with Secretary of State, nor any other papers at. - 

(2) The trustees or directors must all be 
stockholders and citizens of the United States, and a majority 

of them must be citizens of’ this State. 

trustees for the first year, I find’ ‘that _Messrs Thomas, Clarke 

and White are citizens of this State. The only thing to be at. 

tended to, is to take care that all the trustees shall be stock- a 


(3): “If you will let us see the minutes of 

thé proceedings thus far, we will advise you whether they are’ 



Referring to your certificate, which names the 


65 Fifth Avenue, 

po . New York, April 27th, 1981. 

4, oO 
At a mgcting of the Trustees of the above Company 
the 21st ins! wpit was resolved: 

sprees: Rebate eh bE eselel td of i 

“That a call of ‘thirty per. ‘cont be “immediately made 

upon the Stockholders.” 
In pupedence with the above; kindly send me _ cheque 

to the order of the Flectrie Tube PORE SD. for ae being 

thirty per cent on 30 shares (par $100) ae amount of your’ 

interest in the Company. 

Yours tru 

Secretary. — 


Baie ea Saget Ms tant atl, Sen Soa ep A! 

. DYpcwdls Morgan: blir ee aie ste 

P.0.Box 3036. . | 
Meir York Opa 28: 12t 

i . 

» Beg 
i T. A. EDISON, Pres. °. 
| SOHN KRUES!, ‘Treas 

The B lectric Tube Company. 
ease mate 65, Wane St. 

" T, A. EDISON, Pree, a 
_ SOHN KRUESt, Treas : 

peared New, York;.. tip ; G 188/ 



P, O. ADDRESS, BOX 2969 

“Ns fo hae 

| i. ee ammane 

GM Tea bby : 
7 — ibn ria aOR 

ou Onclal sy a er e | 

i 9 ae 

ear pers 

focal by pas 


=, The Electric Tube Company, 
65 Fifth Avenue, 
T. A. EDISON, Pres. 

JOHN KRUESI, Treas. . } 

- SAMUEL INSULL, Sec’y, H . 
aires New York...... pepe ccctittides 188 


. a 










ene Oe ee es 

The Electric Tube Company, ~ 
65 Washington St. 

se Jorn "anu Es i Clay 
ees New York.. 

eye. /GL5EY.. 

Dyn # . 4 SO%G&F. : 

G & ag et G6G8/ won 
a a de 85005 a che 



intasia q 

Me. 3 2 Cprrate iigho / 2bagey 7 Abt ths . Leveiph yey ye aaa 


oe 876 ie i 


The Electric Tube Company. 
65 Washington St. . 


New York.. Cag AE TP / 
= CAL A, ia 

a ee 

rng [4 “ot ei4ad. 
dain Sit as 

Z MB | 

cot Pe = Sa meted 
ie a i 

oot ae ann ays Verano me rion gu eee ee ob 

2 i 

ae ins 



> SS ‘SSS 



The Electric Tube Company. 

i 65 Washington St. ae 
T. A. EDISON, Pres. 
JOHN KRUESI, Treas . { : 4 
SAMUEL INSULL, Sec'y. . : 
HA 188 f 

New. York. 0 Zena 

SA Nt Dh ial Ss a a Ba Sam aS fn Ss Sia on cg Se 
: ; rer 

The Electric Tube Company, 

65 Washington St. 
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"The Electric Tube Company, 

65 Washington St, it 
T. A, EDISON, Pres. 

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"65 Washington St... - 

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65 ‘Washington, St 

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The Electric Tube Company, 
65 Washington St. 7 | 

T A. EOISON, Pres, 

JOHN KRUESI, Treas. . Ae 
SAMUEL INSULL, Sec ey. , New York, 4 At Vie 2 aL a 188 / 3 

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JOHN KRUESI, Treas, ‘ 

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' The Electric Tube Company, 
. 65 Washington St. 

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‘ T. A. EDISON, Pres, ; : . 
: : JOHN KRUESI, Treas, . 
' SAMUEL INSULL, Sec'y, : ; 
New York, mM 

Wd. S188 / 

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? The Electric Tube Company. 
eines 18 to 24 Bridge St. 

SAMUEL INSULL, Sec'y. : : 
Brooklyn, N. ce me 188 af 

The Electric Tube Company, 
18 to 24 Bridge St. 

T, A. EDISON, Pres. 

Brooklyn, Ne Yojeeccnenennrennesennnnmmmanne £88 



The Electric Tube Company, 
65 pi ee: St, 

~ New York, ZMW£-C/..... Aff sehen 1887 | 

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Jounx Davenvort, Pres, . : a F. Treat a Wat. P, J ins Si 
Muon and Brass Foundeys, =< 
Foundry. Cor. frove § uth Sts. Jersey fity, Ni J. 
a a Gly, Eass/ 

Ba Site Ri shail eh iii wuts ninth ALIA a aac 

1881. Electric Light - Foreign - General (D-81-031) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents | 
relating to the establishment of electric lighting systems in foreign countries. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

— iq, "ty bi bot , cheney" 
20.80x 1471. ce ce 

ey Ly, he LES 
2, . 


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coe hs Stn nena pe ener 

' -- ‘THOMAS A, EDISON, . 


| ; 


Tho dison, Bsa . pipe J 

| : 
~ 65 Firth ‘Ave. City. 


H | 

i Dear Sir: = 

“Iam diredted by President to inform ~:: 

i « io : 

you. that a meeting | oO: the Directors of the Edison 

| Spanish Colonial ela, be held at the offic 

pe ee & Stone, 3 Broad st 

| at 3 P. M.Thursday, oth-February, z 

i i 
| . Respectfully, 3 | 

_ Hes 

SP teeny Gee of Amy 
Aud Yorks Zebr oe SEK. AD WE want AF ee€ <a 
oe o4 Lisene Sagi 6 Ard rec Cnet fi Vine 
65. 6 Lee, | Marilee an Mee ae reer 
CLY. . AS sre Gas. 
leer ae FA well beg 

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Are = Se eed : 
ae hegre 

Sie Pees 
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es a heared ca ~ 

Biras areas 

Pe kgerennen 

3 a 

- heel coatt of. SD nenea - 


eerie A, South Mra Ge fller LAKE ff Arent E 
eer e. Yorke Lo ra. LOD? as 
oA ay 


= barpnted oe  * ad Aad + AP CamerEn. | 
* He fave rfbawitt J arlene forwarel A- 
freee fh SOE, OO Se rae Cry lo AS para tee aoe 

4 ‘ 

‘ost Office Box 259. 

- Pow Gok, Palauan tp1ty 

eH Fiege Clr. Celis 
MP Pewee ee: oy cu TF Lo veg tts 

a A i ile ee 

y 71, BRO ADWAY, a : 
“Po st Office Box 2596, © 

Cege are ee 

John K.Vorter. Pp tow, axe Lowry. Son Ut Looe: 

Grosvenor B Lowrey. 

Gene vates Saree ~. Mbe tHE VL Gornallora “ce ey 
Cha! Naneis Stone. Z, a 

Geo. S.Mamlin, 

Wan. L.forter, . ; Aye oad. SMe Me the’ Yonthc 

ov of. we wre -seby-20th-3601+—- ae soft 
‘Rear rr Edisont 

Lowrey asked me before he went. aay, : 
and Fabbri -a Ohatine ey “have « ever aince ‘been’ weing Lie sto draw e 

contrdet between’ you and Fe &: Oy dn ronpeat’ to: Indie, T have 
. 4 : aa : 


began rs 
. “I think there ‘is only one point that will 
require tush: igéuesion, and that to ‘the’ ‘Pequtr dnsnt on your part, ‘ 
8s suggested in Jour confirmatory etter to Lowey, of the. instal~ 
tation in Inds of en. etpprimentel station for the purpose of 
ti1uatrating your inventions: this requirement fret appears. 
in your very teat 3 letter in ‘the correspondence, and 1 fing that 
lowrey. anewered you’ that that had at. least Dever been considered. 

pe: requires and” form he term of. contracts. “ond aft 6, bow. 4a the 

between’ himacit and Fe & Q, Ta: it inatepensanie: ‘that! this 

‘czpsciie of at. te ‘be. bornsy, a8 you: ‘understand. a 

you. r wilt. suit. your 

oe Arter hearing from 
am cxiyror “ mk on powsinly, they wil1 eoneur test ‘any: Objection, 

(s¢ y0 you. requt e the thing: to be. done,/ and at thote sole expenae; 


but they tell. Mie | that, the’ expense: + already’ indarred, did advanced 

by : them jamouint s to. sonsiderabiy more than $3, 0003. t fonte, ‘Know 
eee i 

bon but they, seid a foe and’ Pg | Anterted from nine of lowrey's 


2 ve ce ae oat Very truly yours, Ds, 
Ze * eget SO : Poo Ohi: 
/ : i 

deh te Bane Le, Lowrey Ya Davie Bu 
ts 8 Bare _ Mer nod an | ae Sueur 

HER oN Pad AV Vy Koad Se A (ett! Yah » ; oe 
- “OL Box | a | Gotta 

Ss POS Milt yea IEE Ee 7 
: aL Oa Za Sain 28 arpa 

a you See _ 
ana Site Bt AetOP- foo. 

ae es aes 

. mae ~~? Co ” : 
SS OS RR eae 
Jolin K.Yorter. ’ hoilit: = CEG Z,OCOV YW. VOU: 

Grosvenor 2 Lowrey. Ce, wy) — ys 
Cf Zi CL 
aha - Mdtorneyps U“Csounacllew Mae eur 
: ; Z ae 
Geo. S.Mamlin, y = CZ wa . 
Win. L.Porter. e Ne TS Bivvd fe 7 a Yop We, 
PO Mos 1826. heme _August.16th1881,...__._- HS”. 

Dear Sir:-- 
Enclosed is first draft of proposed con- 
tract between parties for India. , 
I do not suppose it is complete, but I ! 
think it covers as drawn terms which both parties will not differ 
about substantially. As to added terms, kindly send me memoranda 
of such as you::desire. 

As this has been & great part dictated, 

please preserve your copy and return it to me with proposed amend- 

Respect’ y, 

Ments or additions:. 


Mr. Thomas Alva Edison. 


(D oP 

fn 2A ELL, 

John K. Porter, 

Beta, Lun Sou Ye, pss 

Grosvenor Lowrey. 
Geo. Wales Soren. 
Sra den ; Hd Mirivee a Ue Cesianiselres je. Fok 

Chat Hrancts Stone, 
Geo. S. Hamlin, 

Pp 0. Box 1636. 

aD erm 

ete. POG. etceiP Sf aoe 2 Caan 
ee PO Bdrtrd.. ae 27a me 

Ke’ rs ZB, cul Je 7 Vr Yorle. 

eas Abt. Aeees. a 

ee. Maat ar cau at 7 

om etoile. 

aa nee enn it ene oe oh a ote 



Fe A RT ce a A a acres eet | 

‘<to sort of Keep my eye on the subject to see that it is attended 


that I 

__Mre Bdie Otay ta 


ie lle : \ 
i to refer to in order to ascertain what progress is being made ~ 

“TS My. Upton th 16 Sian? 

oo cee ae 

iwourd hand you for the,,parties whom you would send to Can 

ada ‘he two Canadian patents Nos. 3 and 
; 0 

ors 5 

: 1, : a . 
Permit me -to inquirs:- who is the proper person for me 


“touching the working of the Canadian patents. My only object is 


eee aay Fa aon 

In “ay letter to you of Oct.11th.on this subject I stated 


ake : - : oe eae : 
4. I have that in mind and 


"shall pxpect to hand them to you in a day.or two or I will keep- : 

4 then t . be handed -by me to the parties who -go to Canada to work 
“4 the. Raj ents. , Lae ae y ; 

. i Peerera’ ee coe '8h atk. See 
ate el a al 



Met, a3bh, 

Haj. Ratonr—= 
R rriny to your sever. notas 33 to 
Ganaggan Pate tops the wouias or then ust bo oy the 
4 m) Mey) hiv admpany: Mn Mp on is making an ostimat 
a 7 
4 of” ‘co¢G of filriny & Smail Lamp: Factory, T think it 
; ; 
hy ba of wll for you to conmimiests directly witha 

hied on yf prrgret, T hav? sink your jettar or the 

Yi, P 
_ y . ii. z : 
Ce ths 10; ‘ing a copy of Vr Serrali’s lotter of tha. 

- Yours trnly,: 

ice criena ee 

Mt, 25th, 

‘Praneis RiUpton,’ 
Rdi yon Dab tO, 

> ae Par KM de 



iu >: heg “ta enelogs rou herewith .a lattuy ad- 
: Ao? ays . 

= tha nifsode of eAcviee Ganadian Patents. Tt also 2 
A , ; 

«Baton to un Sdison, dated the llth in-t, 

SPrinse ci nopy of 4 Iotter addressed by Hn satel] t 

Maye rafon lated the 7th, and have enbewhiag Mage Raton’ 
““Unat ji 43 the businoss of the Riaetric ight to. to 

wong their iwi Fanvdian Patents jaeaning thet they mn- 
se fed. tha expenses and ‘have Yeques ste a hia to eolanunica 


eden’ you on “tha geet of ‘starting 2 Si: ald “establi sh~ 

af ‘hont in Yiontreal for making i alipes . 

ett “Yours truly, 00 | a 

. ye f | 6, ae Batic : : 
CL, lore Delile 2978 
ae Os, ey ici = 

co. % Ab 1 pi fio 

a ee Ve. eer as 

ar “7 — ag 8 . 
. AP oe Od : 
“ Teoh dicate cots whl. 
” Couarrtinn Bee Ue anu 

“f beabee aperaik arrrfaterteds ae 
. oe CUAL Henne Coumunreate : 
" sorts Max. a 


Pret Sas ites e QGdda, 
. ete Ro Santis oh SEL. 
Bi o) mee pose ace 
ae ce fA pe oe tua Uae — 
eee a ffs. Aare Aen snace Aa... ey ee 
pa aeneeeee e asian Atgarda a _(fa..ofudraaa chi. " cigasiijadliin. 
vee 4 aan... thine... Lag Lier AOR 
 ahide.8. Dera. atotireg. 4 Araclevadansa, 
Gti lw otan _ Dranrr,.. Acted Ai Aa Giga AG. ~gaawige. aa... 
WL ee _erMiah___.C Ciaaadfficaaag, fe Hhile.. asad Ain. 

oe Madre — of ne. CG ety 
Se ee Ae. Arango. Aigaaatgalstne... A dtaa_asah.... 

ff hey _ Vou sa Cae. tet _bacod gan 
setts She ate hs Laaafaannta._-traag Vb. __ Con ChA I AA. 
osc ee Ad__L0___dae._ Anna. ane oe as 
Fi ath MAGE oie -Aa__fpuedl og 2 QUA... £04 AVAL... AABEA.. 
sce et _Giauses igh nitontil PMS WT Bank... 

= aot cheat Aine Banged As Mia. Abe. 
_ aan OO ae aaanita__€. cron gtk tearadliel. fala. 

ae ee _abtasthr.._Aduce Al _ tall a... 
ian anels Ado 2ag Ange Can Come. 
nie eel he ee SS 
if. a amen L AAedt=_-caasadadl_AG__ aaa act... 

eieamioeta: nda _¢ pa. aanAgall” — Caddkt. a0. f viet. 
pee Plemadsaur Watpraracte -LLMAE by sarc. 
anal _dandia Mand AtaaAR_. yates <—fpAtfire Md 
raat. etamae —anypidiandy —duuactaana la 
a ete Aah i A RMN PS, 

3 a Lia: _o Abad § aan: ta cad fglinn,_Afctaa__ 

wand ap Naan opinninn Mita. 212rybooly. 
ee loan. Morte arr. Aid aame_-arladitiin pis 
tte oie eet ge node Alig _. Phar. td... NL, 
oa Canal iahitbed aia. Atae chad. Mian 
eemaiaecl deed Ahaald. avggeot— AMG fin Ela 
— allt ap fle. Ltta...addrramud— hopurh.. 
net oe Vacitrar_Nac. Htanwaac,".tandiiig po, Aen aoa 
Hn ng etthing. tt Ania Aesvadd...ofper op amie. 
feito Manlh..fn aan tahridAina,..corsh Aaoda 
sks wee oe -acctytticl ea. AML... _brthlerr. go Gaeaakandicd.. 
witeeons a ome —Cararncrol,Ab2adritridacnr, ae | 91 
—— Mhaadhenrg Alana. fr 2 eiallaa aa 
eee ed oe earch. ~Aeosolann LB. 

eng Peete gE plier aide, te tafe tie py aS 

en | Dl pga a aul OY eZ AB. a 
jaa cncotan Li on nacies iy aaern 


This Com FRANSMITS and DELIVENS messages only on conditions, Umiting its Mabiti 
vane ben ausnod aaa rs 0 ana ming mosses ck is the sendin, station for para 
Cal To a ic 
ga tho Company will not hold itself atte hee eran or delays in transmission or delivery Of Unropeated 
jonsnges, 4 
Thien Message fs an WNMEPEA’ MESSAGE, ond {s delivered by request of tho sender, under 
named above. 4 

, Moconditions 
A. R. BREWER, Seo’y. o Pd NORVIN GREEN, President. 

= “ — — ae = a a 
whee have Dee zmanel . and rs messages, only on conditions, Ibmiting its lability, 

: . MANSMIEX® and DELiwnna ao 
% Fs ry the sender of the following mo: 
- ay Errora can bo guarded against only by repeatin message back to tho send! tation fc 
. £ Ayr 3h. 2 : Eyal the Corpany wil not held iteolt tiatte for errors or delays: in transmission pr tetas Wareposced 
This i r ‘TED mEs@, s 
. x g 5 tho semnmeesnae oy {3 UNREREA’ AGE aud {5 delivered by request of the stnder, usder 
t i A. R. BREWER a : 

NORVIN GREEN, President. 











ett ge ES sig 

Blank No. 1. a : ; 
This Company THANSMIXS and DELIVERS m onl, nditfons, Moniting its Mabiti 
high have been Ty rica a Reta ny pity ving pee aie valine es for com nt 
“ mh i 
gad ihe Company Will Dot fata tteelf Tiatle Tor errata or delays in transmission or jolivery of Unrapouted . 
This message Is an UNREPEATED MESSAGY, ghd fs delivered by request of the sender, under 

tho conditions named abo 

A. R. BREWER, Beo'y, é “NORVIN GREEN, President. 



Yt 4 

SSE ci Re meg ts 

Morlen Lay, Loout Yo S$... 

e/a ie wi Zh, ele Leu 
¢ Bond Sb, Now Worf” 
seo aoe oa AST 

John K. Porter, 

LA) Lt Por, OF en fl Le ttt 

Ag ace, ba. Ma Cat ac Beare a, 
Con forename | Dor Sine Jia It acer, 
(au <llma A Gbit Pregewese Cert, 
oe Cece eteete Ltt 

se aig aes 

Liigt ‘ x av AonG Beereg bo 

(ioe g Ppt memes 

A GA oe pantie Peeper ~ Cid 

Laird, Bilis or“ aie _— 
ie eee 

Ee eZ 2 slr . at so : 

OW at Bison 

a PS ; » 3 

a * 


ae 2 —— 
ay Jobe er | Dac Lp Seat oe 
i ” ~Geaale «Soren, 

fein ita wren ee oe 
Pox 1896. = See Browd:- Le (DRexee BuiLoING) 

Niobe llec23 Ale, 

inp Pay inet eGiaac 
- Keer peers fiat elt (foarte 

 R@LteLA = foteck Horr, a Sor any 
ZoQer. se wf. teovu, A Wye 

Cielo opr ts BT 
WY Woes A Ciel 
K2e1 AA BHA le care 
oe or Been DO. ‘: 
SP ex \Siitnt a an. 
el Deas Sa | 

< tent 

(eee eo ee 



ne ety” ae 
orrenegineh pice mad 
tk C. Gourtand oe esp eee 
es ae ras hie bia 

very Heat o 


by Hoe 

Bh /2- 61 

a en rr 




“tug psr, Net 

Le, _Seeercorce. mam oe . 

: Addegnmn arth 6 LWacurr2., 

Ge Cyaeg tag pm a 

Peete“) cereate. Ue ee 

Miikils sac ce 
t - —— 
. j 


ar re Saad i 
Po genet ates 2 coat fur 

eke Jace I ee. Aavaee Aten 

Marne an bation af Bind Cart) Aad: 

1881. Electric Light - Foreign - Europe (D-81-032) 

This folder contains correspondence, reports, and other documents relating to 
the establishment of Edison electric light companies in Europe. Among the 
correspondents are Joshua F. Bailey, Charles Batchelor, Ernest Biedermann, 
Grosvenor P. Lowrey, George W. Soren, and Drexel, Morgan & Company. Some of 
the Batchelor correspondence concerns the Paris Electrical Exhibition. Related 
material can be found in D-81-027 (Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company 
of Europe, Ltd) and in D-81-035 (Exhibitions - Paris Electrical Exhibition). 

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of 
correspondence and copies of cable messages filmed in Letterbook, LM-001 
(Letterbook Series). 


EPR m7 : 
or delays in transmission Hog siaten Unrepeated Z 


$ of the sender, und 


Faubourg do SavernoZ6d.... =~ Yh 

- STRASBOURG eff, , Clady, 


woe pinks Hades. 

Thank oe 


ince ee 225: ve 

pene cena eae Mg pore 7 wae 

| hon ene — 

at arn homey 

es Bin Bs As ——- 

comme g bier 

Lege Th 


eS are 

ee it Oa Boe | 
Sade ang 
eid at 

agony stay Home 
pes a eae 
dea Ae 

pean yet gre 

vat a 

a. Yor this, ove vy toe regaes Fal 

Ge ete the sanierot the (allowing x mvessey and thls Cone. 

vearet 1 aa n Ootenayetatt ‘not belt pk miletskes On delays in the Gransmlaton ve dealt 
or beg fl nen-delivery, ofany ee taeseage, Whether happening by negligence of Ita nei 
or otherwise, beyond the amount received for sending the same f 
tranomalaalen ordelivery,: oFFor nan aee eaty of any AxrsareD 
tecelved for pending the sam "spect tally Jnsured or-in inal 
avoldable tte: jor, tia ry working of Its Pines, oF 
none eli aera cee sn cetiaiaers s 
‘or jase of any other Ceara 
‘orrectosesim the trasentfaston of messages to any Potht thls Goaipan 

Invouga by coutract fn writ 
Tike foligwrng rolseptaataitlon to 2 
Sor any dlatance Bot exceeding 1,000 atlas, and two. par. cesl 
ployee: a of the Gompany is sutharined to vary vary the Foregolags 
No Berea ty recarding messages attaches to sale 
ed stcas of sinacte or Sa offices 5 an 
aale for nurpoee 

gw be date ‘ree within the 


oe per ce 
ir any, wreate Levitin: No 

el the fd : a REN Aes oe 
weegpeen pase da Bay Say 
oi oz 4 an fe 764 gee, ie cauusarnmaconeent 

NWR BN, gage cre th hos Ss. = sooty oN 


Sgn ee oss wn =~ 2 dS ree rane 


. 5 Os, ee. 

. ~~ ee Bae ht 
Poppe: AS | yay ss : aeet? 

Se yk: So 



. ose 2 Ge : SES lee WSS: | SN RE tees a oe et UN 
an, SAU AR DERMOID aT RG Sa TS Ae aes S 


" : : : , : re \ 


rN “SHAdean aS RSS. sregass 3 wn SERS SS a igaeen) ORR 

SANs Ss Sans SS = cat SN x wd Ws aR TSA. Sra, LORak: 

oe) eee | ae BAN aad 
oa aS mn B. x SAL, Sere a Wen SHORT AA Re SBE 
‘sy ts SS i “ 

ae hae ~ 
Baas t Ne MY AN ON _ Th eStae aS Ry SERS 
" ‘ 

Re bh Ag my aS SOV bye sts. BN a 




;: ; 
3 “ 
3 ra 
2 x 
7 t 

T. A. EDISO} void 4 

“dol a 

: 5 ¢ Re. ke 
es ue \Menlo>Pabk, Nid, eee 
. ( z 

tos eve eae ee 
2 . ; 3 


lompany - ZRANGMIZE nd DELIVERS onl; onditions, Limiting sts 
high fave bee sar 7 the sender of We folloniigmeeniee oe Hantiog Ste Uabalty, 

ied ont message back to the sending station for compartso 
gpd the Company Srl lst ae Fatty our errors orcas ie franmission tng at very of Curepented va 
This fs an Um TED megs. by request of th sender, und 
‘ike message age ie 8 oy EEA: AGE and {s delivered iy Fea 6 jer, under 
~ AR, . 

NORVIN GREEN, President. - 

| Leank No, 2: 


AT guard t mistakes or delays, the sender of a memare abo 
fa, (me mead equa mina grigiaaiing tice for comparison. , Vor thi: 
te tm addition,” 1¢ ta agreed between the sender of the folto 

_ \ pany, that sald Company shall Bot be Hable Lor mlatahat oF delareta 
» or for non-deli very, ofany UWREr EA’ 
« or atherwise, 
tranemtealon or delivery, or 7 MEPRATED Toessere be 
+ en Gran the same, ual ured 0 oeaner or rasleyearing from 
3¢ rer Oana " ae det oe thout ee aur, {a forward any mea 

ny other Company when necessary to reach its deatication. 
Scorrectne ta the trauamiasioa oF tesaages 19 any point on felines of this prscgua eerie 

yA. R, BREWER, | Seoretary: 

[order tt naraireo that 

woosuaen and this 
Sranscalesion of delivery, 
anage, whether happening by negligence of fis servants 

wie Saree rate”, 

‘beyond the ‘Lmoant recelwed for sending {he same 5 norfor mistakes or delaya in the 
rond fifty times the aum - 

. offlee—tor Galivery Ky a greater 
J dalivery. 

alam thereom 
 ViEs O80 Der eank, 
distance, Mo ame 

Inavzen by contract In writlug, stating agreed amouat ae a and parmeut of 
at the following rates, 10 addition to the usual charg messages, 

foran say stan. Dot sy tosetencl ee tee yaa fence foray grecte? 

vary res 

Mo responsibility rerarding messages aitaches to 2 js Company allt the came are ted 

and accepted at one of ite trauamtiting offices 3 and ifs mowers Is race Tice’ office by reset of tbe * 
y's speeeen cers he acts for tual, at narpote aa the agent of the se 
be delivered Wie aatabllahed frag ativers’ lsat of the termina 
ar dlianor,a spacial cuarne ‘will (be made to cover the eost of auch. 

The Company will ot be Mabe for damares th an) srbare tha ela 1a not prose: 
writlog, withio wiaty daye ane nding tbe menage. 7 eam : alana ented ta 

te Rate “1 
Ya Che es es neues 

Aan.  heiramde’ oan: 

Goose - Raw 


Aon a | hfe ‘od. 2286 
Limi ih Mactan 

ee ee ad tix SE Arcee ee 

thes even-nigt yen fo. oe Se 

| A epBER Leo Goss Ye ay 

hea loi oy prem 


FT re meee eee pee een ee ute ce eer roe Bs HP apnea met Geet etn aE eH eaters obey exten Geena ta oe ° Siiingiee ot Aa 

Pnarte by (EG) 

a Se , 

Wher eas. by an instrument da.ed Parch Ist LW. 
1881 madg by and bketwoen Thonszs A. Edison of tho first park 
Drexel, Morgan & Company of the second part, ond Egisto 
PR Paberd and Urosvonor P, howrey as Trustees, of rhelaniee 
part, the said Fdison did sousent and agree to Wive to 
| Drexel, Vorgan & Company sontrol and power to sell or othe 

orwise dispose of certain invontions made or te be made ' 

and letters patest therefor, granted or to ke granted in 
and for Sweden and Norvay, all as is more particularly 
set forth in said agreement of March Ist \.). 1691, to i 
\ which for greater Sortainty reforense is hereby made 
Now, in execution of Sartain provisions of, 
| and subjest in al] things to the terms of said avroemont. 
aud particularly fo such tams thoreof as relate te the 

extent and limitation in respect of time of the interost 

in such inventions and patents whish tay be acquired by 

Drexol, Morgan & Comany thereunder, T, Thomes A. Rdison, 
have mado, coustituted and appointed, and do hereby rake, 

eoustitute and appoint said Drexel, Forgan & Company and 

the said. firm as it may. be hereafter sonstitut ed and the 
ofiteey Spin mennarieaes Nee babs-usastanionasos <Pupadesianerantmivay al 
“Logal su 3 a 

operation heroof, my true and lawful attorneys, irrevosable 
pe ™ FY 

for me aud in my same to take all proceedings and to make 

and sufficiently execute and deliver all writings nocessa= 

ry t° sesure in my same, or in the name of my assignees, ; 

|. as they mey be sompallod, by lay, “or may be able io their 



discretion and determine to do, lobters patent in and 

for Sweden and Norway for all my inventions, discoverios, 
improvements or devices of or relating to veans for devel~ 
oping of electric surrents and the application of the same 
40 uses of illurination or power or heating, boing such 
iuoventiong as sre Mere particularly deseribod in aai'd thew 
gre:meut of Vareh Ist AJD. S51, which T have made or: ay 
make before March Ist A.D, 19806, subject, hovevor, to sush 
limitation and determination of the interest of said Drox- 
ol, Morgan and Company in such invention and patents as 
arc provided in said agreement of Varch Ist A,D, 138), aud 
to sell all the eye title and intorast which T may at 
any bie hereafter have in all or any of such inventions 
or letters patont aforesaid or undivided or other interests 
therein or rights of any character thereunder] oe to wea 
lisenses or other rights to.use or enjoy 211 or any thore~ 
of either in the whole or in any part of the countries 
aforesaid, and for these ere for me and in my namo, 
if necessary, to mke, Sin, seal, stamp, acknovledge, 
verify, execute and deliver all deods, non teaste: sovepnants 
instrumout s of salo, assignments or’ licenses, or other 

writing of any ¢haracter which may be nesessary or proper 

STAR aroma AR Eta AE EIS RMON AIR, ARRESTS tit o stiemed rT har a cee 

“tha: judmhend of: my said attorneys to aesompl igh auy - 

of the purposes of my azxreement with Drexol, Morgan & CGom= 
pany as set a iu said instrument of March Ist AD 
1881 or any of the foregoing provisions of this pover. 

Aud T also empover my said attorneys, if it 

shall be ucse:sary or desirable for them so to do, in my 

ER RN | ere ce 

name $0 agree with the purechasors of any of my invoaitions 
discoverios, deviees or letters. pateit therefor of the 
character 8foressid, which shall te mide by or granted to 
mo before Marah first A,D, 1006, or the yrantees of any 
usdivided or other interes’: therelu, or of other ligenges 
or other rights to use cr enjoy any of the same that siueh 

purchasers or grantees shall respectively have Jike title 

or interests or rights to these sO avquired by them ro- 

Spestively in the inventions Or patents of a date prior 

to March lst |.D, 1200 in and tO all further invoutions 

whieh T uay make, and in and to all further patents 

whieh may be granted to me of the like character and for 

the countries aforessid at any time betyveear: Pareh lst ALD. 
} y 

1886 end ‘he end of seventeen yours from March lst A.D. 

1881, with, power to my said attorseys, the said Drexel, 

Yong fa Quod Gompasy, and the said firm as it may be here= 
after constituted asd the legal surviving partners there- 
i of at any time during the operation of thbs instrument 
to appoint other attorneys or attomoy in thoir places and 

stoad, with the same powers and under the same conditions 

aod restrictions herein provided, and to revoke the powe 

i Pe oe OPO L, SUE H., Substituted, Abgorneys., or. 2b torn ey. at thei 

ee Provided, hovevers. tlat the. price for euch 
further inventions or patents made or granted after #arch 
Ist A.D. 1886 and before the end of seventeen years from 
Harch Ist A. 1882, shall bo approved by Mo,.or, 4f not 

approved by me, shall be fixed by the doeision of two of 

becca cutie Meade tes Sl 

ee cin eet nt rte icmeg tne nannies antennae ener i nen ee 


three arbitrators, one to be appointed by wa, one by the 
purchaser or licensee, and the third by those two, and 

upon anon approval or fixing of a prise therefor, aud upos 
Such paymeot or sesuring thereof as my said attorneys 

may determine on, T SnnaS @ and empower them to srant and 
secure to sush jivahiwese or goat enews atosauara such 
further rivuht, title aod interest as aforesaid, aud for 
that purpose te do all such things as are above onuwnorated 
{nd a]] sueh other aets or things ag may be hecessary to 

be done in the premises, 

To Wituess Whoroof T have heremto set my 
hand und seal this first day of Karsh, one thousand ed ght 
hundred and ight y~ene. 

Thomas Alva Edison (Te Se) 

nee te 

Sealed and delivered 
in the presence of, 

SAL ate 
Rishard fT. 0’ Brien, 

State of Now York, 


City and County of New York, 


(On thienfift he day “of: -bow 


March Aone 1081 before me setsoualiy same igniee Alva 

Fdison, tO me known and known to ma to be the individual 

doseribed inand who executed the foregoing instrumont, and 
ho thes agknowlédzed te me that ho executed the same and 

for the uses and purposes therain mentioned 

hand and affi 

ABD. 1321, 


Tn Testimony Wheroof T have hereunto sat my 

xed my notarial seal this fifth day of Paresh 

Richard &.0’ Brien, 
Notary Publia, Kings Go, 

(sert filed in i. VY. Go, ) 

cree rm eee 

zee chia late opr 

Geo, S.Mamlin. 
. Wa.¥o rte 



eee ee ne tert tote tor AN NGC Ay 

Hatees Seni Yo os 

ee eres arene ee ee 

John. Vorter, 
Grosvenor PLowrey, | 
Geo.Wales Soren, 

Ghaisintal Sisko Moweeys “Lt Buk Vy I ee Sour 
Ws Baud. Lb. Nowe Worth 

: Geo. S. Hamlin. Ls . 
Wi.L. Porter, Sf : 
that P.0:Bex 1836. _ Revell A LL 

AS os en ee 
er fogs em Cevetien. “PNeat at ceed. 
. ae Beier ipeceteccet 
ele. ar Lae ton Jor oa | 


<7) eeteacls Sharcdl 


Dit. Leuroy Laon ¢ Leoni 
Bator Loareys Le Y Bornes 
_Mbouney bE Counsellors (ae Sur 
NGS Bsoad See 7 Vor Yorks. . 


Vase esate nace arenes ene ment tenement ey 

ol . Detour Lowrey toe a : 
Ko) A Mii ee x LAT oh td y ade Levu 

Cha? Hanels Stéue, | 
Geo, S. Hamlin, 

. if 
Ani, yy 
Grosviatu! iis ye 

Gea.Mles Sonn, 

- PO. Box 1836. 


4h. "laa es Ps Braal Le. Nei Yor . 

a ac dg fate VIA ‘sce 

Sc SOIT FI te Bo yee! 
a “GereLiepe fr. alint— es Lap tr — oP ee 

_ LLIN Aller fon far A Clef ee £14. 2 a 

tect eae Ae etire dk Y Met 

_ ss Yirnee g Haw XY aes LIf6 es etter’ 
eae pes ha sia Aa A Cnne any, 

2 Chet —Plerigy , a7 A Ot PPLE és ME eet Bar 

eeu ever” tec. peda A ag LM CAPA UM, ae 

“En MA. SEES Atlifeat A Ft . Sb cette ceunte 

My, ee VOR. st 

i ig scar Lee. “A r, 

eon we oa Oa afi 

S oe _Akieals, an. Ma feat ele, lec. AAC eheaete,. 

fe oo Male. Mica pelaciuy Hine. etal dt 

: Att a We pecteee a ie o—~ tecceela~ZLG 
me ewe ioe (apg. Langit. ae 

a as aim aoa LEELA MOET ALA 

een Ofonrs Canty oe 

z et i : : 
‘ a : fh 

Lt OV eg SEE erry. | 



wy LOCH. uy Wore? 


Wow Se 
» Ne 



hog. “ C70" “yy ; * po 
. Mierneyps MO enslave Me Sour 
‘ warp “ny ae re ey ‘ 
; Need ‘Broad Yow d Veni Yon. ~ 

SS enet ; tevcle £5 AIT ‘ 

« fady K. Port 
rosyenuwy ila wrey, 
2) s Soree, 

Clin? Hranets Stoge., 
Geo. S. Manin. 
Win. L.Vorte 

P. 0: Box 1836, 

LL STiw kettle reptce reece ff 
eee Ff. Se et AT LE wigegle we - 
RY UST Ac pertee ae A EL EP 
Pttiver th Hi, brrcferau Soe ef 
Ge etul ei flayrutut— oS PT. 
KL fore Slre cer aceey Elec fon, Ata 
Soret tits fo er Kk LAPE Gree secre one 
A “AarY AETV Cb A a ne “Ve. Ln CET 
GL. ay Ht ABLE acces ae OV EL 
! ab ieee Ltettinel—piue wo UH 
| ae ee SOLO RT ee ees, ey 
| fe 

Fle ; : OF aed (Aeerreley pos ~ 

gg eae 

| fo ZIe00, |, sen, caer 
| he nth rad pn bl dby Che oe. | by St Soe: a 


oy SN 

ae) os 
Cans Ea. 

S67 ce - 

c Crelmued cede, ; oy 
: Wm Ving ye a role 

I Cre , 



Deutsche Zeitung 
In Wien, 

~ ” Vin ort tf 1891. 

"(octeyniindan Go 

| hn Ovi tut ts duu Getoterpmy dn, Wovsh, Ameri can 
| 3 Peni the anncies of, Us etic Lg tus {a4 Gab Y= twin 

fais Anton Vain aah ap uy rb olaur, winteliat win Fre ancy’ 
an bin, Hoey band : aibanfu ner, : oe . 

Any snngt An ob Ana pae Anti tre | {4 AW ff Wr een: 
a Worf. rn aie fic dn sdir ga Aes UF tad 
ak ca dices tar ldau UY afl dl mutate deter}: 
Sotlans’ a2 bh ge ee eee, 
Wa Uti Sty daftyate , des Bireaa Soyer Feel oft 
Be vunaabalpr, tak miherctnin, ta wrhelarn Wat fen | 
Ani Baap iiy dy tu lite Verarenfucrnes teats « Ose bog ‘wad | 
STUY Eft ira, 3 ‘ 
ove Caneel hay “evr vltareay = Gack Wea sen ote, 
Po jes Cart Lit | Anur, Sus ann eu Wane qutafrun, sae 
din CLS Adie Boor Mpg: Trnrwedurfa ys Sadun 
Arnayprtetay es 

nea eben | Font | 
Redacki on : | 
| dew 

| Wa b: ~ | 
“ “ Oe , | 
aa fod, < 

: 1 





” : : : 





Lo a . friar iy ee a 


. ; , Fe Aa, MAMROSS, 
fe a en 

P.O. Box $6, 

Det Lim En 

Porm Wh Baurit aoffrrrreringg men 

De fag hel te ‘, , “~ 


Thia Company Are a rene, 5) messages only on conditions, limiting abies, 
which have bee nakse 9 ing mesaxe, 
E Errors can ti anced Aealdat ony pias reficptins of message bi station for comfiparlson, 

tho nis rs named above. 
' AR. F779 ER 




i . < 7 : : es : : | 
‘enle-No, 1, * sf 


ack to tho seni ling 
and tho > Conupanyw Will not hi ‘old | iteele Mable fa d ‘or delaysin tra usmiassion or delivery o} repeatod 

ssage fa an n UNNCPEATE ‘or Ly ge is delivered by request of tho sender, under 

cll GU x : ‘ NORVIN GREEN, President. - 

fm BROADWAY, near Tenth Strest, 


‘Direct Wires. hae Sg ms 


any cat % nexsnges only on conditions, Inniting i 
wah Mave oteen ‘naron' eatin sent er oft the fll messaxe. 

Krrors can be gu: arented Ho ae seage back to the sendin, station forfoigparison 
ahd the Company will not hold itself isle 9 ra poraelaysin transifission or dellvery of Aja ponted 
Fine message if on CRED E ATT , my Aagespni is deliverod by request of the sender, under 

tho onions named above 
AR. SW -NORVIN GREEN, President. 


Tl BROADWAY, neat Tenth Street, 


“Direct Wires. 

1g AK ee aga 

S| fn dant. litte: ete le ores au : 
Sap 4 cancleielecek He arveedd 

Gi bie 

| oy f v Vln, Clg af HM 
| | A es : iy 

(Wad wenecee plat thoeete Ce geelen eye? : 
y ~ ineee reco Lene. etch 

Ley 5, OP , © Bui, Y Ylewne, - 

iG ano rl Ware, ky 
ag Cie eevee ecncctntade A tyeoe 
| fo, Leatqottesies andl aceceateers. 

ey, Metre g. carece> 2. sce" 

ZL fe ood a ae 
ecole expt. br Ciel coeds 
ge Corn peers Ga erere (ere ere 
sori or pAETE ACCT, Pov 2crece 

fipege Vie Ee ey 
| eect of at bin qumrice Bove! oe Caz evcedie 
Me rere antl necectt f/, G free sp Sigel ot 
Lhe atta 27 Ccagaeclk . GI 
pr a ar tes 
Con le hover eters Adveoted by evictivictece a 
ie pecnarctie Gal ot ecwvete Ce ne ae“ 
~@) = to ee 
eae eee” 
Lette 6, ea acy re Cmesetg oe 
thtleled prlaut Cecerzecec verte net (hee 
eee t7 to (= Coteain. CBorizracnig hon 
Cats art ment, inamseinte en 7 
A ean Sedan ee prey na 

a dork ae ais Cer ee 

0 LAB evel Craig a pica Ohta 

Pree erweretiate Cecacer a georliin 
ANTS Coriae 
ig fear 

revel tee wie Cacke, ence (Che 

ee acto geo Vike teria f fectome 

etd a 

cecusieadcns aon C2) Bega ae 

teuthuciazen wtih tircdivicter? Yeas tui are 
ne ea (lXea? MENS Sen’ 

SI grace 
a aan ene reevede. avete ented ms oe 


etch CLE 2orilor saa ese ana 
gh ordeal hee tk 

Aboot op tias alone j fot He sae: 
, ly, agpucg, AeTlien) bab ow Lang offfiexteod 

Aen snadd AH, Mougpoang phavring, of Palo 
Ahir febts—0ft Coke ncinanigy wet! Of Ahm fpr 

(Mot bevy td, he) Pacliulereg 

frfwsns) ww spl Arica 04 aug CoA Anan, 

re thsovy torcedlin aoc) Miabrmath Mad ta Coy 
, | eee ; ) wrote Laie 

OD toe ero yarn 

hatity. poise af) tw —torinatoaliscs for He Paha | 
| hascide aamvrnnige, Ms CoD, of Venet ftir, 
Ap? Uh you thas hecbanibe my fark of ts] 


fol hi Nhirw Marchd ety, SOC Oo reer 
Mb nlleale-§ tabeaieHin 2 S iclirah we. Me she 
(hi bork of promicye wt ho SIO 0 frau, fof — 
Deine /— Va Cu. barn | 
ji fi (000 CO. tele 
RE 7 pola rine pola rare 
(Ao FX » Aud , Maddie Aatigi : 
AO DSFen tout amtial ee OTS 
Lgbh Mura —wentd plI5 hea yy ff aitfer 
pa efinck Dhuutr. ilisalir vg Mat TE tacemeo 

a os fOON 


ia Be: 

wy ae 




fr faurrcdrect Jioitavol 
cerit frorr Cre frrceprodecl Beaver tel aol Comyenry 
Mera oe oer yi eorihe fo prerdered pea 
Ettrogee- delluing eg ter 
ced eZ Bree We Be Leena face 

frbcdae Caw Keep Conte gee edited ID SiS 

coil he anrwiotect anote er Qed at ae she esas 
Cate pir Sa sramriely C2clen fat dace ae agence 

tilt, ov ottin. coer OCE df. pac oa. Gee 
 Guachee, Crrrrtony, er ee ei 



FUE ee OO ee, AAR 
oy 2 or Le da Lamy fade. B 

7 | ieee | | 
‘ [sh 000 fpeaued enviar. A ttt Katy, 
| ar Gove Sree 4b Leg Ahes Miree | 
gl ect Hee Orrnen cereal wit Leow, 
| Yi cheek Ae Tile tice WEL ff Hes 
| ede Gol) Le barges Cit 
: a pllare ud zt. few tele 
| Ht Hance al bpnattete tay | 


yrs ie ean I20 hivece , fesioer 
: CMe lari Pare pet to cot tecore Phau 
ae haf light at 9 cxectes) | 

: sy et fogs ey) OS rildeeg + Fgioe 
Mt Ag pi tae Ganay al tote eae 
22) Cal zz 2 ae He 

feet , Re “Eds lade Lp Giclcus 
tay, Mire ae | acbiegs aay A mata 
pcgaitee ee | Bike Liab 

; SEF eee 

en gobbled 6 ome r Bowne ly 

tat Viena 260, 

ahve (200 peaks A trae wah, pigs Aipltiing Hf falter te 
| Alaw reo eet whoo: Load, | : 
heed tan 6 fete and ger if 

¥ a ao a ef ps - 

too (tbe , 
ve at?) Aud wHtOh, 
he wll (tse o- 
Ws get a sage : 

B/ Gea Hib hind 
flr | A origen Mod 

kg weshede wo, 
| Ma aoa 9 bbical seeps ta 
| ay doa of ore atte A 

ee fod 1 ag fa 

ee LS sisrath eo) a8 Gtr fit eee | 


- ae 
oe a 
bute, Arcaate Me Loot Ahr Bead) amnstr aol 
ia aay Gemes a ares Cala Lame, 
of tha Wik pare is nlp 
sacra” rt RG mes é ; | 
shut he anapiiteby te bry CMe o4 7 

Athen. ofthe 5 scestcek Vrleik, Ma lixayref.lap 

¢ weed of calc tarmantar aan tree cee aman 
pte cere) tefaD, pmarinfartning Karnage 
fr Coreg. Se A christ cama. 


& Ne Vas D 


” Blank No, L 


“This Company rn Company FRANSMITN and DELIVERS momages only on conditions, Umiting tty, 

whi teh aa beon assented to | th sonder of th Follawin mensage. 
Mee to ly ti meena ack to the send station for gompartson 
na for 

Bn ny vite Corapany ‘will not bok! itsel€ Na een or 
“Thin m Tessage tan uxanrmaren Airy ge delivered by, request of the sender ake 


a ewok hand toc rol laysin transmission or delivery of Unre: 

anedd Ato 

TL BROADWAY, near. Tenth meet s 


Direct W ‘Wires. 


: Ths me: 
_/ Mie cond ee named above. 

~ 2 By Fle 

Re i : 
-, Blanle Noy? oe 


= hls: CompamPTNANSMITS and PELIVETN- ‘Messagéqonly on’ conde “a, Menith ts Nabi 
which have been aesented q to by tho wonder ofthe fe following cesckae . cnegenly on ene iting Te Hab, mee ey. 
be guarded nga tat onty by eal message back tothe sending station Cor comparison, 

or delays in tranamlassion or delivery of Unrepeated 
iE and ds delivered by request of the sender ‘under 

NORVIN GREEN, President.” 

Ta cal 
and id Company Reinet ia itself Jab? 
‘message in an UNMENEATRD 

REWER; Seo'y. 


Dated a el) Om 


“991- BROADWAY, near Tenth. Street, 


oe - ‘Direct .W ‘Wiros. a = 


} s 65° FYLt ow uty 

| AIOE Mittin ties. OE 
. f LG piper ocd Censor BORG 
| Shey Aer, Se AatZf, Cad -AadCePkEG 
\ A -pat @Be_. oe oon COM Ace’ SHAS 
I Y Spratt yrs ALD eeheteel avnrd—CP? 

i 7 Plcrwn.. ch tihh . Ne... ABOPM aAlttexxfil a coed 

| Cftc. Ma ae ee FED eeeaes ee 

} ae @nt-—cocet". caceo fa pyr 

| (Pak. A fav a hipk tes — 
:  etleah. crett Ee. Meat go aw. ees 

\ only, Ka -CO bAa wo ee 
\ fi 40. a 

6-71. Ce ¢ eee ’ Repmdr A Kn. hay) 

jetoadnd./ nPLe <n Ch Seadbtuvece 
ACE Cao fb ant--4-<e_ Ag won 
Menten; ane, —waeen ¢ me: 
se Sc a aay Ja 
{ LS ke Epnard wae ee A Sey, katy 
“tee. Bonin 4. ne ke hf foc2 erthcey 
ee ee ? nee.hécnt! Cnb—eaod 
a halle O28 keel cudceaac® 

1 Sete aie ae Cage ant 
- G ae arte 

\ ; 7 o , 

\ KLM tT Logie fra fit<e_ Ao @ aeeo”, 
J & o-- ramet NGpran0 Opn einem aa) 

i ¢ Lee nile BY eee _-2 ete e0 meas Gad 




tocl.eond Caw Che CA -e-r1e- PCO BOD 
ft hos = Ft CBee 
Be GEL Vas Ate faaicaf 
Cocted ors a Na« Od tc. hes KMaeue 
Carn Akg nabran Geta Cara 
Ze pe teef fila) eet Ad nof-h—- 
, le-- e+e ae 4 RPE aont—E erase 
Iey BP lor SELMA EAC. bcd te. et of Cha? 
Ae 4204.20 A efla nc pre Bbc 
OF we a-7) A Chal be aeAat tyne: 

gee POL Zhe Lie. PA» AG 12-2160 c ‘O 
pi A ay CK end Se ca 


nat at QD Ae_<o @-Keao 
a Catzgo tendt ale foe. pred ce A 
At elbe_a 72) ao, Ddegas Rcekicr *., 

Bar teyy Az. aug < €e&o Steed. Gamat 

ce 95 My teat alfa rf 3 
tecgp tt Ged a on OME ey Ae ae 

CAaet ee ¢, eS Me i 

ca #c.. (May Age -fOb-Corcea 

Mase Mee Kathiheup C, Ks tenths 5 f Caragb2 

By. +t Aomnb—v , Eageneb, baer, Anne Geeg- a f 
Qahr. all fle ain bes Cen nee eaaceg— = : 

sage CLC x. ¢ ot he C7 etcapooaed gp ante | 

‘bho enupeke ‘hao che Ege 

971 | 

kos “Hea a itary an? EK. 0 00 Cen, eo 
Aeb—Che © Ong. Mal. 0 (eerste 
hfpelal i are Ccon Le heal 
AAC... -20¢. Leb-n, BAelawog ce te pect Cy aa 
bia: , ‘Kee aa frce - Co ce “ORCL Cn 
PIAL - ane Clb, AiCa wy Cary. Macs 
Lh ace re Aonn-aAd Sh Ae ae Olean, OCA ty 
a CA eh, - cece COC Anco; re is aes eee 
tev av Kh Law... - Vac 
bon foc weg ER, AAC SNe an 
IGE sey urs CO Cke SPECS AK 5 Oeste 
en 0 Ceca LZL,, CA. rf. atg S Fhe: ce LA 
CAD} .0f Cleve. OA Cove Pre chao ce plete 
rhe Ck P70 ks Ch vo Df _encts~, 6 one gy Et) 
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Wag Cie — Mul Hace bred ace Xe Boting 
Erkd fuce AltA Conte of 24 000 FO2 Helk iy 
Uncen Ble1 eed eu felt tds Ee Levies 

Shae ceted He Leen Nes: tefltsf a deters 
tt use IMantes, tatdierwn 02, H" hte what 
 Ataktage Aen aang Le, MA Yea Hhey ave 
Pack coies het Ceraser bear /ececercar ate Later 
(pay, Bat fa ‘ut, Tpaths unth zu, % A denol nr mb - 
Qmrokh Oly Uw, ee ae: i Uru a latiela.’ 


ASerm.? B? Montmartre 15 

| -Exposition Internationale d’Electricité 


Me LO chill SELL, 

Salles 24% 25 

Représentants de M! EDISON 

©CLK.MHE- Lishees Af Laity 

33, Avenue de lOpera,33 

Cte teria lep uate’ Sees ove Cae, 
Ceégotealtrie TS Se acca a 

Ley dye ecee BAA Aorvte- =e 
— enone iri cau 

so, es Ni yy Lovee Cee. Pree Llu overte_ 
fé (te corngpcengy ent Aolerce2tce. AE lipillig 

XX OLEH Ere. CL Lecrteree,. 
“20 LEZ2ES Syeceda 
(ete peotuts fe Aas ee 

| Yo tee eee Leche 
OE ata EP gad 21e7 Le Cys bhee ! a eee. 


Cézao a (EE txgeettliden ated aU AY 

piciv of (hee preveete’ LB cree Boe Youn aera 
(Lever lo boeEd eect att BaF getee oS dipittee ee 
a a ee 

®) Uigaroceigg CHE wrcettivet of ollitaedss ig | 
geortayed A60 ox 200 ree Ll me Fs 

es ee 
iy an he fit off 
8. eteche en wl ageless 
Bg CLA ove. coe asada Alte 
Le ee ples SW 
PE OS Hig pcan 
vv lL’ se ase ag | 
li Ergon tamer 

Cok 6 re itt 
| Pepe antag aio Ap insti 

~ Bw | 
at: yl at ef deerme gerecchte Lo gee 
(eoPe separa, essa anaes 

ee et iste car SAA agpecte 

AY A eomaly megting Ar 

ee eo ee ae a 
1 igen fact Da wt lea me 

peee asi hey ecekl eetaeree Lovee puree 
| Lt A ree onettinig ! protatly ater 
ee a se To A wecdtainecl Oiied | 
ppt Aptis Lt, eed LE acute 
ae see wich te accguted ets LD 
tr be yer” Me C2208 c ee 7 cee 
row gooug c-~ @ txpeeeilitin, Covet Le 
CLocect Che Mage peor pec perrtaliy, : | 
AMncag, 02 Jacectirg eee cere of | 




. — 




N2 Ld 


Groleee CaE€ ata 

So 3 






sea caai ieee, bly ¢ Meat bites! 

Mpeceved Yi 
Cakle Phe LOLA G I~ tesin WUackiuun tire 
Acnge Eaten Bhehze GMO off CS, "aes 
aekwal Ort KK Gata Ktaek,. we, F co Xe 
roe unre och Soe Hate “ti Ly ticaves 

lage tig iy LACK _. Chay: 
ile ci Leteeeps Flite tee cl ecatae 

pred a . Pet LH 
i Atian pee ie Ges) Sasa 
tacfilacn \ 

pag RIT 

os ie a a ie fits 

| Faint ae a fae Goat | 

| ies pes = ae aes : | 
= fogs I leah a 
7 no 


CABLE M=EssacE::| 

hatte att Grapad z 4 SPEND eee Ce Date 

‘transratsaion' must: be :wiltton.on. the’ Message... 

thls Company for that preposo, under and .qubject ‘to. the, conditions - 

‘on: Kk hi , Wwhle! Deon: patoed . by the .° 

you Teys Loedwoy wig qin: 

Poragas Lire Jo ‘Kueduiog ydeisoray, 

‘s tuoRvufesp 97f qovaro1 avd for 
Teys 20 Avot, yopyan Or¥q>;01 

‘pur feonqy Taal 

Hae ad 

PAV S\a-JOs O1GwI{ 2q 301 

ie Luedmog ‘pre's! 


1g SIUTT OVO M Lq “soyMEdt09 som oy puL ‘sp 3° 
vod -seuyi3¢ gemourg-91y puosog ‘aSensnur poyadaiu, 

arn iu 


Ce a, Pema 9 
he fe ae I aT ae ae 
Mba cose take fle end thyo tue had any anbiriow 

Ce HB bae Kas iS ae z se | 
Aefcet foi MO UI, Gia fins Uefa lh 



Pe aS ae Oe es 
bone Ltt Harene bad tare afoe. Gori flan by Mffathy — 
‘awa dinallsis. 2 : Oe ae a a 

(agora Va tafpaclon £—adcbrens AH lel ty ee droll 
y / Aessernnderotica Hai fo", “Atrlys Augpoate'a) Maem Ato 

yg, eed aie oats fats ay 

ie. ae bak Weep es, eV, Ly are 
pens ——_ ores Moe ae 
VY Au LE NT Ie a ie Ze ie 

ee, Sata ae 

a a Sree eae a een 



Raat vt ne ay 

“how Mle ph redices wig cand he Oe 
et hath BRET S heceen ata 
| oe ; 

tu a ess 


nn ag en ia pene tc tanec 

ASerm.6? 52 Montmartre5 

| LEP} jee 20 
qth Toe Intertiationale  d’ Electricité — 

Salles-24 (GES ex 
lee eas | Li, dt LO” Tbe EEC. SEAL 

: Racrésendants de M! EDISON 
Cth WA. Lasheire Jefe Bruty Wo y 

33 Avenue Seer 33 

aoa fe 
Yileve. Mcaguul® wer all 
re os Nin Clio? Leceeg 


an Nes Age 
jotirls brie LOA Clin 
coos CO Be 

| Exposition Internationale d‘Electricité 


5 eters? BY 
Salles 24.25 “Ty 
: ORECTEURS ee . 7 i 
M.M.CHARLES BATCHELOR’: (Y Ltt, MeL bisa sat ahead te ees a o,..... 
Représentants de M! EDISON. .. 

GU : ; : Va 

4. techein aust He tOTE TE gm 
hee & = ee | 


: Yon 2eut te Ilo Wid tod A 
He Cfera Avr — Len gon beer 

ce aq epee es 

| Ate, Pot 204/897 
Dry ar Cian, OO 
| Dhy padtage dovng 
bem Coker pyr Ms LOE ox els HDI 
takes 2 positfr ¢ lrki r fea 3ZA f 
eno fs Me Ih Ap fe. 


ee a ve renee 

CHAS. BATCHELOR ie. ‘Bie Wor 2 v4 ‘ 88 / 

Bie Open be 

OEE eagle tot GE ie ie 
fee po. 

. i 3 BL laut Z es 
wheal byvtttd ta a Leottenn 
Go tautllee iiss tes te (ue 

Libortiin b fice ZA 
es ere Lo culiefh lag te) 
hae it $b loth fi tee | 7 
jell 4 ie 

a a a ss Sa ws sf cet ee ei SS ih petite Soe eee ety 

3 ; 
decid ates ie feat eg, ti 
en 1 he Calle m 7 

SS ee 




ae ? 

; : 
hae @ er 
: eo 

bye ahall ee ahd 



-' I bag to onelose you herewith acet 

‘Théy Have drawn. on you ‘at ton day: 


, { 
~*~ i 

Wavhing Yorks for 8729.46 ‘together with 

‘lading for plant “Shipped ‘to “Stdiiburg. 


Sight fot PRES TT 

~ Exposition Internationale d’Electricité 

_. Salles -24& 

é aS _ 


Représentants de M! EDISON 

Ch.M: Lishiuag Builyy 

4G Oh ey clear Cotta 
Wo Mee, | Ye 1 acheies athe Sfova Have 

33, Avenue de lOpéra.33 , 

Nan Yur DLE Le Poo nO 
 Realttilt, 9 tr Slag Hid preeaution woo 
5 drt. Hl, agar wa Pelion Yn astllnengt 

2 Lon bist tn achiure 2 tectteaec Tore 

a Ll ae APIO IIOT fr 2 bell 

ASerm GTB? Montmartre, 5 . 

Exposition Interniationale é d'Electricité 


: Salles 24% 25 oe 
MM.CHARLES BATCHELOR « Litlitd, MeL erence Re? | ie 


Représentants de M! EDISON 


_The ‘ 

h i 
Es stint actual 

filling & paving. 

Sy, Nol, ‘contig 1, 539, g90 
LR, 4 : 17296, 419 

i, ‘862,976 

ee? acs 

\ Mee, | eis 


uh ross ? 
of tape. aoe ib. 

ron. bd cosy of the raps ye may oignt Gents al aus | 

» \. 674,362. 
481, 937° 
IN. 262,951 

297) 280° 

ee ee 
i ; 



Wow ‘yhiics Nov, arid lgsl. 
eet i 

i 05 rirth Ave 




i aay 

eglhetric ui ne ont ay sampeld ed 

“th wean of this. eo. Ses 
yas put to very 

to ee . 

ab factory 
ye Oe 

“ak = : f 

estinate vie ue cost oft tubes ie the laying of “the 

t ‘ . 
| i. oa ge 
net cost: prices. 

| ae 

‘per “wile. ‘, 
oLronmml Latent -S2y 90 



es ae 

The cost of the dynamo muchines and motors is us fol- 

GO light dynamo $380. Standard dynamo for central stu- eg 

"$5400. This lwachine will give 1990 Lights, One horse power 

ce or ‘about $100. Two horse power Hiotior 6150. Three hdtse noice 


7" Rour nerse power ‘motor $290. Five Horse power moter! 
alot $915. Neters will cost about $5,990 ane tiie metor balunde 

fart Weighing the plates $1:25,00. We cannes: give the actual cost 


‘or ‘sodkets as we obtain them fron outside partion, We pay ai 

‘cents for sockets with. cocks: and forty-ri¥3 sents for aeeke “ 

‘Ss. Without teks.” ‘ ee ye of via 

. Eetimats for Gentral Station outfit for 0 HeP. plant. 

i. Four * “‘Babeoek & Wilcox boilers complete erected " - $19; 000°: 
Nwo Iron Chimneys erected * ji 1.200 © 
Tron structure,iron platform & aria granted es 6 200°” 

Steam & Exhaust pipe conn ected  @’. 1.500 © 

Steam Pump’ & Pipes Spelt “Et 650° 

. Heater Peo oa og 1,250 

' Blower, Engine & Shafting | cm ess Bog ft 
‘? Four screw coal & ash conveyers © SETS 14200 Oe 
2 Nis" Two Ventilator Pipes : : 200 Mt *! 

i Station apo) iepteuyindseatoreiayivehes 8Ge ae 1,000" 


“this estimate does not inelude the required founda: 

eFations in the building. 

eee ee pees Sac t 7 cre i ee a te ge nett nt eer: 

wz : Tanne» MESSAGE, mL Ecco | 

" "All CABLE MESSAGES recelved for tranamiuaton muat be rliten on the Masexe 
Blanks provided by this Company’ for. thut purpose, under and subject to the sonditlons 
Printed ‘thoroon; and on the back heroot, Mrtlele conditions haya. suena naree to My. the — 
asunder of the following message., 

‘AUR. ‘BREWER, Secretary. © - “.NORVIN. GREEN; President.: F 

Sidhe Bs ae one ee) 

See a a to Aen ten 

> a ee 

“Blank No. 3. , 
oS 2 — = caste Messacs, | 

Tan por wres,ns rcaed te ea a ve nen aie = 

i “J v1 is Compal or that jot: 60, under and subject to the ra 

“printed thereo: ny aed on‘the Tek hereat mile conditions have dee ed: {0 the 
sonder.of. the the following message. ¥ 

the sender of ‘every message should order It repeated ; that is,telegraphed back from the termine of 

pti arc ere cage Miner foe nnee ono half the usual tolls of this Company, on that portion of its linea 

sald Ines to the Origlnating Oflcc, For such repeating, the sender will bo charged In addition, 

4. ; 
a Mae ts Gomnaty will not assume any responsibility in respect to any Dlessnge usrone adie wae caesar 
, d this Company, that sald Company shall not be Ilahle for mistakes or delays in , 
It Je agreed between the sender of the following Blcveage an’ ib exld. Company shh for sale aller hips pecoporveeta pase 
si yond the amount of that portion tgs 
or for non-dellvery to the next connecting Telegraph Company, of any unrepcatod measago, ; é ee Te a ee ets aeelanliGa 
"er ¢ his, and the other companies, by whose Jinca such mcasage may pt ton; 
acerue to this Company out of the amount recelved from the sender for t! ; ra Nok or Me 
i {on or delivery, or for non-dellvery to the next connecting Telegrap . 
and that thls Company shall not bo IMablo for mistukesin tho tranemlss! ” Soo ee eer ane Conpane aha aol 
thle Company from tho sender for repeating such meseago over . 
+ message, beyond fifty times the extra sam received by : Tae at ie ale Comune ts boreby 
‘kings of itelince, nor for crrora in cipher or obscure meveag 
be llablo in any-caeo for delays arlsing from interruptions in the working F Hs Soe eee eta entltathoae 
der, without Hability, to forward any message over tho lincs of any other company ‘ 
made toe iektherhes pies Mable for iaages ja any caso, where the claim {4 not presented In writing, within thirty days after the eonding of the messare, 

ie 2s 2 Cee Ne eee aS 1 

{ Ses 
ye seo : ‘ as 

, To guard againet mistakes on the lines of this Company, the sender of every mosaaze ehould order It repeated ; that fe, telegraphed back from the terminus of ~+ 
t sald ines to the Originating OfMlce. For such repeating, the acnder will be charged In addition, ono half the usual tolls of this Company, on that portion of {ts nes 

over which auch meusage passes, ‘ 5 : : . 
3 Tihils Compuany-_will not assume any responsibility In respect to any Messnge beyond the terminus of its own lines; and 
* It Is agreed between tho sender of the following Mevaage and thia Company, that sald Company shall not be able for mistakes or delays In transmission or dellvery, 
or for non-dellycry to the next connecting Telegraph Company, of any unrepeated message, beyond the umount of that portion of tho charge which may or shall 
accrue to this Company out of tho amount received from the sender for this, and the other. companies, by whose lines such messago may pass to reach ite destination ; 
* and that th{a‘Company shall not bo Ifablo for mistukes In the tranemisifon or dellvery, or for non-delivery to the next connecting Telegraph Company, of any repeated 
_ | Message, boyond Afty times tho extra sum recelved by this Company from the sender for repeating such messago over Its own Hnes ; and that this Company shall not 
{ be Ilablo in any case for dcloys arising from interruptions in the workings ofits llfics, nor for errors in cipher or obscure messages, And this Company Is hereby 

mado the agent of the sender, without lability, to forward any message over the Nnos of any other company to reach Its destination, 5 : ‘ 
‘This Company {s not to be Mablo for damages fu any case, whore the clalm lvnot presented in writlog, within thirty days after the sending of the message, ~ 
: : * . 

ai eee 


eS “a ~ & ae 2o. 8 
no BATCHELOR Gy ee Yen. et WES 
2 Ant_ole. 0. Seo 

ee Te 
am obad beri out dy nowes Conger . S ursul ug g eat 
tot thy Copper washer thot vo Aste) BAL unde 
Ki Hh, byush betdor Ww Phe Gen all deja caniar be a eqiling Asin 

L (9) a ra oe dae 
the Cpa sat 

Whi Nea Cs-ouk Aes mec Snrun Hin 

bore S every wight avd Vani tun Pho ot ale tr high 
Cimpo ons aacua ager 
fee in fact Thy fern tra 
bln et, fag wo fas uric. Hei ye 
J anutae auch fare antlelins aro abus ZH 
So 60 Uy oagure Ce 

foun * Pace’ ‘Race. 

SOP Sa vw 
ae Se 4 



| Exposition Internationale d Electricite 


Salles 24825 



Représentants de M! EDISON 

CMM Pishag Buy 

33, Avenue de TOpéra,33 


Bel ane opie maptaas 
A bifbier ae i ee 
Le tit dere ae (OF Ccteswwn 

: oe ugh way rf 

(yo) Exposition Internationale d Electricité a 
: Salles 248% 25 
easter at FB je Sdeuhe, Lie, jple 

Représentants de M! EDISON ° 

Pre WA SCA Luly 

83, Avenue de Opéra.55 

4.3 4 5 buy Le cet | . a 
F-r yee 2Aays 23 A gee im 

Araran aati iow rsa 

ee fe eee pie 

fet ied eigenen 

| Bud hall Veiid 
. been ble t Gbr Liuittiteig far tut Aon 


of ‘ 
. 4) newear 
1, Wr Thomas Alva Edison rosiding in Now 
York, represented by Mm Joshua F.Bailey, now residing in 
Paris, 33 Avenue de 1’ Qpera, under povers hereto anne xod, 
. | Qe The Fdison Electric hight Gompiiny of 
Europe, Limited, of Ney York, represented by Mn Joshua 
P.Beiley, (of the ebeve address) under powers hereto an= 
nexed, and hereinafter called tho Light Gompany. 
Mr Edison and the Tight Company savin sane 
Jointly and jointly and severslly 
of the one part 
‘and Mr. Charles Porgss residing at No. 2 Rue Blanche, 
and Mn Elie don residing at No. 1 Rue Lesueur, 
Peris, . 
~~of the other pert 

It hes been declared as follows: 

Mr. Edison and the Light Gompany being ao Sins 
ous to secure the turning inte value of the patents takon 
out and to be teken out in the different countries of 
“Europe, hereinefter enumerated for the inventions of Nr 
| Edison for the measurement, distribution and application. 
of a ccieiaal currents for the production of Light “and 

: i x . \ 
motive power; and ¥n Porges and Nn Léon boing di sposed.3- 

to undertake the fingecial end comrercial arrangements | ~ 

required for thet purpose the parties (hereto) have muta 
ally'agreed as follewsi =~ 

ART. 1. 

Rr. Porges end Kr Leon undertake to, form 
within ea period of six wa ek 3 from the date heroof thie 
Joint stock corpeanies under the provisions of the law of 
July 24th 1367, nemely: 

1, The Manufacturing Company. 

Be The Corspany of Exploitatiots 

3. . The Isolated Installation Gonpany, 

Which Compenies shall work and act under the 

, heroinafter prescribed conditions: © 

ART.” 2. 

The duretion of the Gompany of Exploitation 
shall be fifty yeers, with B cepital of One million of 
frances, divided into Four hundred shares of Tyo thousand 

five hundred franes each, which shall. be divided into s 
greater number of shares of smaller amount during five 
years. Mr. Edison and the Light Company undertake hence- 
forth jointly end severally to bring to such iebaniy 
ell the patents di aad tation out such'as thoy are with 
out any other guarantee than that of their existence; by 
Mr. Edison for the seid inventions as wall as for all 
Materials and appeurutus which ean be utilized for produc 
ing light; or motive power, end for the sale theroof as 
rerards working or menufecture. Mn Fdison and the Light 

Company also undertake to bring to the Gompany all patonts 

for new inventions te be taken out by Mr Edison during 


se a cc ate ce iti at EN 

See ee ee - Sa ete ar 

) a he : H 
I : 
j five years from the date hereof. 
j This covenant shall only apply to the follow 
ings Ccountrios: 
t lst: Pranee and the French Getonted: 
| (Paris end its neighborhogd, Versailles 
\ included, excepted), 
| 2nd: Belgium. 
3rd: Denmark, 
i “ath: The German Empi ree | 
Sth: Sustria and Yaayary. 
Gth:. Russias : 
. j 
: | Th: Italy. — . 
Bth: Spain (the Spanish Golenios excepted) 
These being #11 the countries in whieh Mn 
Edison has teker out petents for the inventions heroin 
| above written; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
| Treland, Portugel, Sweden and Norway are not comprised 
in this aesignmont, 
Be : Wicheme Edison and the hight Gomnany 
. unde rteke during five years dating from the day of the 
signature hereof to give 40 the Exploitation Company all 
i such doscriptioas, drawing or models as may be necessary 
for taking out petents fer all inventions or improvements 
‘ in ell the ‘countries comprised in this agreement, and 

aftor the oxpiratien!of the said five years Nr Edison 

expressly undertekes for a furthor period of tvelve years ||, 



and without other puerantee than that of their axistenee 

to fumish whatever may be requisite for taking out pate 

eats for inventions made by him dy ring thot period, and 

a ay 2 . 
., “Such patents shall as hereinafter mentioned, be of ferd 

to the Exploitation Gurpany, 
Al] sueh patents shall be taken ‘out in the 

hame of Kr Edison, but the Preprietary rights of the exe 

ploitation Company in the said patents shall be the syne | 

as these hereby sranted as te existing patents, ALL 
expanses reg esa in furnishing deseriptions, drawings 
or rodels shall be berne by the Rxploitation Company as 
well es ell fees and expenses incurred and paid for the 
teking out of ney patents from this date. 

All the petents heretofore takon out and 
furming the objoet of the present brinving in of capital 
shell be delivered to Messrs. Porgee end Lion within 15 
days from the date hereof to ba handed over by chen to 
the Exploitation Gompanys These Sekenue shall remain 
in possession of the Joint Stock Company and shall be at 
the dignoretien of Hn Edison ant of the Tight Company for 

the exercise of their rights es he reinafte r specified. 

Should such delivery be delayed from any cause shateceyor: 

beyond the said fifteen days the pari od allowed to Nesars 

Porges end Loon to form the said Companies shall not com~ 

mence to run until the date on which the said delivery 

shall have been made, but shall then bo reduced to fair’ 

weeks from the date of thy suid delivery 

Kr Edigon and the tiuht Gompany also und r= 
take when requested to do soto Co-operate in the ful-. 
Filment of the logel formalities nevessary ty sacure to 
, the Exploitation Company the exelusive right to said pate 
ents already tekern cut or which may hereafter be taken out 
| and which form the object of this agroomant. 

Tha Light Company is prohibitod from working 

directly ovr indirectly the inventions of Nr Bdison as ron 

gpects olectric lighting or mative power in all European 
Counties in which the legislation dogs not allow patents 
i It is understood that said patents as regants 
€ll other objects than those above specified raiain the 
sole property of Nr. Edison and the Tight Company, and that 
the Exploitation Compsny shall only have exclusive ovnore 
| ship in respect to the objects hereinabove expressed. 
{ . ’ 

If the lews of other countries than France 
| do not sallow divided ownership. in patents in the manner 
ih | 

Bi horein provided for, MM Edieon and the Light Company shall | 
dt : a 
‘| al 

transfer to the Sxploitetion Company the exclusive right a 

H to the use cf said petents for the objects determined in 
| the recital and Article 2 hereof, : 
\ ART. 3 


The Exploitation Company has in view tho sale 

| ' of patents, the granting of licenses-~ in one word=- the 

putting into velue in any form whatsoever of the said 


patents mGey subject to tie followings conditions, 

i The capital of the szid Gempany shall bo an~ 

® a : . . . 
ployed conformably to the decision of the Boerd in roa sgpoct 

thereto, in gach experimen ts, installations and advertise~ 

Ment &G&, as it may deem expedient having ia view the 
attainment of the ebject just above indicatad 

In return for these grants by Mn Edison and 

the Light Company the Light Gompeny shall receive founders 

shares in the Exploitation Company piving it the richt to 

80 per cente of all profits realized by the said Company 

but subject to the following reservation 

All the profits shall be assignad as follows: 

1st: To the payment of the general oxpenses. | 

2rd: Tao the legal reserve of one-twentieth 

i of said profite. 

Srd: "Te the usaal porcentaye allowad to ° a 
: | the Board, | 
: 4th: To the re-payment of tho shares at par | 
is Sth: be the founders shares and dividend’, | 
bearing shares to replace the repaid ‘capi tal 


share Se sO i 

‘The profits eecuring to the founders shares 

aac ee 

‘i’ and to the dividend bearing sheres ‘shall be divided in the 

folloving proportions whatever may be the increase of cap 


Eighty per cente to the founders shares, ooh 

Twenty per cent. to the dividend bearing shares. 

‘ 3 a 
fa Hu 


‘ ART. 4 

In all sales or conveyances of patents or of 

the rights attaching the rete the rights hereby reserved by 

Mr Edison and the Light Compeny shall bo oxpressly presery~ 


The totel sale of one or more patents ina 

Furopean State or the granting ef licenses for the whole 
of one of these states, shell not be valid without the 

oxpraess consent given io wri ting of the Light Company. 
When the price of petents for 2 town or re 
tion shell be fixed at e certain amount, thet amount shall 
be determined etvordiny te the number of initpt vente a3 
expleined in the folloving paragraphi~-- 
It is understcoad that when there is a question 
of granting permission to work these patents ‘for a whole 
town or whold dist tict by supplying electric ‘cueeonte 
from # Common central sta¢ion, the Exploitation Company 
shall anly grant such eaneeeticn ‘to a local company having . 
a share capitel of at least two millions of francs for 
each hundred thousand inhabitants ee in such said propor= 
tion) in the seme territory, and the ried to be pain for 
such concession shell not be ee than 45 per cent. of such 
Capital, The necessary agreements shall at tha same timo 
be entered into to give the Exploitation Gompary Like 

proportion of all future increase of capital of such Tocal 












be OF ART, 5S. 

i The Tisht Company reserves to itself the 

right ta aces or decline #11 agreements which the Rxploi< 
tetion Gompany mey desire to ieke under the last paragraph 
of the preceding artieles, and without such aceeptance no 

i agreement shell be velid, and therefore the Light Company 1 
shall siyeify its. acceptences or refusal either directly 

! or by its duly 2ccredited attorney in Paris within fifteoon 
days frar the date of the notifieation which shall hve 
been made to it of the draft cf the agreement by the Ex-- 
ploitation Company at the of fice of the Light Company in 

i Paris. . ( 
ART. G. If availing itself of the 

powers reserved to it by the preeadimy article the Light 

Company should decline the dreft agreement proposed by 

the Exploitation Gompany, the Tight Company shall be bound 

to find « purchaser within three months of tho’ date of 


such refusel on more favorable conilitions than those prom i. 

posed by the Exploitation Company ant to of far such purchas- 

er for the approval of the said Company. In such. event 


the Exploitution Company shall always have the right to . { 

20 por cent. of the profits arising from all agrooments is 


: which may be made by the Light Company. If on the contron 

ry, the Exploitation Company should be unable to find & 

purchaser within the space cf three months on more favore 

eble Conditions the Explcitation Consens shall be ontitled 
for ell. agreementes subseyuently made by it for that end 
es fron the first agreement proposed by it to 5 por cent. 
of the profits by way of indemnity to be paid by the Tight 
Company in cddition to the ehove mentienesd 20 per cent. 

ART 7. 

The Exploitation Company when granting concess— | 

tons for seid patents or any cf them to other ax plol tation 
Compenies, shell stipulate (ueless the laws of the country 
in which such Gonm:peanias are organized forbid) that one 
third at least of the werbers of the Board of such Compa- 
nies shall be nominated by the Exploitation Company which 
undertakes vith the hight Company te reserva to tho Lattor 
the option of nominating at least one of the three dirac- 
tors’ thich may be nominated by the Exploitation Company 

Tha Exploitution Gompany shall reserve to ite 
self the rivzht of ventrolling the parties acquiring patents 
or liconses for fiatents so that guch patents shall only 
be used in accordence with the janeeaeiue granted then. 

; ART, 8 

The number of members of the Board of the Exes 
ploitation Company shell not be less than three The 
Directors shall be numinated accorling ta law for a period 
of three years, end the Light Compeny shall have the power 
to nominate one-third of the statutary members of such 




The Exploitation Company should it wish to 

procoed to make isclated installations or experiments in 

Paris must, for that purpose, obtain the consent of M. 

: ? 
K Leon or his assigns toe whem the Tight Company has giver 

the option of Coming e company for the working of Edison 
Electric Light patente in Paris, end its neighborhood 

Versailles included under the terms of a contract dated ‘ 
| : The Exploitation Gompuny shall elso undertake 

: ae ¢ . . 
in case Mossieurs Porges and Leon or their assigns should 

form a company for the working of Sdison Patents in Paris 

i to ro~assign to such company the installations made by the © 

; Exploitation Company snd that at the cust price plus 15° 
: per Cent. profit. . : 

: The Exploitetion Company shell undertake 

to bear the expenses and fees to be paid by both parties \} 
for this agreement, es well as tho expenses of the ox pat 
iments which shall subseyuently bo made at the Paris Opera : a 
House should they rot be paid by the partie’s to whom the 
right of working such patents in the City of Paris and its 
neighborhood, including Versailles, May be pranted , 

ART. 100 - 

. In case MLéon or his assigns should not form 

within six weeks of the date hereof the Gompany which thoy - 
have tho option of forming for the working of Edison Bloc- 

tric Light Petents in Paris and its neighborhood including” 

11 | 

4 Versailles the right of working said patents in Paris and 

a / 
i. ; . : F : 
| its neighborhood including Verseilles shall belong to the 

| Exploitetion Compenay and shall be voverned in all raspeets 

by the conditions of this agreement. 

; Hn Edisen and the Light Gompany shall havo 
the right to beceme parties boge the c with the Exploitation 
Compeny to any proceedings For gate niemedd of said vatants 
| or any other proveuding in respect to said patents which 

the Exploitetion Gompany Tay evonsider necessary to institute 

4 or which mey be instituted against it. v 

ART. ill. 

For all other new inventions made by Nn Edi~ 

son during the perio cf twelve years following the five 
| years provided for by Article 1, or for a1] patents taken 
j out for the sasne inven tions in the countries comprised in 
| this agreement, Nn Edison shell of fer the sule of the pate 
ents to the Exploitation Company for the seme end and within =. 

“| the seme limit es for existing petonts. 

In case ¥n Edison and the Exploitation Gompany 

cannot ares upon 4 p rice, the parties hereto undertake 

to have the sine decided by erbitration 

ART. 12, ‘i 

Messieurs Porges * Léon undertake et the same 

time to form a joint steck company under the provisions of 

the above mentiened lay with a capital of One million five 

hundred thousend francs for the manufacture of the material 

12 | 

aod apparatus necessary to werk the above nemed patents. 

yi és 


| The said Menufecturing Company shall issue 
| and hand to the hight Compeny founders Shares entitling 

{ ait to 50 per cent. of the net profits wietever may bea tho 

increase of its capital. i 

The Exploitation Company shell authorize tho 

Manufacturing Campany to ranufeeture under said vatents, 

4 but no sale shall be made in eny of the abeve named coun 

tries to any perser whe shall net have obtained a licanse 7 


from tho Expo iaon Company. - 

The Nenafee turing Company shall supply all the. 

necessary 2pperatas to the Exploitetion Company, or par- 

ties licensed by it at a profit not excesding twenty por 

cent. and xn béon engegee fer himcelf and his principals 

in virtue of the contract of June? 1981 to author~ 

ize the seid Menufecturing Company to have its manu Cactory 

a in Paris, 

The profits of the Manufacturing Company shali 

il. be appropriated as follows: 

j aly - 7 pe the payment of the general, expenses. - 
i 2e To the legal reserve. | | 
i . 7 ; i] 
i ; Be To the payment of 6 per cent. upon tho | | 
1 oe 
' capital laid out | 
4 a {hice ‘ 
Kb . os, ; | 
: 4, To the usual allowance to the Directors, 1 | 
i : yin | 
“| 5. To the deduction of a tenth of the net | 
3 profits for the redemption of the share .capitals | 
. ; i 
Pa bj 



The remaining profits shall be divided as 

1. Fifty per cent. to the founders sharos 
. a, itty pew cent to the share capital. 
ART. 13, 

The authority to be granted to the Manafact are’ 
ing Company shell ret be exclusive, but Messieurs Porges 
& Leon or the Fxploitetion Company as theifr liconsee may 
orgenize or enue to be orpanized other Nanufacturing Gom 
‘panies in France or ebroad for tho same objocts and under 
the seme ésnaelions but reserving in all cases the same 
Proportion of eae G ths Lipht Company and causing such 
Proporticn of wtanite to be represented in these countries 
where the laws ellow it, by founders shares aquivalent to 
that allowed by the laws of France, 

ART, 14. 

Messieurs Porges & Leon algo undertake to 
organize ehother Compeny for the working Se Sale of licon~ 
soo to work isoldtad ‘plant sutside of installations for 
which the light is stipplied by a contral station 

Such Company shall have a Capital of One mil~ 
lion franes and shall create anil remit to the Light Company 

founders sheres ssewring te the latter sixty per coat. of 

tho net profitse 


A eS Se a 

The profits of such Company shall be appro = 

priated es follcws:-- 

1. To the paynent of the genaral expenses. ¢* | 

2s To the leval reserve. of ond tyvontieth 
| of such profi tee 

3. To ‘the usual customary allowance to tho | | 
Directors. ‘ 

4, To, the re-paynent of the shares at par 

5. All remaining profits shalj bs dividod 

cs follouws:-~ 
Sixty por cent. to the said founders shares 


Forty per eont, to the dividend bearing shares. 

The special aim of ssid Company shall be to 

population of ten thousand inhabitants or under as vell as 

ell installations of isolated lighting oven in towns of leas 
more than ten thousend inhabitents. 

This right to meke installations of isolated 

livhtinu in eny town whatever its population shall eegase 

whon a centrel station shall have been established in such 
towns by the exploitetion Company which Company or its 

concessionaires shall ther have the exclusive right in such 

| towns dating fro: the dey on which such central station 
chall be established without prajgudice to the rights previ-~ 
: ously acquired by the livensees of the Isolated Installation 
2 Company. 

yl i 
| : 

| work or euthorize the working of patents in towns with a 

7 if 


The Tsoleted Installation Company shall in 

ho case grant working licenses en bloe but shall always 

we ; 
moke such grant the poset cf 2 special concession to 


each consumer. : Loos 4 
The Light Cempany shall have tha right to 
nominats onsehalf of ‘the Statutory directors of the Tsole='' 
ted Instellation Gompenys 
It is understeed by derogation frum the pre- 
ceding parspraphs of this ertiele that the Bxploitation ~ 
Company Shell have the right to authorize the yorking of 
towns of ter thousend inhabitants or unter by a central 
station, end it may goede the whelo of such towns to 9 lo ~ 
Cal Compeny organized for civeds wadidase The profits arising 
fran such grant shall wholly belong ty tho Exploitation Come 

pany and not to the Isolated Installation Company. 

Tt is eieetiy understood that such grant of 
towns of ten thousand in cheb tants’ or ander, can never take 
wake except for igolated towna separately, and in ao Case 
for several towns tagechon.: 

; ART, 15. 

The Exploitation Company shall grant. ‘Ane now 
cessary authority to the Tsolated Installation Comiany as 
well gs te the Menufee turing :Company in order-to dite to each | 
of said Companies the requisite rights to avail within tho 

Limits of the pacensss which shall be. grantel to them a oan 


existing or future patents. 

ART, 1G. 
In order to carry out this agreement, Nn 

Porges Chooses es his residence Noe 27 ruo d¢ la Shaussee 
d?Antin Peris snd Nn Léon chooses No. i rue Lesueur Paris 
as his ebode. Anil the Light Company and Mn Edison eloct 
33 Avecue de l’ Opera, Paris, with privilege of jurisdice- 
tion before the Gourte of the Dapartment of the Seine 

2 Executed in duplicate in Paris Nove 15th 1991 
in presence am wi th the congent of Kn G.P.towrey, Goun- 
sellor-at-Law of New York and of Mm Charles Bategelor. 

Reed and Approved. 
(Signed) J, Ff. Bailey. 
(Signed) GP. ewes yo 
Chas. Batchelor: 

Read and Appreveds | _ Read and Approved. 

(Sd.) Cherles Pe mes. (Sde) E. Leone 





xposition Internationale d‘Electricité 

at - ot 

. | OTRO : 

 Représentants de M? EDISON 

CH. Lishewo sof Luitey 

dd eo 33, Avenue de 1Opéra.33 
c of wat OS fifth trent 

a4 ,  Aaertperet, Sede 
ee tear th, oe eee 

ie sta aecoresilirg ‘ o Byg. a 
was ange no ah 01h fo fae SS 


a 24 P eae ie 

Mc ARLE waarcneréa C Lites, le WA, Ca Seroeker jet 
¥ Tro a ; 

Représentants de M! EDISON . — 
Z CK.HE- Lieshungp Baileys Bias oa 
v7 a 33, Avenué de Opéra 33 — 
dy bly cea Chtem, 
eal 4 

Ph0"3 Lye We Yea Gta ed Lb 26t ese 

Gar Afio. Aveveedveg 1 CetCte Je 
bithn pase ‘tft ty Fa Preceas lyover QIK 

by tint ptecn Kbe wade cuy/ May 
Lhe 1s ttlih ce Ble wll tetabhcetse 


Exposition Internationale d’Electricité 


Salles 24& 25 


Links oe Z fe Gp. 
Représentanis de ME EDISON 

CH. Me Lishee a fe a 
33, Avenue de lOpéra,35 
You Ata Catia i 


_ CHARLES POR ORe te so | 3 Log hkl hee tt 

ny ‘DRie Blanche 

. © 

At 4 Neg, 


yaa yrs Nee Ys ees 221 AAHO 


eee Ses ed i 


= ~ : 
Sh fader Sea. ene Xs ee a en 

ae OSs SANS 
SOx eas ss Nan eae. MCLE PG 
NS oS ene SS SS a a 

SS SLAY ws SaaS. 

<o Res : fetes Apne a C dass ¢ eh CRESS =: 
mS een 

Sige reat TONG “ as WI NaS bs oon See. ae Shea Se High LO. ee ING ‘ 

| SRA SNe 

eS Ses es oe a yee Bye Lope DS ters 

. ane as 
Se MS N Cay \ x owe eS 7 
a Kos eS) Sy oh 
aie oS Ss —— see SSS Sn-- ~~ ~ TONED Yee Ss Ny ates ~ NO wae RS 

. SS rw. sean Ny. aN, SARA Ae ox oe pee cee ee we oe ae 
\ SAX 7 3S. . sos >» 
Nasresson SES ts ~ eee SO. aS SS sy oma SAO nee ay 


= aa Kane 

Exposition Internationale d‘Electricité 

Salles 24% 25 F Py OY, 
DIRECTEURS . ., - peck: La a“ *. 3 ‘ 
M.M.CHARLES BATCHELOR (3 Std, He tee ates Lov 23 — AS FC 

i Représentantsde MS EDISON 
a Gaver ; . QM. Md Mb: Vinshitad — 

: DS feud Hat Shee Mee Geen? vo 
Jit Bayes aid tae Aha Phas. 0 pea 



Bs (aliag) th A ae Mo Grice Lae 
a : ways Ehiarn” Qua 27a. Ck ea 
“od a elite es A tebectel pltend, foes te 

Aeesceoete « etevelA 

Fels = ee a acy te 
Vin [ae ao oF, — 

Ae) one Fatty Wes 

Boe il oe tether Make fees saftey? : 

SI ltehe tue _ A eco / ae 

fcc Te y Bet alice = Stich Yrs had 

pst on HA Srecete Mace ~ 
Smog eg " Qua 49. GOA 

maid WH betel My ao “2a a 

A Buell irre >, 
oes pai: Gt iia 
Aare btHotaA oO bhatee SESCO Frees 

Exposition Internationale d’Electricité 



Salles 24 & 25 py 
DIRECTEURS a, we d x ; 



Représentants de MS EDISON 
@. | : 

53, Avenue de ]Opéra.35 

Marner oetiDins et Ladeetiiet ” Boteenn” 
LO taee M0000 frorre- ate) for 2 Lrecet, Cbg, 
Edian” 2 Phares 10 000 Pranes ——_— 
haat bt walter ff He wrt Ce 

Sam greg 
B Ate1ee 

je & loa. of L wan Gyeud Bee cee) Secale 
ash aniue ne Lenz. be ordley Bocetocae tlm, YC Me 

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Lowe Cuag o2e/lrce 

Mau I Can BaahYyce 

Can Cath weany adoree Yor tH Stet 
wlihltionent- rear Hruen’, arcd Shee 

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ite eT One IOS Se Og Sis lee. 

This, I uattxra Aen J Go 

Ll is agace 
Cnet Phere Arecerrovyitis, 

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(G5l-N-Z7 aa 

; ; ; Bs — an 
CHARLES PorGés Leuiwhuen heres ISS, 
as Hienele: . 

ita ae oc Cectgyun a 

apse ls yee hd 

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pm ace cere es ee et rime ite es oe ‘ L- i 

ek. SN é ~ i ow , : i : 
watts ee a Lee AGN. ean GS Sad ARHS 

ways? NX 

foialit wads 

SS ae oe Ete 

Nose’ teks NM he Reg: 

Exposition Internationale d'Electricité 


‘inerns ; Kf le plige ke een WS Vile 

Représentants de ME EDISON 

CH. HME Linshiaaef Bully 

| : Usa A : . Doe saa a 
ve gaa i hear yore bli 

Kean te Oe ops ee a eo ae 

Pee 8 Gee et tind (Good gre 
“Danes fie athy a Lise eat shalate 

raw, ay, cco eh eo tee Gee 
Me ev-r00 (petal fe Lede Se arte Ge 
pare ae ad ae ome 
Cates ane Aiferaity tepre Hed ance te og 
Moin we a wey Char bee Mt? OBy 20 Wile 
ean Phone anaes igre 




“ce & AP yexnenr 
Se rN im 

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Ne x 

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a x ect SOOS TS BRATS sf 
Sel 1 X . Ne 7 : 







Hotel Mengelle, 
75 rue Royale, 75, i) 
December lst 1881. 

My dear Mr. Lowrey- 

Your most kind and friendly note from L’ pool 

reached me in London just before my departure for here, where 

I have been for some time concluding all the arrangements 
incidental to the formation of a company to work our Belgian’ 
Petents. I am glad to say my task has just been finished, 
and T go to London on Sunday next- I have got @ powerful 

group of Antwerp and Brusselé: bankers abd merchants to form 

our’ ¢¢ iy, which was duly registered on the 28rd ult. as 

the" Se t6 Bélge « et Hollandaise @ Blectricité” Capital 

Peanos ‘Sy “000, 000==" in: 20, 000 § sheres craitnary : ‘of °250 for each 

and f008 founders parts, of which we “(the Force and Lumiere 
ar ae 
Coe) det 10,000 shares ordinary. and #0001 or al. piaeans 

PEGEOe which-are entitled to 45 ber goats: of ooh profits left 
after paying 6 per neues on the ordinary ahereey: ae the 
capital has been subscribed firm, and the egnpany now starts 


‘ as the first *baby” or offshoot “of, our mosher ‘Conpeny: 

vo eo ne 

The time has now come to make electricity 

go and produce positive results; in short, to raise it from 
the region of speculative science into that of sound commercial 
enterprise. I need scarcely say that those who cam now. take 
advantage of the furore for Electric Companies and get first 
into the field of practice will have an immense pull over fu- 
ture comerse This is what we are pushing for ani what 1 have 
to som extent achieved in 4 small way to be sure, but this 
is e small country and I am quite satisfied with our beginning. 
During the course of the next week or ten days I hope to bring 
out our English Company with a million sterling capital, and 
if one may be permitted to judge by the excitement which I 

am told by telegraph from London, existed today on the prignt=. 
on line experiments of railway lighting, I think our financial 
success in Great Britain is assured. I have only the telegram 
as yet, but it would appear the trials, which for three days 
past have been going on, and the public inauguration today 
were a marked success. I shall send you the newspaper reports 
and no doubt your people in rondoa will inform you direct as 

I sent invitations to Messrs Fatbri & Johnson to attend 

We had also a very satisfactory result at the 
Society of Arts mee ting on the 23rd in Paes OR: Professor 
Thompson read a paper on the SP OERES of Pactrig energy and 
Secondary batteries, wherein Faures accumulation had a very 
high place and was the only one which entered intg practical 
Competition, having kept the lecture hall well illuminated by 
80 of Edison's B, Lamps fed from 82 cells during the whole eNen- 
ings I send you Copy paper. . 

In the tee field we had another triumph 
on Tuesday last, when the Solicitor-General, with Mr Webster 
QC. and Mr Pollard in Consultation with Messrs. Carpmael, J ohn- 
son, Professor Ayrton, Sir William Thompson and others after an 

exhaustive criticism of all existing patents and inventions 

relating to this matter, declared that Faures Patents were valid 

and tenable; Ast, because ‘the invention itselr: Was ‘new, and 
2nd, because its application was unq ues ti onably hovel. . Their 
official opinion to this effect Will be delivered in writing 
in a day or tWo ‘and I shall send you. Copye 

Ihave carefully and cautiously made enquiries 

in Paris and here regarding the standing of Mr Porges, and T 

am glad to be able to assure you that you could not be in better 

hands. He has means, good friends, and is persqally an hones? 
man, Viola mes vensebansnte: I find he has inaugurated his 

new Bank and in the uddress to his shaveneldara he alludes to 
the Edison contract for purope, but says his Bank will only 

risk 50,000 frs- or $10,000 as their share of the capital, This 
of caurrse means nothing, and is merely put forth as a sort of 
@ssuraunce as to the prudent nature of the transactions the Bank 
means to embark in. No doubt Mr Porges group is sufficiently 
etehe to ie Ge alone and the Bank only enters for form suke. 

I have written to Mr. Enews Shout the origin of his incandescent 
lamps and as to whether there was any publ isetion ma de at the 
time, many years ago, describing the daventice: T have no reply 
from him as yet, bit I am assured there was a. commaieation made 
to the ‘Acaddinie des Sciences ae may be ‘found in the annals 

or proceedings of that body.’ ; r shall ‘ty to ane at the date 
and have @ search I however have not much confidence in his 



As soon as our English Co, shall have been 

formed we mean to tackle the Savoy Theatre with Faures accumu~ 
lator am Edison’s Lamps, and go on to other theatres; but I 

think Mr. Edison will come to give us a lamp of 20 to 30 candle 

power with only the same resistance and length of cgyrbon 

as his B. Lamp. This will be indispensable for_certgin uses 

and places. 

Then again I look to him through your good 
self to produce a 100 candle lamp for street lighting as a 
competitor to Arc lights; and you will see ere very long that 
this must be the solution of the- problem for publie lighting. 

There is no officigl dediapetion of the cor-~ 
poration of London ré the Are being thrown out; but I know, 
Rom reliable sources it ig to come and soon. “And now I have 
given you all the news I can get on such matters. I am sein 
to ask you to write me a ay if in your Reteses for the 
éecieeee of t he garepesn Patents, “you: have included Hollgnd 
(Nether ands) There are no patents there, oe if you have not 

specially mentioned it in your: transfer it becomes free to you- 

as it is ad wold to any one else, to use MM Edism’s processes 

and inventions.’ I ask this, because my step son-in-law, the 

Badon de Van den Bogarde de ter Bongge is a very distinguished 
engineer and has great infouence at tha Court there and being 
interested with me in electricity, would like to have a pe rmi s— 
sion even of a negative kind; . of cairse giving cmsideration 
for it, from Mr. Edison to employ his system there; can you 
help me in this direction? Pray convey my kindest regards to 
Mademe Lowrey, aha ROniag soon to have the pleusure of hearing 
from you, I remain | 
Very sincerely yours, 
Ricarde Seaver. 
P.S. Your friend Mr. Swynyard did not call during my stay in 
nantes bus may have done so since I left; T shall be very 
pleased to see him on my return. TI presume he was at Brighton 
today. Kind regards to Col. Mackay. Please inform 
him of all that goes on which may interest hime 
Please address; London, Conservative club, 

St. Jamas Street, S.W. 

| | Bercbead Ligh 
| . SIS Maionuede CG 

ae | Recs, Dee. /t0..87° | 

- | 
Cee, PBatelreblery teeeeo ee 
[emf bly acta lhe Be 

Zeeeel fee act Zece 

Aliy dear Ltn. Eccim, G27), 


a 5 


\ e. 

ios gd Sewing uae ist sine 7 i a : si 

VV aplia Chat, I wrt 20 cuapoced, trreebisngy rlacoleiiwrcrd Kildct Catt 1eepht 
J Recor nG Bitte Ectesumt write; Yop anda Lo egratd; tnih. att Lae 
Anncwneptinanets ctl Rang Ae alloca, rrngp” prrigevrerin han bone 

Clgesh Dt Bee he ay bolnntivele babe BLE toc offen ; 

Ba SS GLE AOS cone JB A alle Cas, tence exerg. 
i Paseg- é fice Coote le : > LE 
se af ee Ot EN EGE Poison tos COAL LAA GE th gare 
Cie revtbier Corfu, sep slag teh. Ber ol Dog gg Ns plete 

» Ber vt (Re ober ie Paciiis th. aa 

: Petopibor : aiid haves 
Asat cteint a 

eon, a wthecte pap yt te 

ae es eae) 

. . : a 0 8 
} | a - 20 ey: cecore of 
= eye x Le 2h taf) K 

2 Mine ; E 
fs a 
SEO Pe ys 


HERP. 12- Ne 

ais BATCHELOR GF, Lets, ee Jie isd 1887 
ve ae ~ Vey Wea biteem 
Batchelor, PARTS, ! Aenoe tA Oke - 
ae 3 Ltt Ak Cett Getent (Hila 
: i Aas: leet, > FP CL) detcen, Cyfity 
- he Ze GE torvot ter LH EE ica J KPT ee 

Jin Bit eater 

ish , ae 

Sa a EERE bak a 9k Sse Ss RS ak ERE a 


oie Li hate 9 oi a 

god bapiiug te Lv _— 

Cigtense ee 9) alsa bana fro 

Aled bene me I that have o- oe | 
wating Lhewugrcs fads aad MM forefleeT Lear 

dad — te Hawe ha 2 vceél ce $a a 
tended frarde nud pins peat 

afte t  Aanw—~ea cr fii 2ittoac Athy 

Cy “tpn He 424 Awe 
vali BE clad acai 

Lito A&C Lt we ae 
Lian oc mag gly “ait I hovel 

Psa Riper. See Atte 
zZ xe ecw 



LTiepenae del et hth 6 Iinp Lemercier Ct Par 


a lvry-sur-Seine prés Paris 


| | 7 | 
Exposition Internationale: d‘Electricité 
Seer ae nine oe LUMIERE etecrRiguE EDISON’ 
Salles 24% 25 cr) . 
APWOKARLES BATOHELAR , Sg “lS bea 1 F eat Ml aad 2 fet. 
Représentants de ME EDISON 
CU. Md ines ~~ 
, : 33, Avenue de TOpera, 33 
i 4 
{ = * cry 
or ir . : | 

Lovmts tu OF nwt ‘acy oh re) 

puck peace gocet La ripened uae oon ne 

Pa ae Soc red Lewd i ie 

win, os re, 

ie A haa 

‘i ifm “,, Marte ban @ 
feito ip Go Cipeccece —_ 

£3 et ps - alo Ath iter 
OD ecutHicir he va whe to betel Me 

- . Ib fe 12-19 
CHAS. BATCHELOR Gist 19 Jletesute e188 1 

; } | aag a Gogh. 
ie ia ope "Jaloott 

Racy Deo 2/..87 
Mey, cian Ln. wail V1 cece 
: ra oO ; peel am eeal ear fre - i 
ceeplio#. Mies Elagiam fromm thr Ralelub. 
-ore “pec. Bo. 67s. Edison cables Amu to 
lite spore eek nk, avauo op ory omble 
Fusiw of the antl, Fi 

: hcl afd eee ot 47-4 2 es Cn. 

- jiteese 

i af Bg oe ns 4 
. uf ¥, 
ed aM ertBeartte LE o> 

Bor ve exaeted pclae lure 
pape Sroselion c asec ee 
apitany yor offi” Wey. Sead 4ermnwo : 
7 pew | i feere. tes eee sect abs Cotten, eh tener | 
: “r , ; et be re le petecd Oy f The Bem. 
feces ad Lr ‘¢ D. fa ciee eee: 

> as da 
toh: femecsil Pacd | 
: eel are enfes elie. a 
i icease! y eee: ts Pnerre 

ead nt aha. DP teees (800. 

onli feet gen erence rane 

guide cnet oe “ur! 
(Pascapracty Gos 
| @upHe lees 

eS Se 

- Ovrrok o A. ISELIN & 0O., 

. 48 Warn Street, 

P, 0. Box 910, 

: Pou Yoh. ih Ye... C4... 
| Oh a oe ag oa 
. SO Ik | 



‘CHAS, BATCHELOR’ | Gade bre ; oy ay; / 


Batchelor. PARIS, Magir Caique a a : 

bhi clear Maoyer, 

. . Yauo gf Ha GH Lee. AH euclaing 
bty 22 Fuel, 1 Fulgivn , 26 Ubtiau, 1 Spaci,’ 2 
Ciena; ad SGainid lateacts le pater a 
| Ave Have aie Aid aud au albecgtlh.— - 
teitfiinl: Be ledaphratine — Sheawe alee teed sae” 
har ff Mirtle plore ttied S acm truck lgell fin 

[2 0. Fw. nll Ooreticccee 4 Heep tre footed La 
Mew. Sunll peur Yor trl Leelr wey sent acc altlhid; 
Yu have a gl elaine aheat q vee S aeer 


Wi have ust a0 Yt? eecwed Kh “tuscdttr fb 
Hhened YZ, “wetenTitred Lf Gor, Dek hua 

Jity ohthect AZ 



~ A 

Exposition Internationale d‘Electricité 
Salles 24% 2 

Pry! | 
ree OURECTEURS Ba (a S : 

Représentants de Mt EDISON 

35, Avenue de 1Opéra33  * 

iepiit Oatcarn rig 
Anay tevilld bid? of Cocinu ® Catunysloeare. 

Se are 
Con pete Ennspeam | 

you: bot 

ag tome vik Davnels 

re ae ae 9 r 
pbs AL. ee Hy: : 
Pegi} Wee hoe Dog 3 
ey OCR ee Oe” Ucet Eran 
ey ae TA Ze ENS Bet 

Breer rate: saat SOMES we 

Serieieieieinnmmeetes eres ae 


Tense yl aA: 

me One LAA) aT rth a, hap 

7 room ere enmeemataiae! tendinitis sin we gene teetnpenane eparpnee re wn.ce 
oo - ‘ 
—_— ¥ 

Gookant = Pec Ceol. 

| Lailify. Ceffhiit bap 

Mretwe’. weeperety yore aan s 
Milli in jp ja Say nun 
| aw few ; B04 in 
bustle dite ete Ban of 
oe ee eS ine 2 ue 2 oe uh 
Meg eo — es hfe. ge & e : 
UA My han iil aa hae Rey - fH 
RE ica Fe Ot LE. eon 



os ae ery 

hag Beare ditien aed 

ete delat. tieadle sac aay 
We tt Ure te " ore ‘ae 
; iy Vehicl... Be ae ” 
ae ie ie nto ae ce | 
aes a Cs. is a 1 Oat-ayts 

fe soaks, 3 
aie eter er be ait een eect ween caned 


| Tay _ 
§ itd La EE 

| Peaerg Guok 

600 Gata af Ve 
g. AN LOD pr ys 

oh bh lOrntae of Paccn 
L596 for cul of forflle of |. 

ee ee i 

Pe Sod eateries 

wisn epee 

Se ih 


Ain ti 


, (ie - ns 

Remarks of President Charles Porg>s, 

It rests with me gentlemen,to say something upon what we have 
already done and the course we intend to follow in the direction 
of the Central Bank of Commerce and Industry. Tt is well at 
once to state bhat we intend to conduct business but not politics. {. 
We have the good fortune to count among our administrators , D 
some political men justly estoemed who have Come to aid our 
business and not to mix with questions which they undestand 
how to treat in another sphere. It is true however, that we are 
all Republicans, 211 partisans of the actual goverment, all 
friends of progress and light. bay: first work Will be to en- 
lighten the world (laughter) that is to, say, to put in practices 
the patents of Mr Rdison for the application of Electricity for 
the production of- Motives powerand light. These patents we 
shall introduce over the whole Ruropean continent except Portugal 
and Sweden. The organization of éompani aa of this kind is very 
complicated on aceount of the considerable divergence which 
exists between the legislation (laws) of France and America. 
The negociations have been laborious but we have at last a 
formula which has given satisfaction to Mn Rdison and to 

Without going into the details of our future operations, 
T ‘would cay tae We intend to form three companies. One will 
bear tho name of the Bdi son Continental company, which will be 
charged to make avai bable the processes of that inventor in all 
the countries for which, we authorized to treate To this effect 
particular or special companies will be formed at Vienna, 
Berlin, Rotie, Nadrid, ina word, in all fh principal cities 

of Europe with participation of our company in the profits. 

ey wre eemenmnrcnrs nie 6 eae euemaern a gmnamemne naman wenn tana natant nn arrntenens ama e 

The sum of a million which constitutes the first issue of shares 
is not very considerable, but you know that small beginnings 
often lead to great results. 

T would not conceal from you that in its essence this 
business iS even very contingent, but if we surround pukesives 
with all possible precautions, and act only after a careful 
examination of the reports presented by our engineers we 
believe that we can attain happy results. The sulogy of Mn Edi~ 
‘son's inventions is superfluous, but never-the-less Other in- 
ventors might discover somet hing better. In putting all the 
chances against, us, but one million could be lost in which our 
bank could @nly los» 5sno0dderr if the Board of Directors accept 
"my proposition. According to approximate calculations there is 
@ groat chance for the 50000frn to produ:ze an annual: resinus of 
about the same sum. : 

The total interest of the Bank in the three companies 
Will not exceed the sum of £75, 000fr.. 

The Second company will be a manufacturing company 
whose works established in the vicinity of Paris, andswill be 
directed by Mr Bachelor one of. the err co-laborers of 
Mr Edison. No rival company will be Placed under the direction 
of so efficient and competant engineer. possessing the most 
consummate practical experience than he, for, he has followed 
from the commencement to the end the studies of Mn Rdison and 
directad during two years at Nw York similar compani oS 
I believe ther sfore, that even should Certain processes of Mr 
Edisons fall into public hands the possibility of Whiak we- 
absolutely contest, our company would still have a marked su- 

Periorty over those which exPloit the application of electricity 

for illumina ion. 

Finally, the third company (this multiplicity of 
companies aay appear strange but there are in New York five 
companies of the same kind as ours and having the same object 
in view} The third company’s object, will be the eStablishnent 
of isolated plants for the pur pose, of lighting large stores, Ms 

railroad depots, printing establishnents, &c. In these estab~ n 

lishnents plants can be put without requiring the sanction 

of the municipal authorities for opening trenches. Thi sj 1 
company would also be the first to movee We have already a 
eonsiderable number of orders from various establi shnents A \ is : 
e Ju 

i iA | Se 

bet y : 
among which I may quote the*Bon Marchst t,he printing offices 

a H a 

of La Patite Republique Francaise” The Green room of the : 
Grand Opera &e. It seems +0 me gentlemen iat T have edad Snough 
to show you that this is no ordinary business affair, and en 
it presents 2 Serious prospect of profit, Now,as to the course 
We calculate tO pursue in the general management of our Bank 
I may-I believe dispenéa with by saying, that it will be very 
discreet. You know how I managed my own affairs for a long 
time, and how oppoSed I am to peaGtateens 

We have in addition certain chances Of profit which 
are not to be despisod. We have tho good fortune to possess 
among our largest shar gholder's; directors of the Bank of Paris 


of the Comptovr d’escompte, of the Societe Generale, of the 
Banque Franeo Fgyptisnne. 

Gentlemen T will no longer detain fou and.if nobody 
desires to speak T shall adjourn the meeting, convinced that all 
of you carry with +08 the impression that you have just inaug- 

urated 4 business which has serious prospects of succssse 

The meeting adjourned at 415 P. M 



1881. Electric Light - Foreign - United Kingdom (D-81-033) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the establishment of the Edison electric light system in the United 
Kingdom. Among the correspondents are George E. Gouraud, Edward H. Johnson, 
and Drexel, Morgan & Company. Much of the correspondence concerns the Holborn 
Viaduct central station in London. There is also correspondence from William 
Thomson about his tests of the Edison light. 

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of 
correspondence and copies of cable messages filmed in Letterbook, LM-00! 
(Letterbook Series). 

nf : a, q 
ie ytd : | high Mine He fonts 
2. Ppptag : we a jbetei se 


PHCIUHM OL 7 LY A of f* 

Sine * heal 68 ASZ_ oan SME Mo 
ee, ed arg feo 
| ba ee ait, ee mabecte ne LB ae ae a * ae 
Pe 2 EES pe as: rs 

| locnges WKeek Lr oe 7 ae 

| He Lae av Cuter fe. a Lecedord oe 

; hy Uy Othe Lew ai. Coen Ty has 
| Sern ties hefine Sarcvce ie 

Kaede! tle oy, Mt oy Lthe Lo Ci Gp. Lo ey 
| itenLs ba OM g 

lag cgaaeecs te candy £ | 

Pas ; ne, a SHlenorandum, 

Z| Zr Nase = 
foby of 108 | = Ema hah ste roe oe 

+? Mew 

t . $i, Doh ly valle 
OE EU A tig Maal 

eG Verde 

© ntact unff piece proceed ot eee {5 = 
hove tonsbiucted a Affamn Saynome capatfe 
of working about 750 te ara. fg RIT ointh 

5 fu ffrcsent Lamps and oie, applimuces 1a 
gue om ephebeckion wr domdow’ 

aut not +3 exceed $$aac hie do akse- tk. 
: a Eugoqe . Se peers the uictalho tin an) 

ee te Aawe Aafony vet te aeceg 3} 200, pen mond a 

a2 oe eS 


CH. eer, alan a ny 
Gaeer Lele Lt BE Acer: 
WP (a Cele, Zt mies 
EC fun cO ae, Coane fo 

HeecO , ) Aleem 
an ae Cece eas. een 
ecC te! i foie vec Goren, ec 
_ beeen , 62 ecxeloced Ce OCT 
ee face jocre BAew 
Lieu cto. 

ac : < 

fie 4 Ae 

Shh cue Bo eer Fie te nn, 

fire nie Pie Ae 2 Meee ceeng | 
oe Mi keoecege ce A 2 Pe Se, 
acetH Fe Bag oe a aes 
Cegtecene A42e Zeer SL C¢cceaey 
chee C6 FCA ae. oe 
wee Clee 

Cen AE eporian Gy efor 22, 

@Wecce Se. rCurvcey Ps! eli. CE, . 

Grown LG pe ee ora: ~~ Ot 
Wii Gece AL. CO ee 

a Gye ef 

7 FO Cerna vfhlo-d : 

BAC Q Meee. Ce » f{ -€e wo Cy 
Cereeye cia Cie. | a aaa o Creeg, 

PED Alka cx~<yee ee fen ON 

sesh G~ fe ef, Pheu 
rece Ua ee ee One See 

Pe Cow ee se Foe 

tet en LE 
“Bee Pere flee Geoewercey 
fen Iw, -EAPMcteeD . oo, 
Mex Bech oe LEST 
artes fle cue | me ak. crea 
coe C32 2 Lame l Euvece M2, , 

Lane f- eres thio Fe 
B- Z@e eer Cyee AW od eter tt 
fee 2G, OEE eten ce a Pe 
se cen | 
flee, eae re PM. PE 

Zee 7 Beier Pe oe 

Papi dare sh lara is 
JO IER, ye oe lis OEE 

en tC ecun COe peMiey tyetes 
tLe Coery o-€ ef—-C_, Be 

__ wh, - eee a) 


: ONGO$S He. BEE Oo. 
Ge face Qe aw 
cLlee cue mye arr ee 
Kee - 

Cf ew act Wan, Coo 3 

FOC ee, Peery Ces + Ho 
4 << “ Mee : Oe 
ged a 
Soler fw Ctay ey as ow Ae or Clary ee, a 

oe os 

tere. > 
2 o ey eee 
tI fre Ge 
<<. CLR GH ¥ few PFoenne ate 

oay EE Oe Ps , Gele Zre 

x! GE oo) eee les 

Ee ee” LEE, a A ea 
She fe 


tor-Le-e Phra. 
Qa wee Be “aw, fe ee 

eG hag ef Cet — 
. Ket wth 168). ger 

pase: PoP EG 
Trew Leraey 


. (ry deorD dv, 

Ha. Pe Sticker anc 6 eo ow = . 

| aces mma, frei Fg fe 
aig act 

ttre cet 
atten et te 

canes eee mana nem ae aaa na ann eet tree ney 

| i> a. Bean Spihomt 



* Setpoint, yr adv arTa BE 
pura ass eae Gang 
= ewes, 2 


=e. atloe Charente: an) | z ea 
) efoeead | re 




Yor hl 


pone \ 
OND AS tee 
STREET RN Howser a see 



“. > : i ay + 
Contpuny , Linrited 
hte Rar Ny ae kl Lead Pett? 
: nN 
as Larch 
EBS ~ 

Direct United States dibiles Cony 




a Tes 

wear) G7 hex 
6 Ae Re, MIU EL. 


Vie : Lindon Ltauel og boy | 



Se tha pe ae 

bean Gyhlel at Mee Sage oe 
Me teecwarn Smet we kaon cnc 
4 Pheceee, BAG wes Ahegieg prtite, 


ae 4 

a os A Ripe oe : fn Bate 
to offerert Cece 

LKB. . ae By. Ott Boladigetin ‘- ‘s 
P ew J anaes fot oe ee hiteain cm 
howl toy eng wee he Ls td 
Geoulh Ot wat eet Bice ‘ 
Late tater CELL Leg Mec et. 
ihe SAA & 4. ; a 

Sy gee este 



hake pees i pte, ae 

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Established, 1841, 

syft coma atmost inorediblo that information no minute, ro varioun, so widow reat and ao oxact should ho farnishod by THF MERCANTILE AGRNOY, foro stall 
subscription, ‘put tho fact remains novertholoss, and ja a splondid Instango of Lamosican ONLSEpTH3e, ingouuity, and administrative Rbltye TO Glasgow 

rratd, Jan. z 
on tho United States, to he told that the {nformation embodied in the work of this AGENCY has been col- 

“Tt in Significant of tho enorgy of private entorpris 
lected by no ess than 25,000 persons, without any Stato ald whatovor."—Tho London 7¥mes, Oct, 26, 1874, 

DUN, WIMAN & CO., 812, 314 AND 816 Broapway, NRW York; Braxcit Ovvicg, 80 WALL STARET, AND PRINTING Ovvick, 148 Wort STREET. 


7 Clactonatl, O. Eimira, N.Y. Lac wi rf Cot a ai Scotland, Halli 1. 8, 
BO. DUN A. | cletteal'G. Beta © facrowe Wie [Rizunsetacta® | ockester Ne. Sorat | Paria Prance ee deus eB, 
Albany, NY Columban, 0, Reatovitle, Ind. Efile Hoek, Ark.” | Norfolt, va. Su dovayet Mo, Toledny 0. Datlin, NeWey Ger, | 
Allentown, Pa. Dallas, Texan Galveston, Texas, Laulaville, Ky, Omaha, Neb. ‘St. Lauls, dla, ‘Troy, N.Y, a 
‘Auanta, Go, Davenport, lows, | Gloversville, N.Y. | Blemphis, Tenn. Oawess, N. Ye St Paul, Mina, Ullen, N.Y = 2. RUOTELL & 00, 
Balthncre, Ata, Dayton, 0, Grand Bich, | Dilwaukes, Wis | Peoria, tit Sate Lake City, Utah. | Willlamaport, Pa. — | Dopt, WIMAN & C9, I 
Binghamton, N.Y, Denver, Col, jartfonl, Conn, Minneapolis, Mina. Philadelphia, Pa Ban Antonio, Toxaa, — e * | Roston, Mass, 
ry I. Xo Des Moines, tows, Houston, Texas. Mobile, Ala. Pittebargh, Pa Ban Francieco, Cal Montreal, Que Fall River, Mase. 
Ree: [Baegmnc™™ (imines [icing an |Eeiborey FETE [emus [loos | Bata 
a 44 le, 
Chleago, 1, Peete sor arich [Keckutyiogen | Rewark, Ned Quincy, 1 Pad Jeet eee vogiand. | Landon, Ont. Worcester, Mass, 
! P, 0. BOX 803, 
! y ae - je 
‘ys “f 4 3 : ie New York,..APRIC (57 shoes 1881. 
oa wy 7 ey 
i J Mela) / VO a ees Gi Fy 
Ree ar?) Cy Le, ee 
# ron ry 
i THOMAS AsgGDISON £80 oy ys e 
ie oy : ie Y 
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Cf 7. ee ee : 
: Tila Livel & Gos 

— a _ a. | Lindone Oph ah ces a 
S aa Anenue, an) 

‘Wall St.Corner Broad, 
New York. 

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Oa Re bavi That A. 
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. . Gaeesow. 50% ays. 1687 

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PT, aa fact Cacia, tent ule How ee 
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edited Ip Metz: 1, Quiftak fs J 7 Biber ly, 
Wade ton. Mes ack fstell ocedg, 
hea if bora decd, ad Stlah, 






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6 yeetle, Calin A Rs 
Widir Wee 

“Wall StLComer Broad. 
lew York. 
Bete ‘Philadelphia. 


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ouchichall Street, 

D 134 To "2 DOUGLAS STREET, . 

1B LY | 

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CAGLE aponnas\. ‘ “) : : _ “a 
. . Lindon haday 18198 

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os - Ses ee - . 
Dread Loy conte bow 

P.O.Box 3036. 


<n emmy Ne 

ee ss 7 vl ae | 

" R.O.Box 8036. 2 

C. oy yf RL 


srrinety Boe oe EA 
a : ; 4 2 Le y ‘ * , . i 
my ne ne Ge Aa Vie Lack of Chage 
p7 ae gin seen a ABU SG ine Klafang 

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Ce (i? SS, 
CO Lomlbund Hcl x0. 

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Meeconry le fn w% tien a 
UWfer mation , 

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29 KBarikeriidder 


eee Pocianeemeey ener n tt th ena enranens i a ep re Aairesshait 

" ‘DREXEL & Co... 

“Wall SiComerBroad.: 

| —Cnetent 

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He fotetty frifpc1em of. ow? Cah bitter | 
atthe —h-gtet tte O, wwe that be— 
sapere? Vert Cxhif ties « Crete 


65 Fifth Avonuo, Gey fo he yl 2 A202, 

ew Youd, 
| S erat Drat 

by Le Shaw g ae alg 

eckcty tn Lp. Leva buh, fod ihe oak, Fs 
feed ah Levee’ Cok dad weed Lely nade 
Mean tee Wie Lo Qhitth at Micki aller cl! 4 ae 
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Geeviwee CL ale) ak fofy ‘spe cach, Lika 
w iMitltése vg Bedi Sines Cififly fami ak focle 

Ub acts fos the purfare of “pti Ufa dh 
ease Mectiry 2h cornice, beat bag fF" a Loveg time 
A Care Ol @eed~ Le22028, Levies is Loglarct 
te frugdo berg, Lowe arc Ded benig fro aati 

fie werd Le Lordpazzaccle Lo Carr fbtle Z 

Lazu eax a Ses Sp SWTSH EERSESEE oo re 
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‘RE Gee TS SAL Slee nyse — Noone mee ctent ce. pease] 
KE BEL: Pe a ihe RQ SER et <\ : 
SS sone? XN wh LOTYH eer wy SER SS oN 
as ger’ oe seek RA NG TSE . TANT aN ST TEESKETA 

Ss oe \ a ais ast * SSN 

SY ON De ase in ~ am o er SOR 

Kom Sst AN WQSMHe BH aS Yo Ges KOM ST x aq 

o, Tes. Teac aS ZN SAE EES Se TST Ns es SN a 
‘ X < : 
 GRATHD, HS as Ss ass Sys ‘So SEAS a 
S&S x SS Qa eed < <r ee. ASA EEN 
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28 “VS ig \ esr ASS RO — 


7 Vas. oy oe “SST 

Y aF ee SE wy tas a’ “ Seu oS ~ ‘Y Se is ae 

SSS at we is) . 

~Say CRETE a Wr Sor SSA RE 
ra Menge nt Syngas Matas ag gee 
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EEN ORR SRE Sa Pee ® : 
Ros MN = =e NESS . = KT NN nes TPs SHENG Yess = <L 


Se — Se ~~ ASy SpPacereg ~~ b QS) 
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Nansen mee, NUNS = 

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4 S25 as, 

we SESS Yee I | 


02 i yacunc: 

Lov EpIe2ouW’ 


4s Cet. LAthy 

“Dear. sir: -- 

GN; Ue Fabbri Has’ Slteady couminicated: with Mr Fdie » 

as to tho Exhibition at"the Crystal Palace. Hr 

Fe aid  fraper Hernan, & | 
Zeer 1p rem OLGA — Crcai clergy GE 
Lifig b tag wien aun 

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(Bardon, war gece, Eectoracce Se, 
| Beer "eee Kh - Cece 

by abla a aac ee 

ee Fiat, hela On ry 
fhe toretaL Tl fl rey EES 
fitter ee oe Fx : 

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iS Soeag saa ae Peadecet- 
Geeta cer Oe Le ee - 
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(‘War ae ee ad, &@ Peete eo eins! 
ie? rte esece, Aleet Pret A ~ ae 
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Che ae aoe Yeo 2A Law pir 
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: Ley Se | beet ec, pene 

oe CBerecee ree howe te hecere, CE 

(Faet cea Khare, — andy — © inn~ 

Ka arate Aad. Ga Aecln 
| Mat hoaree Pia wee A Baas tae. al.” 
On Ke I FEL Caz S GGer te 

— lowers ja crater 
Fancast geattig F | 
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Geen Fi fost lage reper apo 
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Yh! Coes gee aul | Exec, 

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eel Whee ate he hoa 4 
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' Leetng?, OP titan Che eee, etme ox ? —_ 

Aihihe On Hy Peraek Bea, reg 

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pees: igen ; ace 
Sita le- 27S Bre. cee SE 
Ath le 2K tee Cle Coe Shee 

20 Gte AL K = AA Beet AOG i 
Oe 6 eee 
Hillerd’! er. Fene. *% cue AER 
Veet Dog 46K a2 Cear ey. 
, ona Chow OPK ew Foe he re, Ae 
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ee : CXZeeew = Cec Ce c2 ew 

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las Ae Sfeceat Frere — iS 
Bteciw~e . Ae SAreekK een Che 
SP oreteteh, - €20¢ Kbeecce, Ce“we Gre k 


PF ty CRSCs Anew, eye Gee ee, 
Vy Ome LE a Pe Alea — TX at 
oan kK LA Bee A Xee,) 


Ket, CFexl222 CH, 
She MintHcne — Petts, a. haare, ee 
Be ae ae 

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pels se deb in Sires narkh? hn? sa Stn had nbcbcte NAGAI A fa Lasts. Laswien’s Tastee & toh gclaasa, Meehtheed Ade h PET 

ae mete ecfitce ey oot es 
Cte 2Fe Lar, — Car cf .2) X 
tae A Bes Ae | 

Revere Te oa SOM TNE ene Rene eg Me ace i 

Gen ae F Seg 
be ek ME eee ance, Be 
Fe tin Daeg ee Om | 


. 446, STRAND, W.C., 

By means of Vaure'’s Accumulators Electric energy can ‘be stored und retained to bo re-distributed as 
and when required. 

Sir William Thomson’s oxperiments have demonstrated, beyond doubt, that not more than 10 % of the 
electric energy passing through tho Accumulator is lost, and this loss is cortainly less than tho averago leakage 
of Gas in its transmission through the pipes. 

With Tauro’s Accumulator a steady divided light, of any intensity required, can bo obtained in incandes- 
cont lamps, irrespective of their resistance. At tho samo time, Electric enurgy can be continually produced and 
stored, and thus a very great saving is effected, as by the aid of tho Accumulator, the Steam Engines and the 
Dynamo-Electric machines can run without cessation during the whole 24 hours of the day. 

But where Faure’s invention is of tho greatest valuo, is in its capability of concontrating and transporting 
motive power, and in its uso in tho place of animal and mechanical force, so that at will, and at all times, the 
required amount of power can be had for purposes of traction, and working engines of every kind throughout a 
town, or for ‘ploughing, thrashing, or other agricultural purposes in the country, or for propolling vessels, 
barges, and boats upon the water. In fact, once the motive power being earried about in an independent form, 
it can bo utilised, for land and marine purposes, wherever there is a piece of mechanism to be sct in motion. 

Moreover it will permit of tho nso and application of the immense, and hithorto inofficacious and almost 
wasted, forces of wind and water, for the inexpensive production of Electric energy. 

All these immense forces of nature which, by reason of their uncertainty, or their distance, have either not 
been fully utilised, or have been entirely lost, will, by M. Faure’s invention, become a certain means of producing 
tho. electricity, which can be stored and be drawn’ upori ug jToquired for, any of the above purposes. Consoquehtly 
the storage of Electric energy’ must, of itself, create. economic revolution, and as it can only be accom- 
plished, practically and advantageously, by Faure’s Accumulators the proprictors of these patents must: of necessity 

derive onormpus profits thorefrom. 

As a practical instance of the value of the invention it is sufficiont to state that by its means the PeEeue and 
Ommibuses of London ean by olectricity be Worked at less than half the present expense. 
e Tts application, us a motivo power for- ‘the’ ‘working. of the Metropolitin and Metropolitan District Railways; ~ 
is one of the most important to which it can be adapted. The absence of heat, smoke, and noxious gases will 
conduco materially to the health and comfort of passengers; und the lighting of the stations and carringes will also 

be vastly improved, “and, ‘much more economically effected. 
Sir William Thomson, in his lotter to the “Times” of the 9th of June last, Senviesss himself in the 

following words rogarding Fauro’s Invention “Tho subject is one in which I feel intonacly interested, secing 
in it a realization of the most: ardently and unceasingly felt scientific ‘aspiration of my life.” 
Tho description’ of Accumulator’ now recommended by M. Tauro is 2 battory of rectangular shape, reine 

about 50 Ibs. 
Ono charge of. 4 such batteries wilt suffice” for Sch a sewing machine for 2 week. 

aie nyyrehe As, eee i * yt * + driving a tricycle for 6 hours, or for repelling a ont 
; : -* ae containing 2 persons during a liko period. 

wow Bog, rk driving a vehicle with 2 passengers for 6 hours. 

fen ht DO ee ae driving vehicle with 4 passongors for 6 hours. 

» » 40. ”. ” driving an omnibus with 24 passengers during 8 hours. 

gree BD eg gy gy driving 2 tramcar with 40 passengors during 8 hours. 

The actual cost of re-charging a battery will bo about 24d., but this price will probably: shortly be reduced” 

to 1d. or even less. 
The following are the prices of the batteries, payable cash on delivery :— 

1 Battery =e one. nee tee tee sone, £8 
10 Batteries 14. sen nee tenet tee £70 
50, See Hike Zeke toes ae es RS as £800 
100 sa i, 28ers citi tis ake GES BOD 
1000, wea wee AOD 

Over 1000 the fixed soi will be: £4 por battery. 
With 50 batteries, 30 ineandoscent lamps, poming.t in a vacuum each of 10 to 12 candlo power, can be. 

illuminated for ‘6 hours. 


"De teegewcnd om cnene . tae bh ka ae ah te a 


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ei 4 ter yeh at Kant SP re. 

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Fre athove Cty2zeg - Phe tine Mei ay 

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Arena Leis : Oa Cte Ate c | 

abet? Chi B Brier e~ aL a few 
ooh aD ax gous wary Ake — FH. 

| Jt ap br Hoenn Oo Ace ple tet ee ch | 

VAa-2e . Geet Fla ah A lh fee See 
| BS x a Cen Ha a Fa | | 

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Oeleee BALL 
Oe ry OPO Crewe Ate 

BR reAc rete t Precoraling ng a a 
7 pom (ee Mae Bet ig EEL ‘OH 1. 
perk Satin lo Ae featn a peageifee ee 
ie cceaaas Prviie, SVL, Ae Lek a 
| ley ios pe 

faratk af ea a ee {fae 
eee ea Ae AeA cick oe 

PSK aK Ae Livy 
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Ser cee y or Le oh ee C 
| fice es rasp roage sm | 

| nde pee ee s, 
mage: oo Poa 2 Ae aiees «gg AG | 

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on Tact, Cn aff C00 fF Ag hp 
GRY ar Gz kaoewe CoerxK Joo LG = Guz, 

Amat SP ORE: —Zo a Qe ay FE, 

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ecru eet oe 2 LA nt _ ad 
ee ee ee eee 

| A at - sagt a ! : ' 
Ge rece(Enewk aed eR | a Becta cba. 
; Are eK tee ee OY oy : , 

2 Pie kn a tis, oe ee 
flow iced emescl a ee ee 

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| ffir Meet Hcetcety , 

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een, a e27e - ioe ee prtetin 

ee aes ee A 

‘Becld Cfrgh en Ae Aeeraeceds F 
& Prey ftty Karciugis tH AG Cae, 
—- Golw freee ey tec C4 2 a<—~ i tas 
tt eg ee ey : 
: re Le Cree, aX e eee e ; 
6 peatie ey FkelG 26Z ? “F 
SE itt We wlitpnge, G Me ES 

Breviny Ae Hc ceKevce + 
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mas a wes OL =f Ss 
Ge 4 saetcices Xx ore. Mee Ain 

ete K - be Lterlenk bree 4 ex 

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eR eae Sceaine ian aa eaatine cece 70 ae! 

Gfecd an Cuvidatcnr. Cace wha 

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JS - : Ke etec et ee ee ee 
ez ie — 
gS F, yt plore L&R ee ae 
; aoa Pee et 
ane GR o GF Pier Bact Soler PO Ph Or/ 

eo (hace oe on 
omg Ait, Bf 


a Ata we 
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a Ss wie ei pee ee 
Z- O 2 2 Ao Hef oa a eek te = 
Mine Co 

ha Pave, Meche vanced pL a, 

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PDeles Karn fie } 

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tayo an gl Fly tif Coa 

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: Alawe ~ ZB Keane A Gre exeepe O (A 
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l Krethat IH Yate = Res frog wee eee <7 Seek 
Lon Clo Fee lt AAeher Can 

yor teen ; KR pe~1Ww — Pelee Olaf 

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oe ry ana pe 
MW Care ie. Chelaele>r K 

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Le ZS 2 heghl Myo Gi! x Mi gph 

itd ak a at scale ¥ EEA 


ae ‘, , Oy 
Dig Morgan : tid 

P.O.Box 3036. 

A , : | or ak 
eee Zl Beek As An | 
te Gee Ger tits LAake Fan. 

Ae Cope tEtu fl Ceti bh ' ce Ve Bop, ! 

Cf Prev Poet - Cerca, hb A, Merpree 

Ah cavro~ct “ha Enc artcce g Ct Chke PC aeaZey ke 
— fF& ctv 6 Me eo Fee irre 
BA a ofthe Figo r Face Ba Pete 
[A ey Lela es an ete . 
Me Sheceed no¥ Lefer a be 


(Sec eteced ad 
EH, a PeBley Ae | 

La hate. B SO ee Ee forts . 

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@eKahers SL eeach Gren + aha _ 

| tal alee - Ge Sencetls KC 

| padi farot ol, Cyne. RE ree 
Ble. eK 260 Evwceta™ Geek rece 6 

/ ; ts 

“ an Cow. 
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Bw, C.F es 
oa (70.9, 1981) 

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EDW® H. JOHNSON, gp Haltom Veiduct: 

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EDW? H. JOHNSON, _ 7 Hen V2hat 
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EDW? H. JOHNSON, 5p Hello Lee 

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EDWP? H, JOHNSON, . | 5 Hllorn Viducls 


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| tes we het eeervretieatt, Bat fienfri, 

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EDW?.H. JOHNSON, a I. Holo leadlucl: 

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EDW2H.JOHNSON, 5 Hello ie pay 



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7, Gola: Vo deol 


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Soi SSSA eS occa Rania, ag aad eee 

eset Co. ‘ 

1. ‘NEW COURT, | 

iMag: | 
“Adsense a wibrensori. eee vocay T RGAREY STREET, 
\ Solicitors. i : | 

Unt Aeet! tcl 


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: y, Cyr? 
EDW? H, JOHNSON, 5p. Hollom Valet 
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EDW? H. JOHNSON, mies Ce 


aay oh Lie gies 
eat > fhe ae open? | 
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a4 7 If, Holborn Vjuduet: , 

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EDW? H. JOHNSON, 5 Hom Se. 
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. EDWP.H. JOHNSON, ? 5 Holborn Vaiduol: 

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Sp Hollon Veduct: 

4 ON, Fe. LWT. CO SSBL. 


A He Mon Vedat: 


EDW? a damiseN: a, 5 Holbom oe 


don, 5h eae Demeha (2,2 scam 


eee oon Ti Z Lite cll 

Tees og 

Pee aT Phe Cae eC PETES Te 

aad 7 Yas 
| é Meche ee CB-c 


4 Ess. “ZZ 

> ites (Forin No, 18 B.) 

THE DIREGT U. $. CABLE CO., Limited 

In connection with the Atlantic & Pacific and Franklin Telegraph 
Companies in the United States, and the Dominion Telegraph 
Company in Canada. 

’ “£ 
| Maca. A Mil b si 
DEAR SIR:. Vig ; 

We beg to ifiform you that you will 

ve Reversible Register identifies the 

a Pay fe ti 

As th a 
sender, ti J Snature becomes superfluous, and the 
cost of thé address is reduced to the rate of two 

Very respectfull; 


P. S.—In sending messages by the Western ‘Unton Tele- 

graph Cows line tutended for oes Wes by this Company's 
cables, please address them Leith WHE “teil on which 

words are signalled free of charge. : 

EDW® H, JOHNSON, 57 Holo oS 
Sy OW, pe CAVE, Ly . SSG 


Gods Ae CR 

*S0F, Gest, SEEL 

Spe hot ‘Ye: Legg Fs whoa! harry 
Jn Rig RET, 


aan Ae A Get Dee 3 
Pe Re pd ath Af 
Me anid Ph op at Wades ate 

Fils sel 


. ese: lecducl, 


Deere eek 

j : : yi : OYA 
ek Holton Viduit 

| JL, es 
en? | (LOL me SSE) 


et Was dh (ad D 


@ -y jee as 

gous i ime | 5, Hot dbo. Vea aes | 
we lon. cDecomte Lecom ben /1iSed | 

a0 ans : 

Diya PL sess 

Gove YPewsemle 2A ose 
fl plemmanl of Peetember Lf Hetegges) 6 Aa A 
AYfere rffilying Me ang ofits dletaile LAE 
Whe? tho cectnl eens evtecdingly tfflortierie, FomrG 
ame thas teed oe veg amie SoA : 

| Geephanntitnly Lege anon opromemey, are vagy cifeial 
, Che thtce of your Cette aad He nee 

022 aI — ne ecoke ried cae ane : 




| EDW? H. JOHNSON, Hellen Vsillucts 

dons EC... cence ASE. 

Bet CxlLe. AM reg tt aloe Steed, Dit die 
Ahal Delay ae iplecs you cxctte x darnyple offs Ceol 
fer wetecal lical cred eee alae” aaa | 
ee CGE Beet Geos Hite sanded earlece ZI) | 
bel S wen ret deere Slat toad I clove ate S coael) Head 
Pe f- accecead Les oo Jrradetal com) 
J voll Meare loter caitbioet leat eeftercerree ~+<> 
Penvcoledge of wvttat we pegeite _cottch S garivel 

weg Sleade C0 22201? «ve Pte York. Vag forecore— 

Dynarne <1 einng put rafcdly unit fiocitim oe 
Ang Miag uct Ge _eecdly Cy Pie olawe “GAO 
eben fact S expect te start” slat Ce ips: 
Athi: ducde piers Sects az 

Bee Dy ae ey er 
ae oo areal of hee a Dayar AF 
— pore wo ss daucte | ae 

peoertot - a ee. 
oe - . — - — — - aaee nen a Ons oon een inn eee 
. Pn , : 



‘ot cy Oy 
EDW? H. JOHNSON, 5 Holdorn Veduct 


i PO at OE 
| aac eee Htl bhat-phe Nnralidiereds 1 — Pie 
five featirg. Site it phat bless teeciiig, cit foo 
foition othe Aewrinegd anal weet fawn Mee Lest — 
Cerreel ML fhits Ghul freove & Le wo 20 of CoendD — 
| fteevent Asaittieg in tha paurmeals, Scull tock aut for | 
| Mist in anine af all event need dex fal the ecertacctpabea— 
2 nl Ma cfioled. J pasos te gumaules wigpeelf grit 
Merced tet Lucha Cy Haig vey Leg Al sae eth BA? 
Byprance feeding Cea cwurtial f the deacred. Seevild binere 
Vee frndatisn fy tee eisai ok all ready log ete <td 
 aweval, Sheefire ple bape of tine Celticen Wa Hoing 
fof the feral asec yf tle deaoreel perll Oe deleiiden® eg 
LY gre Atlee tt eas anvived S fprcpode tle proces Pha 
Hive Heahhing fleordfewrs oul Hee ca pacite, afore eee 
[ee eee GE pect en Stel ef 
| Manan mn fi ibe fall analy fr ne tof ts 
| se tse Med wo, arsed Hai ony on, poe S hoofie UZ, 
| anaeele, Laat ditile "WS ain te need of FARE 
Serer, fra Vor Tote. abet Jorne a Hleicilediad Ht” 
Lhagpne Sf the wolislet marie tn Cit Fo 
sie Mowe fad wee taal S gmeerdl mood AA Ge PAL 


Liave Mees : 


pi ae fon Ao cst vet esectee wisn fate 

EDW® H. JOHNSON, ; G. Hello Visdacts 

fo | 
< ORGAO, LL... = Ares ASL 

5 ge of reel heaceing Meade He He A Bayuissersngg 
fim cettle witiee | trave cavteciten fos all wag verte aD 
a high aluad former arid Mecracghty <fe ma aaa 
ey are Hrewveclecs Vnaruflachirers of Tian Bugined “a 
Fo on Gace wely o12 vlecr MLE tne ranting. Mee taggeitele| 
aLbeentiined sie tis Bregivie. S do mot Aerord coed Cities 

fretfiates Lg Ae weitte thea Diprearree SE 24 very Affpcentf 

oe weve HE Ie CEA ree a Ge MWe ed eae 

eA MECCA 220 kee 4 eeane eee eed a 
thle geeetliond and - Aang Aeecded 100 la fete a 

Dynared from tem Gfaccrce «tt wee idle we 

fom t att tim stat te fagpoced @ de sone 

SEN hie Cae. ta wre ! 

ie an Pielvec J. Halt theerefere Ze sae oS 

MA: One. hyp becticaitid oe fl. Se pores aie 
of Slecd Aiedh , Sf have wel Aoaccl smo ee ae ee | 
il Cael at foes cet S tewee' Levee able te look ab ol mom rf. | 
enuck pilsaded cite <t. Peindly Geel wee ce secesee lt Gf ten 

| acc CE ae Aace Aad ae eae auitle cae om 

rc ae SS = , 
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= a: x / 
EDW? H. JOHNSON, 5 Holbom Vedat 

L May ey fperce Medl ceo Lo aeseenl with asso pope 
Whey ae mel got se aaa ae Steir: degrtlp apy 

ted sweat Mee - GIVE ee “Jo Mb at wotafleto Leto eed te 

at a wads fos Thee prromert, Le. OS 
here aeihte arrone wntel fhey Leave frrid fer pis y 
| have . Mhcblees Met fee: os at Aevredfttocre et 2 
| Correct ae da JS save ge QelCe dageg téead eo 
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hick Me dawee a dbiiy wey ee secces oes : 
Gy ha Apa oe ard ee 


| iis H.JOHNSON, | ip Hellen, Viaduct - 
ron, tS eR REO 05 Ae 

we frofered tr all Lamps for. flat fhe soreclhi? 
tua, se a_frcfortiir _f~or thee jfrenchiude- of f0000 fapift 
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catéitac: tf tect coal dell b icere fie ean Ke red oS 
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» Ya wee eee codelel prea: flats eel adi fries for le" 
Shab tdlie pheey wineell ‘euat- home Fee gee 
delleig Lape tad Cees Cacsefacllty coneaintered ip. cow 
aud «ce _frave Aeacdel Meal eon, ie ete fege— | 
Geecartcrs are Aegecred , anadesieg ct evetlbe ee fe a 
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tall ws ita’ Aa exe tee : 


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ge eee ee yee Galle of atheadesrt, ay Ome 
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. be 7 V2, YD 
EDWP?.H. JOHNSON, : ‘ een Vedik 
MANAGER: . ‘ . 
| £ . oe £. CW. suet wut ASE. 

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| EDW? H. JOHNSON, | * pHellon Vndlict: | 


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enabler fare these aridefwiid S thad wbendey evmse—— 
ae as Age Of MWe fed Vat jAeciddizee teal saeco” aaa 
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EDW2H.JOHNSON, . , 5p Hollom Loe 



1 aee nT ODN 0. So 

of He. Linh ponder cover yf-tee gueil seafectntitity, 4 
aun awit decrdediy af yout Oftercioet Pesta ee sin flar— 
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EDW? H.JOHNSON, — , _ 9 Mellon Vieduit, 

M.. | huge Seis Seige 
ceteeelal 7 eid eect nis Hee taad tb yoer of-oene Hane 
Heed aeraced. Goevs he. eee avictter c4 Cocccaeteg wo 
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and ceteminatle Law dete. Lud there Rdviife Ceo 
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tuithing Jetesile Aharebyy,sirenteditieg Lethe, Mal goer 50 
Saber” ree Ahee_feroveed pteiig deriva > xtececPleoi So: 
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tart goa lovin ie pore Jectennm LL Ia 
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Polen? for the applreatesn af thi, firoceed PC 
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Eglel Lelecils- Loffere fry yee One 
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oy. A efile de change oe Pitty —— 
ahh) porter att ate gory o pord! ; 


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London, 16th December 1981. . 

Dear Sir: 

Mr. Edison’s Electric Light. 

As promised yesterday I beg to report to you 
on your leaving for America upon the progress so far made 
with |. : 
ef the various branches of the work which I have had the pleas-— 

ure of conducting for you during the last few weeks. 

First as to the Patents. Under Mr. Preece’s 

advice the preliminary investigation of these was placed in the 
hands of Mr. & Bidwell-- a Barrister whose scientific attain- 
ments peculiarly fit him for the task Which is one of no small 


respcnsibility. Mr. Bidwell has already reported on the claims 

for the lamp, and is now engaged.on those for the other pertions a 
of the Edison system His report on the lamp claims Was plac- 
| ed before Mr. John Henry Johnson, the Patent Agent, and ihe anes 
ter has confirmed the seaniueien that the patent of November | 
10th 1879 is the one on which as to this part of the system we 

must mainly if not exclusively rest. The anusey revealed 

much in the framing of the.patents which we cannot but regret 

wea ARR ide ideale | 

x : ; 

@8 Weakening the position which Mr Edison’ s undoubted discover~ 
ies ought to have given him Mr. John Henry Johnson hopes hov-— 
ever that we may be able by dis¢laimer to strengthen that posi- 
tion, and I assume that we have your authority to taka sik 
steps in this direction as may seem expedient after due consid~ 
eration. We shall agk. under the advice of Mr Webster, Qc. 
wito is the ablest patent lawyer at the English Bar, and I look 
forWerd-- fisak Valuable used eteass in this matter fron the in- 
hue knowledge of the subject possessed by Mr. E. H. Johnson, . 
in whose judgment I have great confidence. We mst make the ‘ 
utmost possible use of his help during his present stay in this 

I araneay hope that the patents which relate 
to other parts of Mr. Edison’s system may supply claims suffi- 
Ciertly clear to protect Seis of its more important details. 

It will be a great disappointXént if we find (as ur. Bidwell 
fears is the case) that there is no patent for the device by which 
Mr. Edism protects his system fran the risk of fires You may 
rely on everything being done that scientific and legal skill 

can'do to ascertain exactly how we stand in this and other points, - 

and to strengthen the claims which prove to be novel and well 
founded by disclaiming such portions of the patents as may expose 
these claims to danger. You may also rely on my using my best 
enheevons to keep the expense of this inquiry and the consequent 
Proceedings Within the most moderate limits possible, but I should 
be misleading you if I reprosented the work as likely very soon 

to be canpleted, or as not likely to involve a Considerable out~ 


Secondly ns to Parligmentury powerse 

At Mr Lowrey’s sudtanse during your absence 
on the Continent we took the needful steps since approved by you 
for an application to Pabliguent mext Session for powers to sup- 
Ply Mr. Edison’s light im cases where to do this involves taking 
up streets ete. The wisdon.not to say necessity-of this step 

Was' evidenced immediately afterwards by the fact that all the 

other electric light companies were app lying for similar povers. 

I cannot say that I am very sanguine that Parliament will give 

us the bill we are about to deposit just as it is drawn, but it 

is clear that the whole subject must be dealt with, and it is 

PN eRe § MOE Pe IES eB at TE ea TRO eK eee: Pee 

Probable that all the bills of the various rival companies will 
be referred to a Select Ganmittee- If this course is taken, it 
would seem essential in your interest that Mr Edison’s system 
should be one of those considered, and that it should be brought 
before Parliament as one fully developed pea ready for immediate 
introdu ction. No better evidence of confidence on this 
pOint can well be given than by an application for the powers in 
question. The expense here again will not be small (few private 
bills if they encounter any opposition sre ever obtained for less 
than 2000 pounds and they often cost very much more) but having 
regard to the magnitude of the interest involved, I believe that 
‘all persons éompatent’ te: fen an opinion would say that the ap- 
Plication is not only prudent but necessary. I. hope to have & 
final revise of the bill ready for you before you leave, and 
shell assume unless you otherwise instruct me that you desire 
all needful steps taken to place before Parliament with the best 
pouetoue chances of success, 

Thirdly as to the proposed Company. 

I need hardly recapitulate here what has been. 

done towards forming a strong organization with ample capital for 

the acquisition of Mr. Edison’s patent rights in this country, 

and working those rights energetically for the common benefit of 
Mr. Edison am the capitalists concerned. When you gave me 
instructions to take preliminary steps in this direction, I felt 
that there was no one in England so likely to ensure @ suce ess 

of such en organization, asd so likely to be personally accepta- 
ble to Mr. Edison as Sir John Lubbock That gentleman is not 
only well liked in Parliament as member for the Waiveraity of Lon- 
don, atd in the City as the head of one of the leading London 
Banks, but he is equally distinguished ip the world of science. 
He is a fellow of the Royal Society and last Summer was President 
of the British Association for the advancement of seienes at its 
Jubilee Anniversary. . 

I thought it for hielas reasons expedient to 
approach him in the first instance, and after my explanation of 
What you had in view, he at once expressed his readiness to tate 
an interest in and devote some of his time to the organization of 
the proposed canpany, though his other engagements may prevent 

his accepting a seat upon its Board At his suggestion I next 

went tQ Mr Bonverie, ea gentlement of the very highest business 

standing and experience, of broad and liberal views, formerly 

Vice President of the Board of Trade, already known to Mr. Edison, 
and who has a very great admiration..for ur Edison’ s genius. 

Mr. Bowverie ‘has entered into the matter with zest, ani I already 
have reason to hope that his name and Sir John Lubbock’s will 
render it:* a comparatively easy task to secure the others we. 
desire in order fe form a canpany ae satisfactory in the standing 
of its shareholders as in the character of the work which it will 

be faviea to carry on. I attach great importance to‘ these 

names for this among other reasons; that the development of 
Mr. Edisa’s system must depend mainly on the rapidity with which 
local companies are formed for lighting the separate towns. 

As tO the merits of the different systems the mass of the canme-. 
nity will for some little time be unable for want of experience 
See judge—. but the character and standing of these gentlemen are 
known to the whole country, end furnish a prima facie reconmenda— 

tion in favor of Mr Edison’s system, viens will be of the highest 
value whe you come to form your local companiese I s8y this 

s . UW 
without at all ignoring the enormous and growing reptati on which 

Mr. Edison himself so deservedly hase 

“a 4 

The dupeadent Por the proposed company which 
you take out with you to lay before Mr Edis@ and your coileaguos 
in New York, meets I understand with:your own cordial approval. 

I was wishful as you are aWare, that that agreement had been set- 

tled on your. behalf by. an jentirely independent solicitor, but it 
. i ane Ve r 

has been laid before a separate Gounsel with instructions to con- 
sider it in Mr. Edison’s interest and has been approved by him. 

I can well believe that in some of its details it may seem to fall 
short of the expectations previously formed of what should be at 
once possible in this country, but I may porhaps point out that 
these expectations Were probably formed on an estimate of ro 
Mense importance of the invention rather than any accurate knowi~ 1 

edge of the extent to which that invention could be handed over 

as @ monopoly to enterprising capitalists. | The scheme however 

of the agreement is one which will I believe work perfect justice 
to Mr Edison’s interest, securing to him as it does one half of 
all the prabite which may be earned by the Company, however long 
its continuance efter payment of five per cent. on its ‘notual cap— 

ital, and one half of all surplus after repayment of that capita, 

. in the event of a liquidation or dissolution This share of i 

profits is represented by Be shares fully paid up and which will 

be equal in amount to the capital from time to time paid up on 
thé A shares. 

Mr. Edison and his partners will thus receive 
in respect of the patents immediately after the Sanbeny is formed 
(in addition to the cash payment) 100,000 pounds in fully paid up 
shares, ranking for dividend equally with the A shares after paying 
five per cent. on the latter, and each successive increase in the 
paid up capital of the canpany will give him a corresponding ad~ 
dition to this holding .~ t 

The agreement Cmtains a clause providing 
that the company shall be entitled under these conditions to any 
future patents relating to the light which Mr. Edison may take out. 
This was the provision in the case of the telephone agreement, 
and will I trust commend itself to Mn Edison’ s judgment here also, 
as being the arrangemst most likely to condiice to hig own inter- 
est as well as to that of his fellow share-holders . 

It is a most impossible to place a price which shall be anyt hing : 

like the real value on a new and untried patent. But it would 


seem the best arrangement to entrust such a patent to the hands 

most likely towork it efficiently and where a substantial share 
of the profits Made will go to the patentee. 

The gentlemen to whan the agreement as now 
in your hands has been submitted, and who are ready to aabgeeabe 
5000 pounds apiece iewanie ‘the formation of the Company, proposed 

on the lines defined by that agreement, have been informed that 

though satisfactory to you, it is not to be taken as finally ap- 
proved in its details until I hear from you after your return to 
New York. The future shareholders will all desire that those 
détails should bs acceptable, not only to your partners but es~ 
pecially to Mr. Edison, with whom they look forward if the Matter 
Preceeds to a connection which shail be both close and cordial; : 
but I ought perhaps to beg ¥qu to bear in mind that those details 
have not been hastily arrived at here. They have been dia subject 
of many conferences and mech deliberation, and thoughi:all the in- 

tending shareholders are ready to accept the proposal as it now 

stands I cannot answer for their readiness to adopt any changes. 

Were we in a position to say eee about the patents‘ the case 
would of course be different. All we can at present promise is 
that if the proposed arrangement is carried out the patent shall \ 
be defended by all that skill and money in this country can doe 
t presume you think there is a sufficient probability of the a- 
greement being accepted under your recommendation to justify ay 
laying it provisionally before other gentlemen of position and 
business ability pending your expected letter. I am particularly 
anxious aMong others to see Mn W. H. Smith, the late first Lord of 
the Admiralty, to whom Sir John Lubbock has written, and who is 
expected Baek dn this country on Thursday nexte Perhaps you will 
let me have a line on this point. 

In conclusion I have oly to express to you 
the very great gratification it has been to me to be honored with 
y our sonPidbese iw this business, and to be comnected in however 
a remote a degree with Mr Edison’s great invention ‘I have 
personally a very strong opinion of the expediency of forming a 

Campaby at once under the agreement which you take out with you, 

but whether or no this is carried through I shall. always look 

back with pleasure on the work.of the last few weeks 
I am, my dear Sir, 
Tours very faithfully, 
(Sd. ) 

Theodore Waterhouse. 

Egisto P.Fabbri Esq 
Grand Hotel, 

Charing Cross, 

Deaton ua Oe 0 ber 

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ECs. ray | 







EDW® H. JOHNSON, | : 5p Mellon Vela 
MANAGER, | a, 

onde Ob LL. Lule SILL. 

Praans HGlisen bey! : 

65. Bifth Avenue, 

hy oy ae Baden oe Sus 
fo-vef—of- ry wiihings wm Your ii iaipans 
Your will ee that J hove vty got at far a4 
Acucdcou of the ind heed Ahad sorrd Atvhtion § beieg | 
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Aeabooneuh Pere Tn Cato te Somes 


| clear te wey ie acl ad, Hurefrre, ef J 
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You anus Promptly Aay—to ad our Cur cle Lene. 
fe ray cork poredirs U -of great additonal wah 
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eefors—of Cleetiterard ofthe eorrtotoee of tome 
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posidive, of Samots waistaes J that have TP | 
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| Shure lets abhoud the Dyan Ahour b de pheok 
Me Lawp, bod 04 J Anas waors abovd the Lop 
(day thar J did petdendon ty Atatore of Me dady | 
San commfethd te give 4, SAhich tod fo HheAaing 
fester Sithats Maw pore abort Pb yrs | 
Cinrow than J ole hrdey.. | | 
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did bref. — Sparende of Lervcprerittarier pete : 
rorea de of Corrdiceter = Necctf arte Irercase—of— 7 
OQrrductir-persttar.rtee prrsenrd cerratt If AA a— 
Lfpflia for a Boransnren cerlie with _ 4 -<Gvren, | 
arnroil_of —Cof fet Gnoreate of Dra diittitatiors | 
meas deerradie of auiiber of Healers. Dewrtau 
xf nerubrr of Midiins wreacs less pest t1tle 3 
cdetlirrert greater dablevicion of meng Conteh 
Matern deviecd oA shad iret [heefelion 44d 
| loreated Certinl vf Vhe area G he Lup ft), ain: 
tumreate of the drttarre al—w hirk Sheforrf Can, 

ae Pee ETT Te NT a TEST? 
of the Gra ty for Shakeu as le Hetgurire. 
Meere]ore, on Arnrerenie of Laruf-Aeciitaues C4 | 
arte cfen of ver greod value aa Affeodiy the. 
gqeetior of the Cott of Aestitutiinn , aud dinree 
his, qurtidiorr id the wh pfrek haw nol yet been 
fraefiertly devrorstretid, of the qertition frm 
whiek ovr ability bs supply Clectiie Light ad the | 
Cotk wy les Phan She coud of Gat, Aeant. Shes | 
bern wbuudeutly proven that gad eorrveded tls 
flower orrd Meal le Lhicbiierdd , aed that Aga 
whour dhertie derat eorverttort ar Arradse Phare 
dooutd Whe gat f bard dicetty fe the frurprde 
tukeght Herefe bleclice-ligh/--enrn be praodited 
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this, pier whelever may be the prier Of Ma 4d 
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Marvugh ta inntivertion ofthe Btectricect 
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aheuogd pronidarts Ahe eodt—of the plant or to 
Asiecg xy ret exeeediive. S Ait Ahad thes td a 
Cuiplte divoitiation fhe fasted Ma 
Qu.Bie Light wr1_y be prolised fr Les trowey| 

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aoe peal ll” and tk, pterefore fh oly 2 
quttion 46, pill the pain etbirated peseetony to 
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Ak a4 & 2ef-uf +e margin of-difperurem 
beste? SJ fell vunr frcfte hat Vis 44 Ha cuty 
Gedicor yd be Aeferrniiviee? aud dt ta to- ge 
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Suse a mek Larger denrand poy teAufflig | 
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hori fires drizetly beara arfiorr (ts Coal ertemnpil, 

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(He thin fart if the recore obiffeiuth. Mervever Fa 

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CoanrpepArin with GAA A how gee ally aeeeptes 
aud tas matically added te She fasth ofall 
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Ze i ve, er tonite ir 
wn tia bho Abs set fr ee Aitihutorr.s, 
af tave Artticd s-G Peer nr cere Liral so effrhivel, 

— at te have teu a aad fh, detire — 

Su ea “Gime peok 
area Go —_ Sele 

hee ane fr doing Wem Saenger 




that the whole solution of the problem of subdivision lay 
dn the combination of high resistance with small radiating 
surface, and-therefore, thtough all his work will be found ever 
prevalent thisidea, That ithas been fully corroborated by events 
~ proves his keon foresight, and justifies the assertion he madv on 

conosiving the idea, viz.: “I have found the true solution of the... 

‘problom of subdividing the Electric Light.” With him the 
provision of the means and methods are always more matters of 
persovering experimentation, and sure ultimately. to be found. 
That ho succesded in effecting 32 candles of light from platinum 
wire ere ho finally abandoned that metal for carbon, is only 

+ another illustration of his wonderful fertility of resource and 
thoroughness of work. ‘ 

The Edison Electric system may, for the purpose of a clear 
anelysis or understanding of the functions of its component 
‘parts, bo sub-divided undor the following heads :— 

Frst.—Tho high resistanco, unit, point of energy, absorption, 
fe, the Lamp ‘whoro light is the object), and the Hotor 
(where powor.) . ; 

Second,—The Jow rosistanco, unit,’ point of energy, genera- 
tion, or more properly speaking, conversion, #.¢., the 

Dynamo. . 

Third. —Tho medium of transmisaion of tho electrical energy, - 
from the point of genoration to the point of consump- © 

: tion, t.0., the Conductor, 

Fourth—The means and mothod by which a constant: of 
Electrical pressuro (Elootro motive force) is prosorved. 
These comprohond the Boilera, the Engines, and the 
devices for rogulating the strength of the Magnetic 

. Wield of Force, : ‘ 

Fifth—-The confinoment of the energy within designated 

_ limits, #.0., the Znsulation. : 

‘Sizth—The protection of the light, tho’ conductors, and 
the dynamo, #.¢., the Protector. 

Seventh—The measuremont of energy at the several points 
of consumption, #.,, the Meter. 

Bighth:—The appurtenances by which domestic supervision. 
" . and’care are rendered sufficient, #.¢., simple and practical ' 

lamps, fixtures, &0. 

- Tt will bo observed that I-have used the word unit’ in 

ae ‘alluding to the resistance of tho lamps and of-thé dynamo.’ I do 

80 boéauso in any practical systom the resistance of each of these 
factors must bo o, standard unit, Mx. EEpreon’s method of ‘sub: 

and by tho dynamos at the othor, thus constituting the dynamos, 
'.the conductors, and the lamps, one complete cirouit. It will be 
observed that by this method tho circuit is always complete so 

‘other; the addition or subtraction of one or’ moro. lamps or 
dynamos only varies the rosistance of the circuit by supplying 
-the curront energy with more or fewer.channels for its passage, 
such addition or aubstractioncan therefore never. break the 
continuity of tho‘cirouit, thus-the “turning off” “of ono lamp 
‘cannot interfere with those romaining.: It will be apparent 

‘energy, mist bo of one denomination, this being the caso. the 
: clreaiata: the-lamps and the dynamos must be of a uniform 
ar uniform results aro to be obtained: and uniform 
| -results ‘being tho desideratum, it follows that o unit or standard 
> xesiatance must be had in each. ‘ , ; 
"<” Bor thé better enabling those having the examination of the 
patents in hand, I will write out, to tho best of my ability, a 
treatise on each of the eight heads under which I havo placed 
tho various factors of the Edison System, giving emphasis, as 
T pass thom, to. what in my opinion ‘are vital or important 

Ve EDISON, ‘at tho vory inception of his work, foresaw 

division ig what is known as tie multiple aro Principle—that is © 
.the'two conductors’ are!“ straddled”, by the lamps at one end,’ 

| Paes ae long as there is ‘one lap at’ he ond and one dynamo at the ° 
ae ae 

that’ in.such- on arrangément the ‘pressure of tho. electrical. 

datails _ 


"the conductors, and famps, one complete cirouit. It will be 
~ observed that by this method tho cirouit is always complete so 
"Tong as there is one lamp at’ ohe ond and one dynamo at the 
other; the addition or subtraction of one or moro lamps or 
dynamos only varies the resistance of the cirouit ‘by supplying 
-tho ourront energy with more or fewer channels for its’ passage, 
‘such addition or substraction ‘can therefore never break the 
continuity of the circuit, thus the “turning off” of ono lamp 
cannot interfere with those remaining, It will be apparent 

‘ that in-such an arrangément tho prossure of the electrical | 

"energy must be of one denomination, this being the case the . i 

~ resistance of.the lamps and the dynamos must be of 2 uniform 

character if uniform reaulte aro to bo obtained: and uniform 

results boing tho desideratum, it follows that a unit or standard 

resiatance must bo had in each. , : 

: For the better enabling those having the examination of the 
patents in hand, I will write out, to the best of my ability, a 
treatise on each of the eight heads under which I have placed 
the various factors of the Edison System, giving emphasis, as 
I pass thom, to. whet in my opinion are vital or important 
details. : 

‘ T havo endeavoured to place the several heads in the order of 

their rolative degrees of importance, without at the same time 

- impairing seriouely the thread of the description. Ihave there- 
for beon compelled to start with the Lamp, rather than with 
the Dynamo, since the former is really the one thing of pre- 
eminent importance, and without which the sub-division of the 



| \ sleotria light would as yot be still unaccomplished. 
i € iret, The-) - 

This consists of a high resistance Jilament or thread of carbon 
enclosed in a bulb or globe mado entirely of glass, and from which : 
i the air and gases have boon expellod to the point of a millionth 

i of an atmosphore, commonly expressed as o “high vaouum.” 
r Mr. Epson concoived in the first instance that high resistance 
i ' in combination with small radiating surface in a high vacuum 
' Was & pre-requisite to success in the problem of sub-division; 
; but when his first patents were taken out he was engaged 
i upon a process of preparation of platinum conductors for his 
i incandescent loop, and, finding great encouragement in tho 
i Progress made towards increasing the refractory power of the 
n metal, folt moro or less sanguine of his ability to ‘give to 
F. platinum a quality which would render the high vacuum un- 
, necessary. Towards the close of his uso ‘of platinum however 

Se ee 

_. he concluded the uso of a vacuum was inévitable.. . 
' "In tho’ préooss of: obtaining tho requisite high vaouum,‘ho |<: _. ° 
found it casontial to. continue the exhaustion of.the sir or * 
. Bases after the ourrent “was ; applied to: the conductor, as 
"observation showed that otherwise it was applied, | 
“the vacuum foll ‘off several dogroes, This ‘better result ho 
rightly concluded was due to the ocdlusion of gases from tho 
cells of tho, platinum. Upon applying this process, he found 
‘ eae snother offect quite as important as improving the vacuum . 
' .Was obtained, viz., that, the platinum loop became many times ; 
; harder and more denso;. thus vory:groatly raising its fusing 5 
: es ‘point. In fact, giving it the Properties of a new metal. 
I : ‘Wheroas at its natural fusing point, it emitted a light of but : 
: 8 or 4 candles, it now gave out a brilliant glow of 26 or 80, ; 
i .. Thus in the treatment of all futuro lamps, whether the’ loop 
: ; was of metal or carbon, this process of occluding the ‘gases i 
iS oy s  during exhaustion was always used for the dual purpose of oo 

j *“ . "\ securing’ a better vacuum and for rendering’ the loop more i 
f. _+ refractory. ¥ A 
2 te L 

er eee 


SF Sema tememne Bi 



-‘ In the early offorts to obtain a high vacuum, groat difficulty 

was experienced in maintaining it for any considorablo length 
of time; the authorities on the subject of vacuum were at this 
time loud in -thefr assertions that this desideratum was 
unobtainable. The most ominont so arguing, because of the 

existonco of the platinum-wires in tho glass, Itwas asserted | 

that the difference in the rates of expansion and contraction, 
between platinum and gloss, would inevitably admit air inta 
the bulb, oven if it did not orack the glass; and it was by 
somo maintained that air was admitted through the pores of 
tho glass itself during tho Process of natural expansion and 

- contraction, The first-montioned theory had a good basis, 

since in all oxporiments with inoandoscon$ lighting in vacuo, 
prior to Mr, Eprson’s discoverios, comparatively low resistances 
wero used for the light giving bodios, consequently loro resistanog 
or farge lead wires wore necessary to convey the olectrical 
energy to it, This thick platinum condusting wire ‘would 
naturally effect a sufficient margin of strain and reloase upon 
the glass through which it passed to produce ao “Teak,” or 
break the glass, This difficulty was entirely surmounted by 
_ Mx. Eptson’s adoption of the exceedingly thin load wires ; the 
marginal offect of which was too infinitosimal to Produce a leak, 
Such was Mr. Epraoy’s opinion at the time, although the 
diffoulty of ‘loss of vacuum” still continued. Mr. Eprson 
now sought elsewhere for this leak, not believing in tho theory 
of leak through the pores of glass, This lead to an important 
discovory, viz., that when the bulbs are “sealed off” the 
pumps, in the usual mannor (#0, by melting the glass tube 
“Joining the bulb to: the pump) & microscopic tvse was mado, 

. RO matter how fine the tube was drawn it still had a hole 

in it, in fact retained its tubular form, even though drawn 
to a thread. On discovering this the remedy was. readily 
found in ro-sealing the point loft by the breaking off of the | 
thin thread, a little ball of solid glass was formed at this point, 
and the air pressure now being brought into service forced the 

solid glass into the end of the tube thus closing it up and - 

allowing of tho formation of a solid glass cap or ball, this lamp 
-on trial proved entirely satisfactory, in fact 
sealing finally disposed of tho difficulty’? ‘Me. Ettow claims, 
therefore, to have been the first to toholly seal a vacuum bulb for 
incandescent lighting with glass, and I think investigation will 
sustain the claim. . 
After thus providing against a return of tho air i he globo, 
- Mr, Edison found that his vacuums rapidly deteriorated on uso, 
seeking for tho cause of this led to tho discovery that when the 
conductor in the vacuum awvas subjected to the action of the 

.,®lectric current, the gases contained :within its cells were 

expanded and forced out into the vacuum, thereby filling the 
globe with their prosenco, and matorially reducing the value of 

-r, the vacuum; upon meking this discovery, he adopted the plan 

Friis of hopting fhe condyctor furing -the:pro gs_of exhausting the 

A Blt, 80 a5 fo exhaust the, gases ‘as we 

‘The result of this waa to 
perfeotly and permanently. overcomé, the difficulty of magintain- ‘ 
ing a vacuum, and at the'some timo to give to the platinum 
conductor a charactor absolutely unique ;.it became solidified, 
as it wore, and porceptibly smallor in diameter, in fact so 
changed in every respect, as to justify its being terméd a now 

metal, This discovery of Mr. Edison is ono of the most impor- 

' tant in the whole yevord of his investigations, since without 
*iaaiigiteiaias Ene teva & procoss, it is 

practically impossible to produce & good yaouum or a good 

‘ conductor, Mr. Edison's claim to this process should theroforo 


be maintained at all hazards; tho attempt to appropriate it’ made 
by Mr. Swan is too transparent—the application of ‘the process 
to a carbon conductor involves no invention whatever, and as this 
is absolutely oll that Mr. Given hos. dono, it is clear he is-not 
entitled to a Patent. No famp of any description has boon 
made by Mr. Edison since thig discovery, except by tho use of 
this process, No vacuum obtatnod; without it is of any practical 
value, for reasons which will- appoar in tho treatise Qa the 
eat : or : 

adiation-of-light fromthe carbon filament”*~ 


Tho function of this portion of the lamp is a dual ono, viz. :— 
the effect en economical distribution_of energy, and to effect an 
oconomical conversion of energy witn light, 

The distribution of electrical energy throughout a oirouit is 
in direct proportion to’the rosistanco of that cirouit that is to 
soy, every unit of the conductor resistance will havo active upon 
-it, an eqiel dogroo of energy. Thus, if a conductor is mado up 
of two ports, ono of which consists of a mila o i 

i method of P 


[ENCLOSUR E] ' ‘ value, for reasons which will appear in the treatise = the 

4 , nadiation-of-lightfrom-the carbon filament.” 

The function of this portion of the lamp is a dual one, viz. :-— 
tho offect en economical distribution f energy, and to effect an 
: economicaf conversion of energy light. 

The distribution of electrical enorgy throughout a circuit is 
in direct proportion to the rosistanco of that cirouit that is to 
say, every unit of tho conductor resistance will have active upon 
it, an (degroo of energy. Thus, if a conductor is made up 
of two parts, ono of which consists of a mile of copper wire half 
an inch in diametor, having, say, one ohm rosistance, and the 
other of inch of a poorer conducting material, say, carbon, 
weaihes ft é having 2 ono ohm resistance, there will be precisely that 
i an te s : unaaiaae : amount of energy in tho one half of the cirouit composed of the 

by | one inch of carbon, as in the other half composed of tho ono 
{ mile of copper rod. 

' ‘ §upposing, thoroforo, a material amount of energy to bo 
passing in the circuit, we will have half of it concontrated upon 
the small carbon pencil, whilo the other half is spread over the 
enormous copper wire. Tho result is obvious. Tho great supor- : 4 
ficial surface of the coppor will pormit of the heat being radiated : 
in such infinitesimal degroes per unit of its surface as to be : 
wholly undetectable, while tho small area of tho carbon will bo : ' 
so wholly unequal to the task of throwing off its heat, as to 
compel its translation into another form of energy, viz., that of 

If we desire to conoentrate a greater portion than fifty per 
cent. of the enorgy on the carbon, wo must tnerease tte resistance, 
: and as it is important to have as small. an amount of copper in 
ro dus our mile of conductor_as possible, for commercial reasons, we 
: must at the same time ‘reduce its size, thus inereasing its resistance. : : 
\ This compels us to ‘abnormally increase the resistance of our ; 
\ carbon in order to obtain a ratio of carbon resistanco many ‘ 
times greater than that of the copper. 

Now, if wo include in the copper conductor that portion of the 
circuit which is incorporated in the dynumo, it will be seen that 
wo must keep #¢ resistance vory low, or we shall havo in our 
“mile” of copper so great a resistance as to approximate that 
of our “inch” of carbon. ' 

: Now, if we will consider the “mile” of copper to represent 
i fas the dynamo and tho conductors, and the “inch ” of carbon to re- 
prosent the lamp, wo will observo, that to have the largost por-. 
contage of the total energy created delivered at the lamp, where 
_ it can be translated into a marketable product, t.., light, we 
must have the greatest possible disproportion of lamp resistanco 
fo dynamo and conductor resistance. ‘ 
The problom of economical energy distribution is therefore to . 
Ge He Big, waite highest possible resistance permitted. by other roquiro- j 
ments of the lamp, and the lowgst possible resistance in tho dynamo * ‘ can 
| Peascas and conductors, permitted tf di eaten of thodynamo, ~ ‘ 

and the monxy value of coppor. The function of resistance is i 

therefore simply to’ permit of an cconomical transportation of * 1 
. the energy from the dynamos, which constitute the common 

source of onergy supply, td the lamps, which are necossarily 

spread over a wide area and located at innumerable points, 

more or less distant from the supply contro. If the lamps. and 

‘the dynamos were all located in one place, resistance in a lamp 

“would cease to be a factor. Thus resistance one became a factor 
’ when the quostion of distribution arose. 
The problem of rendering active upon the Shea the greatest 

— Percentage ka fhe. total enorgy generated, must a be 

NN ee 


ei tee gs ot OOK 
: a f wae é ioe ’ 
5%, i 2. 

ee ‘ ey rae , 



(otha | 

Sonfounded with’ that of the economical conversion of energy 
wath light, the one has to do solely with the economical distribu- 

tion’ of the enorgy, the other simply with its economical utiliza- 
tion after distribution. The ono is determined, as we have 
soon, by the ratio of lamp to generator and conductor resistance. 
The other solely by the oxtent of the radiating surface of tho 
carbon, that is to say, whatevor may bo the amount of energy 
active in.the lamp, it will produco exactly the samo amount of 
light on o given radiating surfaco, whether tho resistance bo 
one ohm or a thousand. 

Tho high resistance desired for the purpdse of energy con-' 
centration within the lamp, is obtained by the uso of a very ., 
slender thread of carbon, this slender throad of carbon aaa PPevidke, 
second but wholly distinct desideratum, viz.: a vory eniall body 
upon which tho energy is to be translated from hoat into light. 

It is of course a well known law that a given amount of heat 
acting upon two bodies, one a largo and one a small ono, will 
produce resulta in disor proportion to the vaio of their size, CZ 
If, thon, wo desire the-heat produced by the energy in the carbon 
to bo transformed into light, wo must have a body so proportioned 
to the amount of heat at our disposal as to permit of that degree 
of temperature boing’ reached which yiolds light, and is 
commonly known as incandesconce. The problem here then is 
to have tho smallest possible surfaco in order to obtain the 
required degroe of: light with tho expenditure of tho least 
possible energy. ine 

The factors determining this minimum of surface are: first, 
high rofractory power; second, isolation of the heated body from 
all heat-conducting mediums. 

Tho first is found in a remarkablo degree in the material 
solouted, viz.: carbon made from vogotablo fibro, and is largely 
augmented by the peculiar treatment to which it is subsequently 
subjected. ‘Tho second is obtained by placing it in o receiver 
from which the air has been exhausted, and by expolling all 

‘ the gases from the cells of the carbon’ itself during the process 
of vacuum exhaustion, thus shutting ¢hem, as well as the air: 

out of the globe and leaving the carbon in an atmosphere of tory 

ee as to preclude the radiation of any _/1 
se material degree of heat froin it to the walls of the globe. 


A third factor limiting the minimizing of surface area is that 
of durability. Ifthe body is excessively small it will not long 

stand tho wasting effoot of the high tamporature,.do erefore af ¥ 

a limit in this respect is had.. This limit is determined by the 
cost of replacing the lamp when it has failed, and by the value 
" of the energy utilized by-it-in effecting light, to say, the 
“" eoonomicat life of a lomp isthe moan between itd<cost-and the 
“2 ~oalug’ of the ‘electrical andtey ‘ucodia, it -in' a given number- 
of houra, It ia more economical ‘to ‘renew a lamp costing a 
shilling at the ond of 1,000 hours, than to expend even a very 
small percentage more of energy on a slightly inorensed body 
area during each of those 1,000 houra,(and thus make it last 
2,000 hours. J Tho extra expenditure of energy per hour would 
pa, cost many times the shilling—tho cost of lamp renewal. 
Thus the extent of the radiating surface is determinable by 
_ the abovo factors, and the determined surface becomes the gole 
- factor in determining the amount of energy requisite to produce 
a given amount of light, . 
The shapo or form of that’ surfaco area has nothing whatevor . 
to do withthe question. _ It may bo a sheot, a sphere, a stick or 
a long slender thread, just as lo: as the surface remains the same, 
the amount of energy used {0 giva a givon amount of light will 
be constant.: ' joka ol ; 
Therefore resistance is no factor in the economical translation . 
_ of oloctrical energy into light, for it is apparent that if the 
carbon was in the form of a sheet, sphere, or short atick, its 
A ete siaiy would bo practically; nil- while, if elongated into a 
= slender throad, it would be very groat.. . 
 Reatstanos and radiating surface axo therefore absolutely distinot 
factors in the problem of. olectrio ‘lighting. Without thé 
possession of tho first, the lamp is porfect in all respects. Tho 
combination of the two has but one object, viz :—the utisation of the ; 
lamp at a distance from the soures of energy supply. ; 

Tho argument, therefore, that Mr. Epison’s olaim’ for high 
rosistance in combination with a slender. filament is anticipated 
by.the recorded efforts of othors to obtain thin carbong, in order 
to obtain an economical conversion of ‘onergy into light, has no 

_ Sufficient basia, Thero is, in fact, no indication that in searching 
for ¢hin carbons they were necessarily searching for thin oarbons 
Of Aigh resistance; on the contrary, all the evidencé points in tho 
opposite direction, viz., thin carbons and foto resistance ; I main- 


foe he eee PRS ig 




"manufactured article, and consista of small broken fibres, hetero- 

; idee & microscope will roveal a state of things suggestive of o ; | 

_ sufficiont basis. There is, in fact, no indication that in searching 

The shapo or form of that ce area has’ nig’ iqhateves 
to do with the question. . “Tt may be & sheot, o sphere, a stick or 
a long slender thread, just ‘as Jong | us the surface remains the same, 
the amount of energy used to Coy @ given amount of light will 
bo constant. 

Thorofore resistance is no fee in the baccioniisal translation . 
of olectrical enorgy into light, for it is apparent that if the 
carbon was in tho form of a sheet, sphere, or short stick, its 
resistance would be practically; nil while, if olongated into o 
slendor thread, it would bo vory great. 

Resistance and radiating surface axe therefore absolutely distint 
factors in the problem of electric lighting. Without the 
possossion of the first, the lamp is perfect in all respects, The 
combination of the two has but one object, viz :—the utilisation of the 
lamp at a distance from the source of energy supply. . 

The argument, therofore, that Mr. Eprson’s claim for high | 
rosistanco in combination with a slender filament is anticipated 
by. tho recorded efforts of others to obtain thin carbons, in order 
to obtain an economical conversion of energy into light, has no 

for thin carbons they wore necessarily searching for thin carbons 
of high resistance; on the contrary, all the evidence points in the 
opposite direction, viz., thin carbons and low resistance; Imain- . 
tain, thorofore, that Mr. Edison's claim for a jilament of carbon “4 
of high resistance is good. , 

It is a claim for a means of subdividing and distributing 
electrical unergy for the purposo of producing light, and not ° F ! 
simply for an electrio lamp yer #0. 

That A had experimentally produced one part of the com- 
bination, and B suggested that the other was a dosirable thing i 
in tho problem of electric lighting, is, to my mind, no sufficient 
estopage of O's claim to invontion, based on tho practical com- 
bination of the two, especially in view of the fact that A says 
,ho-had his part for twenty yoars, and yet he nor others could 
“not combine it with high resistance, and thus anticipate, Mr. 

Bidison i in solving ‘the Problom of forty. years. 

A fow words on this subjoct will explain Mr. Eprson’s 
thoory as to the production of o superior carbon. It is 
that a natural fibro should bo choson, and not ono manu- 
factured by man. In tho natural fibre the integral con- 
struction will be perfect, while in the manufactured fibre, est 
it cannot but be heterogencous. For example, take a piece 
of bamboo, the fibres will be found to lie in perfectly 
straight lines, and to be composed of an infinite numbor .of 
infinitosimal cella, tho walls of which are thick and strong, thus 
rondering the body exceedingly homogenous. If the filament of 
these fibres to be carbonised consists of, any six individual fibres, 
and the process of cutting the wood be mathematically accurate, i 
so as to onsure siz fibres, no more or less, throughout every unit i 
of its length, it must follow that when carbonized, the carbon | 
will present throughout its longth the same uniform character. H 
This is evidenced by the fact that when a bamboo carbon is ah aes | 

ee ee ee 

enorgized by the ourrent, sufficiont only to bring it to a degree 

of hont showing a fair red, tho shade of that red will bo found 

to be absolutely even, thus proving that the resistance, tho 

refractory power, ‘and the oxtent of its ‘radiating ‘surface’ is : 

absolutely uniform. Truo, ono carbon may differ from another 

in all these several respoots, but it will be due to the prime 

density of the matorial, tho accuracy of the cutting machine, . ‘ 

the perfection of the carbonizing, or the care and comploteness: 

with which the gases aro forced out of their cells, In other H 

words, given a uniform quolity of material perfection in a 

manufacture will ensure a uniform result. / i 
Now, take a carbon, made of a piece of paper The paper is a 

- ‘gonously thrown together and pasted in their accidental position” eo 
‘by a non-carbonizable material. The result is easily foretold. In ; : 
sthe process of carbonizing the paste is decomposed, the irregularly i 
i,locked, short, and twisted threads only remaining. Examination : ey 

HE atump’ fonco,” rather than of the neat and regular parallel | 
“Tinos of a “postand rail.” ‘This irregular construction is shown 
: ; 8 


-1 «the same electrical energization prescribed for the bamboo. 
: uThe “red” will now be found to be of a chequered character— 
. "fe, red only in spots, white in others, and black in others. 
“ * That is to say, the carbon ‘of variable donsity, resistance ond 
.wrefractory power, and of varying superficial area. The cross 
section, having the least material (é.., where-the prongs 

surface, and will be ‘neandescent instead of red and: so 

_ upon those weak spots, and building them up to a uniform density 
and area with the other portions, pnhis i is done by scaling them 
in a vessel containing ee: Gad-ar gasos, and electrically 

Aenergizing them. The‘theory being that at the points of highest 
tempera‘ ye he weak spots) tise will be deposited tho 

atest quantity of carbon.. 

In practice Mr. Epraon found long ago (in 1879)—and others 

-since—that this was so only to a very limited extent. That while 
the weak spots were boing built up, say at a rate of 5, the 

_. +-stronger parts were also receiving an addition at the rate of say 

8 or 4, and that by reason of the fact that “a stern chase is a 

:@ - long chase,” ere the weak had overtaken the strong the whole 

! had become of such bulkyproportions ag to prove valueless, on 

i , account of its diminished-resistance and inoreased surface. . 

This is the oxplanation of the fact, that Eprsow alone gets 

iy uniformity and high resistance, His-modus operandi, therefore in 

; this detail is of the first importanos, and should be carefully 

borne in mind in reference to his patents, 

There is yet another important factor m the construction of” 
the Lamp, which involves the question of economy of energy, 
economy of construction, and the life of the carbon, viz.:— 
the perfection of the contacts between the lead wires and the 
ends of the carbon loop. It is now'well known that imperfect 
contact offers resistance, and resistance in this case means hoat, 
Carbon being o semi- (#.¢., poor) conductor, it is apparent that 
there ‘must be\a difficulty in effecting a good contact.with its 
surface. This difficulty becomes an slement of considerable 
importance; where the surface dealt’ with is so exceedingly 
small, aa would be the ond of the filament of carbon if left of 
the same dimensions as the body. To obviate this difficulty, 
as far as practicable in this respect, the ends are enlarged, and 
i small clamps or- cups of platinum or copper which have beon 
ae . attached to the lead wires are shapod ao as to cover as much of 
5 «the surfaco of this enlarged end as practicable. If a platinum: 
2 ‘ clamp i is usod, it is usually'made to hold the carbon firmly :by 
$ . + small screws passing from one jaw of the clamp to the other, as 
(a! inavico.. This method has, Yowever, two objections: "This screw, 
. or- -the clamp j WB, | soniipinjes, become heated, and relax their 
ot contact” a greater: 

aE ; pin : 
“their expansion, and a a seeasaunnt broking of the glass. 

, .of the carbon proper, which of. conrse alters the conditions of 
- -¢he whole, and a diminution of light: nef tee 
Aside from these considerations, is the one of the cost of 
fs ; - these. clamps, & very material item, there are many other 
1 awe devices than’ clamps, by which the platinum Jend | wires are 
it : . .,--Uitited to the carbon direct, but.all partake in even o greater 
... degree than the one ‘described ‘of the objections named. ‘The 
.-best,-and: tlie only really practical method: of effecting this 
connection is the one adopted finally by Mr. -Epison. It 
: consists of o small copper oup-shaped receptacle, made by 
i ~. ~~ soldering a piece. of copper wire, to the end of the platinum 
~ lend wires, then - chammering it out and folding the flat plate’ 
thus obtained, sidowise, 50 28 to bring its two edges near to 
each other, tho enlarged ends of the carbon are then dropped 
‘ . into these receptacles, and the very gentle pressure thoy exort 
S sufficés to hold the carbon in a. propor’ position temporarily. 
j _ It is then submerged in an electro-plating bath, in such mannor 
ee as only to subject tho clamping point of the carbon to the . 
action of the bath, and « deposit of copper is had upon the 
surface of both the cup and tho carbon ends, thus firmly 
wolding them together as if oné body, this device invariably 
~engures freedom from ali tho difficulties above mentioned, It is 
an annnamionl a mathed ag comnnrad with any other that for 

more markedly ond a fina fatal way, by Suialeg the carbon to 

-of the “stump” only unite) will be-of comparatively small — 

on. Now this state of things is recognized, and a remedy-is -- 
sought in the adoption of the process of depositing hydro-carbon * 

this heat is of -course waste energy, and besides the effects : ae ~ 
" ‘montioned, there is established a resiatance, independent of that - 




their’ expansion, and‘ a consi 

.. degree than the one described of the objections named. The 
‘best,--anid“4he only really practical method of effecting this 

. removed, and the fibres—now carbonized—are found to be of ¢7” 

: further.examination. 

equent bredking of the glass, All 
this hoat is of course waste energy, ond besides the offcots 5 a a 4 
mentioned, thera is established a resistance, independent of that : 4 
of tho carbon proper, which of course alters the conditions of 

agree oF heat to” dparien seria a 

. ¢he whole, and results in o diminution of light: 

Aside from these considerations, is the one of the cost of 
these clamps, a very material itom, there are many other 
devices than clamps, by which the platinum lead wires are 
unitod to the carbon direct, but all partake in even a greater 

connection is tho ono adopted finally by Mr. Epson. It 
consists of a small copper cup-shaped receptacle, made by 
soldering a picce of copper wire, to the end of the platinum 
lend wires, thon hammering it out and folding the flat plate 
thus obtained, sidowise, ao as to bring its two edges noar to 
each other, the onlergod ends of tho carbon are then dropped 
into those receptacles, and the vory gentle pressure they exert 
suffices to hold the carbon in a. proper position tomporarily. 

_ It is then submerged in an olectro-plating bath, in such manner ; 

as only to subject the clamping point of the carbon to tho 
action of the bath, and a doposit of coppor is had upon the 
surface of both the cup and the carbon ends, thus firmly 
welding them together as if oné body, this devico invariably 

- ensures freedom from ali the difficulties above mentioned, It is 

‘go economical a method as comparod with any other that for 
this reason alono, not to speak of the graver ones of imporfeot 
contact, &o., it is very impurtant to hold it. The patent covering . 
this method should be critically examined, as I am informed 
an effort is boing made to invalidate it, at present other makers 
adopt tho cruder, and moro expensive methods. Thero romains 
Dut one othor feature of the Lamp to describ, viz., the means — 
provided for obtaining a porfect sealing at the point where the 
lead wires pass through the glass. ‘This is effected by @ 
flattening of the mass ‘of the tubo through which they pass, 
into a solid bar, thus, fusing the wires, and the glass together, 
and providing o sufficient body of glass, to provent the slight 
expansion of the wires from oracking it. 

The terminals to which the lead wires are joined, to facilitate 
the connection with the main wires of tho system, will more 
properly recoive attention in the description of the socket and ; ; 
other fixtures. ‘ t { 

The method of carbonizing the fibre may properly be con- : 
sidorod in any description of the Lamp, although I do not know Ro ack 
that Mx. Episox hos constituted the process a part of hid"” at rr 
patentable system. The process consists of placing each fibre in ee ' 
ite own mould, and then placing a number, say 20 or 80, of theso ; 

individual moulds in a larger recoptacle. This is thon sealed, so : SH a 
as to exclude the air, and being placed in a furnace, the whole : 
is brought to a very high temperature, closely bordering on the yr 

melting point. The vossel is thon removed, and after being fp 
allowed to gradually cool, ia opened, and the small moulds, Ut 

the shapo desired for tho Lamp, and to bo perfectly uniform in 
every respect. This uniformity of shape, degreo of carbonization 
and perfect freedom from oxidization, is obtainod by means “ 
moro or less novel and difficult of attainment. Mr. Epison may 
linve ‘described some of thom in his patents—this will appear on 

Those remarks will apply also to the means employed to. 
obtain a thoroughly good vacuum pump. Thore are many 
difficulties in tho way of obtaining a good. vacuum in an 
economical manner. Mr. Epison has solved those, and his. 
factory is equipped with 600 vacuum pumps of his own design : 


* and arrangomont, all more or less novel, and giving to the pump 

a quick and efficiont vacuum-producing capacity. These and “ 
other details connected. with tho manufacture of the Lamp I will 

not now describe minutely, but will of course do ao if reference 

is. made to them in the patents under examination. 

' + ‘With this qualification as to aroturn to the Lamp, I will now 
. pass to the second item of the first head viz., the motor. 

ro8. id FG ~, . * 
Or ae ay, Meeel, B.C. 
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aad . 



3 Sir Joseph Causton & Sons, London, 

i. ¥ Re a 
= * oy years i 
: ne = g ‘ Bs 
» eta Bee oth ; : 
OO yueszr a : ' 
Pe “oy qevaen 2 
P “8 EY @ RYEGEE 8 
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ee ant. made? 


oes s. A of the, ‘first. part; DREXEL , MORGAN . AND: ‘COMPANY. fae 

: New: York, 0. S.:Ay ofthe ! ‘second: part :: EGISTO ...PAOLO: FABBRL : 
eee of” New “York: aforesaid ‘ wand | oo “PORTER + “LOWREY 
ago of) New’ York “aforesaid’ 6 and TI 

Loioa des ce 

ames ‘appe: ‘the fo “herec eid 

vw amigte Lb: oot 
ed, fo : by, them, in reinafter mentioned. of ‘the, 

Mop Oy ud et BATHS 

~ fourth part, “Ahereas the said- Thomas ‘Alva Edison is::the owner: of the .: 
. Patents. specified, in the schedule, hereto. subject. to; certain, 2 

Tlie Tat BE pel sOr ty GF uo Poe aos i, Fs ries 

the Parties hereto of, ‘the, Second and third: ‘parts. ‘Sisto. it is 5 hetebp:ugteed § 

tt er, 

ni the parties 

et ‘as follows that'is to ‘say 

Pred Sear 2 tpt ile eh 3 in] ‘ beatin 
“L The: ; parties hereto: of the fourth part, will. within two. Joon aftr Sol eseetion 
of this Agreement by. the parties hereto of the first, three parts. form Compa 

registered "a “ander ‘The Companies Acts" 1862 Tie wile 

be called The’ Edis rie Light, Company Limited’ fo 
of purchas asing and acquiring the said Patents ‘and adopting this’ Agreement. 

AF gc 
Zing  Ohiee oUbs. soeseets iherle “tote om ‘OP “ef iB. } al Spat 
hereto of the fourth part, will _ Subscribe for the. ‘number 0 of A shares in the said, Com 
TgO495 oF QO PBI NON Oise $1950 < ion CaNEG GE | MiSs 

opposite elr names respectively and will not part with. such shares = any of, oe during 
ny "The ‘Compan 

the first year after the formation of the Cohipany. ny “shall 
business ‘immediately: after its ra act SEs 
} Ss 

WeGLE fee ee el ae ols de 
2. Drexel‘ Morga iibscribe: for” 


and will not pt with such share 

pany’ shill Ho 250 soi si iito 25,000 A Shares of £10 

a Jileat ini Poon: ia ial Gb sunnier cerietitesss bale 

ach with power to increase the | apital beyond. £500,000 

Gia eri eee pea itt 1G oh’ fone fe setting adi 
such” increased. Gajpital ‘wi hb such h pref erence or prionity 
ny by Spéetiit Réesol Hon bits: af sot pais Mosul 

Hi eo ititrcat cil to neethel ZT Hoy {BA topeiq 
‘4. The yearly ae of the Company available ie Divident shall be ajiilied:s— 
Firsdy—tIn. ‘payment | of a preferential. cumulative Dividend a the rate of. £6,per 

Pio mi hie HO ar Geb fe Ted, BSP tjate 

cent. per, annum on, the, amount. for, the, fime, PP paid wu uw? or, credited... 

a gate non fa Dapp coe at chee) BS heres) 

as paid up on the A. shares. 

Dinst Ban Wout deo bgigon cdr fisge ee at tear as feb GCE betits 
oFtool Secondly -Tn-s payment, of, a Diyi yidend. pari. pagsy.on.. the amounts paid ea as 
To seacptite »eredited, as, paid up on the;,A.and: B,.shares;. : 

In therevéntiof: ithecivindi gap ‘ofthe Company the repayniént: of the ambunt paid) por 
credited asi: paid up-on'ithe :A:l-sharéswithsany/ arrears ‘of! thé: cumulativé ‘Dividétid:6fi!"™™. 
£5 per cent.'thereon!shall have <priority::::Any: further‘surplus of assets ‘shall ‘befdistributea’ 4") 
over ‘the :A and/:B-shares in! 'propdrtion ‘to.-the amount" paid up or'credited!' as‘ paid yp el 
thereon! 7z/e: such:surplus ‘shall; be disttibutéd as: ‘to‘one-half'among ‘thé'A: shares’ dnd'a8' to!” 
the other,half among the2B sharessiq talio bus connarch saael -/ woah AL ental? I 

jeun Desuorst eos cedoop bowiuudo esurug ods i 
5. The vee power shall pes follows —l1 oie for each a share and I vote for te 

every 2 B shares: <' 

lb py UN 

a6, The. qualifidation for'a Di ec 

be the ‘holding’ ‘of 500 A shares. ie 

aT eOET wobcs bis 

720,000; A: a shall be first issued and. actaly subscribed for: withini2 
the formation of the. Company. .. id : 


“8,-The’ said” ‘Thomas ‘Alva Edison with ha! Gonuiide of the parties hereto ofthe” 
second and third’ ‘parts’ will sell‘ and’ ‘assign’ ‘to ‘the Company’ (1) the ‘several ‘Patents ‘~!’ 
specified in‘ the Schedule hereto being the whole of ‘the Patents taken’ out ‘by him, or on a 
his behalf in relation to the application of clectricity or Magnetism as a lighting” heating 
and motive agent and (2)'all electric lamps dynamos and other plant belonging to them or 
any of them now in Great Britain and used or.capable of being used for the exhibition of the 
said Patents or the production of electric light and the lease of No. 57, Holborn Viaduct. 

9. The Company shall be entitled without further payment than’ is hereinafter 
mentioned . to all extensions ‘of the :said Patent rights. ad to all improvements upon 
or connected. with’ the said ‘inventions or- the applications of the same eee may be 
made -by the said Thomas: Alva. Edison... ': ae ‘ 

10. The: consideration’ to’ be’ paid: by the Company. for the said Patenta’ and plant 
shall Be (first), ae ‘sum . of £° Bae Sire to oe ‘Paid to ‘the parties hereto of the second 

SPE Pe AON AR SOTTO Coy eRe Hee eed eS CRED 


we —~ 

part.and which shall be taken ‘to: represent the ‘actual: expenditure ‘in ‘England”“on the. 2~.. 
part of the parties hereto of the first three parts with reference to the said patents plant ~~ 
business and ledse up’ to this time. (Sccondiy) The ‘allotment to the said T-A. Edison 
of one fully paid-up B’share for every'£10' of” capital“actually paid up or credited as paid 
up in respect of A:shares. : ‘Such allotment'shall-be:imade within one calendar month after 
every such sum of :£10 shall ;be:actually.paid up.or :credited as paid up. All necessary 

contracts shall be 

Se ak ye Sam ofits Fake a } : iibise cite Coty 
T. A. Edison to register t same, prior to the Asst le of such B shares, 
eaile cell iuee ial A GOP be eS Gape lad ! 
Al. The said T. A. Edison will ithout the, consent. of. the Company before the 
year 1890 part with one [fourth] 

allotted to‘ him’and the’Company may refuse to register any transfer of stich shares 

Abatrad oD 

“*12:'The Company ‘shall’ pay to'the' Parties hereto ‘of the secoud ‘part én the execution 
and delivery;to: it of the:necessary::assigninent; drassignments: ‘of -the-‘said ‘Patents the 

sum of £10,000 and also, at.that time; o mn, the giving of the Certificate mentioned in 

Eases pert 

clause 17 (whichever shall last happen) the further sum of £15,000 both of which sums 

shall:ibe considered as‘ paid ‘by sway “of :advanceé on ‘account ‘of ‘Dividends: on'‘B‘ shares. § 

lat patsaege Tas sir) ato svt gerd ada Ja naes og a Fear 
13. The Certificates of one half of the Bs 1ares for the time 
oj PH ertcade set lig iene PGi: GEA EP’ MENGE STG eT! 

Thomas Alva Edison or his nominees shall be. retained by the Company and 
fase Reiss aghuhitice iit “Hos Jeellisti lt Se stiameay bo! i of : pith 

= shall be actually paid in respect of, such one-half of the B shares 

= pittee ant fas Nieroem A hes sal Bae ase tee 

would otherwise have been payable in respect thereof shall have made 

Bes 8 Bore dt up egeita f. io tent #f PMOL 383-10 © 
of £10,0 £15,000 'so paid as aforesaid interest bein he account at 
se {Po VAR He adie # LIER Coney Bat day og 

pel Suit “HGR sifzoqqa 
iwi 8 th yearly sests. ai do gotingnot odd tobe ery yer oft 
aim‘be made againstvany..of:thé patties sheretoriof -thei- 
first three parts for the return of any part.of the said sums rand £15,000 

feuergio ) fice culi re annguip S hab oapinadge bry DWE TL 
or any in erest thereon but the said sums when repai or sa ‘means aforesaid 

in LHS a rut a ini Ae f the Ci DAUD Hat io fan an es try PEG Joa sy i 
shall ‘not be deemed income of the vomipany. : 

. to. the said. Thomas Alva Edison or his-nominees free 
det ProahiVih UUM UUG 2 Sd WEEe TNO) OM 16 UGG soho 

Pe Ona of the SEF BF 2 Imp epyoments feo AO tons 
hae ae THES pemwayg eee mmon roads, ,And.every such jr. 
negative and other covenants by the Company asmay be necessary 

or proper for protecting the said T. A. Edison or his nominées ‘in the enjoyment of such 


free and exclusive Jicaticbas’? bectivitl 1) idieve quausee’ daddy ua athe site, ofV fb 

16 The "said “Thomas Kiva Heiden will foi tins to 
despatéh'‘siipply to thie’ Conipatly ‘at’ thé “prices thatwed'” by” most favoured 
customer (such prices not to exceed the actual cds! price df imateHials'bS4 labour with 
an addition of; per‘cent. for superintendence ‘yenertil charges‘and’ —profit) “all \Stich'electric 
lamps dynamos and other plant“‘as'shall be'requiréd by the ‘Companyfor?the purpose of 
their .operations. : All,such jlamps,dynamos and :plant:toy bé:delivered:itoi therorder ofthed1 11 
Company, at; the place of, manufacture and:to; bespaidiforzin: cash/.and sifiiso: required: to Ibe ibs 
packed, and. shipped by,ithe, said T, . i Edison.ias; the agent;and!:at -theicostiofithe:-Companyay 32. 
But the j\Company. shall..not che bound ,to,purchase» from ithe. saidii‘Thomas{Alva; Edison + 
except, that, the.Company, shall. within,,;one,month afteri its: incorporation {purchase of: the- 
said Thomas A. Edison electric lamps dynamos and other plant: t6.: the» éxtent: of £20,000.) 911 

-at the prices charged to his most favoured customer. , , 
aot ogtow T Sure otsds ~ He ab aay 7 Peubfet ay ce 



17. Notwithstanding any of the provisions hereinbefore contained there shall ibe t nov117-: 
oblsafion on the part of the Company to pay,the said sum, of £15,000 or any part the 
unless’ dina ‘infil it "shall “Have | been’ certifed by Sir William Tho: and Sir ¥ oe 
Joseph Bramwell whose Certificate shall be countersigned by Messrs. Price Waterhouse and)” 
Company..Public Accountants that-electric ‘light can be‘produced and distributéd: by. ‘itieahs 
or with the aid of all or any of the processes covered by the said:Patents:at “a cost-not: «/: 
greater, than the. cost, of the production and distribution. of gas in London,affording an 
equal amount of light. Provided always that the formation of the Company.and the _ 
assignment of the Patents and the commencement of the Company's business shall not. 
be delayed till such Certificate has been given. 



18. Ifthe Company shall not be incorporated within the said period of: two ‘calendar:: !--« 
months or if the first issue of A shares shall not be actually subscribed’ for within the said 

contained shall be void. 

19. The said parties hereto shall at the expense of tho Company enter into and 
-execute and procure the execution by all other proper parties of all such further deeds and: 
agreements as may be necessary to give full effect to the provisions of these ‘presents and in 
the event of any difference as to what shall be contained in such further deeds and 
agreements or in reference to the carrying into effect of any clause of. these presents the same 
shall be referred to the decision of two or more responsible persons to be appointed in the 

usual way one by each of the parties to the difference or their umpire. 


20. This Agreement may be modified from time to time after the formation of the _ 

Edison and of Drexel Morgan & Co. 
and of the Company. y 

presents have hereunto set their . 
hands the day and year first above written. ‘ 


No. of In whose Name No. of : -. In whose Ni 
Patent. Dste.. taken out, Patent. ; _ Date. taken out : 
1 4. 4226 .. Oct. 23,1878 -.. T.A. Epox 21... 1240 ., Mar. 21,1881 ., _E. G. Brewer 
2 .. 4502 .. Nov.7 ,, +» E.G.Buewer | 92 |. 1783... April25 ,, ,, ears oe i 
3 .. 5306 .. Dee.28 ,, -- T. A. Enison 23 .. 1802 .. April26 ,, ++ P.Jexsen | 
14 ., 2402 ., June 17,1879 ., fe 24{}.. 1918 .. Mays - |) og G. Brewer 
TiS . 4576 ., Novdo , .. 26 +., 1943 .. May4 4, 4, b ‘ = ; 
2 6 .. 5127 .. Dents , ., "9 26 .. 2482 ., Juno7 yw. ig a Bs : 
“+7 .. 38 ., Jai 3, 1880 ., Pe 27 }.. 2492 .. Innes ,, .. P Jensen = 
8 .. 578 .. Febsi0,, a he. 2495 » ..+ E.@ Brewer = 
9 .. 602 ., Febril ,, a : yo ONS Bideween’ 0" Ss 2 
10 .. 1885 ., ApH 5 fen ae cos We Bis , “ye EL, Brewer i = } 2. 
11 .. 3765 .. Septis,, .. E.G.Buewm | 31! Pi) eet ee tere ta “3 Ee: 
FR 12 .. 3880 -. Bept. 24 «+ DP. Jensen. - Lo. n, we P. JENSEN . " S : ‘3 
> 13... 3894, Bept-25 or Sar s ” eT 3g i2 
= 14 .. 3964 .. Sept.30 ,, Se x Saco sees 5 :§ 
_ 15 .. 4391 .. Octza7. ,, at Bppt-27°,,°  .. EVG. Brewer ct 3 
: 16 .. 539 .. Fob.@iss1.- E. G. Bazwzr--| 36 §,; a6 8Ry ni Jet:18. yw. Pe Jenezn 3 (Bes 
E. 7 .. 562 .. Foe ,, |. P. Seven. 87 fe ABBR Oph Ie a. i= 
is H8 4. 768 ., Feb,2s ,, +» E.G. Baewzr - , 38.f. 457It'.. Oct. wy .. E.G. Brewer x ne 2 
e m9 4. 792 ., Febr2t,, .. BP. Jexsn 39 [.. 4576 .. Och19 4, .. a - 3 Ne 
Ea Oo .. 1016 ., 9,, ve E.G. Brewer || -: 4 fe Bec } oS . 
2 coe j { #3 
Pes ~. { q - 8 
i pes i 4 = 
pa = 4 nas L } » 
ci oe oy g.. ot aS # — 
= | ams : : i 
H ans f | ee , 
i ? a 
° Smee Qa te 

Bye ao ape ene 


Signature of Parties of 

the Fourth Part. 

No. of Shares. 

Signature of Parties -of 

the Fourth Part. 

No. of Shares. 

1881. Electric Light - Puskas & Saportas (D-81-034) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
business of Puskas & Saportas, a stock-trading company organized about 1879 by 
two associates of Edison, Theodore Puskas and Edward W. Saportas. Puskas & 
Saportas specialized in buying and selling the stocks of the various Edison electric 
light companies, 

All the documents have been filmed. 

. doanks No, 2, 



gy guard anatart mistakes or delays, the sender of a mesuace should order St mmrmarzo 5 that 
te, telegraphed back to the origtnating office for comparison, Fur thie, ove tall Lue reguler rate 
fa'charged in addition, It te agreed between the setider of the followlbg ineesage sad thls Come 

L's pany, (hat ald Company shalt not be Hable for mistakes of delayata the treaenlalon delivery, 

or Pree waee ‘Of any UNREPEATED message, ther happentog by negligence of ite serval 

ibe, Doyond the armount received for sending ive satue} Horlor misiates srdelayein the 
ton or delivery, orfornon-dellvery, Ofany xevearup raesssge beyond fy times (be som 
ally rod | nor Ia any case for delays arfelRg from 

ae Sia lta ne worategof Hanno for erara fh cher a abate reuse 
‘nero terrtptions king: for erro 
And 2 Compan ¥ tehereby ra de the agent of the sender, without Thetuitey, to forward any mes- 
06 Of any other Company when Lacesary ta reach {ts destination. 
nm the transmission of messages to oeny pots om the lines of this can can be 

A. R. BREWER, Secretary. 


devvaxn by contract In writing, mee arrsed amo uet of risk, Live} payment of remtam theres 

at the following rates, It addition to the 1 charge for repeated messages, viz.7 O05 per cent, 
forany oegance 8 hot exceediog 1,000 sills ut twu per cent forapy greater distance, No em- 
ployee of ibe Com) pany ta authoriied Lo vary the foregoing. 

No responsibility rararding messages. teaches fo thle Company noiltl the same are presented 
and accepted wt one of Its tranemitting offices anit Ifa message 16 bent tu euch office by one of the 
Oompuyre Legon titel nba nets | neta fat that purpose as the nxent of the sender, 

jeaaaces Ww 
tioe_tot dalivery at a greater distance, a apect 

writting, within slzty days after sending the messaxe, 
NORVIN GREEN, 3 Prostdont. 

elivered free withio the esiablisbet free dalivery’ Unite of the terminal ~ 
charge will be made to cover the cout of such \ 

‘The Company will not be iabte for damagen In any case where the claims not presented La 

ROOM 12, 

Chin Gd, a ZL. 

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Ao ee Me 

Sean Se 


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ROOM 12, 

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py Mewar Bop ElLch on, - 


ROOM 12, 

Cf. &, f 

ty dear et Blitery 
| Sees. AE norco Loy 

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eal Pan frac! 


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ROOM 12, 

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hes. - 4p, , 40, neo of Kat Fersterd 


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ais as 0H A chfiece 

Pewter i PhbenaeA, 


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C0) CAa%eEV 



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ee 2 NASSAU Steet 
ROOM 12> - Coe NON Aas 

Ay Maa rt Ei : 
abet fo ILS 2 ahead 
More. fo LM, shows peaked 

Lboo. Goad. to eK on iit 
Ged Dito 


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Prk, AE AST /. 
wy ood K Wk AS : 
Fut Rag VEU ay y ha wf Up ee afl “Oe hitt 

sy asst MOOfl 

| < is ees RE, Am d\ wt 
‘hones NS. ins ea Ha 2G | 
S NK Aone ser, = = Ns eo Shy 
Noes PA NG Nee, NS, Ok se nes 
»s- ts ey “= - PES ges eek Sead Be we Nos 
eae var egy & S We cae BR x 
oe SAS, xe Dw. sos 
RESTON La ce te ER OS oN 

ware me Oa Wy Sack 

ae i ae Os. ie Ne pes Woe SS Yond 

NAS oe ; a: — Doon, SQ 

| { = yy. Rsk SS oe 25 Drow WN, 
| Pe ne ok nok WosKY 86034, x 

FROM - he aa 



ee Yaibins. ¢ CU. : aefoerlas 
‘ {x ‘ S: + . 
Puskas ona Sapurtas, 

, . 

New York Say a CH na 

ee At pO yf Ee. ees 
Se fav Aa soraere dee 

Ze ae Soe 2 ace Be of Ba ay Ler, 

iP iia ee S353 Sexe ae 

Lr ot fetes ai 4% ee E ce 

ty Ati pen aes 

FL tecre AL My Prrertug en Le elec 34 

LG eee: er see aie Te" ethene * 

Be mmm A ae fae 

Ae Boas. ics ey aan 

Lprrlore Vashem ‘ OM Saportas 
Puskas on Sapurtas, , 

. . 

New York . 188 

FROM * a 






Fie , 

Se = 

Ae Ce“ toe eee ee 
Setar ee ee 




o--4ne -numboroi'dlactela ‘Nietie"compantes . .. 

constantly incroasing, and: tho trananotions in |’ 

helr ahares. form b vory. considorablo propor> 
Jon of tho buainess dono .in unlisted aocurities, , 
‘ost of theso sharsa command o promlum, and 
some, like. the: Hdiscn;-sell for, several, timos 
their par bs ues; The: subscriptions to Ye moat 
rocently Organized: company, tho: Edia 7 
{ntting, already. command a promium of 

any {9 -to'introduceand © 

0° vant: + This-com) 
furnish the ‘Wdleon light in this olty, and has al- 
Srivlabt hantsIfag rireapln stg naa 
+s by tO" 4 
Piateletod almost catieaty ‘to tho stookholders of 
the original Edigon Compa yi. AD announce. 
; pat. -relatiya -to those: priQlisnes: tay printed 

rivile; ? 
Bompany of Now-York, whioh ls. the company. licensed 4 
by tho Evtson-Electric Light Company to iuninate the 
ol ty oF New York,’: Wo aleo buy and sell stock of tho ‘¢ 

Ng Compas p 
wae geen ning 
Oil partloulars on anne sktoutas, «7 

Mi cuadget ne tee aes 

tvitezes to eubaer| ‘ee 
pany of Now. \ 01 
Kd Bl Light Ci 
alee rice gn Unit Gon 

tnWa ulbo Way and iil AisoW of thie 
OF 8 On on 

{4 ollunoous Buods and Ntueks.. Fall 
plication... “PUSKAS HAPORTAS, 47 William 


on Thus f 

‘ Mieaea: Vinilors, i 

cy ” ee 

Puskas una 

eee eee 7 C SU ; Vieporlics 


= _ New York Beey a2 

V eee YenrHKle’ P24 A LOOLA oe ne S, - 

OVE CI J5 Bra 


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PE ALZe Cacwsene DQ hae geen Cles ccorcccey, oe om 

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LT Oe Oe (ptue Blew Cec? 2 



“FROM | 

TOs Pe Protea ast Saree ue iach een cet 


“eal Bin, Bactic Gite 
| ach Low bo we OC, Ett. 

March ty, / Catccrs @ 102 FF th goa 

| | SEP EO —— 
ele: ence i 
“a JOEL a a @ Ve ore 



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Sa cornet. bus 7. a ae 


. Yeon YN?) Bheai : SY. . Laperlas 
‘ ] . >, 
Puskas oo Sapurtas, 


New York 


ee vie Aiaeray Chics ae aa 
yi ie al Rae —— 2 Ore 

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olen a. eae Ponti. 


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Oke meres, po apres bers 
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: < ams 
‘ . - ater - re pet 
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7 . ’ t 
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\ he, 
: fe in eae . : 4 
‘ \ 
psd Seah ees eas 


Qua «|, 188) 

DNotk 9 adirse yore: 

put bum better Pants 




(ROOMS 10 & 41) 

New York, November gth, 1881, 

We have for two years past made a specialty of dealing in, and buying and selling on commission, 

‘the stocks of the various companies organized under Mr. Edison's patents for electric lighting. We 
have no official connection with the Company, and our views are governed by entirely unprejudiced in- 
vestigation of the Edison system of lighting as compared with gas and other electric lighting systems. 

Under the Edison patent three Companies are now organized— 

Ist, THe Epison Exectric Licur Company. 
2d. THe Epison Evecrric In.uaiatinc Company or New York, 
3d. Tue Eptson Evectric Licht Company or Europe (Limited). 

ts. THe Epison Execrric Licur Company is the original Company, with a capital of 
$480,000—4,800 shares of S100 each. The capital was originally $300,000, but was increased to 
$480,000 by an assessment on the stockholders of $60 per share for each share of their holding, which 
money was required to meet the expenses of the first experiments made by Mr,,Edison at Menlo Park. 
The payment of this assessment was entirely optional with the stockholders, «ind was freely met by all, 
each one receiving in return for the $60 paid in 6-roths of a share of stock, or in other words stock at 
par. At the time of its issue the stock on the basis of $480,000, sold in. the market and is still selling at 
$1,000 per share, so that each stockholder received for his $60 what to-day is worth $600. 

We are very frequently asked: “Is not $1,000 per share a very high price for a stock that has as 
yet paid no dividends?” We invariably answer, no, and give as our reasons, the following: 

Mr. Edison's system of lighting is the only one which, in our judgment, has thus far shown any 
ability to successfully compete with gas on ‘a large scale, as evidenced by the work being done by the 
Epison Execrric InLuminatiNG Company oF New York, which will more fully appear under that 
head. Now what does successful competition with gas mean? It means that the money invested in gas 
alone in the United States is $400,000,000 ; that the gas companies pay an average dividend on the 
above of ro per cent. or $40,000,000 ; that should the Edison Company only secure one-quarter of the 
$400,000,000, or $100,000,000, upon which it could pay 10 per cent., viz. : $10,000,000, said $10,000,000 
would be divided between 4,800 shares, giving in round numbers a dividend of $2,000 to the share, It 
is easily seen what the value of shares that will pay $2,000 per annum is likely to be. We have only 
taken the field for the Edison light at one-quarter of gas, but when we say that the natural increase in 
gas lighting per annum is about $9,000,000, and that the Electric light can be introduced in many places 
where gas would be out of the question, it will be readily seen that the prospects are far greater. We 
have also been frequently asked ; “Why does the Edison Company not light up,” and have answered : 
“The Company's first principle being competition with gas, and competition with gas being not the 
lighting up of one or two isolated places, where no competition could be shown, it has been decided that 
no attempt at isolation should be made in the City of New York,” but for the purpose of this competition 
a Company was formed, which is: : 

. _ 2d, Tue Epison Evecrric Innuminatinc ‘Company or NEW York, capital $1,000,000, which 
Was organized for the purpose of lighting the City of New York, by Mr. Edison's system. ‘The holders: 
of the stock of the Epison Evecrric Licur Company were entitled to subscribe to the stock of the 
{luminating Company at par, and did so subscribe, instalments of 60 per cent, having already been paid 
in, ‘The subscribers to the first million having the right to subscribe at par to the next issue of stock 

* required for additional districts to be lighted, and. the subscribers to the last issue always having the 
tight to subscribe at par for all additional issues, up to $10,000,000, required for the City of New York. 
Tue Epison Exvectrric Licur Company receives from the above subscriptions 10 per cent. in cash and 
25 per cent, in stock. 

The Illuminating Company received from the City of New York the right to lay tubes under- 
ground, and this is-now being done in the first district which extends from South Street, through Peck 
Slip and Spruce Street to Nassau, down Nassau to Wall, through Wall (east) to South, and embraces the 
territory bounded by these streets. ‘The majority of gas consumers in the district have contracted with 
the Illuminating Company for the light, one consumer alone requiring 5,400 lamps in his building, 
Among the streets already tubed are Peck. Slip, Spruce Street, William to Ann, Cliff Street, Pine Street 
we, and others. Over 1,300 buildings have been wired for the light and several consumers, who had not 
contracted with the Company, on seeing the rapid advance being made, have now sent in their appli- 
cations for the light. . 

. This is only one source of profit to the Enison Exvectric Licut Company, another being the 
sale of generators (dynamo-machines), lamps and all paraphernalia required for the complete develop- 
ment of the system. Companies are already forming, and individual applications are greater than the 
large works established by Mr, Edison are able to fill, for while the Company has objected to do any 
business on a small scale in the City of New York or other gas districts, yet it is selling its machines for 
isolated purposes as fast as they can be turned out. 

3d Tue Epison Evectric Licut Company or Europe (Limited), capital $2,000,000, controls 
the Edison patents for continental Europe. ~ 

In Paris Mr. Edison was awarded the highest diploma of honor for his lighting system, and ‘ob- 
tained besides five gold medals. Several large syndicates have been formed in France for the purpose 
of lighting cities and for manufacturing generators, tubes and lamps. , 

We believe that the future of all of the above companies is very great, and will cheerfully furnish - 
any information within our reach to our friends and the public. 


No. 47 WitiiaAm STREET, 

? 7 
: ; ts : 
ltt’ hea Cte cle, Z fo Lever LT Bo aay; 
ne A Meee LEO Ce ot eae, 7 eae Oe. 

fo “fe 
fbr Nn, Aig? EC 
oe wel eves HOLCOTLA -ep et“ ete ti ete A a 
Cae geet nctstel a 7 cree 
ra GI puss: bee is 
jie Cle ees 
a ae 
ae ee : 
7 Ct ted) 
ae ere , - 
Tefee lag te eletevrene a+r 
fo looker SALLE 
2 Gee 
- OL 

ee yy . 
PLOT Hee Fe aye 






cent a CON tYfecen 6 oe” 

fob vo bt Oe 

Sie ee 

Ctele -% be Cleewre ? 

i w) ae . 
SS Seem Ca 

tee hemliteh, cities 


: thee eguctl CO ayer vane vice i 

xececlestg Zz colar folectes cree reer let OS gate: 
Ja ; 
Zs Cntr L 
ae , OIE hep Derere C1 yrrcecy Ah cove, 
eeet cle cele. your 

eee a eee ai elo, 7 
fr we cbenenl’ ov pe falevrvccliti, 

A pssst, 
i a oe 

| PA week ele ofl. errr XS cx; veel” pcellanng ee | 

| “ mae, ee ° : ree BL, : wz nt, . i 

| tbe, Kear Ch tels Te cere COL Les Celeunts a 

| i eno _ er 
Los, eset tae pectin ce eniee nL aa at le ef nie ee 

Thy hear wt Shi ms 
. 2) eo bea Sof fer 
aoe A atone vie sso lesthas (faery Fees ee 
era yori uee rile 
; fH nro » jen ort tiy thy, 
teak pide Korn el rere ee oags 

Wm that af ever Sipe) | 


ROOM 12, 

Caf ee 

1881. Exhibitions - Paris Electrical Exhibition (D-81-035) 

This folder contains correspondence, reports, and other documents relating to 
the Edison exhibit at the Paris Electrical Exhibition of 1881. Much of the 
correspondence is by Edison's associates, Joshua F. Bailey, Charles Batchelor, and 
Otto A. Moses. Some letters discuss Edison's competitors, particularly Hiram S. 
Maxim. Other material deals with the promotion of the Edison electric light 
system in Europe. Included also are lists of the equipment used in the exhibition, 
floor plans of the exhibit space, and a copy of the report by Theodore du Moncel on 
the Edison light. Related material can be found in D-81-027 (Electric Light - 
Edison yore Light Company of Europe) and D-81-032 (Electric Light - Foreign - 

Approximately 80 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine shipping lists; duplicate 
copies of selected documents. 


6. SnbardLbraol k 0. aa 
London: ML LAF IF f. 
MHA feeiw Ly, : 

Mend CA. 

Lact A hee trocel 
se aie endl 


nd DELIVERS messages i, 6n conditions, Mmlthy 

‘which vias ribet aacentet to 0 Hy "(iotondaref he tolong moasaue, 
ca rded aeainatonty by ting A meseng he seni Hing atatlorfo: amiparison, 

and the Gonupeny’ avill bot hold itself. fablofor ‘surcca or delayed \raniemisalon or deliveryor tod 

This mossago is pau CARE EATER mes i dolivered by request of tho sender, under - 

tho rane named abo 
BREWER, ‘Boo'y. NORVIN GREEN, Prosi pent. 



- .791 BROADWAY, near Tenth Street, 

i Were any nupLy SHOULD BE SENT. 

“> Direct ‘Wires. 

GUTS Coie 
— Bus Elmiial Ebebeting {0/, 

Pir ce a aia _ 

( Ae ; es , 

whe A ee ere 

of [66, ue ee ysig 
Dns ore es SB nae 

EL ee ee 
Aaced pallet, ct the foahinge!soom on Tet 
et eps Gontiadyciret aetinable that 
ae ee a 

es Aelbrered Leto han) 
Sat ony hetpecip li? 

os Usk. Staite ag. 1e87, 
Dhormacs A Botiam., yucrn 
és. Rice Onenenn., . 

“Leutina'n be bes dis 
eae mati a 4 
Speen einai 
ala Be aa oe 

a fo om oman 
iinamuang eet ain 
! oe Ks 
“pe i htc 
see A psec: So adh, 
ian aie cin ae pi. or cla! THA flrs 
| adunres 2 et aries 
pe Phan rent 
preted Len 



fplel nd Pose fovuncatog and Sflecticat Apparatas of all hinds. 

Edison's Inventions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, &c., &¢, 

| Chu Yablley EL yep 7 | 
Ghat “f Fe atecey SAfir. Co 
ead ae ee eee a | 
Sores | | 


Sas ininapei lle Sh eee a 2! Nis ule eid 

| ae hehe 7 _ 
: ‘ ee a \s 
i 0 ey ; ree pond é t 4 
/ ‘Senarty ttl Be boy ( On . 
ie fave ties 
J Be Sacp re ia “] 
/ fe We oot s | | 
i a 
Fone Joes | Aes 
~ . | 
ens) ! | Cake fy Saget | 
i ; 
| a See : _ a | 

7 if oe peepee a 1 Ot wostt tA poi 
bly C9 aged) Cr cf: Fac PL GE to re Re 

5 AAR G3? My mee ta are ay oO vo ft. c}: SOA os 
“2 ae: aa ee pails A 
ube ‘ Gare eile oe ab & Oe : 

rs ae 
va a? 
Le ne ee Oe ree 
cat ara 

saa oi ov) 

(ety ve be. ae 


bor ~ 
i Dee te need 
Ebae e. - 
se are BO Leviton 
f i 

Lemon Le a ne 


Comaiddada: Geral ; 
de Gon tas itonational alas Oleoltinand2 . | 
lo de Cbeposstion alornationaled Clecliieste?, i 


Erne: Lagoncher 


= iy) , 
ee. Saloon” Buopuels 
Chef ecacrice: ees Iaslaltlins 
ib Egponition inlanalionalecd blectintér Nay 26th, 
ebaubougres Wei Clch bibtid, 

! , . &RucHerraale:, 

Chof du Seyi ds des Installations a 1’ Rxposition 
internationule d'Slectricite at au vongres des 
4 Rue Porrauult. Paris. 
Doar Siirt 
On my return IT found as T expected in Rdison had 
done nothing about designating ‘his spuce in the uxposition until 

he sav me. Having told him of the rosult of my conversation 

: With you he addressed u lettor to our Asst. Seeye Of Stato, which © 

in duo vourse of tine will probably bo comuunicated ta you from 

I, howevor, tuke tho Liberty of sonding you & copy of it in 
order that you may be promptly able to accomplish what tho Secye 
of State will request. 

With many thanks for your courtasy, I am, dour Sir, 


fr ‘ . Very truly, yours, 


Sai NL GRISEA Cae SD ld ict vial a eer Bes dr ae ce 

(Ons en ee re ee 

May 26th, 1. 

Antoine Breguet, 

Chef du service des Installations a jt Exposition 

internationule ad’ lectricito at au gongres des nar 
Flectricicns. : i 
& fue Porrault. Paris, “* 

Dear Sirt 
On my satan I found as I expected Mn Rdison had 

done nothing about designating ‘his space in the !xposition until 
he Saw ines Having told him of the result of ny conversation 
with you he addressed a Lettor to our Asst. Seeye GF Stute, vhich © 
in duc vourse of tinue will probably ba comunicated te you from 

tf, however, take the Liberty of sonding you & sopy of it in 
order that you muy be promptly able to accomplish what the Secy. 
of State will request. 

With many thanks for your courtasy, I am, dour Sir, 

Very truly, yours, 

ee ns 

enn Ha 

a a as a iB RES ad LN cio SW Sn 0 eal potash conten tinue ve best. wish avis tines Tse} ss nS SAN Fe ne AH, parents 


Nay Slst, — 

Theodore Puskas, Esq. 

oS AV ONUG do-L-opera, Paris. 
- Dear Sir: 

On my return I informed Mr Edison of the conversa~’” 
tions’ I had with the chief of instullation, Nn Breguet, about ob-" 
taining the bést locations in the Exposition building, for his - 
exhibits, | Ha decided to seleet the two roous on the gallery 
“to the right of the aawenee, which will give us a space of 72 

“fest “squaro, to be filled with a most elaborate collection of his | 


lin Edison addressed a letter to the Assistant Secretary of 
State, making a requisition for this, and also asking the privi- 
lege to light tho space in the galler oceupied by tho central, room 
72x 72 feot, immediately at head of the staffease: tho six rooms 
“to the right, each 72 x 36 foot, and the’ six to. the Loft of same 
“sizes also the staireaso down to tho doorway , anda few lamp- 
‘post's immediately. outside. Ho will &het have 1,000 ‘Lights ‘te 

‘distyibute in this area. He also enclosed a diagram of the "~ 

exposition wuiiding and asked for a space 12 x 18 feot, with pas=*~ 

sage-Way round on the ground floor, in which’ to operata his steam’ 


The Ass't. Secty of State replied he will make every effort 
‘to seguro it. 
sete Wi21 you confer with Nr Rreguet about this as soon as possi~” — 
ae ~pié;"and Anform us by eable of the consummation of the matter?" 
“At the same time, ploase let your Secretary adourately dewigi’ 
the space allotted to us, und mail ‘a plan as soon as practicable. 
In tho interim, will you be kind enough to oxercise your’ 
~“taste@ in selocting about six elegant lamp-posts, td be placed in’ 
' fidnt of tho Palais de 1’ Industria, if wo are permitted to do so? 
“"""~“Beeh will contain a group of six lights. As it will pro-” 
‘dueey pérhaps, the first impression of our sapacity for Lighting== 
and as first improssiong are dan lasting--you seo how much wild 
devolve upon you. . | 
‘I think every thing has wonderfully improved during my ab 
seneeés The eloctric light is absolutely perfect. Tho Lamps in 
>-our offices have been burning singe they started ‘i five and one har 


hours “& night, for two months and not ‘one Lump has brokens 7° 

“"“"Haison is well, and just as full of great ideas as evére 

Truly, yours, 

~ Maat Wea é : one 

SSS kA a Nas as iat pe y gc 

i Se SA se BCU AS 1 Sra, 


June 10, 13 $/ 

Theodore Puskas Ese, ‘ 
45 Avenue de 1 Operay,. 

Paris, France 

‘Dear Sir} 

Our exhibit will consist of:-~ 

1, 150 Horse- power Builer. 

ie Dynaino and Engine for 1000 lights. 

1. Small dynane. 

1. 5S Horse~power motor with countershaft, 
I. | Sewing machine motor, and sewing machino. 
ee Motor driving pump. 

le” Motor and fan. 

‘SS | New prineiple dynamo, 

pe Main ourront regulator and appliances. 

dy°' Set of apparatus for measuring resistance of lamps." 

1. Set apparatus for meusitrung economy of ‘lamps. 
ae Photin eter and appliances. 

200, 3 light chundelicrs. 

100. 2 light chandeliers. 






le am 






1° Phonographic~Tolephonte system. 

Swing brackets for lamps, 

1 light..chandeliers, 

Rigid brackets for lanips. 

Regulator meters for tho light. 

Motor by deposit. 

Safety catches eta, 

Private lino Telegraphic printing system, 
Stook quotation printing telegraph system. 

Automatic fac-simile telegraph system 

"Systems of Domestic Telegraphy. 

” Quadruplex system of telegraphy. 

Duplex systema of telegruphy, 

Automatic chemical Morse system of telography, 

‘Automatie » Roman letter system of tolegraphy. 

Notograph Telephone system 

‘Combination Telephone systom, 

Nusical Tdlephone system, 

sbi tices aati ak eee. 





65 Fifth Avonue, 

Aare Yorks. 

Samples of all pipes and service boxes used on the Edison 



Mirror Webermeter. 

Tasimeter and appliances, 

Odorsecope and appliances. 
Resistance box for strong currents. 
Thermo Galvanometer. 

Cunrent regulator, (fluid-bridge. ) 
Set Leyden jars with high vacuum. 
Carbon resistance box. 

Telegraphic carbon strip Relay. 

” Motograph Relay. 
” pressure Relay. 
” ' expansion Relay. 

Telephone repeater. 1. Telephone switch-board. 
Set Electric Pens and duplicating presses. 

Chalk battery. 

Gendenass in vacua, 

Segar lighter. 

le Motograph gong. 

1. Set apparatus for illustrating *Etheric Force.” 
1, Magnetic motograph. 

= A inabee of pleces'af upparatus illustrating the different. 
methods of increasing and decroasing the resistance of a clos- 
ed circuit by carbon contact and illustrating the progress of 

“the Edison talephonyu transmitter as universally used. 

‘Cases of samples of Bambuos, Carbonized articles, processes 

‘Of manufacture, ete cote ete. 

Photographs, -~ Buoks, ete ete etc. 

Very respectfully yours, 

(OY Ge ee ap a> 

witha al eh lak desis de esis Wa USF Sad isn nena pclae, 9 

Lalas ubirh ed hie ietalbecs ibe 

- 5 ae Speer ama ee ee 

SUB] OC toreessccesssersossssreeseesssonssoocaneersststessssutsieceenesarenerseerereeecensons In reply to yours of- 


290-989 Kinzaa Steuer, 

JUNE If, 1881 
Te A. EDSON, ESa, 




a 7-///) ig MEG,CO, 

ee Co; BE A Ow. ¢ Scot: EC. 

a LONE onetductse LY. a po - 

Dear Sor, 

: Hg needa Lat Z, fu Avatkere wr ad 
tig of haveg Aree b ee frome the M6. Cru 
Dele Gu ee ge gee, Ge eB 
un Iw Regu wad Ly freer “the oe offen 
ay fee Ee ge, ins pe 

Ap oe AAG y aaaeed Coke antherieew Ain 
Cae, avd Yow enabled Aun ote 
You wonky ae hfe ashat he had 
Chew Mv4or Ahan. CAs“ nr 
Aorger — eeptarnid thal 6 antl nob 


ie Aug Bart Le 
Bitievas a 
dy hing ee eT Se 
race ¢ t the 7 i * : 
ples Tie te Ry cracwe 
oo (ofp A-O fry ey tg : os 
ss fino Cy 1 ini : 
wf « d | 
ede rg de KE, ee 
ae eyhteny ie Libis 
| : Fag “ak Space co UVa , 
: «Eee aa a 

frt « 
oe ey ce, 
is elas ae 
One : 
5 Aukee4 ; 
et F 


Ba a Pi iS Ne ig Ss a Ni ceil gata BRS: 

2 = Fakd te upLIAE LT 769019 -- Py wage 


: J L/ 7 a “4 
Up nN 1 | ; 

SL : 

y | : te nN 


: ° 





t so 
Sa ih a NR ee 




Ely ML 

Sta hes Chaiyts + Elyaces 

Lavillen oid. 


2% ; 2¢ 
GN de 4 Joust : 
Dey adie JO Clage. 

My 22 
; . 

Echelle de = 



= ee ne te re ee ec = 
, cn a a ee ee cn ce re ae 
iy . 
1 , 
F J ‘ 
i ji 
i Ys , - % 

a nO rvotore 

Vea @ : Sales > de f 

, y 1 ap. ; 
‘ : g lise “oO Ler vale - Cirtiarce, 


hed Lavillore Sti. " nie . : 

° e GF Py e s og 

° eae ° « ° ° ° c) e e 2 Ae a ° o ° ° oon ° 

tg eine seo SON, : 

c ° 2 ° ro) 

th Ast 



etve pure ) 
tetlhon o3 


° ° 
° ° 
o ° 
o o 










£8 8 £2 
Pavillon Moed -Onest. 



Fivillon Nord - Est. 

: j Eg ehust le de 4 50" as . Lavillon prin eral Mord, 

. Usle des Chasuprs- Elysdes. 

Cee, dh ehadisae bietetea ores ; . Mie eras eaten Sea as oe eee ae re 


NEW YORK» JUNE 14TH. I188l6 






JUNE 14 THs. | 


ay « ‘ 


a a 
be ety one 



tee oe wide 







AND MR, SEUBEL ic eAuE Won rg ter ceaitie DR.MOSES WILL BE 




ONE. a _ Se 

70 y, » ; ihe tad oh 
ie Qdsore Gi lecleiMlumenating? 
if : ¢ 


tompanyof Nea York: = 

O5 Lf. Soci reas 



Gh IG Bloor 

OGL... hh nl 

Lbeae Kore Wg C20) 

ty Blewenae -¢ fic. fer | 
a po ns i aa the fg 



Gsw Bbst. Gb 

(YL Of eager 

Kat” ate ford. | 
; ; | Isis ~~ 

Sp aweCeog Expenses fltcae Arter — — Goo. — 
Celtel, ory? _ fsoo. 
OO Le fp penned saa johns 

ae Br, bt preted wl, Ue Qpuaete wv Chie 

Awe prc Go Cored. mm 

age, - 31 Boulevard Hausmann, 

ee Paris, June 24th, 1881, 

My dear Mr. Fabbri; 4 
eaghe 4 fon 
_ “Some 40 days ago we cabled D.M.C. for the date of 



ie oh 

your intended departure frotf New York. -~I was desirous that my re- 
ply to-the Bailey eeibie oe whist Mr. Edison gave you a copy, should 
reach you before you Leave and soon after my return to Paris, the 
cold spell has brought mé@ @-severe cold and sore throat, confining 
me at home & mostly in bed, -- I am all right again now and you 
will find enclosed the said reply, cog athe With @ requisite paper 
giving my surmises. as to the motives, which, I think led to those 
accusations, Of this last pap er you may make what ev er use you 
may think prop er, 

I ‘regret exceedingly that I could not more condense 
my reply, there is a vast difference between an accusation and an 
explanation, and my object Mes to relate what fr considered the nec. 
cessary circumstances to enable you and Mr. Edison to judge for 
yourselves, caring nothing for the opinion of the others, -- 

I look forward with much pleasure to your coming; 
and best wishes for a safe and pleasant trip for yourself and Mrs 

Fabbri, who, I take it, will join you.-- I shall be absent from 

Paris for the month of August, intending’ to take the sulphur-wat ers 

at Leuk in Switzerland, which did me a great deal of good (against 
sore throat) last year, 2 
With kind regards also to Mrs Fabbri, in which Mrs 
Harjes and Mr Winthrop join, I am 
Yours. Hiuseray; 

Joh. H. Harjés, 

Your letter of April 2th, I replied to May 10th, 

shai ie Sac ie ah SL Vhs Eta Dale con ka ol nda Be i eg ae 0 


7, Rue pe whcuenve 
"PARIS. : ; 
Sse Wega), 29.18 8L- 

Siaier taretes gem Shaws 

=e AE iy Ia He 
A. Le xt wg? & exhib the 7 

| perkates hapten dae 

Neti 9 A me 

Ager . 1 gh 

- Be Keck lh, 


Lohuiie seth. han. 3 Header, 


BMA PAK. “Slee 
kactn L085 pa 



athe Lhe 

LL= Vo. 

Porc: le 

ea | 


fay of opascohin of C2 

a - JI LGK, - 

Gf OO torpreinte, 


a) flare Ke 2 able nr, Lesfurd 

CS be Kloredn, & 
a ee 

Scena & 

rene Seat aye ~~ Ge fo ser asp erry) 
CO oie Pomep seege 2 re rte fe. tips ig 
ete ney eerie, ia AS 
| 7 A te he Or CE Te Cae ay 

a OE al 
| Pape Soe fess ap fo mp fo WE PY 47 

Oe i? BEA 7 re OUT IEY? 7? foe TEAD 

se JesB Sp A panini pedaitnlet pees: 

, . ‘ “ 
i A, gi €e3 , w/4 orediceer, L adsstrarcee cle vated 

bP ectces Chemwe Gy yy) 
COs Dios | rf , 




Palais dos Ghamps-Elyséos 

Les bureaux sout ouverts tous ; , Parise is e jh 

les jours non térids 
de 10 heures 4 5 heures. 

. Me, tSe ctr, 

ie ae hicts cece: cle LCxposeleon 5 ee ed 
a C he liccele’ Sores Gree your’ Sete Jed Cee Cereced »- og 
sealles clee IS y Ielage ee frecleets cle vA Sielishice sorl, i 

perch of les laetasile Jesel co te veclle cle [lrese cles 

[rotsesseor- cte Cecers crrypeteccers nents et, Lace Af cleeved 1 
chaciene ce ces Jalled. ’ 
Cae coarcdegerertco), Yee l hersieidr cle Pee erry oe 
« facve: hete&” clared ie beef clelece:, tes crfefecerecls 
dcclatiage’ Erte Votes ees accepted cle. former ck, 


: ? cle feec tle fis”. 

Es entered op, cs lether geeed, . 

Sf S 
a Oorrex7 LOSICUOLE Ger & cal: 

Mento Lark, USA. 

Se tn ee 

Mihi | | 4 ia 
| Fis arota wv images Eliade ifh 
shelter, ruace | 

ae Oe SE eee 

so Ae 
hag bo flawe of; tee 
prac — iin) lia Ave A ypon tag pect te 
| Beef jrnetanmnas Pr ae 
aciteigad amen | 

ila owrser st aieteens Ran NaH ae ates ees es Benn ovivnietSpr aon ey 

14. ue Als ett 

‘Pence, 10--87 
FI. Exum oy 
ae ee. 

opeem ce a kaos ae la wheck, I w2tl er1cleacor 

Srveechee . Jett erels erring Hemetorg for 
feerpreace of wreetthy Mesreup cmd, er orate ls 
| mate wae of Me Atencay ara vi Qaions, 
lowe omy Catne ane li tong rcent 

2 L rnatle a0 regular ana cncineliinlal tre 

-Gcf evrn Charles Leese Conkle, ore a 


Weert) ahierlin : 

Trepp. I armed at Meure aftr & geecks 
: cine cerrenpuotcdly Jrteccocenee Go ge Mee 

oman we eis “Peo Pap oes te tide re 

 faeecreceg ed were landect with Sect Paced | 
& Se tarren cesmefrlect Aenren coro w2th, atch ! 
Ihe frenepe. ceclin Parner, officers worte, Levee) 
Ist arrange sbufemant of fem by dem 

t. eile ee Ak Bas - Tew ne cotreod 
ae Bea ee ae 

serene, eee ements ananassae! 


A forlimats Acc lent ecetnud wy landing. ; 
She barul POU Clem [er iG Cerrfog Shervz.g be 
Care Gos nee4 ef hu 


& Peake fProrr Shee Pg Phen t fastcl evny. and 
Arwfafr0a en fret om She feed wheel ene 

aed ew - J Lravrne cle ekily Kaprecnect’ Siew . 

Ccozrlintk of Shee tafe a Garret tet: wee a 

ferrat a carbon CGroftern .. 

wwfro tvradon /fre Pepe ((ieeten, was BLD 

of ‘he Ce4 Cees [ei212y @ fous te seule afte 

’ Ltst0. tv See 5: 

J haa Gg 

ee CCC 4124 ot 

Com Ttd ativigg tert LL. 

y _Pehaeccd al. 
ace ce ae 


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res, and eeprowece be tooo or She epeuly, 
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Prom 3 London, ard eae ee-5_____ 18 ff 

hae FFLECTRICIAN, a - 2 
ae ee tinea s , 

396, Peaan, 


104 Goerck Street, 

The following work is to be done for the Edison Machine Works, 
according to instructions and conditions as to price, quality and time 
of delivery 'y as herein stated. The undersigned accepts the order subject 

[LIST BY CHARLES BATCHELOR] to all the conditions recited, 
Mew Work, ocnnereaneee 188 

Vat J ae 

‘ ff SHY Pp elebis Kol | Se 
y lhng hunch. beta 
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LSet pun beh tnagastie kar ’ Lee: 
4 Vy Sve Lemus 

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J Ddeble frrwd LeylOll 
/ 80 anes 
, /- 400 i ae 

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2 (Cig wlan Letty? 
+ Miaentie feoemrele. Coir 
/ Full 20x Qeztmzeze Jearse 
Eg “  Atyian Ott 
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Nh hitoa, 


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Ys a tty wheel 

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Blank-No, 1,’ 

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This Company “tan. ANSSITE And DELIVERS messages only on conditions, limitingA@ pability, limittin, ] cae 
which have beon asseni teil to y° tho aoriler ofthe following message, 
ts rrors can be guard edt anaioet ont repeating a’mesange back to the tno station lor cofny R, 
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et eeeage 1s an UNARPRATED MEASAGE id is delivered by request “of tho“sender under - 
. the Zanalthons hained above. 5 . 
. BREWER, Seo'y. 


19 BROADWAY, near Tenth Street, 

st awanns’ ANY nerLy SHOULD. “BE. SENT. . a 

. Direct W Wires... es 

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Me" Home : a ‘ 
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« Gés Notices font destineés & rappeler aus visiteurs de Exposition les prin 
- we fe -" eos tae e y 2: . . mg 
:cipales notices sur la‘science cleckrique et ses applications. Les auteuré de cha~ ~)- . 
. ' dune, d'elles ont renvoyé autant que possible aus Parties correspondantes dij ; 1 
hs Bi ee * . ‘ i oe , 
: . j Gdratocun. ia lecture.dé ce document fournira done & ces Notices tt complés r . 
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Collaborateurs de M. Edison 
“AU PALAIS DE Vinpusrnte 

oo Charles rican aii A, MOSES ' 


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: 88, Avenue doe eee ssi 


10 pst can 

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Janes, Aug. SF. 18S 1 
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MERCRED! [0 AOUT 1881 


Entrée par les Portes n* 2 et 3 
Avenue des Champs-Elysées. — Grand Portail 

Les Portes seront ouvertes & partir de midi 

81-2964 —~ Panis, Tra. Monnis Peng ex Fig, nee Atunor, 94. 

pe enero 

Ve.. Kevede Deby tt 
Paris, Mug. /1. 1887 

OS. Fifth Bvenuo 
Vtes Uorte,: Blecle Lner 
Aly deer Lew: Ban enigus. 
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Fling bhairg, echeutk th, Grid werw wey nied eanrCrretee . : 
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( eeagent comet eugureig mre: tle, Leon ba Bas 
‘bee very hesrel . Hoe attedone guetadey & <acysicne 
\ Qtoutlav frrescbilily of cttarciwig a (laut frum Pricr. 
etc. fur fice Aroner ouan Vln (Borg ch hotogrnd » We wit 
frag Jizove fro whe Eght Cuclallaliem . uk cont te 
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Peri Coy, wease, Foe Baty wortlliew : 
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We lafuabner ore ev Pecrber Aarirrn Teed oe a 
rng ht dole foe ere frre wheel -Ar conrar- 

oculery of- (be Vebatly Cee Ly ca 
SB then Kaw Ebe trerll over 350,000 
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Aagulen Secret, whe UWfiritcugG Ah USF ELetic 
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Zeese Seretey Lee: 

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by Chiat Cine | 

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pene an CR Oe ery en 
,» Lhe Edison Ele Light Company, 

‘6s Fifth Goes, 
4 “4 * 
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Washeiagion:) Meg, 4, 1686 

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A ne h. a. Echscnact, og, | WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH co, 
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Paris 22nd.August, 1891. 
Mons. le Comte Du Moncel 

7 rue d? Hombourg a Paris 

I have the honor to recall our conversation of the other 
day in which>T expressed to you the desire of Mr. Fdison and of his 

frisnds and representatives to have your co-operation in his el- 

ectrical affairs which are represented in the Electrical Exposition 

at the Palais de 1]? Industrie I have the honor to propose to 

you that you co-operate with the Journal of Electricity which it 

is our intention to establish at an early day and also to aid us 

in the representation we desire to make of the inventions of Mr. 
Edison at the Electric Congress and with your skilfull pen in your ; 
popular scientific press. You have ere entertained all these 
propositions and I propose to make you an allowance for your tro- 
uble a salary of one thousand franes per month in cash for the 

three months of the exposition and to reserve from the puduncse of 
the French syndicate the amount of ten thousand franes when they 
make returns. I beg you also to permit us the use of your name 
whether in #he Administrative Council or as Consulting Electrician 
and moral and practical support compatible with your .position. 

As regards the Electrical Journal as soon as the necessary arrange © 

ents have been made in New York I shall have the honor of writ- 

ing you again on this subject to confirm the conditions, and in the 


meantime I thank you sincerely for the promise of your assiatance. 
Be kind enough to write me a word saying whether we understand each. 

other on. the foregoing, and please accept my distinguished con- 


J. Bailey. 

Sistas ci sioioe cad 


ee ee Soe ae 

ae Aensialns. dianade 98 
= peace Casha Me 

7. Lot Dash, 
ee cdl ire ~2sr Ons. ackn 


General Purchasing’ Agency, 

~ New York, Cob wae toes 188 f. 

Deen eT ng 

pelos. dT, 


: : Mitts - dae: “le 
yy tttat hun. | 
gt apaalirgr ap HER 2 \ tlt 
a ite a Ae , Kecenteten azt sea | 
Mag a Ue Uf Ae, Cameas ccd Feet Bib Lore 
A ‘ les Claud 07 £0% GOLECK. 
Kir gps Bt At Let Beek gre! “1 
4 fecaceticee. Za JO F 

GOT 1 tee re? he htcetat Lae > ~ 
He A Ltd ax SIOLOH is ee 
a” fae ecco, 

ey, : taceeep 2K Luwle Loz 

A cwctacl Ppa tack Ser espeas ns 

: Weta tee — P bitty Ltt Le 2 Zi eee 
settle bre pee. } 3 

. Son “ip Gta” he nde ¢ Z 

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| LAltuder Bc Uaetlitin tot bt ern 
aco) /O 

paisa ag ae Mitca Otecine. » Be 

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nny aa paireer shot goatan A 
i tpg nonasas 

“yt Otte uw, 4 ECALIA 3 LttaTCCA CY 
EE Mie. fe 2 J flinch “v oo 
oY , BA 

tila. Fr t-stave feces Cation 
F@utetele, Jiézeeta, ALéo» OZ eel 
Z; retin tet 

LG Le Lett Meng cf —___ 
fre b~ Greate? Goventaes Seen 
Wet wepndieati Miwwe tyfemeitirs Wak OZ: 


itcor antl flee begee 

GLetetts Btto, C077 4 
tak fase he tildéele tac aA LoAAl ae 

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Es J4.. [se ote Debtite 
BIN. Ectesem Vane, Neg. 31.1861 
| OS.. Fefth Pwenreed asthe 
New Yorn. & tae Qbaves Drm erag cee) 
ty dear her ; or 
is gt Cf 
Wyn cecal: alternated Corgly. Bey 

So Laet nrces & meneaercatte - 
j 3: 
[hbghad . th. Leon. taal & me Wfrcatrtl, 

- Ion. 

| Wie ecto€ of Hie weotian, heer Obrery 
Manin + Lee Shin 1g het: Fa 
i Gorn Pr Pere ants ou, y 

| Atnltirns & har, aick 

Qt wpe [hee ratte, 

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ou an aay agt Gd wy 
WR crnlel Que Aarice onic & frend cx 
Avon bul at tong ale. Why jy rie contd Kear gous 
Jhemegraphe (whch <& Precrot OM acc acliary fa, mah, 
erect. an Grmalia LTE Ble sreecl- 

rez CE. 

CD opr ads orm ome tects of 
Go ceed aes ce 1! Bay 
GC Mee ceeg ofp a Cone 
can thes lig omen a Coanscts any 
CRG cree Wert ee lrecrry treey Aeand, omfe- 
Aarne) curay fore Lv Coryite’, 
With tole Bghtr aud vena Corrs» lal that 
e028 fie nivet- Parise CURE coned tog. Ho avveg. 
) ersepee of Lo awed F cect pre Ace 

- - is “ 
hangneg ou fe ea csi aAeclut- Cont ,co4r 

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Nt terthiiig ? 
 fensral hh ae Gare 
Peonsep here were 

ene Catitfic de whew SG aw har fhe ceutal 
eg he Oh ance L, ong Cred Gad wreenl-onc., Lbe had AHL ote 

wom te way wick « fiang eof Ad lngicstert ortclary, 

“Lfle a Lyle “ Batate fact gow wrt, tore Pte 

OS tee Manernd Cpht. heen fad hpartd ard careny 

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mactundy th had Arch’ o, 


pr a onlnd he noticed pet- (ev Care 

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eaten . They eee, (eres eg wre, a Pr101n Len GF Mecegerens wr te there cx 
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fre frie? Rd 

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deere) 4 Cov 0b Vey, hibirnsOy, . MOU; 

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& hayfun EV yy obey Lay ert) be 

Ree fiinrw weet ORL of aan Gimemrw. Fhe 
feepte of Parcs ane « ddeeu Crug, Leora, 
Hed acl . het one) V aay ‘ ore Ae. 
Plone to VertA thet) cnr Org weeks hed tot. 

tarraee Arrwed Surber ttinge erage Ceifpimanry - LZ 

Foorg wew Geeta teurt-Cean Reece f- 


Kotha chub aaco- “4! bite porepi 3 Pry Ze Garek. 
Cre f write ne Cock, Wrvad, Eley erict wf Left, 

ay € Aly wre were ot pe gan Z esas alee 
Safire af Owe Pakcre! 

vere 7 lauZl 

pier Li Jialtace befow, enzee ce Ae eeceeD creeds foun 

ate ee mney ht be Ces Alio oe. ee, Grrrra, we 
ae rte f- SLE Eycfeea Low ang oStenunD , That co 

SfIarey Masten _prke- 
tere’ Cewwwe ertiat~ arng fag, 

MALE, heafifpen. 
Aah eds Pada, sag. 

oper ne 

Ab a 

35, DParet 38 le del Qara, 
\Yraer’ cattle apyeocvere 

Pureeneg, alo or2e aching dee 
cabling to Clove, format, Cxee” 

; 2 
Gur attenrtene tt, called bo lei : - pink eae cant . 
ciifirecig elvaglomad ast! Gag hare hthine by Curate goat! 
andidt tefeclt F frmdcnwarticls | fesyy fistere at- ase crigdial jialed, 

Aw id enivitly Lliging ax 
Ledletla, (thee one deveined cig | ue dbecteet ait tate A bps 

Mdxwwer? o/€ wheal 22a ee) Oe s Be. ES 
(ee pesectt of a dectt- thet outel~ SSO a 

we Zo 

ERLET Cx’ EP Den Of OT Met Coccpedeee ey Or a 

Guceallig te lfez bis a pelea? Zed tovesedlegge- 
ie | Big of Clee cert, ys a ech blzts) 
catered, Jee 
Weormnabh Elid Bg, 


This Company bela tri arity and DELIVERS poemexes fee ony ‘on conditions, Hmiting its ial biuty, 
whigh havo been assente:! the sent ler ofthe follu wel 
rrors can be gal rented peainatonty b i repeating a ange back to the sending atation for somparieon, 
and ilo Company will not hold itself jinble for errors or ruelaysin transmission or dellvery of Un 
This ime ssago 1s an: UNREPESATED Lav and Js dolivered by request of the sgndor, spas 
the conditions named above. J . 
AR. B 

” Beo'y. 

pouived at 791 BROADWAY. 



71 BROADWAY, near Tenth Street, 


- Direct: Wires. pa 

HG - jsteae'n 
| Mv a i 

: 7 SE PNAS rma yf ae L Laceruler 140 
AWM, am ' Lecfaus if Pa tee 
é eae: eer 
cake J “ane 
| =e Rae LES datas k yay eae 

, L000 ED RS 
af } Abvecdber- Ido J: vinfe oe Lei 
W4 Cucewber fob. ‘3 Geollie’ od - 
betas tren, ye ale 

a “hemiin ® pat 

| | Mi leblee iby, fngpintn 

aaa aoe oa (ae raigalall 

aig abi, Tiel 9 Gono 

; ee. . Shes Moule tt fo 
pit laity hay 2 Gey PA 
| lesbicitty, JO Mak an fle aaa) 
ffeubed fe tic Uotice lel . db wel 1060 flo cetefravonsaute 
tinwum- av Mir a teasify AY 1 5 geuctallhy wou Hearel anforete 
Halas one very bot. bey ate an cords ab aeonecdahte 7 oe 
Me lle buype cuatie very Gitte char, LPavad a Coa 
Valea gto} | ipl le ag fa 
—toaun cltinad at to cathy fulblbsaftind per ne auemrae 
Cafe aubiatly ni/mon/ week. an } fee frisaid tb aeipeore, 

wt fe alan regal to , See sandoritenst ct doth ye om, 

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Ma_delile 6 fJoreferer A anronn ovrset C2lbt fhe, 

a flervern/ “eo nigel s Aft crt, Mha-crecle- yam aed 
fevered bitte ath by Sa S70 ae eee ee 
at a ponte Off fyrerraw povrncl faler—trlty 
Meade be or ; ; -_ 
edicah eo wa _talffced Ce 
tunde Ay pone. Ma lyons, Aha Vecimrcal, Lelals 
tt Maio Mh a finoemy artihes Api Raveral, 
Fk pvarwol cooky Coffe» of all of wvberrhy. Ae —) 
Ai dirky fribardad Myers, Mane eerwine sidan A? 
aa? pag) “ one =, ,) 
Sore AMNecs tuenng AY, FCaue) te —oh 
tee Gponen sets bee fr Ma fubbbiatad ers 
Lhe anc de Crunole of abaady » Kart. clsr—rwmotefhe— 
| ¥ Mingle Moy tue baure) 
Aufbogueg abot-LO00 Ania. Nauetetd tein) Mat 
HK Pk poblecs Ett form Aloce dette! Me 
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off, ed Hlreugh. Merten as, Ace Fuck awrera 
As ob healay Mkt Phau. Pris wn Corea 
Aenceree!” of 10 hab A—vierk oun Cal bch 
Mh Aeraaffte sverete Anche we 100 moitee of 
Mews ouly a reefs Crass were. JOG pdaey 

ab a 2 et ee Meare Mech ie 

Blank Noo, a eo ; 

5 cM 1 anditions, Umiting its lability, 
wolen finve been Xesentod to hy thesender scihe following messager’, 

k to the sending station for comparison, , 
ded against only hy repeating a message back to tl es rleot 
and tho Company witli Hout Teele liaiie the arraea om aaiays in cranimleaion Of delivery of Uarepe 

ee menace Is an UNUMPRATH, AGE and is delivered by request of the sender under 
the conditlons named above. ( aoe . d f 
‘ A. R, BREWER, Seo'y, 

a SS 
aot y 

SE aa 

Blanik No,.1, 

} % : ‘ 
f This Company TRANSUETS and DELAVENS Messages Only on conditions, Imiting its ability, 
Which have beon assented to hy the sender of the following message. 
SS. Brrors can be guarded agalnat only by repeating a message back to tho ending station for comparison, 
“pains Company Wit not hold Itself Hable for errors or delaysin transmission or delivery of Unrepeated 
This mnessago {8 an UNREPRATRD MENHAGEH and fs dellvered by request of the acnder under 
+ dhe condItlons tamed above. NA 7 

A, R. BREWER, Seo'y, oo) + NORVIN GREEN, President. 
SS RYN GREEN, President 

; ssi. | 
Received at 791 BROADWAY ei 



ISL BROADWAY, near Tenth Street 

u “ 


TOL BROADWAY, near Tenth Stred, 



7, 7 bef rttenlalhere; 
Tag Binge rer Ler frecel Rory. 

‘Coren. po ee Leet Aries ere Coen 

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| ey fe Cone Pratee Wel. Seceere ALE 
leks Clete . Ah” 
Gre Age nlrneel” ¢3 ao “arge 
| lat terns ee Ur ee we Jleclovvrr- 

Fhe deo Cory, of clic Aghhag . Gers bbe 
| Aepuct frien , are Chee Gel dorretrr ely who 

Cornithneg OF cr canctidaace ee & full 

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8th Sept, 1881 
My Dear Batchelor 

+ had to go to Michigan to get my wife five days berore your big 
machine was ready for shipment and did not return until the machine was 
shipped. I told Francis to write you a full description as to the 1: ~~ 
x °° we we connect the field magnet, but it appears he wrote you oa des- 
cription of the whole machine, For fear that he might not have put every~ 
thing in I will give you a description myself. 

I must tell you that when you left the first experiment with the big 
machine brought out the fact that it was a problem of great difficulty 
to take off from 600 to 800 lights from a commutator with threo large br 
buushes on each side when the brushes were put on new and at a proper angle 
and the ends ground so that all of them would touch the commutator and 
when six hundred light were put, a few minutes after, the sparking 
acting bad and increased so that at the end of about half an hour we were 
always compelled to stop the machine. Sometimes the heat due to the 
sparking would be so great as to melt the solder and the brushes would 
come to pieces. The following phenomina occured which explained why the 
sparking increased so: The sparks melted the ends of the copper and a 
film of copper got onto each end and conmected to its neighbor so that 
at the expiration of half an hour the crust at each end was practically 
aolid, It had no elasticity and the commutator would also get badly burnt. 
I say I was in a bad hole as it lodked as if it were impossible to take 
off cuch a tremendous current. I then determined to try to investigate 
the subject thoroughly. I took one of the South American machines having 
only a apindle in the bearings and a complete commutator with brushes. 

On the spindle was a pulley which was run by an electric motor so that I 
could vary the speed. I found that with the aommutator standing still 
with new brushes upon which I put very hard pressure and with the commu- 
tator highly polished that there was 1/1000 of an ohm resistance between 
the brushes and the commutator, or half of 1/1000 of an ohm per brush.upon 
Upon rotating the shaft at different speeds I found that the resistance 
increased in proportion to the speed whether I started with a light pres- 
sure or a heavy pressure, viz. that the resistance wasgreater when the 
brushes were on flat than when they were end on. This is of course easy 
to understand because when they were on flat but a small portion of the 
brush is in contact. That is to say the total area of brush contact is 
small,while when they are end on the total area of contact is many times 
greater. Resides: when end on each wire gets current direct from the com-= 
vutor, while of on flat the current is taken off through each layer of 
wires one with tho other. But notwithstanding all experiments the resis- 
tanoe with the most terrible pressure was considerable. I think the 
lowest resistance we could get was 6/1000 of an ohm Now 5/1000 of 

an ohm is not much resistance with a small dynamo with only sixty. 

That is to say it is a small factor of the total resistance but when you 
come to a big machine. it becomes a very important factor, There seems 


“o Charles Batchelor 8th of Sept., 1881 

to be a physical phenomena between moving surfaces composed of the same 
metal and no amount of pressure or change of form will prevent it. It is 
fixed and definite and the I came to the conclusion that it would 
be impossible to take off such a tremendous current as we require for the 
big machine by means of copper brushes, as copper without the use 
of an impracticably large commutator, I then thought I would try the effect 
of moré-current, I amalgamted the surface of the commutator and the brushes 
Presto!' There came a change! The thing had no resis- 
tance noticeable whether moving or standing still. Upon the next occasion 
that the big machine was ready to start I amalgamted the commutators and 
brushes and when 600 lights were put on no sparking could be seen standing 
a few feet from the machine. Only by looking down between the commutator 
and the brushes could any sparks be detected and these sparks were blue, 
and were due to the effect of the machinery while the sparkes of copper 
woud have been yellow and I then kmew that the problem was 
solved. We ran the vachine for about one hour and a half a few days after- 
werds we started on a a six hours test with 649 lamps'on. The commutators 
gave no trouble whatever up to the fourth hour, when the mercury got worn 
off in phaces and a spark was apparant, but even up to the end of the test 
the sparks were not great. I afterwards experimented and found that the 
following was the best way of renewing the mercury. I took the brushes and 
dipped them for about six seconds in a solution consisting of about fifty 
parts nitrate acid and about fifty parts of water, dipping about 2% inches 
of the brushes in the solution. I then put a lot of mercury in a flat 
dish $perhaps it would be better to use a deep dish) dipped the brushes 
in the mercury for about five seconds then dipped them again in the nitrate 
acid solution for another five seconds, then put them under a running stream 
of water at such an angle that all the acid would be washed out, working 
the ends of the brushes so that the mercury would freely fhow all over them 
but being careful not to got them out of position. I then took hold of 
the brubh with both hands, held it over the mercury dish, and gave it eight 
or ten sharp jerks like the cracking of a whip so as to dislddge the mer~ 
cury. I then lay them on blotting paper for a few minutes to get rid of 
the water turning them over from time to time. You will notice that the 
mercury becomes very black and that the copper when first dipped and then 
taken out looks very dirty and black much gets over it. This is nothing 
but oxide of mercury and when steeped in the acid bath the second time is 
immediately clean. After the brushes are amalgamated several hours 
they get dull, dry, and the mercury becomes oxidized, therefore the brushes 
should be amalgamted only fifteen or twenty minutes before they are put 
into the machine and they should be reamalgamated each time you make a 
fresh run with the machine. We also amalgamite the commutator. Befor 
I left we had not burned off the commutator which had a great many bad 
places in it duo to its use before amalgamation. I told Dean to turn the 
commutator off before shipping machine to you. I amalgamate the commuta~ 
tors in the following manner. Disolve mercury in nitrate acid until the 
acid will soak up no more mercury. Then get a stick and rap around it a 
linen rag so as to form a kind of sugar tit which should be quite hard 
Keep this tit in the sohution and then daub it several times on a second 

isin sete ote iN ahs i cians oD paler ALES pcan Fate ete wien ceatssapiic aeaheer a Late at ae : < 
as ? = REET AEN RNase ea Se Bia 5 iS i LAC CCS I Va i Or dhe 


To Charles Batchelor Sept. 8, 1881 

rag so as to rid it of any surplus solution as it only requires to be 
moist. Start the engine slowly, get your commutator clean, then take the 
bag arranged-inhtbhe form of a tit and hold it gently on one spot on the 
commutator during about ten or fifteen turns of the machine. The take it 
off and hold a perfectly clean rag on the same sopt so as to polich it. 
The object of this is to get the acid off as quickly as possible as the 
solution is a acid solution and it is essential that no acid should get 
down to the mica between the bars; therefore it requires that great care 
should be taken that the tit should only have a minumum dampness. By per- 
forming successive operations as above you will soon get the commutator 
fully amalgamated and very shiney. Then you better have a superficial 
amalgamation the brushes may be put on and the machine is ready to 
start. The brushes should be so set that on one side the ends of the brushes 
are exactly in the centre of the insulation between the blocks and the 
brushes on the other side should be exactly in the centre of the block so 
that there will be the same number of blocks on the one side as on the 
other from to brushes and these blocks should be exactly on 
the neutral point which you can ascertain by following up the blocks, then 
the wire up to the bar aver the space between the field magnets. Great 
care should be taken in setting these brushes so that they shall be truly 
end on. If is quite difficult to get them so,as sometimes the lower part 
of the brushe will bear while the upper wires although they may look as 

as if they touch while they really do not so that one side of the brush 
will be right and other not; that is to say not at right angles to the 
commutator, Care should therefore be taken before starting the machine 
to get all the ends as fer as possible to bear truly on the commutator block. 

I do not kmow whether Dean sent you the brushes that I used. I found 
all briashes are liable to spread out at the edges that is to say that some 
of the wires at the edge would get spread out. 1 therefore took a copper 
wire and would it around the brush about an inch or an ich and a half, if 
I remember right, from the edge of the holder so as to keep them together 
and to prevent this load of wire from gradually working dowm towards the 
commutator where it might cause trouble, I connected it to another wire 
the end of which I fastened round the screw which holds the brush:in the 

I will now explain to you how to keep up the supply of mercury on the 
commutator. This is important and requires a little judgement. (After 
running a few moments the commntator will look a little dull, therefore 
to prevent this a clean dry rag should be held on the commutator and worked 
back and forth so as to keep it polished. ) 

To replenish mercury on the commutator take a couple of thicknesses 
of extremely fine woven cloth, then pour in some mercury about the size of 
a pea right in the centre of the cloth. Gather the cloth up like a sugar 
tit by twisting it. Then while the machine is running and the lamps are 
on yau can as occasion may require, hold this sugar tit so the speak, with 
the globule of mercury in it on theecommutator and by pressing’ gently the 
mercury will "spray out" through the cloth onto the commutator,. You can 
see by the shine on the commutator the proper degree of pressure necessary, 
While holding it on the dry cloth should be held in advance of the tit 
and worked backwards and forwards so as to spread the meroury. . In this way 

you can reamalgamate the whole surface of the commutator very nicely. 



To Charles Batchelor Sept. 8, 1881 

About evory five or six minutes the dry cloth should be held on the com- 
mutator so as to polish it and about every twenty or thirty minutes a slight 
amount of fresh mercury should be put on the commutator. You will notice 
when you are running with lights on a little line of sparks on different 
patts of the commutator especially after putting fresh mercury on. When 
these are seen the dry cloth should be held on and it will remove them. 

It is nothing more than a little film of mercury on the surface of the 
wires betweon the bars. Some times when you are putting on mercury by 
means of the tit you may press too hard and too much mercury get out. 

In this case little snappy arcs will form. Although this does no harm 

it is best to put it on very gently. The great thing is to keep plenty of 
mercury on the commutator and keep it very bright. You will find after — 
putting on metalic mercury that a great deal of it is sprayed over on the 
brush holders by centrifugal forces occassioned by the movement of the 
armature but this does not matter. After you are through with the nights 
run the commutator should be wiped very dry ond although I have not tried 
it my impression is that the brushes should be taken out and the ends put 
in water as if the commutator is allowed to stand for a length of time 
with any considerabe amount of mercury on it it gets very had as the mercury 
oxideses to a white solid. I found that when + had eight hundred lights 
on with two brushes on each side they would cerry it with great facility 
therefore it is possible to lift a brush off if you ever have occasion to 
do so to fix anything without any danger and it would be een possible 
(you could?) accurately mark the brushes as to their positdon on the brush 
holder, their angle and other things to reamalgamate a break or take it 
out and fix it and put it back while the machine is running, but of course 
this could not be done without some mark. I should advise you to try this 
while the machine is standing still to seo if the thing can be done with 

The bats are wouhd with four thickmesses of parchmont paper each layer 
being fapanned. We found on testing that a half inch spark from the big 
Ritche with a condenser on it would not penetrate this in- 
sulation, but not with standing this insulation and 1/12 inch air space 
bebweon each bar a spark occurred between two bars when wa have 940 lights 
on nuy er 8ould not get it to spark when we had 753 lights on, so you see 
this tendency to spark is a very extradpdinary one and I am sure it is 
just a new (shenanagin) and therefore you should keep it to yourself, Is 
depends entirely on the amount of current passing. 

Now I advise that you do not run regularly with more then 500 or 600 
lights and as you:say a great many half lights can be used this will be 
quite sufficient. For instance you may use 250 full lights and 700 half 
lights. This will be equal to 600 full lights. Then you will be perfectly 
safe. When you make the economical test put on 780 full lights. The 
manhine for this test will be perfectly safe with such a number, But you 
must look out that there are no crosses in your chandeliers or conductors 
as a cross would be equal to 200 or 300 extra lights and this added to the 
600 you ordinarely burn would surely bring out the above referred to phe- 
nominae This sparking which occurs between the bars does no harm so long. 
as the arc does not stick. Every time that it has occurred so far the arc 



To Charles Batchelor Sept. 8, 1881 

which was formed has been broken by the attraction of the lines of fonce 

at the neutral point and only a few scintillations have been throvm out 

at the ends of the machine but once the arc was not destroyed by the attrac- 
tion of the lines of force it got large and a low resistance short circuit 
of the machine occurred and yanked the bars round in a lovely manner and 
bent them + of an inch out of the true. These arcs which occurred when we 
had 850 lights on were immediately destroyed in the manner set forth and we 
continued to run,even after we had seen these arces, for half an hour with- 
out that occurring again the probably was covered up by the Japan 
running into the 

the arcs are of such a nature that one would think that they are due to 

the wire bands from the armature striking the field magnets. We soon found 
that this was not so. What led to the discovery of the importance of this 
phenomena was this. I had concluded that the spotting was due to conduction 
across the mica between the bats which was the way you remember we first 
conducted them. Then I concluded that air being the 

of the bar from which copper was teken and deposited on the other bar the 
copper being taken over an air space fully /64 of an inch. I then mew 
I had to deal with a static current. I then went to work and had the bars 

Japaned, finding by investigating with a coil that Japan retards 
static sparks. We assembled the machine the bars being heavily Japaned 
but she every time we had three barrels or 600 lights on and I 

found this was due to the fact that the Japan was put on unequally. We 
then took the bars out made them samller and would them as I have stated 
with four thickness of parchment paper. I found that parchment paper is 
the only kind of paper that offers great resistance to the static spark. 
You know that all papers are nothing more than a combination of fibers, 
that the spark goes right through the air spaces between the fibres and the 
paper offers no resistence at all, in fact it travels through the air, 

but if the air space is filled up with any glutinous substance so that it 
must pass through matter then it offers high resistance. Now in parchment 
paper the fibres are all agglutenous the air spaces are (clogged?), hence 
the spark must pass through solid matter hence the great utility of parch- 
ment paper for this purpose. These four layers as the insulation you have 
on the machine and you are quite safe flor 600 lights providing you have no 
eross in the chandeliers. Perhaps you can get along with een four or 
five hundred full lights. It would be better to get along with a smaller 
mumber until the test for economy takes place, then you canpput on 700 
lights. You will notice that we have bored the field out over 17/8 of an 
an inch so there is not the slightest danger about the band touching. 

We were compelled to bore out the field so that we could get sufficient 
air through the to cool the machine. With the present velocity of the 



“o Charles Batchelor Sept. 8, 1881 

blowere the machine will not over heat itself with 750 lights on. We were 
compelled to pass the air through one end so that it will 60 out at the 
other end as we did not dare to arrange it otherwisw. Hence the end of 
the armature where the air goes in after running many hours would be 
perfectly cold while the end nearest the commutator would be found 
pretty hot especially the tits. But there is no danger enen if the tits 
get so hot that you cannot scarcely hold your hand over. Of course the 
end nearest the commutator is at the disadvantage of having hot air thrown 
against it to cool it, 

You will have to be very careful about that"cross belt", It was the 
and you will have to inspect it well. * do not 

know whether you will need to run this machine every night or only certain 
nights in the week. If every night then after closing and the lights are 
off I should run the machine about half speed with the current altogether 
off so as to reduce the temperature of the aramature. Otherwise it will 
not not be very cool when you start the next night. However do not sup~ 
pose this matters very much as the speed of the blower is such that the 
heat never can rise to a dangerous point, without more than 700 lights 
are put on. Ido not know whether Dean written regording what kind of 
oil he uses, but my impression is the the best tand oil is the thing to 
use. I think I have heard him say so. I shauld only run two or three 
hundred lights at first until you have got your bearings nicely soaking 
You will notice that the has been changed. It pounded so that 
Dean put on a regular connecting rod. + want to tell you that just before 
we were ready to ship this machine the shaft broke off at a point where 
the disc on the engine connects with it. It appears Armington & Sims 
made this shaft of green metal. It was a very lucky accident ch ip might 
have had it occur in Paris. The idea of using a green metal shaft on a 
high speed engine with such a terrible thrust seems <<: - to me. 
In twenty five hours with a big gang of men Dean had a new steel shaft in 
with the machine running. The dynamo then worked so necely and satisfac- 
torily that I told Dean that I would not be satisfied if he did not get 
all the thump out of the engine and I told him to overhaul the engine throu- 
ghly. In this investigation he found that the disc on the engine with which 
the ; rod is connected was cracked{/ He then had to turn off the 
wheel and shrick an iron band on. After this was done the engine started 
and actually the iron band broke it being made of poor iron. He then made 
another band of the best moor iron and that is what you have on it now. 
You will notice that we have lagged the governor pulley so as to get the 
the proper speed to the blower. 

. Now about the electro motive force. There has been some 
very bad miscalculations in connection with this-machine all the way through. 
I had the cheek(!) to connect up the field magnets so as to put more foot 
pounds on it and the result was that with even some exterior resistance, 
two ohms I think, and with a speed of only 320 revolutions we got about 
100 or 110 volts which is more than we needed. Your lamps are 103 volts, 
the loss in your conductors will probably be not more than four volts hence 
107 volts is all you require, About 3 horse power is used on the field 


‘o Charles Batchelor Sept. 8, 1881 

magnets; the way it was connected when you were here it had but 1/8 of 
a horse power, 

Be careful that no water or oil gets round the blower as it might 
work into it and throw on to the armature, 

The English machine which will be shipped on the 17th of this month 
has 10 Z bars instead of 146 as in your machine and it has one field mag- 
net longer. It is to be insulated with twelve layers of Japanned parch- 
ment paper and the air will be injected in the centre a separation being 
made between the field magnet; it will give 1000 lights. 

I forgot to say that the lamps you have are 140 ohms instead of 
125 ohms resistance. This was Dr. Nichol's mistake. After making about 
30,000 of these lamps every body supposing them to be 125 ohms I got to 
figuring one night and found that if a lamp requires 103 volts with an 
economy of ten per horse power it would have to have more resistance than 
125 ohms or else there must be too many foot pounds on it for a ten per 
horse power economy. I spoke to Upton about it and upon investigation he 
traced it to Dr. Nichols. The Dr. has left us and is now fitting a Profes- 
sor's chair in some provincial college, teaching the young idea how to 

Tell to look out for water in his cylinder and always 
open the drain cocks and get dry steam and heat the cylinder up very slowly 
when first starting; otherwise he will get in trouble like we did here. 

Upon receipt of Bailey's telegram about making lamps in France 
I had Hughes ship you his Barton(?)engine and archimediar pump burner 
and blower which he had rigged up for fruit experiments. These I believe 
have gone forward and I have also instructed Upton to send you fifty 
thousand fibres. He could spare you some cutting moulds but 
I dare not send them as both the drawings machine and cutting moulds are 
patented in France. However with the aid of what we have sent you, you 
can make a very nice little start and I should get a room somewhere in 
the suburbs 25 ft by 30 ft or 40 ft which will be quite sufficient for 
the time being and start the thing as economically as possible, I suppose 
you ought to be able to get such a room as you require for $15, or $20. a 

You will have to go to some glass blowing place and get your globes 
pot blowers and your tubes drawn from the same pot. Your platina you will 
of course get at Johnson, Mathey and Co. of Hatton Gardens, London. You 
should claim to get it at the same rate at which they supply tit to the 

‘Lamp Co. (we have special rates with them) stating that you require it for 

the Lamp Co.'s use in France, 

If you have trouble about getting nickel we can send you sheet n 
nickel from here, We use plumbago covers in carbonizing that is to say 
the large cover which goes over the nickel forms is made of plumbago. 


: Be 
To Charles Batchelor Sept. 8, 1881 

Upton finds that about 2% of his lamps after being put away for 
two or three months loose their vacuum and finds it due to the fact that 
the sealing is not long enough. He has therefore added 1/8 of an inch 
to the length of this platinum so that he squeezes 1/8 of an inch more 
glass on it and he also brings the glass in the inside part up to a more 
"pastey" condition that is to say he gets it very much hotter or better 
fased before he squeezes it onto the wires 

You will probably have a very healthy time in getting cutting mould 
made in France. I should only get a half lamp cutting mould made at first, 

I will write you further if I should have omitted anything. 
Please continue to keep me well posted, 

Yours very sincerely 

Thomas A. Edison 

Written by S. Insul, 

Exposition Internationale d'Electricité 
See Glen ee bee dilaued. & : 


Salles 24% 25 
" prrgcreuRS 

Représentants de Mt EDISON- 

. 4 ‘ 38, Avenue deTOpéra 53 
aaa ee 

es "Pant for Hs 
pak Le Lb fon table erie, 
Lag salt 2 ater cebnaaa, 

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Se Belugacursuia qo ype le 

DWC ae ele % \. 
270] Se KS 
Vie nh IE 

Exboewtou jurewmgnoms. 4. Ereceucs. 


Exposition Internatio ale d’Electricité 

: \ : 

Salles 24% 25 

De Ps 

orroahesns LOL... Gh Mhabhee— POT osonseeis vasa POOL, 

Représentants de M5 EDISON 
CYL. M. Linshivs f Lue “yy 

53, Avenue de 1Opéra,33 

Pog eager op ote 
7 Oe baierads by A Livan | 
Ce ae 
f Be tennisters op-thr (actors 

of Vin Fates Nek Hlese 

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en Pe Levey wwliecle re Cetrermmerrced | ow llaw eel. 

be FA. Edison . 



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, 1884 

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Otts ALLoces 





| = eee ee " 

This m 
+ the conditions named above. 
: A. R..B! 


This Company TNANSMITS and DELIVERS messages only on conditions, Uniting tts its inef- 

which ue been assented to by the heerier eter ie. 
Trova can be guarded ee rains! aly asage back to the se! nding station for co 

and the Company will not hold itselt fable Tore y layatin transmission or delivery of Ua: mote nd 

jessage is an UNREPEATED Ay 

; at Stree 

f “WHERE ANY, “REPL LD ‘BE ‘sawn. ican 

ue Divdne: AMM ae oe 

ak Spr by request of the sender under, “ -. 
. NORVIN GREEN, President. 

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dow you Fel yuahce, GAD 2% Poi) Arary 
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Mey tear Inet, Neate 
See ” Guat Ha follavviig 

: in. Ganda P dorrty, 

Ree get ad et AER 

Exposition Internationale d‘Electricité -/.° -. 

peiniesseciiberie _-._ LUMIERE ELECTRIOUE EDISON’, = *s 
Salles 24& 25 / AY? , 
. OTTO A.MOSES : ; ab 
Représentants de MS EDISON / : 

33, Avenue de lOpéra33 

- Jbiave anany anathens of ribeed Ue unite yo, bab 
wy ue ofa thatbaucl -urdber  teuldtd and tine Hore «. Wie 
Only bap fal toe a A tenf ushe fy fanin, who thar ww, 

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Mclean “4 feted a sia Cir delet te She work. 

tf wa jsMlelt -, Aitwe Agate 
ticnig Prncano feanen. tty deetursrsmenti Mace 
ae followr1— 

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teligate freceuded te Mnug f— A fhiich 
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LOA btteda | Gloute 

, Df> «+ HO eae 
CHAS. BATCHELOR Lats, ler £0" Upelitited 88 / 
3G Ceoe ce 1 es 

Batchelor, PARIS, 

ae ene 

lean tli ti Orta. 

fanaa — fiona a MO SG machin , Juleg litte 
ny 2 ge Caries Bo with | 

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FOO pie 

It. lite te Leeate 
Par, Lplt 22, 1852 
4 IK. Edledeon : 
a Rese, Yorter US R. 
I Cogs here neght befer Catt. 
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Peg Bi ities Chifernsieh oe ee Pd . 
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erative terveets frome He Expractc 0 
SO EGO Sarma 
thine) topt-be, Oretwtired ) SeCee re on 
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Bipestoners of Lire 

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” e ek 


52, Rue de Ja Bruyére 

CADLE ADDRESS buy Gtae batten , 
Bate aie = Gas (2b al khan ao 
tnd eliingh Ulaliny ti answering Cervemeatly 0? tot 

Ae Cittae I firget tv — Miley and can a 

Me Vents tallie — ee : 
— foslty Get fel sett he Len yee sapere 
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pueler Lu tee 1b Ylats age ee 
tu lage (ater g Cavite — nage “tha GF 
Ae wero Hts trrele, Cte. toteee fie le’ 

iin Frac’? Aad chet we Ae tuft Seti ? 

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ef aor eg 

irae VGnotonds caer Bs vie siya 

yin s Good anit Be ee ae 
AAR tard Riser 

ELLs Meeetten 



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Eanlae Obi 2 7. Napet 

15 Sf 

Ses Le : er Aedéewedl a oa 1 > 
bird. Lain: wedye mete. otlige. + 
ee ; a ; 


52, Rue de la Bruyére 

anes Wey pares Batedrn 

aii ade cae Wo} eB a Pete 
Atuater all Ke Crfttinuendtt and Satis hae tuptl@d of 
(0 that Hew tc dit 2 <cug t, Criglestevecn on He Layfitre - 
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Lope Careficlly fornckek Gather auc 4u Refunss 
mm enutthiting You have aed Keen — Qeyhsw Ae to 
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oVherg word) Glatthy PE tte of Py Orectgl —_- 

She Dreliy Law erry h eay fa s 7 
Shave had nuy Aancde Lon ene I eaewe Btte Be 
kulting titers ht hae fut wi Bieiteys, Pateed aeddgoeys 
tad’ af tfeteal” bist Magar ding Zhe warBecesuss Sf 
tun. flclindG an) I Hits whee Onn Go bey Lew - 
freer 40 bg Merieg Lette Wis Hau BHoase 2 Bet 
Athe beun ‘Cound — a Man wha 10 eliven/c Hewstiveg 

LOCA AT ba Gee lite, Aud Cay 
ray ge sats leet SE: 
Gard *have hod a cuter Gf ttvro url Jeter about 

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HED we tak Seller tz’, The Main Cale, a eit 
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GUTAGOMA he ele Aire Hfel pee cov ltted 
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Loy 3 [E81 ~ Behe 3.61 
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aos Loew AEG Lo 

CHAS. BATCHELOR Bight ah, Eo 4 £08/ 
24 /ue—Hutesy Heo. 


Batchelor, PARIS . 
ae Aart pelo 7 
nls 2h Aether Brag a i aia Vine 

eome oleufs Been rufissoriarg an aly acca Lowery mused 

fr eat on Ln den De Manig 2 att ghbr___ 
Wtaniers saresense ee Hawn, tn This taller, 
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duning Cead- Inu) want we bebe Mack aTakl 
Cache ao JS have waled our CH at’ BO 
aud. arr fu eet J Can ger Jes WI? Ww 
ZBL nee Ket? Pang: leis I bees 
Batter lati. Mo eanurte wy 25¢ pul. I felrive 
pe Nin Mw Greali (tat Gtr eatinge Bhan rhea oe (al - 

uth He ies Ht he shania g aids foie Hd 
wal  Avelus Ga lorufe thin 3 Wwerutalen a teal Of 
$6 Carats ar S ahold prs gut ahiad Mazin 
Jusns high fre aur abt fin olstes ane blathr- He puny 
Qe Orig tu ment cattinday bgety 111 iden 
Oy orhct ru Zi 0 Oud of enune 9 Mall enlarge pery 
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eee ao. fothiram oftX te. kat 
op vafereratly Fiz Lica Ae Gro Lherfrs hibkal he 0 
= Ap wcsohins msnaly feisded — << jot 


All CABLE MESSAGES' received for tranemiasien must bo written on the! ‘ Mensage 

Plank provided by this Company for thut pe Tpovw, tinder and aubject to. the’ conditions 

tinted thereon, and on the back hereof, which conditions have “been agreed to’ by tho 
onder of thu following message. 

R. BREWER, Scoretary.. - NORVIN GREEN, President. 


Received at. a 

Saab ah ea ee Secrets 

Saat gi sent Bi 

WS eS ere’ o ‘a Lerner 


3 : 2: Sey Op. . (se. < 

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Aqazay sy Aurdmog SIM1 puyy “soSvesour aundsqn0 2aqdyo uy raza, oe RIUILAIZ JO RTO IOA-Ot, .L Scop dnsz990} wos Zaysprw sLejap Joy oswo Lue uy opQeTT Og 

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SOUT] $1] JO VOTO. way vO *MuNdaO, si) JU sYOI [USK ANE JIvq ONY “U;PPE OF PaBTYD aq YIM 29pUas ons “Bupwadaa qOneIOT “IoMIO Zaps 043 64 saUT] pre 

Jo woUpDUT, am) Woy Joeq pandussaj>) ‘sy awn} $ paswodas 7} 2ap20 pynuye oFuswauT £2249 Je sopUds oy) ‘Lwedure| GpYy Jo SOUT ONY Lo SaATTOT OTETE paved oy % 

x oie pe ot aeat 2 * oti 

a ge 8 

vee “Western Union Telegraph Company, 
AER ee Superintendent’s Office, 

otestl A. erdk;, eds = 4581 

Sheri, Atte), Cog, 
6 Heft Qe. 
Deau fr : 
wale 197 J nent yo thf Wertirw 
Startiic fy he. fru 2 AL uadrfley SrsHiceernencty 
whick wer rect GG Oarris Enfeorbiow, awe, 
de ae eee O heen lines witli 
eae os Hae Ag ard Ais Shas dtl, po ee new 
at anerl, ars Lhe Wel. Ect lh ps bo. Wie pega) 
heck je adertd be 1 fear, 


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Mr. Gzorce Connmye, a New York telegrapher, having long realized the irksomoness of the 
keys in general use, and their tendency, by the severe tension of the nerves, to cause paralysis, 
claims that his new principle, periphery-contact, obviates theso serious evils; the key being abso- 
lutely free from “sticking,” or adherence of points, without jar, and giving a more rapid and 
delicate transmission thanany other. Thedeviceconsistsin tho placing of two wheels ordiscs swing- 
ing one upon tho other, atright angles; ono disc inside the arch of the lever and the other crosswise in 
. the insulated standard. Theelectrical contact is attained on thorimsor tires of these platina discs, in- 
stead of by tho two wire points in general uso for telegraph keys. These said discs are capable of 
a thousand surfaces by adjustment. The wheels are firmly held in place by small sct screws work- : 
ing on tho axlesofthesame. - a : 


FIRST.—The least possible contact surface—n mere geometrical point—which producss © 
Perfect electrical connection: The two discs being placed at right angles to each other, tho 
connection between the two is only a needlo point of surface. At the same time the signals aro 
given with great precision and delicacy of stroke. We would here say that the needle point of 
surface has now been decided by many experts to be the scientific explanation for its properties 
288 non-sticking key. Tho infinitessimal surfaco of tho peripherio contact at right angles asa con- 
veyer of electricity, has not hitherto been discerned or adopted till discovered by the inventor of 
this key, 

SECOND.—Oircular surface of the rim: Thus preventing dust from accumulating easily at 
tho point of contact and breaking circuit. : ‘ 

. THIRD.—Adjustability of the electrodes: For, if through any unforseen accident connec- 
tion should be arrested, both wheels, haviug a thousand possible points of contact, can be 
changed in an instant by turning each slightly on its axis to anow and bright surface 

FOURTH.—No lateral motion: The electrodes connect firmly and perfectly, so that the 
trunnion can bo screwed tight without affecting the correct working of tho key. 

FIFTH,—Olose contact: For the same reason the contact can be so regulated, if desired, 
that no lost vertical-motion need be perceptible, thus giving a soft, velvet stroke, . 

SIXTH.—No jar: The system of wheels and axles forms an elastic bed, which, taken in 
connection with the dot-contact and close adjustment, makes it possible to work the key all day 
without any lost motion to fatigue tho hand or try the nerves, 

This key has had unusual tests and has come out of ‘tho trial victorious, It is at 

‘present being worked on the heaviest wires with thorough satisfaction. ‘Wo have received the 
highest testimonials from the profession as to its good qualities, viz., non-sticking, elastic stroke, 
lack of jar, and beauty of construction. 

Ono of the finest operators in the service says: ‘* Too much praise cannot be given to the 
Cumming key. I endorse all that anyone can say in tts favor.” . Another: ‘‘ It is only a question 
of time before its adoption becomes universal,” Another, an inventor and expert, Bays: “ Icon- 
sider the Cumming key far superior to all others, it does not stick,” 

Every operator who has handled the Cumming key pronounces it ‘a treasure” and capable of 
giving tho fastest transmission under tho strongest battery, and any company who has had to pay 
for the many blunders caused by sticking keys can but echo that refrain—a treasuro— if they 
adopt it, Sample key sent post-paid on receipt of price, 

L. G@. TILLOTSON & Cco., 
Telegraph aud Telephone Machinery and Supplies of Every Description 
5 and 7 Dev Street, New Vork, : 
GEORGE cumMIN G, Inventor, 303 Enst 19th St., New York. The instrumont 
is now.on Exhibitlon at the Edison Department: of the Exposition Internationale 
d@’Electricité, Salles 24 ct 26, Palnis de l'Industrie, Paris, . 

Proms, Wohik Mserdad Oty 20, 1§¢| 

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You Caw concente, Views & cCheursete AnD Keep oc: . 
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We Baileys chedo noe Soren), nd hao toten.a gent 
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Frew eK aut Yorwon people. Vhe- et pobte, aS disnes, 
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great man: end Kate yor fheve con GiitelEd mor 
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PARIS 1881 

Paris, le th Cery 188 F | 

red teed Uy 

A OS D2 ft, tefercderter berid oo 
Eered, Messed SeetKhad of, Beiley , 

a bere woul: F¥LE (jfk Lge ES Z 

vote fe sie vote glues ig 160 Chie lL 

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cette, jrcwve. cb totin® pean saint 

ACLU, Se regarotart! vod Leatls 

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si i AN BE OSI ta a Sit ni iy as RLU open 


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ott Ce: Lim dee Cllarits deveces ole 
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wt fia tet fife 
ae O theprotilein,. thos 

Tucty Monier Ls 
— dema Lb ae er prema 
| consicleialion. . 

& Oss ca 



Anh Flin, Oot 264 JEEC 
AM Ecliton Eng? 7 

eynalare : 

y SPacow one fer ors uae Pra 
hahah THeosicih gsc likaute 
Aernemcbore gion toned Loewe ree thesHigles Cheb 

ager ee er, 
3 eT ae 


. Oct. 2 ith, 
George Cummings, Psd. a 

North.8, Fast loth St. City. 


Ls0n reqrests no to acknowledge your 
hath ofgthe gard, and thank you. for your kind congratu- 

fo 4: et ies . ae 
1at.pins; at the same time he vould nog to congratulate 
you“4u your seccoss at Paris. 

T de not suppose these hava been any expens: 

chargable to you, butif vhan ovr ageounts eos ‘in, TU! 

find ‘there are somo, T will advise sou of ‘the fact.” 

(Yours truly, 

* - 
? ZL ue A 

Batchelor. PARIS, 

pean oui Lu whe. PX GOliber 
ee Z False 7 lea, 
- Crier 2 GY 0H A/ Zire 
‘scat | fate ale 
Le te (ae bacern ElLeéb ize 
sips : aes Se 

ae 4 
tittite SEAL ESB 
Freep (a AGS AO 
age © AY 2: ob 

st 0 YfZ3G2'P 
ZT ee a ees 
fbrad Yo. G23 Gp 

Mitt Beration Yt 30 

Ne ee LAG O 0 
Large Oy Maer 232 'F7E 
Fla D2D2 | Sz 

193 per “Gyse: BY 
‘20D +72 
" SSF YP O'Ze 
Ges Ltt. Ato tad Hen aan 8 Be Gor 
fe) W lailiy LECH Bett ie fo02 ab 

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Lilie age oly Say) ral oe 

W823 O + $0 1 bia Ho 30 _ 
Corree alt Arerw fate, Hae a 

SO iene 

wy Je Tepe be heetl 
fears, Oc 31..67 

Dear Mhr. Eouaen, 
Frecsrcts frene awe 

tLuacdy Eleghaswned gow of Yur com. 
: frbte itecetg , band Before Shes Raceclatd gua 
De. Hearticr untl Crave gee yor Llee 

laltel Mewwy tn prem ,e I heare netheng: 
GO add Cut my congrati lations - ‘ 
N ee > reweieg Bach, yeond | 
j oud cer a, ote ecralionrry wheel haar Ce tw } | 

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| Aten forge, D theerite Pe ae ue 

Pate eo wttl erlirarl’ no tmeore , Y Sate | 
Tine ws Ce gee eal of Rare werd bbe | i 

done, cs Shy criwete Of freoprle who Hecrery' 

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Mee Secll ce 2 Fahim day Ctecd seg lee Con. 
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Maes Masy- whe dew eran Onecrus, 


: at Shwe Genigrees fy CG cearard Frces ee ce. | 


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Where I copra & Faw 

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! ff x. A, QL After Le rs OF Stew 2LI - 
p Prereefevicee, leer fceere en reel! |e, 7 

gu Y iad 200, I pr2ble stew twlhictlear Yer. aft 

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oe fiero be a oo va PULTE - Neth! 

‘fcr’ cto Shey a Adios Jr Gerret 

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tenotin, Orel 2004 ecet-et’ AeclAatid 
Meee Cenrdd J adopt at fE nfrerete’ 

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Tay Origa Prefer le, 

Cheers, cL frags bee en SEECEDS 

Cee *thiszceZ I 

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In a previous article we indicated in what case this sys- 

tem of Electric Lighting was specially applicable, and we saw that 
Heneerorih, thanks to important improvements recently introduced, 
it could be employed for the interior of houses, where light of 
feeble intensity is used; we have seen that several castles in 
pagina were lighted in this way, and that a certain number of 
houses in the city of New York had subscribed for the. light fur- 
nished by the Edison Electric Light Company. Since the success~ 
ful introduction of these lamps a great number of systems of the 
same kind have been brought out :by different inventors, and without 
speaking of such well known ones as those of Edison, Swan, Maxim, 
Lane Fox, Sawyer, we know of about fifteen inventions, bearing 
more or less upon the subject. It chereraes seems to us an oppor- 
tune moment to enter into circumstantial details about this method 
of lighting which up to this moment has not excited any great inter- 
est in Europe for various reasons which we have ananenated in dif- 
ferent articles published in this journal at the commencement of 
the year 1880, of which the principal one was the relative con- 

siderable expenditure of motive force to produce a light of given 

intensity, It should be borne in mind that the luminous power of 

an incandescent body. increases in a much greater ratio than the 

calorific intensity; therefore, by the very fact that incandescent 
‘lamps permit a greater division of the electric light, a loss is 
caused by the weakening of the rafliating power resulting from the 
same. Nevertheless the satisfactory results recently obtained force 
us to pass these aystomaot aleetete lighting in series, and we 

will begin naturally enough with that of Mr Edison, which has made 
the most noise in the world and which has attracted attention to 

this manner of lighting by electricity. 


The incandescent system was first represented by lamps 
made from an incandescent platinum wire, and the interesting ex- 
periments made in 1879 by M de Changy should be recollected; but 
the practical workings of this system were not satisfattory, prin- 
cipally because of the disagregation and partial fusion of the 
wires, and in spite of the numerous improvements brought to bear 
on this system by Mn Edison who, by one of the most ingenious of 
processes had rendered them more infusible andvharder, still they 
had to be absolutely rejected at least for ordinary lamps. Then 
it was gnedeuted to employ carbon which if not allowed to burn is 
infusible in the highest heat developed in the lamps, and.differ- 
ent arrangements Of apparatus were put together at various times by 
King Lodyguine, Bouliguine, Swan, Sawyer, etce, some avoiding 
combustion by enclosing the lamps in recepticles where a& vacuum 
had been obtained, others by filling these recepticles with gases 

unfit for combustion, as nytrogen or oxide of. carbon, or simply by 

dpc sean xiag's mons 2 A ose Biss ted 

leaving the air shut up in the recepticle to be vitiated by an 
incipiant combustion. 

All these attempts had but partially succeeded, to say 
nothing more when in 1879 the new incandescent carbon lamp of Nr 
Edison was announced, ‘and re savants, and myself iA particular, 
sbabese he exactness: of the ellegatedns which came to us from 
America. The carbonized paper horse shoe appeared incapable of 
resisting mechanical shocks, and of supporting ineandescense for 
any lenght of time, At this epoch Mr. Swan himself said that up 
to that time, he had not been able to obtain any very satisfactory 
results by an analagous disposition of the incandescent organ. 

Mr. Edison however was not abashed, and in spite of the 
lively opposition made to his lamps, in spite of the bitter polemic 
of which he was the object, he did not cease to perfect it for prac- 
tical purposes, and has at last produced lamps, wheih we have seen 
at the Exposition and which can be admired by all the world for 
their perfect steadiness. These lamps to the number of 160, 
light the two salens reserved for the discoveries of the ingenious 
american inventor, and we shall see still more important results 
upon the installation of the meee machine, whi ch is expected from 

As at present made, these lamps are sufficiently solid 
and can last a long time. The originally fragile carbon has be- 
come extremely elastic and hard, and of such attenuation that it 
ean be well compared in re a horse hair. By a cleverly com- 

bined system of fastening the platinum, conducting wires are not 

exposed to be cut, and they are so sealed in the glass receiver 

that their change of volumn under the action of heat does not en- 
danger the perfection of the vacuum, By the wee the carbons are 
treated when the vacuum is made in the globe, the bubbles of ee 
enclosed in their pores and which in escaping digagregate the sur- 
face, are evacuated before closing the lamp, and at the same time 
the filament of carbon acquires a peculiar density and hardness as 
was the case with the platinum wires. To obtain this result the 
carbonized filament must be brought into inecandescense while the 
vacuum is being made. The very nature of the substance of vega~ 
table origin, employed in its fabrication has been modi fied. 
Fibres of bamboo are now used instead of the paper originally em- 
ployed. These are carbonized by a certain process and the suc- 
cessive transformation of these fibres into carbon filaments may 
be followed in several collections to be seen at Mr Edison’s expo- 
sition and which will gratify the curious, and are worthy of 
study. According to Mr Batchelor and Mr 0. A.MOses, co-laborers 
of Mr. Edison and who represent him at the exposition, the resistance 
of these filaments is 125 ohm when brought up to an incandescense 
corresponding to 16 candles, but it can vary according to the lu- 
minous power desired of the lamps, for it can be distributed be~ 
tween two lamps whose filaments are correspondingly more or lags 
long. Their extremities which ate enlarged are pressed in a kind 
of pincer which terminates the platinum conductors and which are 
soldered by an electrolytically deposited copper. Vig. 1. repre- 
sents the actual arrangement of these Lamps. Their duration from 
what I have been assured is long Sasuete however they must wear 

out. Although most of them, have served for 1200 hours, the 

question may be asked whether a lamp capable of deterioration may 
be considered a practical thing, but if it is considered that this 
lamp.: can be furnished for 30 cents, that the adjustment on its sup- 
port cannot be any simpler than it is, which is evident on dnepade 
tion, it is easily seen there is no more trouble to replace one, 
than to renew a broken lamp shade. 

What sopakerutes Mr. Edison’s system is not alone his 
lamps, it is the totality of the arrangements referring to them 
and which have attained such a degree of simplicity that hence- 
forth nothing ere to be desired in practice. Generating mach- 
ines, distribution of circuits, installation, indicating and regu- 
lating apparatus, matres for measuring the amount .of current em- 
ployed, are all combined for immediate application and as we have 
said, this application is about being made in a part of the city 
of New York, when a great number of houses are to be lit by this 
sustes by means of a subterranean distribution from a central sta- 
tion, from whi ch also motive power will be distributed to the 

This central station will be provided with twelve steam 
engines of 150 horse power each, actuating dynamo electric mach- 
ines, each of which will be capable to supply it is said, 2, 400 
lamps of 8 candle power. The current furnished to these lamps, 
comes through a branch taken before each house from the large sized 
conductors laid in the:istreets. These deviations bring the poles of 
the generator into each house, where the lamp wires can be brought 

in connection with them, thus rendering each house independent of 

ELE Slr LOS ea Pelee 

any other, both for a supply of light and motive power, 

When it is considered that the system of distribution 
adopted by Mr Fdison, the total resistance of the exterior circuit 
is extremely reduced and that with 2400 on, it is only ooo, say 
about 3f¢0 of an ohm, it can be seen, a very feeble resistance 
should be given to the generating machine; so that its first arrange- 
ment has been modified, To begin with the field Magnets. were ar- 
ranged on a derivation taken from the: cgumid batons, putting it into 
the induced circuit as in wheatstones’. & Sieman’s system, “then 
the armature was arranged on Sieman’s principal so that the wire 
consisted of bars of copper, These bars lie close to each other 
around the cylinder which forme the armature, and they generate the 

current. Their extremeties correspond to dises of copper (at right 

_ angles to them) laid one against the other at the ends of the cylin- 

der and insulated from each other, Fach bar is fastened to its 
corresponding discs in such a way as to form a single cireuit enie- 
loping the cylinder tlongitudinally, and which is made perfect 
through the coupled bars two and two.with the commutator blocks 
(made after the gramme’ s pattern. ) Fig. 2 & 3 gives an idea of 
this new arrangement. The center of the cylinder itself is oceu- 
pied outside of the rotating axle by a cylinder of wood which in 
its turn is surrounded by a thick tube made of a series of very 
thin dises of iron, separated from each other by tissue Paper, 
This arrangement facilitates the rapid changes of polarity in the 
plates, This tube is terminated at its two extremities by two 

thick clamping discs which are made to compress the others later- 

‘ally and the copper discs of the working coil occupy the two com- 

partments at the extremities of the cylinder as seen in Fig. 2 

Under such conditions as these, the resistance of the generator is 
’ small and permits of great sub-division of the current in multiple 
ates: nor is there ‘any insulation to be burned and it is even pos- 
sible in case of the deterioration of the bars to renew them easily 
for they are simply screwed against the copper discs corresponding 
‘to them. In the new disposition adopted by Mr Edison, the field 
magriats lie horizontal instead of being placed in the vertical, 

Fig. 4. represents the whold nia alate as now no tuatiy. 
working in the Palais de 1’Industrie, 

We have described the generating machine before complet- 
ing the description of the system of distribution of. the current 
because we ought to speak of the system of control used in making 
the current uniform when its Laauuity has been modified by a vari-~ 
ation in its distribution, that is to says: teGiontne after a vari- 
ation resulting from the unexpected suppression of & certain number 
of lamps in a part of the system, The negessities of this system 
are easily understood, if we consider that this suppression can 
lead to g greater or less naueege in the intensity of the eurrents 
feeding the remining lamps. 

In France several systems have been devised to obtain 
an automatic regulation, but in America it seems, it is preferred 
to effect this by the intermediation of an appropriate controling 

In this system in whose general. aprangement we see in 

vig. 5 the current which feeds the lamps. furnishes a deviation 

at the machine bb which enters an electric dynamometer, after hav- 
.. ing gone through a resistance of 85N0 ohns. The electro motive foree 
should be about 110 volts and a difference of onevyolt should 

correspond on the scale of the indicating apparatus, to three divi- 

sions; consequently for each observed increase or intensity a resis- 

tance capable of compensating for it should be introduced into the 
circuit. Mr. Edison has established a circular commutator 8 with 
bobbins of differant resistance which permits of an increase of 
resistance, not in. the lamp circuit, which would lead to a loss of 
work, but in the cireuit of field Magnets, which weakens thair ac- 
tion on the working coil, From the central station also the con-~ 
dition of the current affecting the lamps can be controlled by 
means of a testing photometer which enables us to see how much the 
intensity of the current must be diminished or increased to corres- 
pond to a given luminous intensity, For this purpose the photo- 
meter is mounted on a littJe Yailroad placed in a dark chamber; 
-under and in front of it is placed & scale abi trarily divided ae 
as to indicate immediately the candle power furnished by the cur- 
rent in its normal condition, he left side of Fig. 5 indicates 
the manner 9f arrangement of the testing bench with the explani~ 
tory table at the bottom of the figure, Fig. 6 shows it in pros- 
pective, The manner in which derivations are taken on the princi- 
pal conductors merits special mention, The conductors are compos- 
ed of two rods of copper of hemi-cylindrical form, flat on one side 
and round on the other, which are enveloped in cylinders of tngitad 

ing material, contained in small wrought iron pipes) which are 


buried under the streets, To take a derivation the cable is laid 
bare at the spot where the branch circuit is to be established, 
The two conducting rods (coming from the main conductors) are cut 
and bent outwards and introduced into a clamp where they are sol- 
dered to the house wires as shown in Fig. 7% but in order that no 
harm can be done by too strong currents one of these communications | 
is made by intercalating a lead wire in the branch circuit shown 
at the bottom of the figure and which by its fusion interrupts the 
circuit, This is what is called in America ateut off;’ and in 
this way it prevents deterioration, The box is then hermetically 
closed and covered with an insulating coating, In the figure the 
orguck wireg are shown double ‘ut it is evident that they could be 

We said that all arrangements had been made to make the 
system a pepfectly practical one, and of that we will soon be able 
to judge, Let us examine first how the lamp supports and the lamps 
themselves are disposed, As has been seen they are formed of 
glass globes of ovoid form, cemented into copper sleeves by means 
of plaster and screwed into cylindrical cavities, terminating the 
aupports, ‘isa: are a kind of arm which can be adapted to brack-— 
ets or chandeliers or be arranged around the walls, In the last 
ease, the arm as is shown in Fig. 8 carry two articulations A, &B, 
and commutations are made by two plates of the hinges which are 
insulated, and in whose circular part two springs press, seen in 
Fig. 9 &10 Connections of the conductors with the lamp as we 
have indicated above are made by a lead wire (cut off) which may 

melt and interrupt the circuit in case a too great quantity of cur-~ 

want ahantaA a an a « 


rent should endanger the lamp. 

In these brackets, as in the three branch chandeliers, 
represented in Fig.11. keys have been introduced which allow the 
extinction of the lamps separately or together wtthout causing any 
_spark atf;,the point ae eupeure or any danger of fire. The move- 
ment of the key a as shown in figure 9 breaks the contact by means 
of a donload atopper which terminates the serew of the key, and 
which when separated from the two plates through which the éurpent 
passes when the stopper is in contact with them, breaks the cir- 
cuit at two points and on a surface of sufficient extent to greatly 
diminish the spark at the point of. rupture, 

The lighting of the two salens of Mr Edi son at the Expo- 
sition is done by 16 small chandeliers like the above, two grand 
erystal chandeliers, and 80 brackets. Fig. 12 represents one of 

these chandeliers, 

The effect is very beautiful, the steadiness being so 
complete as could be desired, and if as I have been assured the 
Bites of this kind of illumination is lower, light for light, than 
gas, it may be ebunkdcrea that the problem is on the eve of solution 
for Edison’s system of electric lighting ti placed in the same 
condition as that of gas. He avoids the presence of machines in 
separate houses which always are in the way, and which by their veyy 
nature enue care and management not to be obtained from ordinary 

As a compliment to his system, Mr Edison has constructed 

portable chandeliers represented in Fig, 13. and a current regula- 

tor shown in Figures 14 § 15 which permits of reducing the light in 

any desired proportion, It is a carbon rheostat composed of car~ 
bon pencils of different sections which as the current passes 
through one or the other allows any desired intensity, The appa-~ 
ratus is enveloped in a cylindrical cover pierced with holes to 
allow of the escape of heat and surmounted by a lamp which indicate 
to the eye the desired degree of luminacy, It is worked by a 
disc shown Sepé@rated in the lower part of Fig. 14, and which can be 
turned so as to bring a contact spring on any one of: the supports 
of the carbon whose position is indicated by an index and divisions 
piseed on the base of the cylinder. 

But what is most- interesting of all in these accessories 
of Mr. Edison’s system, is the meter which determines the amount 
of electricity consumed by the. lamps, There are two kinds, one 
automatic like a gas meter, the other Bequires weighing. They 
are however both founded on the same principle that is to say, in 
the estimation of work by the weight of copper deposite produced 
by the current used. ~ We will describe these two interesting 
pieces of apparatus hereafter, and give drawings of them; today we 
must be content with only mentioning the principle involved. 

Imagine a balance having at the extremities of the beam 
two cylindrically rolled plates of copper forming two electrodes, 
Let us admit that éneee os systems of electrodes, which plunge 
into two vessels Zilled with a solution of sulphate of copper and 
furnished with tiked electrodes, are traversed in an inverse direc- 
éfon by the current dupreved; and which can cause the balance to 

Operate under a given weight of copper deposited from the solution, 



It is easily seen that the movement brought about by these condi- 
tions can set in motion a current reverser which can change the 
conditions of the deposite in such a way, that the electrode gover 
ed With copper is transformed into a soluble electrode, white the 
one which was originally in that condition becomes the reducing 
electrode, From this time on, an oscillating motion of the beam 
of the balance is established add mors or less frequently repeated 
according to the ecenaley of the formation of deposite, that is to 
say, according to the intensity of the current.-~-As the same move- 
ment can bring about the passage of a lenised current (taken from 
the total current) across a special’ electro magnet, which commands 
the movement of a counter, it is easily seen, (after the determi- 
nation of the number of Amperes corresponding to the weight of the 
deposite, Which produces the oscillation of the balance) what is 
the quantity of electricity tongumed. 

The eeniteneuon of this idea has necessitated some elec- 
trp magnetic arrangements which we will describe in detail when we 
get the drawings of the apparatus. 

The other system is more simple, consisting of two vol- 
tometers of supphatie of copper whose electrodes can be easily taken 
out and eaieioa: as the work done can be calculated from the weight 
of copper deposited. One of these voltameters is open to the sub- 
seriber, the other is kept closed by the controler, Resistance 
pobbine introduced into the eevetiak corresponding to these resist- 
ances, permits of the employment of grekter or less periods of 

A small incandescent lamp placed beneath the apparatus and which 

Pd Coe gil Peeine en se eee eT 


can be thrown into circuit, by a simple metallic thermometre pre~ 
vents any danger of freezing in. extremely cold weather, 

There is another application at Wr. Edison’ s light which 
can be seen at his Exposition ina model intended for lighting gal- 
eries on mines, In this arrangement represented in ties 16. the 
lamp is introduced in a glass recepticle filled with water and 
held in suspension, Communication. of the apparatus with the cir- 
cuit is arranged in such Suey that the points of contact are coy- 
ened by water which avoids any danger of explosion in mines infest- 
ed with fire~damp, | 

To give an idea of the apbiieation of Mr Edison’s sys- 
tems, we have represented in the large engraving accompanying this 
article Fig, 17. the interior of a parlor lighted by the small 
chandeliers preViously described. As is seen the electric light 
is projected downward, the best arrangement for reading and writing, 
This method to be -preferred by Mr Edison, but as can be seen above 
described that all ‘styles of illumination can be produced with this 
kind of light, analogous to that:obtained with candles or gas jets: 
it is simply a matter of taste. 

Mr. Edison’s lamps are not alona employed in the two sa- 
lens reserved for him, they are to be found in various places 
throughout the great nave, notably at the exhibitseciof Messrs 
Heilman Ducommun et Stienben lor which we gave a drawing in a 
previous articid “at the exhibit of Messrs Sautter and Lemonnier. 

At these two places the currents are furnished by two Gramme mach- 

ines type A. and each one lights abaut 40 lamps. Now that Mr 

Bdison’s great machine has arrived at the Exposition it will be 
possible to obtain with the incandescent system, illuminations of 
greater magnitude, The landing of the great staircase will be 

lit in this way, It is proposed to accomplish this by means of a 
erystal chandelier of 144 lamps and of others furnished with 25 
lamps each, to be hung from the different panels, and of girandoles 
standing on the 16 pilasters of the staircase. This will produce 
an enchanting effect and a brilliant illumination, I am not quite 
sure that this mixture of arc and incandescent lights is a tapes 
thought. It is evident that the latter destroy the effect of the 
former and might lead one to believe that the luminous intensity 
of the incandescent lamp is less than it really is, Again, the 
difference in the color of the light is so contrasted that many 
persons who reproach the electric for its gastly sees find it too 
red in incandescent lamps, It is evidently an effect of contrast 
for the light of incandescent lamps is:whiter than that of gas jets 
which Nec ere these same people find vane agreeable, If re- 

quired, incandescent lamps can give a dazzling white just as well 

as the others, it is only necessary to employ a ipponnes electrical 
intensity, then they lose their peculiar qualities, that of giving 
a soft light which docs not fatigue the eye and of an easier and 
more complete subdivision, 

It is certainly very difficult to satisfy everybody and 
that many persons hardly know what they do want, above all when the 

effects of contrast momentarily impair the power of judging correct- 

ly, On the other hand there are certain fault-finding spirits: who 

are never satisfied with anything, witness, the author of that in- 
comprehensible article that recently appeared in a certain journal 
who pretneded that '. only discordant sounds and puppet show voices 
sould be heard in the telephones from the opera, The author in 
question who could perpetrate such an enormity must have had his 
ear as sick as his humor, The crowd passing every evening before 
the telephone rooms at the Exposition is the best proff ofthe in- 
anity of such judgements and by this can once move be seen the | 
value of the scientific lucubrations of certain political journals, 

The same thing happens wiht the electric light and quite 
a number of persons who without previous examination and without 
being of the same opinion two days eanseeutively come to us and 
disparage electric lighting. It is certain that new inventions 
have great difficulty in coming to light succeeding, above 
all when they are opposed by rival interests, but when they are 
eauiay good they triumph in time ever all obstacles. 

We would like to give some information about Mn Edison’s 
pew Machines but as they are not yet put up we reserve the des— 
cription for another time, We will &nly say that the steam éngine 

was constructed especially for this application, that it makes no 

noise, and that the dynamo electric machine forms one of its inte- 

gral parts, The field magnets Of this latter mentioned, in place 

of being vertical as in the model represented in Fig, 4 is hori- 
zontal and the dimensions of the machine itself are much larger. 

The Sbeam, engine which works the machine is of peculiar 

construction and the speed of rotation which is communicated to the 

working coil is 350 turns a minute. This is not a very great 

speed, but the armature is very heavy weighing as we are told, over 
three tons and a half. The ciaauetie field in which it turns is 
formed of three powerful electro magnets united so as to form but 
one at their extremities. In the salen of Mr Edison are a collec- 
tidn of photographs among which may be seen some of the manufac~ 
turies where the enormous amount, of material required in these in- 
stallations is constructed. As we have been assured one of these 
turns out 2000 lamps a day, giving occupation to 150 persons. 

In accompanying drawings and collections can be seen 
methods of glass blowing, the carbonizing of the filaments intend- 
ed for incandescense, the vacuum pumps and the mounting and packing 
of the lamps. The pumps referred to are set in motion by dynamo 
electric machines, 

From all this we see Mr. Edison’s system today is com- 
Pleted, perfectly studied out in all its parts, and that nothing 

more remains to be done but to introduce it on a great scale. 

Th. du Moncel. 




Da eens 






CWaacen Aer acd ae ies - “=, = = . 
‘ , 
1 j 
sanantsls het > os a 
a -piostnonen Crit. 
hye, . i : 
eas vatpal 
we UE tr de Tb onpeats i 
‘ ik deat 
b . 
PD ete bin ate 
te oly du tania 
Vw) ohigtiny open ty antes 
Cal uh “eallitunsd sib titi Mnotia aunesel ole 
7 at tit ont PHosmens 
[bah aaiaaseairny + We 
i : : Abate bb crpitracion ein ies | Bi 
> SNA OEE ahh oupincnys : at nasty as 
Wod otteteisa Iemma eeqniel ob rake, [o- : tine eons a . 
ee SAM AINE ty old Becomeniead cob ~ auomisati : 
$2.08 “es ee ce Pane eas Se See : ss sis . : 


- 1, Chandeliers et appliques de magasin. 
+ 2, Interrupteurs-de courant pour maisons 
sta par leulibres, niga; 
. raphe autograpkique. 
4. Supports de lampes portatives. 
5. Lustres ornementés. * 
6. Suctes de lampes. 
~~ 7, Appliques. . £2 A ite test 
+8, Séparateur magnétique des mineraisde fer. 
9. Spécimens de minerais traités par Je 


:4, Téléphone d’Edison parlent 4’ haute voix. 
50. Téléphono ‘& craio Nour faire’ entendre 

Ja voix devant un public nombreux, 

51. Téléphone musical. 

52, Pile Kdison. _ 

53. Commutateur do station centrale télépho- 
-nique, 7 

‘54, Photographic du chemin defer dectrique 
W'Edison, : q 

55; Télégraphe autographique A impression 

‘_ chimique en lettres romaines, 

56. Télégraphe Morso autographique 4 im- 
Pression. . : 

57. Appareils téléphoniques, 

58. Appareils téléphoniques. 

40. 4élégraphe de quartier. 

80, Télégrapho domestique. 

G1, Electro-dynamométre pour régler Ia ten-. 
sion aux stations centrales, 

63, Galyano-thermométre & miroir. 

83. Télégraphe quadruples. 

64, Porforateur du t légraphe aytomatique . 
4 lettres romaines. ; : 

65. Perforateur du télégraphe automatique 4. 
caractéres Morse. i 

66. ‘Clef du_perforateur -du télégraphe auto- 

edéparateur magnétique, 
10. Lampes de mines. - S 
41. Moteur pour tnachine & coudre, , 
* 42, Tétégraphe Morse autographique & im- 
2 P.ession chimique. . , 
13. Télégraphe autographique & imrpession 
chimiquo en Icttres romaines. 
44. Télégraphe quadruplex. 
15, Moteur électrique appliqué & une pompe. 
46. Moteur électrique appliqué 4 un éventail. 
17, Plans de la 4" station de New-York. ds 
- 438. 'Régalatenr. - : 
“419. Echantillons do: fil & isolement non com- 
: “_ bustible, . : 
20. Echantillons de lampes. 
21, Lampes renversées pour éclairage en 

dessous, : : matique. 
22, Compteur, 7 67, Télégraphe automatique a bandes ré- 
23. Appareil pour mesurer Ja résistance des aufrdes . 

lampes chaudes. 
* 24, Photométro, . . 
25... Appareils pour graduer la force Glectro- 

68, Télégrapho autographique. 
69. Procédés de fabrication des lampos. ~ 

d'Edison. — 
motrice du générateur. : ote ‘ 
26. Appareils pour graduer ja résistance. 0. Proctié.de dobrieation des filaments de. 

27, Calorimétre pour mesurer Yénergie absor- 
> °° bée'par Jes lampes. 
+38. Spécimens de boltes souterraines reufer- 
74, *, mant les branchements de conductenrs. 
29. Boites de maisous particuliéres renfer- 
inant Ies branclienients. 
30. Tubes renfermant: les conducteurs prin- 

71, Spécimens de bambou. : 

72. Spécimens de fibres de I'Amérique du Sud. 

13. Spécimens de filaments en substances 
carbonisées et en graphite. 

. 14, Vérilicateur des: compteurs. ; 

15. Table a copier du téltgraphe chimique 

‘ autographique. ‘ P 

76. Plumo électrique d'Edison et presse & 

: main, 

71, Plume électriqua en fonction, «=~ - 

78. Presse mécanique do la plume électrique. 

79. Table de lecture avec lampe portative. 

. 80, Relais ¢lectro-motographiques. ‘ 

81. Principe de l'électro-motographe. 

82, Timbre a électro-motographo. . 

83. Téléphone duplex. * 

poux. ; 
34. Téléphone microphonique & charbon 
3 "Edison. 

_ 52, Téléphone d'Edison parlant & haute voix 

on ou Loud-speaking. 3 : 
. 35. Poste d'abonné au téléphone, Moddtlo 
oA américain : 

- 34. iéléplouographe, : 7 . 
35. Spécimeits de rubans isolants, cartons, atc, 
36. Imprimeurd’Bdison pour les lignes privées, 

;, 57. Inprimeurd'Edison pour leslignes privées, | °4- Téldgraphe imprimeur des bourses et.- 
+38 Pile a craic. eee gp’ mare a " 
« 50. Résistances liquides, aS: Relais pression, : 

40. Téléphone duplex. a « Relais 4 dépression. 

87. Relais & charbon. 

88. Téléphone 4 entratnement magntto-dlee- 
“_ trique variable (Drag-Téléphone).. - 

89, Collection de boutcilles da Layde & vide. 

00. Micro-tasiméatre. : 

91. Odoroscope. “ 

02.’ Appareils do démonstration de Ja. forco. 

éthériqua. a . 
93. Régulateur, a8 . 
94. Lampes renversécs pour éclairago en 
:_ dessous. et live Sc 

05. Interrupteurs automatiques de sireté, ‘1 

96, rege Hrpon F ‘intel ; 

97. Jeu de. lam formant résistance pou! 
" courants nissants. : ‘ 

08. .Tubes & vide 

4l. TSsphone répétiteur. . 
* _-42. Appareil pour montrer T'influence des 
. contacts plus ou moins parfaits sur 
Vintensité des courants dans un circuit 
1 formé, : 
43. Phonomoteur, montrant mécaniquoment 
. _ Ios vibrations d'un diophragme. 
* 44. Collection a’ apparcils montrant. lo déve-" 
: Joppoment 6 Vinvention, du téléphone 
.. . acharbon d'Edison, e 
43. Bolte do télégrapho domestique. 
., 40% Bolte do télégrapho do quart er. 
47. Transmettour micro-tét Phonique d'Edi- - 
. son (Premier essai). 
_ 48 Téléphone imprimeur des bourses at ‘- 



PLAN pe ie E TAGE 

: Bt Sud 
Paton Said Lr : oe = as 

ik a J mui ver - 
Ta o 
re Sf 

Vhvdlon Now d Gut 

(en ee re Ot nner eee namee ne 

Salle Edison 


Nous avons l‘honneur de vous faire savoir que MM. Ch. BATCHELOR, 
et OTTO A. MOSES, collaborateurs de M. EDISON, feront une Confé- 
rence Je prochain, & 10 heures du matin, dans les salons 
numéros 23 et 24 du Palais de IIndustrie, sur les découvertes et Jes 
inventions de M. EDISON. : 

Cette conférence sera appuyés ds d4monstrations pratiques et d'expé- 
riences & l'aide des apparsils qui sont exposés dans cés deux salons. , 

Nous vous demandons, Monsieur, de nous faire }'honneur dy assister. 

Veuillez agréer l'hommage de notre respectueuse considération, 

Représentants de M. Edison, 
33, Avenue de Opéra. 


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